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Contest time: Name Danny’s new best friend!

November 9th, 2011 by

I asked an open question the other day on twitter and facebook, if anyone wanted to see Danny’s new dog in upcoming episodes.  Having him back on the show is a possibility since in the end of “Lapa’au” Danny tells Steve that the dog has found a new home with his daughter Grace.  The Five-0 fans responded with a resounding “YES” that they wanted the loyal pooch back on the show.  One of my conversations went like this:

Linda didn’t like my name suggestions.  Pauly D would have been my next idea, but I don’t think Linda would even hear me out.  So that led me to think that the fans should try naming Danny’s new friend!

Do you have an idea for a name?  If you do, leave a COMMENT on this post (not on Facebook or twitter) of your idea for a name, leave your reason why your name would be perfect, and let’s see if we can come up with something good.  Maybe we’ll even run it by Peter Lenkov and writer Joe Halpin to see if they like it!

I'm so sad because I'm nameless!

I will select two winners from this post on the morning of Monday, November 21st.  One winner will be selected randomly from all submissions, and another winner will be selected by me based on creativity.  What’s the prize?  A nifty Hawaii Five-0 crew t-shirt!  Start posting  your ideas!

Official rules:

1)   An entry constitutes as a name and reason submitted to this post as a comment.  Please keep it civil and clean.

2)  One entry per person.  You can submit as many names as you’d like, but you’ll only earn one entry (determined by email address).

3)  You must be 18 years old.  This contest is open to all areas of the world, including Antarctica, and also to everyone who’s said “I can’t watch this video clip in my area!”  The winner must provide a valid mailing address to receive the prize.

4)  Shirt sizes range from small to double extra large, the shirt may come in black, navy blue, white or gray depending on availability.

5)  This contest is not supported, sponsored or endorsed by CBS or anyone related to Hawaii Five-0.  It is a fan run feature of this blog.

195 responses to “Contest time: Name Danny’s new best friend!”

  1. avatar xcsimisiax says:

    I read there Jersey :) Sounds awesome :) But I’d love to call this doggie dog SEAL heehe ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. avatar amy says:

    I love the name Trixie

  3. avatar Beany says:

    McDanno. Reason? Do i need one? Could you imagine Danny explaining to Steve just why he himself chose the name to Steve? Although; you may think its “slash” related. To me its the Bromance. They are just too bamf. the name “McDanno” could mean two things; Slash or pure brotherhood/Bromance. 😉 Worth a shot. :) Good Luck everyone. 😀

  4. avatar eric choi says:

    “Shotgun”… because that’s where he sat in his debut episode, while McG sat in the back.

  5. avatar GLBali says:

    Rex…because he’s a dog who takes over the world and have you seen Kommissar (Inspector) Rex? It is the greatest show of all time, you know, after this one. 😉

    Including Antarctica. LOL!

  6. avatar angela sheridan says:

    I love unusual names for pets (had a cat called Arnold and a dog called Seamus) I think he would call it something that Grace would love, so how about “Dumbledore” or “Harry” as Grace would be a fan of the Harry Potter films?

  7. avatar pinkiepie230 says:

    I think they should name him SHOTGUN. He likes to ride shotgun, a cop should have a weapon and it’s a very manly name! Dontcha think?

  8. avatar Sue Steis says:

    Jersey Boy!

  9. avatar Serena says:

    GUNNER : Coz gun’s is a cops’s “partner” and dogs are man’s partner for life (Poor Steve substituted with a dog? hehe….)

    SNAFU: Coz that stands for situation normal: all f*up (coz that’s probably how Steve felt in the car & how Danno feels in a shoot out!)

  10. avatar barhengi7 says:

    Since Danny gave it to Grace, I think a good name for the dog would be “Danno”!

    When Grace is with Danny who has to unexpectedly go on a case, or when she is with Rachel but is missing Danny, “Danno” would be a great comforter and stand-in companion.

    Plus, it would remind Rachel of Danny. We know he’s moving on, but this could add just enough spice in the plot to allow Danny to have closure from her and Jersey…which in turn would allow him to be more accepting of Hawaii!

