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Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Season 2, Episode 9, “Ike maka”

November 15th, 2011 by

I got chills, they’re multiplying

Writer Mike Schaub stepped up to the plate and in 2004 Boston Red Sox style knocked this episode right out of the park.  In all actuality, there were so many Boston references here, I was expecting Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to pop up somewhere with a cameo role, or maybe even the Wahlberg brothers (shout out to Boston!).  Mike brought the banter back, the team balanced out nicely, Kono got got another notch for her rifle, and Lori goes undercover.  All of it made for an awesome episode.

Adorably confused boys are adorable. (Photo: CBS)

Identitity crisis

We’re nine episodes and two thirds of the way into the season and the writers seem to have gotten the Five-0 team back into its groove.  The writers dedicated the first part of this season to getting the team to overcome its identity crisis and to put the pieces back together.  That made for a great game changer and definitely brought a level of uncertainty to the team, but now that it’s over,  the team can get back to fighting crime again in Hawaii.  Like “Lapa’au” last week, I felt the same sense of ohana and familiarity that made season one so appealing and fun.  The banter between Steve and Danny fit seamlessly into the entire episode and began right off the bat with a shirtless Steve and supposedly pantsless Danny (dream on Danno fans).  Continuing through the episode, Max’s cold shoulder to Steve and Danny and sweet as sugar treatment to Lori let inquiring minds wonder was there something going on between those two…?  If there was a relationship blooming between the two characters it would be one of the greatest misdirects ever! What?!!? You don’t think the odd Dr. Bergman can land a babe like Lori?!?  Of course we find out in the end that Danny and Steve have been ignoring Max’s emails, leaving Lori dolled up as Sandra Dee arm in arm with Max, sporting  a non-copyright infringing “T-Birds” jacket.  Danny and Steve blaming each other for offending Max was brilliant, Steve being uncharacteristically chipper on the phone was pure gold!  Kamekona rounded out the episode with his epic spam musubi and loco moco air fresheners.  I think I’d be able to feel the calories adding up with each breath of the freshener.

Go Greased Lightning, GO! (Photo: CBS)

This wouldn’t be a Five-0 episode without the car chases and bad guys to track down.  The opening sequence with the HPD flying after the Dodge Charger was very Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer-esque, all they need was a sunset and some unnecessarily wet pavement and they would have completed the “Gone in 60 Seconds” look…director Brian Spicer did great.  The episode threw in a little Fast and the Five-0urious in there for good measure with the beach bods at the car show.  Another thing I loved about the episode was that just when you thought Kono (like Aquaman) was left to guard the base, she pops out of nowhere to take down the mobster, showing that Kukui High School has taught her well in counting to three.

Tell me about it, Stud. (Photo: CBS).

The one thing that I’m still trying to adjust to is the new dynamic with five main team members.  The addition of Lori is hotly debated on the internet, but with the fifth member, the team can investigate with a little more flexibility.

Mistaken identity

“Ike maka” is Hawaiian for “identity” and I know that I’m not the only one who noticed that Prince Harry of England played the Irish mobster on board the ship.  I’m glad to see he can split his time between his royal duties and appearing on a small role of an American TV show.  Braddah was so Irish, I hope he shellacked himself with multiple coats of SPF 100000.  On another note,  actress Courtney Ford (the gorgeous brunette in the red dress) looked very familiar, and then realized that she was the actress from “True Blood” who played Portia Bellefleur.  Her character Suzie may have suffered from a blonde moment, not realizing that the range of her lamp will only be as far as the cord takes her.   Coincidentally, her on screen brother Chris Bauer who plays the gruff Sheriff Andy Bellefleur had a small role as the ship’s captain.  So last week was a “Lost” and “Heroes” reunion whereas this week Five-0 makes the connection with “True Blood”.  We can always count on the show to bring fandoms together!  I’m wondering if the show can somehow tie in Snooki and Paul D of “Jersey Shore” to Danny and Matt Williams…

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, “Ike maka”

1)  If you’re going to have a house guest in Hawaii, put a damn TV in their bedroom on the second floor.

2)  The next big thing for Kamekona:  Spam musubi and loco moco chewing gum.

Did you notice…?

There’s probably a huge section of the fanbase who didn’t recognized Lori and Max’s costumes.  If someone asked you who the hell they were supposed to be, and you knew the answer, you’re old.

