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Steve McGarrett, the wonder years

January 6th, 2012 by

This headshot of the actor playing the young Steve McGarrett has hit the social network (I originally saw this at @AlexOsplace).  William Lancaster Carlson is the official teen (dream) Steve.   A source at CBS has confirmed that this is the actor, and that “he’s very sweet”.  His episode is set to air January 16th.  Does he resemble Alex O’Loughlin?  You be the judge, but in any case ladies, swoon away.

Update:  Will Carlson appears in Luke 11:17, a psychological thriller on firstrun.tv.  Check it out on Facebook.

Will Carlson as the young Steve Mcgarrett, Hawaii Five-0.  (Courtesy photo)

Will Carlson as the young Steve Mcgarrett, Hawaii Five-0. (Courtesy photo)

32 responses to “Steve McGarrett, the wonder years”

  1. avatar @SandysWorld6 says:

    He looks like he has the McGarrett smile. Hopefully the teen years will have more happy times and have a young McGarrett smiling more than serious looking, altho I doubt that, if the flash back will be around his mom’s death :(

  2. avatar Sam says:

    Well he’s way too young to swoon, but I think he’s a great choice for a young McGarrett.

  3. avatar Annie says:

    HE SO LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG MCGARRETT…… very handsome and has hit looks and eyes and SMILE!!! GREAT CHOICE!!!!!

  4. avatar Linda Stein says:

    OMG…is he adorable?!?!? I’m really looking forward to this episode. And Sandy..he may start out smiling but since Peter tweeted that the flashback scene got him all choked up I don’t think the smiling will last too long!

    I can’t want to see this episode. It was written by Peter so you KNOW it will be great!

  5. avatar Sabrina says:

    I have to admit that he is very cute, but he looks nothing like Alex at all. I don’t see the slightest resemblence. Teen Alex should be more tough with no long hair. He should also look more rough and serious. This boy is too sweet! Not a good choice!

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      Oh…give the kid a chance! This is a stock shot not a BTS shot. He is an actor who can probably (hopefully) portray a wide range of emotions. If this is a flash back to when Steve’s mom died it may not be rough and tough that’s needed but sweet and vulnerable. I don’t know this kids work so it’s too soon to say it’s a bad choice. Peter said the flashback scene got him really choked up so I think it will be find.

      As to his hair…come on! First off, the flashback it to the 1980s!!! Hair was IN. Besides, there IS a way to make his long hair shorter if they want to. It’s something they call scissors! ROFL

  6. avatar Chris says:

    He’s a cutie! I think it’ll work. :)

  7. avatar Maria says:

    This boy is such a cutie look at his smile. But I do recommend they dye his hair darker a bit to resemble more Steve. I hope it willwork

  8. avatar Gary says:

    Not only does he not look like Alex… he has that stupid Justin Bieber haircut..

    • avatar Nerida Hart says:

      I can see Will as the young Steve McGarrett. He has a similar jawline to Alex O’Loughlin.

      We all look different now to what we did at 12 – features become chiselled as we lose the baby fat and hair darkens as we spend less time outdoors in the sun. I agree with Pinkie, Casting has done well.

      Can’t wait for the episode to air, to see a glimmer of the mature Steve in Will’s character.

    • avatar Sophie says:

      Gee give this poor kid a break, We have not even seen the episode yet and people are just criticizing him and besides this photo is a professional photo like from a photo shoot. But hey Alex does not resembble William Sadler or Mary Ann does not even resemble Alex or William either.

    • avatar Terry says:

      Ugh…no kidding. I hope the make-up department can do a major transformation on this kid to make him remotely believable.

  9. avatar rainy says:

    Hey, it’s gonna be a flashback. They’ll do whatever they want to the hair. This is obviously a stock shot. It’s not a BTS peek.

  10. avatar pinkie says:

    He’s perfect! Tall lean and he’d have the 80’s style hair. Young, carefree, full of life. This would before his whole world turned upsidedown. Nice looking kid.
    I can’t wait to see this episode.
    Good job casting dept. I could totally see this kid as young Steve!

  11. avatar Lynnette says:

    Yep, this is a good choice – and I’m not swooning! He’s even too young for my daughters! But he’s a fresh face. Of course, this isn’t going to be the 80’s, Linda, but the mid ninties, and I guarantee he won’t have a Beiber haircut for his time onscreen. A pair of scissors and some hair dye will do wonders. Remember that pic of a 15 year old Alex that floated around the net a while back? This kid’s not that far off from that picture. Oh, and if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see him this time for probably a minute, or 2, at the most. It’s a flashback, not the entire episode, but perhaps there will be more flashbacks in the future?

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      You’re right Lynnette…it would be the 90’s not the 80’s. Was always lousy with math! LOL You’re also right that if we’re lucky we may get a 5 minute flashback…it won’t be an entire episode. When Jean Smart and William Sadler said they were filming flashbacks in the summer it turned out to be that video with WoFat…didn’t even have sound and it only lasted a few seconds.

      While I’m sure this will last longer than that we should expect a long drawn out period of time. But, like I said before, Peter DID say he got choked up watching it so it must be a decent amount of time.

  12. avatar cherish4 says:

    Awww he’s cute! :)

  13. avatar Tmoney says:

    WOW.. that is a damn good-looking kid! Will Carlson is the perfect young McGarrett. Well done casting! I can’t wait for the episode to be released. I hope they give him a lot of screen time!

    It seems that McGarrett has gotten less attractive with time. 😉

  14. avatar Jaffe00 says:

    As a casting director who specializes in developing young talent I can tell you, this kid looks like a movie star! Hopefully he can act! I guess we’ll see on the 16th

  15. avatar Deborah says:

    What a beautiful smile! I think he is a GREAT choice for Alex! Can’t wait to see this episode. Would love to see
    more of Will Lancaster Carlson!

  16. avatar mcphee says:

    Great choice! Can’t wait to see the episode! I think Lenkov said on Twitter that he was watching a scene that he did the other day that got him emotional.

    Looks like this kid is going to hit the high stakes soon

  17. avatar Kristen Pak says:

    Ummmmm… I don’t think either Steve (nor Alex!) wore that stupid “comb-over” hair-do when they were 17!

  18. avatar Linda Stein says:

    Here is a link to another picture of Will Carlson from the Facebook page Officer Bob listed above for Luke 11:17.

    Does THIS pic look more like Alex/young Steve? Either way, that is one good looking kid!


  19. avatar Rusty says:

    McGarrett has been “Bieberized”

  20. avatar Janet C. says:

    Perfect choice and he looks like a cutie!


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