  11. avatar mickmcgarrett says:

    Jerry..the name of the character that gave birth in “Enemy Mine”

  12. avatar Azziria says:

    ‘Bruce’, obviously, after the one and only Springsteen, what else would Danny choose? And then he could call the dog ‘Boss’ just to wind Steve up…

  13. avatar sandra says:

    CUPID suits him, maybe he uses his arrows once for Danny

  14. avatar Leslie_M says:

    I think as Danny gave the dog to Grace, and the kind of dad he is, he will let Grace name the dog, so now to think like a child: Scruffy

  15. avatar Lynn says:

    How about “Cyrus”? Gracie has Miley Cyrus on her ringtone, if I remember correctly. :)

  16. avatar Linda Stein says:

    ROFLMAO Now now Officer I am nothing if I am not reasonable. LOL For instance I like Azziria suggestion. “Bruce” would be very cool.

    It’s just that “Jersey Shore” is sooooooo NOT the Jersey shore I can 100% guarantee you that Danny Williams does not watch that show and the biggest cargument of all time would occur if Steve even suggested that Jersey is anything like that show! Actually, that’s a cargument I’d LOVE to see!!!

    So since I’m not sure if our little tweeter discussion above counts as an official entry I’ll repeat it here. Because of his love for his home…. because of the sadness he feels about having to leave… because he is still homesick for the one place he loves the best… Name the pooch “JERSEY”.

  17. avatar Dee-hedwig says:

    I totally back Linda’s choice- which I stated in your blog after she posted it!!!

    Jersey!!! the only acceptable name- you rock Linda (and of course you too Officer Bob!)

  18. avatar Timy72 says:

    Seeing as Danny has a wicked sense of humor, he should call the dog ‘Steve’. Canine Steve is the only Steve he’ll ever be able to keep on a leash and just think how much it would piss human Steve off! The pouting he did from the back seat of the Camaro would be nothing compared to the aneurysm face he would be making when confronted with Danny playing fetch with doggy Steve.

    Just imagine the possibilities…
    “Who’s a good boy? Are you a good boy, Steve? That deserves a belly rub!”


    • avatar Bert Hayling says:

      Har! 😀 Now THAT name, I could easily see Danny giving to the dog, just so’s he could regularly wind ol’ Super SEAL up and bust his… chops about it constantly. 😀

    • avatar Nerida says:

      Who’s got the wicked sense of humour @Timy72? I like your thinking, and you are quite correct, it’s the only Steve Danny will ever be able to ‘train’.

  19. avatar Rasha Hassanien says:

    We all assumed the new “hunk” is “he”! I wld like to suggest names for both gender as we are not sure if it’s a “he” or “she”
    1.If the dog stays with Gracie, and if we assume she’s the one who’s gonna name (her/him), I suggest one of these Hawaiian words; Kula (Golden), Hoaloha (Friend), Meli (honey), Weuweu (fluffy), or Lalama (Fearless, Clever).
    Its Hawaiian, (M/F), sweet names that goes with Gracie’s character and will surprise Danno as he hates everything about the island 😉 .
    2.If its up to Danny to name the dog; he might go for; Mistic or sweetie if she’s a girl. Or Dude or Duke if he’s a boy.
    The names go with Danny sentimental side toward pets and children and I think it fits that sweet pooch!!
    3.Just an idea without suggested names: An argument between Steve and Danny about the dog’s name leading to a vote where Chin goes for Steve’s choice and the girls (kono and Lori) come up with a totally different (better) name, ending up leaving the choice to Grace..that she decides to pick the girls choice but in Hawaiian..!!:D

  20. avatar Steph says:

    Jersey was also my friend’s first choice. I think she sent me a tweet during or directly after the episode that I also sent to Joe Halpin.

    So since I can’t pick Jersey (we’ll say Linda was first on that one) I’m going to go with`Ilio, the Hawaiian word for dog :)

    also, so Danny and Steve can have further couch-guments like this:

    Steve: “Danny, `Ilio means dog. You can’t name your dog…dog.”
    Danny: “Once again, Steven, I am a grown man quite capable of making my own decisions…”
    Steve: “What about Kaiko?”
    Danny: “You want me to name the dog Spot? He doesn’t even have any spots!”

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      OMG Steph! I never saw that tweet! And here I was thinking I was so original. I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes! Sorry Babe!

  21. avatar Teresea Lea says:

    Producer Lenkov and team have often taken names from the original series’ characters & actors to name characters for the rebooted H50. That being known, I would like to submit the name KIMO for the dog. KIMO is name Jack Lord’s McGarrett gave character James Carew in the last season of the original H50. James Carew was a fill in for Danno when James McArthur took a leave of absence from the series. I think Peter Lenkov would appreciate the history behind my choice. Vote KIMO as Gracie Williams recurring pooch pal. Thank you!