And on that note, if they were doing a Matrix movie night around Halloween (that Danny and Steve brushed off), I still maintain Lori was Trinity.

When you tell someone that walking in six inch heels is easy, by just putting one foot in front of the other, there’s a story to be told there, Lieutenant Kelly.

35 responses to “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Season 2, Episode 9, “Ike maka””

  1. avatar Christine says:

    Oh, even the kids HAVE to know Sandy and Danny from “Grease,” right? My (older) brain can’t accept otherwise.

    LOVED the McGarrett chipperness, too. Just classic. Nicely written show.

  2. avatar kay says:

    Hey, Grease is a classic and comes on 3 or 4 times a year, you don’t have to be old to get it. Ok, I am old and it was Olivia Newton John (another Aussie) not Sandra Dee. Lori looked a little like Olivia but Max though cute was no John Travolta

  3. avatar mickmcgarrett says:

    did u notice the mummy’s last name was Raines, like Memphis Raines in “Gone in 60 seconds”?

  4. avatar Steph says:

    After watching these two the last few weeks, I’m totally on board with a Max/Lori hookup. And the faces of Steve and Danny as the episode closed? That sealed it. Mighty Max, for the win! 😉

    The banter between the boys? I kinda want to squish Mike Schaub just a little, then maybe buy him a beer and a basket of fried pickles at The Bleacher Bar. It was awesome. (P.S., Mike, I’m sorry we took Papelbum. This Philly girl would give him back if she could)

    As for the one suspect, I was totally thinking he looked like Kevin McKidd’s evil twin. Or Damian Lewis with a few weeks’ worth of facial hair…

  5. avatar Linda Stein says:

    Oh Officer…I promise I will not be offended that you just called me old! I was 18 when Grease hit the movie theaters and I laughed my head off when I was Lori dressed as Sandy.

    All I can say is that Peter Lenkov and Mike Schaub and the entire cast outdid themselves. For the 2nd week in a row Five-0 had everything and was everything that made it the show to love last year and continues to be awesome in season 2. This episode was incredible. The comedy was dead bang ON, Lori looked hot, Kono had plenty of screen time and damn, can that girl shoot!!!! Max was hysterical….Steve and Danny were hysterical…. OMG…it was such fun. I can’t wait to watch it again. Not that I wouldn’t have watched it again, and again, and again, anyway. I went to bed after the show thinking about all the great moments and just laying there laughing myself to sleep! Then there was that promo for 2×10! OMG…can I hold my breath for an entire week?!?!?

    As usual, the crime of the week was a convoluted story with lots of twists and turns, much like the car chase that opened the show. Using the muscle cars as a plot devise was a cool idea even if we really didn’t get to see any racing after that opening scene. But the weekly murder went from possible car jacking gone bad to overseas sales of muscle cars in Asia to Boston mob hit men to an unscrupulous doctor dumping the body of a patient who died on his OR table and wasn’t even a murder at all!! As usual, I had no idea what was going on until Five-0 masterfully put all the pieces together. I love how this show does that week after week!

    But what made this show so great was, like last week, the interaction of the team especially Steve and Danny. The one-two punch of the Enemy Mine scene last week and Danny sleeping on the couch this week definitely moves these two back to where they belong. Found brothers! Here is a little story: Years ago, my best friend and I were out shopping. At the register we got into a little back and forth over something, I can’t remember now what it was, but we were really going at it. After a few moments the guy behind the register interrupted us by saying “You know, the way you two go at it, you’re either best friends or sisters!” Every time Steve and Danny are like this it reminds me of that day.

    Best bits and lines:

    McGarrett house rule #32: no TV after midnight! – I have to go with Steve here! I would have to move Danny to the garage if he kept me up with the TV so loud I could hear it all the way upstairs! But I have to agree with Danny on the shower situation! 3 MINUTE showers?!?!? Ummm Steve…did you notice you’re NOT in the Navy at the moment but in your own house?!? Jesus….live a little….make it a whole FOUR minutes! ROFL. And these two have been living together for 2 weeks?!?! Peter tweeted awhile back that the only TV in the house is that one in the “den” so I suppose Danny started off in a bedroom and moved to the couch to be closer to the TV. I agree with Steve. I find crashing waves very soothing whenever I’m lucky enough to have them outside my window. It’s too bad they will probably find Danny a new home soon because these two living together is priceless!