  22. avatar Catherine Ross says:

    How about Zulu? After the actor who played Kono in the original series? Or the obvious choice, Jack, after Mr. Lord of course.

  23. avatar Krista says:

    Elvis or Presely if Danny is naming him since his love for the king or even maybe King..
    … but I have a feeling Grace will name him b/c he’s hers now

  24. avatar Esperanza says:

    Danny should name him Frankie after Frank Sinatra or Matty after his brother

  25. avatar NurseBrak says:

    As a fellow cranky Jersey transplant, I can categorically state that Danny does not watch Jersey Shore. In fact, it would probably come to blows if anyone suggested he did.

    As to the dog, if Danny gets to name it, I think he’d just keep calling him ‘Buddy’ until the name sticks.

    Though naming honors will likely go to Grace. She’s into SpongeBob, right? So maybe Patrick? He looks like a Patrick. I could also see her latching on to the dog being pre-owned and insisting Danny track down his real name. That could be a cute B story.

    Me, I’d call him Mr. Butters after the piano playing dog on the Geico commercials, just because they make me laugh. Though, really my hat is in with those who want to call him Jersey. I think that’s pretty perfect.

  26. avatar Romina says:

    ‘Rocks’ sounds good to me. It’s a cool name for a cool and funny dog!

  27. avatar jowwey says:

    FRANK he looks like a frank—- jersey frank sinatra, ect. danny wil say “i named him Frank” steve–“what? why?” danny “my buddy joey from Jersey said Frank was a good dog name” steve– “you have a buddy?” danny– (gives finger off camera)

  28. avatar Christy Harper says:

    I think he should be named, Alf. He looks like an Alf to me :)

  29. avatar graça ribeiro says:

    I think he should be called Commander. He already took steve’s place in the car, so….There’s another commander in Danny’s life, and it’s not Steve, and he appears not to like the island either. :)

  30. avatar Susie says:

    For some strange, unknown reason…I like the name ‘Hayward,’ which I’ve already named the pooch in a fanfiction story about Danny and Kono…. Ta!

  31. avatar Mary says:

    Since Danno gave the dog to Grace, I think Budderball is the name she would use. It’s the name of one of the 5 puppies in a Disney series; Spooky Buddies, Santa Buddies, Space Buddies, Air Buddies.

  32. avatar Diana says:

    Jersey’s my choice! I think it’s perfect! I think it would be even better if Grace named him Jersey. That would make her Danno so happy :) It also keeps with the plot of Danny missing his home state.

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      LOL AND then next time the pooch is riding in the Camaro Danny would have a great tie in to the threat he made to Steve in Season 1:

      Steve: “Again? Again I’m stuck in the back so Jersey can ride shotgun?”

      Danny: “You can ride in the trunk. I’ll get real Jersey up in this piece”


  33. avatar Robin says:

    Lets name him: Bango.

  34. Maro…it could be either a boy or girls name and the pup looked good in that Camaro (maro)<3

  35. avatar Gina says:

    Jersey’s a cute name for the dog. I have another idea. How about “Sonny” after James Caan’s iconic character in the Godfather!

  36. avatar Bunny says:

    I too, was thinking of “Shotgun.” However, if the dog was given to Grace, she would probably be the one to name it. I think it would be great if she named it “Honey” because of it’s color. Assuming that the dog will be spending quality time with Steve and Danny, every time one of them said “Come here, Honey,” you wouldn’t be able to tell if they were talking to the dog or each other. Good opportunity for making faces.

  37. avatar terrysagirl says:

    Romeo! Wait, am I eligible?:)

  38. avatar Tammy says:

    Name him SEAL! I can see Steve rolling his eyes.
    After that I like Buddy and Jersey.

  39. avatar Jeannette says:

    I think it should be L.T. as in lieutenant commander, McGarretts rank and that’s what military guys call them is L.T. It would be Dannos way of giving McGarrett a nickname but to the dog which makes it even better

  40. avatar Michelle says:

    I think his dog should be called HOKU as he was certainly the STAR of the episode…I just loved him

  41. avatar Roberta says:

    “STEVE” just a kidding 😀

    N.J (New Jersey)

  42. avatar Lynnette says:

    I don’t know, all the good names are taken.

    If Grace is choosing the name, how about STITCH? From Lilo and Stitch? That’s probably a movie Grace has seen many a time – most little girls love that one! It’s speaks volumes about love, family and loyalty! Sound like another show we love?

    I will cast a vote for Jersey, too, though!

  43. avatar joan ferguson says:

    Cocoa Puffs

  44. avatar Bert Hayling says:

    I’ll toss Muttley into the ring. :-) Dastardly and Muttley? “Rasn’ fasn’ Rick Rastardly!”

    Muttley always cracked me up, and I think Danny would remember his cartoon exploits. Plus this pooch kind of looks like Muttley. (At some point, his name was changed to “Mumbly” for some bizarre reason, but it started out Muttley).

  45. avatar Cheryl says:

    Ok I am going for Tommy, from a little known albumn called New Jersey and my choice go back to the 1st season episode 1.09 Po’ipu and a great Steve and Danno cargument regarding the band.

  46. avatar OHH50Fan says:

    How about Rascal since he has a fondness of getting into trouble (leaving “presents” for Steve in his office)? It would be great if Rascal gets to come visit Danny and Steve at Steve’s house when Danny has Grace for his parental visit. I can see a lot of hilarious scenes related to this scenario!

  47. avatar Carrie says:

    I didn’t do the reason. He looks just like my dog Scooby who passed this year from bone cancer.

  48. avatar Nikki says:

    Knowin’ Danny I think he would go for something like…Dog! Easy and straightforward…

  49. avatar Uschi says:

    3 suggestions:

    PACMAN (pacman in cargopants…)

    RAMBO (once used in a cargument:
    McGarrett: You don’t think I’m a happy person?
    Danny: I’m sure you have your moments. Like when Guns & Ammo puts out its holiday gift guide, or a Rambo retrospective comes on TV.)

    SMOOTH DOG: reason pretty obvious

    But my alltime fav: JERSEY. Its simple and perfect. Simply perfect.

  50. avatar awesomefan says:

    I don’t think Grace would name a dog “Jersey”. Danny might, but not Grace. She would pick something simple like “Buddy” or something girlie like “Rainbow”. LOL, “Rainbow”! The more I think about it the more I like “Rainbow”. Can you imagine Danny having to call the dog “Rainbow”? Hahaha!

  51. avatar Francis says:

    Bon Jovi! Since Danny loves him so much.

  52. avatar Veronika Török says:

    I think Matter would be a good name for him. Why? Because, then Steve could ask Danno, the same he always asks Steve: What, is (the) Matter with you?:D
    And also, because I think, the dog is gonna be a matter between Danny and Rachel too, just like he was between Steve and Danny.

  53. avatar Mary Jane says:


    Do I need to say why? – he’s a smooth haired dog and …

  54. avatar keri says:

    Chance- Danny gave him a second chance at life who knows his fate if he was taken to a shelter

  55. avatar King or Presley says:

    Based on Danny’s admiration of Elvis

  56. avatar keri says:

    How do you leave you address wo it showing up???

  57. avatar Kelly says:

    If Gracie names it something sweet and girly, it would be funny to hear Danny call the name out… comedic opportunities.

    For a “Godfather” nod to Scott’s Dad… “Sonny”….? (With Danny watching the movie of course!)

    I like the idea of a Hawaiian name which Grace could choose…? I can see Danny choosing “Jersey” though.
    No matter what, I’m sure we’re going to love it though! =)

  58. avatar Kathy Lynn says:

    I think the dog should be named Jack–for Jack Lord, of course.

  59. avatar Staci says:

    Not sure what the name would be if Grace names the dog, but if Danny names it then, Meka in tribute to his friend/partner that was found dead last season.

  60. avatar Dee-hedwig says:

    First the dog is gotta hate Stan and bite him !:-))))

    I did vote jerseyand still think it is awesome- but I was thinking “Johnthan” as in Jon Bon Jovi.
    Yes Grace’s dod so she and Rachel will be naming it….
    Are we sure it is a girl or boy?
    if it is a girl “Miley”- like in Cryus, or “nikita” homage to Peter’s work

  61. avatar Kelly-Anne says:

    I love the name Pineapple for the dog.

  62. avatar Samy says:


    because the Boss is the Boss and Danno loves him :)

  63. avatar Bob Gately says:

    They should name the dog Newark!

  64. avatar Renee Wohler says:

    Malama – “To care for; protect; fidelity; loyalty.” These are qualities of the H50 team; and I think would also want these qualities in a dog!