    It’s funny how Steve and Danny have no problem facing down serial killers. They will walk into dangerous situations without HPD backup. They will get into shoot outs with terrorists, hell, with just about anybody but they totally wimp out at confronting Max about the cold shoulder he’s giving them. And what is Max anyway, a 14 year old girl to be not speaking to them because he thinks they ignored his messages?!? OMG..that is just too funny. The facial expressions on Steve and Danny as they go from totally confused to all sweet talk in an attempt to find out what’s up with Max were awesome. I could have died laughing at the way Steve said “Hi Max” when he answered the phone like his voice was just dripping sugar! And isn’t it just so typical of them both to each think it’s the other one who’s done something to anger Max. Their bickering about it back and forth caused Lori to threaten them with a “time out” like 2 squabbling pre-schoolers! Oh yes…these two are definitely brothers!

    Kono called Lori “sistah” the way the boys use “bradda”. I like that! I still think once they really start to write for them Kono and Lori will make a hell of a team!

    Spam and Loco Moco air fresheners? I think I’ll pass! LOL

    “Nice place. Wonder if it comes with black mold. Too soon?” “Little bit.”

    Chin’s deadpan line to the car jackers when he and Kono caught up with them: “License and registration please!” I hope I never get stopped by a cop again in my life because I just might laugh in his face when he says that to me and get my ticket doubled!!! LOL

    Getting Murphy to talk on the ship with a discussion of what country’s flag is flying from the mast. How DO they handle murderers in China, anyway?

    Danny asked Suzi “You were going to go with him, no questions asked?” I know I am not the only one who found her answer to Danny and his facial expression very poignant: “If the person you loved had to move half way across the world, what would you do?”

    And how sweet is it that Steve left a present of headphones, complete with bow, on Danny’s desk so he can watch all the TV he wants and get some sleep? Or is it pure self preservation so Steve doesn’t have to HEAR the TV and HE can get some sleep!?!

    Is it possible at all that Peter and Co. are pulling the biggest switch-er-oo on us in TV history? Is it possible that Lori’s “love interest” could be…… MAX?!?!? I know, I know but you have to admit, these two rock together. I think Lori has more chemistry with Max than anyone else on the team. He is obviously totally besotted with her and she gets a funny kick out of him too. The show ending with the reveal that the reason Max was angry at Steve and Danny was because they didn’t answer his email about a theme movie night at his house because they thought it was spam….hysterical…. and Lori as Sandy and Max as Danny Zuko was perfect!

    And tell me you didn’t laugh yourself silly at Steve and Danny practically falling all over each other to get out of the office when they saw Lori in full blown Sandy mode! Go ahead…tell me… Tell me about it…Stud!

    Womp bop a looma a womp bam boom!

    • avatar Val says:

      Great review Linda as always – lots of chuckles coming from me reading your review and comments from everyone.

      Its clear that all of us loved this week’s episode. Just when things look so great and we have our favorite team together bonding so well and working hard each week, behind the scenes you just know that the clever geeks ie: writers, directors, producers are hard at work making all that fun disappear for a while and spook the crap out of all of us. I’m sure this week’s going to be a knock out punch – can’t wait to see what Jenna and Wofat has in store for all of us!!

  6. avatar Tess says:

    Yes, I’m old, thankyouverymuch.. but so proud 😉

    And Danny finally found a home!

    Loved your review officer, like every week.. Thanks.

  7. avatar lynn says:

    loved the spam musubi car freshener!

  8. avatar NurseBrak says:

    I absolutely loved this episode. Steve’s super nice voice with Max on the phone had me laughing. Steve and Danny were totally back in sync. I’ve really been missing the bromance this season and I’m so glad it seems to be back. You really touched on everything I loved in this episode so I’d probably just be repeating you.

    I absolutely loved the scene at Steve’s house. And I smiled at the end. Steve totally doesn’t want Danny to move out. It’s nice having a real flesh and blood human being living with you in the house of death, isn’t it Steve? I really hope this isn’t the only episode where Danny is staying with Steve. There’s just too much potential awesome there for one episode.