  65. avatar Patricia Gregory says:

    Danny should name the dog McGarrett, it would go over well with Steve

  66. I like bullet or jersey,jersey would probably make steve mad and danny is just crazy enough to name the dog just to make steve mad,now if gracie is naming the dog she would probably name it stitch.

  67. avatar G'kiki says:

    Who: Don Ho

    Why: Oh good grief isn’t it obviuous?

    1. He looks like a Don Ho
    2. He lives in Hawaii

  68. avatar Susan M says:

    Casper…in honor of the ghostly episode where Danno and Dog meet.

  69. avatar Joyce T says:

    He kept calling him Buddy so I think he would name him that.

    To piss off Steve I could see him naming it:


  70. avatar cj says:

    Since Danno is a dedicated cop, and the dog is big boy, I think “Badge” is perfect.

  71. avatar Kristin B says:

    How about Shep, he looks like a Shep.

  72. avatar Tammy says:

    The reason wy? becouse he is a gift to Grace.
    Normally i don’t see Danny giving Hawaiian names, bud maybe he realises that he needs to accept Hawaii.(wich in my opinion can’t be that hard)

  73. avatar Beth Bristow says:

    Well since Jack Lord was honored in te new show by having hs name as Steve’s father I have yet to see James MacAurther’s name be honered.. So what about James (if the dog is male) Jamie (If the dog is female)

  74. avatar Maria says:

    I absolutely love the show and the pup is such an adorable added touch.
    The perfect name should be STEVEARINO :) !!
    We all know how much McG loves the dog so what better way to show appreciation than to name it after him :)

  75. avatar SuZi says:

    DeeÓhGee (dog) get it?

  76. avatar Caroll B. says:

    ICEMAN = Play on Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
    MONGOOSE = The dog likes to chases after the Nene’s
    KAPONO (righteous) = Agent Monica Jensen always did the right thing
    MATTIE = Grace names the dog after Uncle Matt, Danny’s brother

  77. avatar mcphee says:

    Well because it’s Grace’s dog she would have a chance to pick the name so I would go for Marley

  78. avatar Suisan says:

    Haven’t even looked at the other suggestions but …. if Danno names the dog?


    Plain simple and concise.

  79. avatar Pafan says:

    Pirate or Bandit – because he hijacked the shotgun ride (and Danno’s attention) from McG.

    Captain – Obviously, he’s better at making puppy dog eyes than Steve. So he outranked him 😀

    If Gracie’s the one who names him, maybe Mr.Scruffy so he’ll be friend with Mr.Hoppy the bunny.

  80. avatar Overdamoon says:

    “Buddy”, “Lucky”, “Coco” or “Angel” for female
    “Vincent” or “Mick” 😉 (nods to Alex’s other characters)

  81. avatar Nerida says:

    Well… Shotgun, Steve and Jack have all been suggested, therefore I propose he/her be called D-Fer (pronounced d-fir) meaning D for Dog. 😉

  82. avatar Myrna Tzaka says:

    Dali as in “Salvador Dali” cause the dog looks a little like “guernica” but he’s so so sweet!!!!

  83. avatar shirik1 says:

    i would go for either Bon or Jovi (-:

  84. avatar Hannah Campbell says:

    For obvious reasons. He ant have his dog on pizza. 😉

  85. avatar Patty says:

    CAANNO – a CAnine DaNNO – the extra “A” will be a homage to Scott Caan.

  86. avatar lainie says:

    1- didn’t the doggie have a name?
    2- if not, we should go with Boss (for Bruce) or Hoboken.
    3- not Jersey -says the girl from Jersey 😉

  87. avatar lainie says:

    Ok- his Boss was used so often above – should have read that first- I go for Hoboken.

    Though I do like the comedy that could come from Gracie deciding to name the dog Steve after Uncle Steve.

    Kono- “hey Danny, what’s up?”
    Danny- “Steve has fleas”
    Chin- “He what….?”
    Danny- “fleas…Rachel is flipping out, because the stuff he has to use isn’t good for the baby and he keeps getting it on her when he rubs up against her”
    Lori- “wait, what? Steve is rubbing up against your ex?”
    At that moment, Steve walks in and all eyes turn to him……

  88. avatar Ridley says:

    I love the name Hudson!

    Danny would choose it because it would remind him of his beloved Jersey;p

  89. avatar Anna says:

    Danny should call him Rambo, to be able to say to Steve: “It’s in your honor” and Steve would get all annoyed “Navy, Danno, the Navy ! ”
    Or maybe Seal ? ^^

  90. avatar Rae Holland says:

    How about the name Prince. I think maybe Grace would name the dog after a Disney character or close to. Also I like Stanno

  91. avatar Mariane says:

    1. Jersey (so obvious!)
    2. Seal, because Danny would be pleased to give orders to a SEAL :p
    3. Buddy (think Danny already call him that)

  92. avatar clare says:

    I think they should call him hope danny has meet a new love has his daughter back new life for him so the dog should be called hope

  93. avatar Mrs Vicki Lynn says:

    1. Jersey
    2. Ninja
    3. Bon Jovi

  94. avatar Nichol Lewis says:

    I was thinking. Since they found the dog in Hawaii and Danno is wih H5O, how about Fivo (long i sound).

  95. avatar Susan says:

    My suggestion is “Dash”–because it follows on “Dot” the name of Scott’s own dog, and they use dots and dashes in Morse code.

    I also like Bon Jovi and Jack. :-)

  96. avatar anyanka_eg says:

    I’m sure Grace will name him and I’m thinking Sponge Bob. Rachel probably thinks the names appropriate after discovering Bob’s ability to leave ‘land mines’ everywhere. The dog in the Janet Evanovich books is called Bob and tends to do large land mines all over the place. I think Rachel’s probably read the books, maybe even convinced Danny to read them too, when they were married.

  97. avatar grace says:

    Clarence…after the reference they made to Clarence Clemons in Season One. It would be a sweet tribute to a really BIG Man.

  98. avatar gimiba says:

    I propose Lucky because the dog was the lucky charm for Grace. Bob as for Sponge Bob is a great idea. Jersey too .

  99. avatar Ellen Amend-Schmuker says:

    Back-up, it’s what every poliece officer needs.

  100. avatar Merry Blue says:

    Well, it depends on who names him (and they probably all will), and which name sticks.
    Steve would probably call him Jersey, possibly to annoy Danny. (Big props to Linda)
    Danny would probably call him Smooth Dog, definately to annoy Steve. (Props to Uschi)
    Gracie might choose Kamehameha (Kame for short), because she heard about Hawaii’s greatest King from Kamekona (Kame for short).
    I really like Jersey, but Gracie would have been pretty young when she left Jersey and it might not mean that much to her – not as much as to Danny. So, I’d go with Kame because it would be more relevant to Gracie and it would be Hawaiian (which would probably irritate Danny – but he couldn’t say anything to Gracie about it).

  101. avatar Sally Amelotti says:

    I think the dog’s name should be “ELVIS” because Danny loves Elvis Presley. The last espisode of Season 1 had Danny watching “Blue Hawaii” and talking about Elvis and him were the only two who could pull off the look of a white suit and red lei. If Grace names him then that is a different ballgame. Grace would probably name him Mr. Hoppy.

  102. avatar Joan says:

    I say “Snarls Barkley”! It just seems like a cute name for a dog & I think Danny would think so too!

  103. avatar susan4 says:

    Name for Danny´s Dog “SPIKE”, “Sunny” or “Ben” !!!

  104. avatar Denice says:

    I think the dog should return – Danny would have a silent “partner” in the carguments!! As to his name, Buddy or Jersey suit the dog well but what about Grace naming the dog since she took him in?

  105. avatar Benita Lee says:

    I would imagine that Grace would name the dog since Danny gave it to her. Since she came up with “Danno”… I am going to suggest “Doggo”.

    I also like Macadamia, or Mac for short.

  106. avatar winkytiel says:

    Seeing that Buddy has already been suggested, how about Kolohe? The dog is obviously a rascal so it fits him well.

    Gracie could also pick a name like Mr. Wags because of the big tail wags.

  107. avatar Scarlett says:

    I think they should name the dog – Scoal (pronounced Skoal). The first three letters of Scott’s name and the first two letters of Alexs’s name. That way both will be represented!

  108. avatar KKT says:

    He looks very smart; intelligent—so how about “Akamai”? :)

  109. avatar Tahnee says:

    What about ” howlie”?

  110. avatar Andrea says:

    I think the dog should be named Melon.
    Somehow it sounds good to me when I look at him.