    I really liked Lori’s interaction with Max. They really do have great chemistry. I still don’t know what to make of Lori. What is the narrative function of the character? We still know virtually nothing about her (though she’s apparently into cosplay, which is cool), and they haven’t nailed down her role on the team yet. All the pre-season press and her intro made her seem like she’d be a sort of internal antagonist as the governor’s watchdog, but they totally dropped that. The character itself seems to serve no purpose and I don’t fault Lauren German for that at all. I’m sure she’s doing her best, but honestly she doesn’t have much to work with. But really, what is the point of her? Lenkov seems determined to keep her around, I just hope he eventually figures out what she’s for.

  9. avatar Val says:

    Steve Boyum in my view is an amazing director. He, Peter Lenkov along with Mike Schaub make a fantastic team. No one understands the complexity of each character’s quirky personality better than them and so far season 2 has picked up some fantastic episodes and I’m finding that the task force of directors and writers are of like minds when it comes to spinning out complexed plots that are as confusing as the many twists and turns which always have me returning back to the beginning for another watch until things start to look less confusing, make more sense and oddly more enjoyable than the first time and I lay the blame soley on the brilliance of the writing.

    Just for once I wanted to know who the killer was and I guessed right in this week’s episode which I congratulate myself for but the hard part was who, why and how? which got lost in the web of amusing distraction. The room-mate scene at McGarrett’s house remind me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory – perhaps Steve should have had a room-mate agreement drawn up since Danny reminded all of us about rule no. 32 – can’t sleep with the tv on (Steve) who look so irritated, funny and cute as he grumpily put on his navy blue t-shirt (the same one he wore from episode 13 when he got attacked by ninja invaders), bugged by the noise coming from the tv downstairs after tossing his pillow aside.

    We see a sleepy tired cute Danno snuggled on the couch under the blanket still awake listening to the program when Steve turned it off. I just love the crack about Hawaiian water torture something else to hate about Hawaii. The “carguments” are fun but more scenes like this will be even funnier to see. We always wondered what it would be like for these two to share living space together and now that we have, it was exactly as most of us predicted – difficult days ahead and very amusing to see.

    I knew Steve was a neat freak and used to doing things in a specific way, so its not surprising that Danno wouldn’t care for those rules, besides who has showers under three minutes besides Steve. Wow he must have complained quite a bit but no matter how annoyed he may feel Steve’s heart is in the right place when he gave Danny that headset which was so sweet. Things may work out for the room-mate arrangement after all.

    Max was the star of this week’s episode – wow talk about a surprise that had me laughing when he seemed to ignore Steve and Danny who had no idea what Max was mad about, though it was made very obvious that he was not pleased with them at all we didn’t know why until the end that he sent them an invite to the “movie costume party” and he was annoyed that they never replied back. It was just hysterical how he mentally and physically blocked them out of his mind and absolutely refused to acknowledge them and only spoke directly to Lori and when he walked out of the ME room Steve had to step back so that Max wouldn’t trip over him as he walked by and he cut them off when Steve asked if they had done anything wrong to offend him, the com link just went dead. He was truly mad at them both.

    I was even beginning to think that Lori knew the real reason why Max was so unfriendly towards Steve and Danny since Max was paying so much attention to her. Those scenes, along with the “spam” air freshener that only Kamekona would have to give to Kono and Chin was hysterical. I feel we need to see more of Kamekona who is always just as funny, if only we had extra minutes because he is just fun to watch as well.

    Lauren Graham, wow, did a fabulous job with her first undercover work. She wasn’t over the top, very subtle and she had the humor to let us see that Lori was uncomfortable playing dress up and flirty, which is normally Kono’s gig so it was a nice change to have someone else do undercover for a while. I enjoyed the teasing remark coming from Chin and Kono just more evident how great the chemistry is working with Lori around and it was rather clever to see her team up with Steve and Danno and yet also team up with Chin and Kono giving it an even balance.

    Clever plan though for Five-0, to rig the car with gadgets after Lori was carjacked. Love Chin’s amused look holding the big space gun asking for registration and license.

    On to a more interesting antidote – very interesting lines coming from the victim’s girlfriend who tells Danny and Steve that she wouldn’t hesitate to travel the world for someone she loves which falls into why Danny left New Jersey for Hawaii, it wasn’t just to be near daughter Grace, he loved his ex-wife too and the question she had more for Steve than Danny about why her boyfriend wouldn’t tell her everything about his past and Danny’s response was to tell her that her boyfriend tried to protect her. Another reminder about what John McGarrett did with his secrets into the past. He did what was necessary to protect Steve and MaryAnn.