  111. avatar Wolfie says:

    Petro (as in Petroglyph)
    Hobo (as in Hoboken, NJ)
    Ammo (as in Steve & “Guns and Ammo” magazine)
    Grenade (as in what Steve put in Danny’s car)
    Jarhead (a dig at Steve being in the Navy)
    Navy (for Steve, of course)
    Army (to annoy Steve)
    Tac (as in Tac Vest)

  112. avatar paula says:

    #1) “Justice” – he’s Grace’s dog and I think since she’s all girl she will name him after the clothing store and also it goes with the law. #2) “Bruce” – he just looks like a Bruce #3) “Jersey” – because that’s is their original home!

  113. avatar Maria says:

    I have 2 choices Jersey is a nice name becaue Danny misses his hometown a lot and he will be always related to the city think that dog should be call but since the dog will belong to Gracie, perhaps she will like to name her as well if it is up to her. If is up to Danny so it has to be Jersey

  114. avatar Peter says:

    A great name will be “JACK”.
    After the first Steve McGarret.

  115. avatar Peter says:

    What about ” ‘Ilio ”
    That means dog in Hawaiian.

  116. avatar Coacoav says:

    Since he gave the dog to Grace she will be the one to name him. I vote for Hawaiian name NALU which means Ocean Waves.

  117. avatar Pam says:

    What about “King”?!? Danno loves Elvis and he is already treated like royalty!

  118. avatar Tammy says:

    What about dopey,
    The dog is ‘dope’ and they met on the narcotica case.

  119. avatar Lynn says:

    “pu ki lu” – Hawaiian for Shotgun!

  120. avatar Radiant says:

    I would believe Danny would call the dog he gave to his daughter Grace “Buddy.” BUDDY sounds like a good name for this well behaved dog.

    I would love a H50 T-shirt.

  121. avatar Iz says:

    Mmmh… I would go for Oscar! Definitively!

  122. avatar Elsi says:

    mmmh…. I’d name him GONZO! Suitable for all… from kids to grannies:-)

  123. avatar Lillian Lissandri says:

    I think they should call him HOBO

  124. avatar Elizabeth Davey says:

    Dingo after Aussie Alex.

  125. avatar Stephen says:

    A good northshore name:


  126. avatar Debbie Stone says:

    Tie, as in Danny’s not wearing one this season. It’s a strong name and symbolic as well. Or Bro for “Bromance”. LOL!!

  127. avatar Beth says:

    Just to p*ss Danny off 😛

    Or Grace could choose to call it Steve or Boss or Ninja
    (insert same reason as above)

  128. avatar Robyn Jones says:

    If it is a boy, Scotty! If it is a girl, Alex!
    Thanks for the fun!!!!

  129. avatar c3llen says:

    Well the dog already has a name, from it’s previous owner. I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard for our super slooths to figure it out…but he reminds me of my brother-in-law’s dog Bernie…so that is what I am going with.

  130. avatar Nici13 says:

    “Rocky” or “Elton” was good for this Dog *g*

  131. avatar O'Laughing says:

    Detective Pineapple Paterson (aka Pat)

  132. avatar Cheryl P says:

    I’m going for Boss, a dig at Steve while a tribute to Springsteen.

  133. avatar Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Since Bango is bust. Shotgun is good, but it is proably Gracie doing naming: Mr. Barky, he barks at Stan and Rachel, when Grace is gone. I wonder why the dog barked at his dead owner’s boss and why didn’t said boss say the dog’s name. Grace could name the dog, Danno, because she misses her daddy. We would love to know what Rachel thought of the dog.

  134. avatar H Ryan says:

    “Southside Johnny”. Danno would know who he is.

  135. avatar Beth says:

    Just to wind Danny up 😛

    Or Grace could choose to call it Steve or Boss or Ninja
    (insert same reason as above)

  136. avatar Lisa McMahon says:

    The name of the dog should be cody. It is a cute name for a dog.

  137. avatar Delaney says:

    Hmm….I kinda think Gizmo (cuz it’s different) haha… Diesel..(mainly..cuz it kinda sounds awesome, and..it goes with the type of dog it is!)…or Max……cuz..I think that kinda fits him too..=)…but…I kinda suck with names..but, these are just a few ideas!..haha

  138. avatar Sandi Peck says:

    I vote for KEIKO. KK for short, Keiki is a word for child and Grace is the most important thing to him. Also, he has already bonded to the new dog, who i think will help to ease his pain about losing his love and the baby he thought was his.

  139. avatar Yohee says:

    two choices
    Surfy because it is cute (and so is the dog) and they are in Hawaii:)

    or Sparky because sparks (arguments) usually start when Dano and McGarrett get together!

  140. avatar Carol Sue Tracy says:

    I think Kanuba sounds Hawaiian, would be hesterical for Danny to pronounce with his Jersey “Come ON!!!” voice, and one that fits the quercky face of the “poochie” as Alex O calls them.

  141. avatar Amanda says:

    I say call him Bob Barker, for both the pun value and because Barker supports animal rights passionately, and in a very 5-O kind of way.

    That is, not always strictly by the book. From Wikipedia: “In January 2010, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced that it had secretly purchased and outfitted a ship to interdict Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean using $5,000,000 provided by Barker. The ship was then named the MY Bob Barker, and its existence was first revealed when it helped discover the location of the Japanese whaling fleet. In 2010, Barker began funding the cost of a helicopter, named the Nancy Burnet (after the president of United Activists for Animal Rights); the helicopter accompanies the society’s fleet.”

    So Barker is down with getting the bad guys using all means, and sneakily.

  142. avatar Connie says:

    The first name that popped into my head was “Bullet”, since they are always dodging bullets….

  143. avatar lynn says:

    think about it…………altogether diogee
    d – o – g
    d o g
    reason is obvious
    maybe Max should get a dog, more of a Max dog name maybe

  144. avatar Sue Duffield says:

    Pineapple, because who puts fruit on a pizza!

  145. avatar Caroline says:


    Champ is a great dogs name and because of the references to the reason Steve and Danny met in the first place, Steve’s dad and the ‘Champ’ toolbox in the garage. The foundation really of their friendship.

  146. avatar Margie says:

    How about Little Steven?
    For his favorite partner and awesome guitar player for the E Street Band!

  147. avatar Kerri says:

    D-O-G (pronounced Diogi like you are saying each letter) so you have a dog named dog.

  148. avatar Stephani says:

    Sandy – reminds me of the color of Danno’s hair and the beautiful sands of Hawaii.

  149. avatar karen says:

    ilio means dog in Hawaiian

  150. avatar louise says:

    i’d go for lucky!…because he’s a lucky dog to be surrounded by such a great cast …:)

  151. avatar Daniel H says:

    Danno should name the dog Danny. Then it could be Danny the Dog and have its own spin-off movie called Unleashed…oh wait, it’s already been done? Never mind. :(

  152. avatar Lynn W says:

    Stevo – as ooposed to ‘Danno’

    I’m McGarrett would be touched :)

  153. avatar Danielle D says:

    Since the dog’s new home would be with Grace I choose
    “Mac” beacause it would be easy for Grace to remember and its after mac and chesse what kid doesn’t like mac and chesse :)or “Doc” cause it would be another easy name for little Grace to remember!

  154. avatar clare says:

    like I said he should be called hope a new begining for danno

  155. avatar Abir says:

    I won’t win this contest as I suffer from lack of imagination, however, I am a daddy’s gill: where can I purchase this shirt?

  156. avatar yoly says:


    I think it would be a nice name “Kamalu” (meaning the shade, the protected one). The best protector for Grace or Danno.

    Greetings from Spain!

  157. avatar Jen Templeton says:

    BOOKER —-> (Book ’em Danno)

  158. avatar kay says:

    I think POMP or P’DOUR because Scott loves his hair so much and it would always be a shout out whenever dog on screen.

  159. avatar Maddy says:

    If I know Grace, she’ll name him something cutsie…like Skippy.

  160. avatar Henry says:

    Steve: “I can’t believe I’m riding backseat to the dog again. So, did you give him a name?”

    Dan: “Yes. It’s ‘O’.”

    Steve: “O? O! You named your dog after a letter?”

    Dan: “Yes. It fits.”

    Steve: “Sure. It’s easy for you to spell. I’ve read your reports and you have a problem with spelling. Have you heard of spell checker?”

    Dan: “No. It fits because when you say ‘Bookem, Danno!’ you would refer to the both of us. ‘Dan-n-O’. Danno! We’re a team. He’s my new partner.”

    Steve: “New partner? What about me?”

    Dan: “What? You need a new name?”

  161. avatar Renata Ferula says:

    visto che il cane è di Grace lo chiamerei J.B. come Justin Bibier!!! Oppure Scott come Scott Caan!!!

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