    I love how we are always reminded about what’s really at the heart of the story and why Steve and Danny came to Hawaii – for the love of family. Everything about all the adventures in every case is consistently linked to what’s in the past, which brought them into the future.

    On a lighter note, I can’t forget Grace Park. Her role was amazing, the producers and directors in my view have utilized her really well and they have shown her in the best possible light for her character. I love that she still teams up with her cuz and that they get along famously well but what’s evident for me is that she’s no longer a rookie but a valued member of the team. Steve has shown us how much he trusts and appreciates the team so “Jenna’s” upcoming betrayal will be interesting to see how the team will react when they learn that she has been betraying them. Would they be shocked? disappointed? Will Steve reveal that he suspected her of something from the beginning? It always bugged me that he seemed so trusting of her at the start, though he never formally hired her to be on the team. (Monday can’t come fast enough).

    When Kono used a “sniper” rifle to bring down the bad guy reminded me of a similar scene where she shot at Hesse who was holding Chin hostage – the look Steve gave Kono were shown brilliantly as we looked through the perfectly aimed bullet hole crack in that window as we look to see her look back at Steve. I almost wished we handn’t known about this scene from the sneak peak, it was one heck of a gotcha moment for Kono!!

    The plot itself – fantastic car chase confused me a little when the driver was never seen leaving the large storage container but with all the other interesting distractions on the show it slipped my mind but the plot was brilliantly written – I never suspected that the vic was killed because of a surgery gone bad, it seemed ridiculously too simple and yet that is exactly what really happened this week except typically of Five-0 its never quite that simple. The big twist came when the obvious suspects weren’t the real killers after all which led us right back to the surgeon who did the surgery. How typical of the writers to throw us into mass confusion for 45 minutes before the missing pieces begin to fit in all the right places.

    Finally, wow seeing Lori dressed up as Sandra Dee from Greece looked truly amazing and give it to Max to be the only one in the cast to put the hottest guys on the show not only at a loss for words but without an invite to what must truly be an amazing party and to see Lori walk off sexily with Max leaving behind the two stunned studs just icing on the cake.

  10. avatar Val says:

    Great review officer 808 and oh my God that was Prince Harry? I thought he looked familiar but then dismissed it as no freaking way but wow you just confirmed that even someone as royal as Prince Harry would get to be on the show, wow!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Prince Harry is watching the series too and loving it as much as we do!!

    By the way, great review as always and no I didn’t recognize the actress since I don’t follow the show so mahalo for all the great bts input!!

  11. avatar GLBali says:

    “There’s probably a huge section of the fanbase who didn’t recognized Lori and Max’s costumes. If someone asked you who the hell they were supposed to be, and you knew the answer, you’re old.”

    Really? Say it isn’t so! I’m bang smack in the middle of the Gen Y age bracket and I know Grease! So either you’re talking about people younger then me or people who aren’t educated in great old school movies. 😉

  12. avatar Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Loved it.

  13. avatar jowwwwwwwy says:

    ok big bro as often times you have been there to keep me in line its my turn . the jersey shore is a wonderful place full of happy families and tourists alike. the beach is (ususally ) clean and safe and the boardwalk in wildwood and ocean city are spectacular. you can literally eat the best foods on the east coast up one and and down another (pizza. taffy. fudge. caramel popcorn. cheesesteaks, ect ect ) this snooki charachter u keep referring to and the silly reality show which NOONE in their rite mind on the east coast even watches are not true representations of the jersey shore. its all about sun and fun, mix in some johnathan bon jovi- bruce springsteen and you got a week at the shore . ding time to turn over. the episode was so much fun. the fabulous five rocked. lori , whos charachter is written brilliantly for the still undeciced (dry wit dry sharp sense of humour guarded personality but razor sharp instincts) was hot hot hot . I loved the muscle car scene and the banter with kono on whos turn it was to go undercover and those legs….. just when i thought steve and danno could not be any better together alon comes the odd couple scene – priceless- i think there was a crime in the episode but im not sure was busy enjoying the dialouge. and just when i thought it was time to rank the episode in my top 5 along comes strutting down the hallway SANDY! OMG and the boys falling over each other to catch a better look. and MAX you are a geek god! you got the hot chick and (forgive me high school band members i tortured ) just goes to show the geek always gets the hottest babe. all the hot babes are seen with geeks on the beach so this was a realistic portrayal! lol great blog bruddah cant wait for next one!

  14. avatar Lynnette says:

    Dear Officer 808 – just a wee, little education on “Grease” for you! Not only is “Grease” the movie, a classic John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John vehicle, it is an original, 1971 Broadway musical!

    High school Pops bands and choirs perform songs from this musical every year all over America! HS theatre productions of Grease are a dime a dozen! Although I am *old* I can tell you my college age daughter who performed Grease in high school was rolling on the floor laughing her head off over Lori’s “Sandy” and Max’s Danny Zuko. So! *Young-uns* know Grease, too! BTW? I think Max made an awesome Danny!

  15. avatar Lynnette says:

    Hey, Officer 808! Great review, as always! What a fun episode!

    The bromance is back, and we don’t even need the standard cargument to get the laughs anymore! The writers (thank you, Mike Schaub) have evolved the “bromance” into more of a sibling – style rivalry. The “bros” know each other so well now, they don’t argue so much about their individual styles of getting the job done (because they know it’s not going to make a difference to either one of them), but now they’re trying to figure out how to live side by side, but separate. Know what I mean? The opening scene in Steve’s house is a priceless example of two roommates trying to “adjust” to living in the same space – and when Danny finds the headphones on his desk as an offering of appeasement from Steve, and Danny lets Steve know he’s still looking for his own place – Danny’s way of showing that he doesn’t intend to take advantage of Steve’s generosity for ever (even though it would be so fun for the fans to have them roommates for the rest of the season!) – well, I saw it as another significant development in their relationship.

    The whole situation with Max ignoring them for the entire case was another highlight for this episode! Again, we see the bro’s bickering back and forth about what the other one did to Max to make him mad at them! Both of them trying to “be nice” to Max in the car scene was hugely entertaining! (Bubbly Steve and all – had a snicker going myself during that scene!) Loved the “Sandy/Danny” costumes for the “movie-night theme party!” And here’s where I’m wondering if Lori will ever truly be a part of the 5-0 Ohana? DO NOT GET ME WRONG! REPEAT!! DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I firmly believe Lori is a good fit on the team and I want her to stay. What I WANT to say here, is that I do not think Danny or Steve would be fighting to be the first through the office door, tripping over their tongues, to stop her in the hall and ask what in the world she was doing dressed like, that if it was Kono! They would definitely want to know what was going on, but more in a brother-sister sort of way. In other words, and I could be quite definitely wrong here, but Lori is still the outsider, still not Ohana in the sense that the main four are, yet. The guys still see her as a hot babe. Besides, would you want to make someone mad at you who could fire a sniper bullet from one building into another and kill the baddie without batting an eye? (I so wanted to see Kono stand up and blow the smoke away from the barrel of the gun and wink at Steve through the bullet hole!)

    I guess the thing is that Lori hasn’t truly proven herself to the team yet. I think she is accepted by them, as a teammate, but not as Ohana yet. This is a mutual situation – she hasn’t revealed much of her private life to them, either. Snippets, yes, but not much else. Somewhere down the line, in order for her to become part of the Ohana, she will have to reveal a lot more about herself as well as prove herself as true backup. Perhaps she will have to lie to the governor about something highly questionable (illegal?) that Steve did – maybe this little jaunt to North Korea next week will be what it takes. I can imagine the Gov is going to be asking Lori what in the world was his 5-0 team doing in North Korea on a covert mission? This could be the clincher for Lori – back up doesn’t always mean being behind someone with a gun – it can also mean backing up your team by putting a little spin on the truth! Just a thought…

    Hey, Kamekona? Where can I buy me some Hawaiian flavors air fresheners? I think, considering I raise beef cattle, I’ll go for the Loco Moco scent! I’ll put one in all our farm trucks and tractors! LOL!

    I liked all the muscle cars and thanks, Officer for bringing to our attention all the shout outs to “Gone in 60 Seconds” and True Blood” (knew that gal looked familiar and I DID, indeed, recognize True Blood’s sheriff as the ship’s project director – or whatever he was!).

    The Crime of the Week was entertaining, too, although the plot line does get a little predictable – think they’ve got it wrapped up in the first 10 minutes of the ep., then find out they are totally wrong, interview someone at the beginning of the episode who appears completely superfluous to the story, come all the way back around at the end to having that person be the perp. Well, maybe I just watch the episodes too many times and I practically pause every word to make sure I don’t miss anything. Could be why the flow of the plots are predictable to me! I’m not complaining – we have to have a crime in order for the team to be doing their thing for us!

    Got to say the “feel good” ending this week has me cringing for what will come next week. It doesn’t look good for Steve, but Jimmy Buffet to the rescue? Will he be handing out Margaritas in the helicopter?

    And so – ONWARD! Let’s see our combined 5-0/SEAL team rescue our beloved leader! Mayhem to Wo Fat – and Jenna Kaye? Where did you go wrong, girl?

  16. avatar Henry says:

    Wait wait wait. I’m old for recognizing who Lori and Max represented at the end of the show? LOL! Okay, I admit I saw the movie with Travolta and Newton-John, but may I remind you that Grease is also a Broadway musical and not too long ago there was a reality tv show in which people competed to become Sandy and Danny?

    Enjoyed the entire article. :)

  17. avatar sockie says:

    re: being old for knowing “Grease”…

    I would like to further qualify: if you saw “Grease” in a movie theater, or understood all the references within, you are old. However, If you saw the movie at every slumber party you ever went to, but still thought “Greased Lightning” was just a song about a car, you are not old. well, not *that* old. 😉

  18. avatar Dee- hedwig says:

    ok first If knowing “Grease” was first a play and that one of your fondest memories of seeing the movie was at a drive -in w/ your parents because it was double feature family night and kids were half -price….then I think we need to change the definition of “old”…
    We are OLDER and EXPERIENCED but we are not OLD…

    Officer Bob nice review but I will over look the “old” reference this time 😉

    Lynette, Val and Linda your comments should be on sale for ebooks- HA!

    I loved the show but am not going to rehash much of what is already here – however I am glad to see I was not the only one that caught the response from the girlfriend in the motel, ..”what would you do if your loved one moved across the world”
    I agree with the thoughts already stated here but I also see it as some ‘foreshadowing?’ maybe. Peter and the writers have been so BIg on the foreshadowing through dialogue. The question is is this an ‘opening’ to say we will see Rachel soon? Is it Rachel following Stan somewhere else now? there is a lot of potential w/ this line said and who it was directed too…

  19. avatar Dana In Vermont says:

    Nice article, Officer.

    Thanks for pointing out the “True Blood” connection between the victim’s girlfriend, Courtney Ford and Chris Bauer, as the freighter’s Captain being the Bellefleur siblings. I love Courtney Ford and have been following her career over the past few years too. She was the Trinity Killer’s daughter in “Dexter” and the one who shot Deb’s boyfriend, Keith Carradine in that show if you’re a fan.

    She also was a sympathetic killer in the show “Human Target”, so she has that show in common with Lauren German, too. Because of that I was keeping my eye on her as a possible suspect for the murder in this week’s H50 episode. That of course wasn’t the case in the end. This was kind of a lighter role for her, but still important since I think she was there to point out the parallel between her position and Danny’s in following someone halfway across the world because you love them.

    Thanks again for the witty take on this great episode!
    Dana In Vermont

  20. avatar pinkie says:

    It was one of the finest moments in TV. So many nods to so many classics and too many wonderful moments. Thank you Peter, Mike, cast and crew for making me smile.
    Thanks Officer Bob… just because! (hugs)

  21. avatar mcphee says:

    Talking about True Blood reunion.

    Courtney Ford was also in the 7th Season of Entourage which Scott was in

  22. avatar TDF says:

    I really don’t understand why people (not necessarily on this blog, but ‘out there’ in general) have a problem with Lori. I think she’s great. Serious and hilarious and adds an extra dynamic to the team so it’s not just Chin/Kono and Steve/Danno. It mixes it all up a bit. I say we keep her!

  23. avatar Brian says:

    I’m just watching through season 2 now, and I have to ask, did you really find the reason for Max being mad at those two to be funny? For me, it was one of those jokes with a huge buildup that had almost no punchline. I figured they missed something of Max’s like a birthday or something, but I never thought it would be such a simple, stupid thing like thinking Max’s email was spam. A big letdown for me. I guess it’s because, as you said, he was SO mad. The entire episode he acted like a child, and they hadn’t even missed his party yet. I’m sorry, but some people come to parties and don’t RSVP. Yes, it’s rude, but for Max to be THAT mad before the party even started, it just didn’t add up.

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