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Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 215, “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko”

February 8th, 2012 by

I think the the fans are pretty unanimous in agreeing that this is one of the best episodes of the season, and perhaps of the series so far.  Everything came together perfectly in terms of cinematography,  storytelling, and most importantly, the acting.

D is for Danny

After a strong run of Danny-centric episodes in season 1, Scott Caan deservedly earned a Golden Globe nomination.  However, the tales of Danny Williams were temporarily shelved in season 2 with the introduction of Lori and the addition of Jenna and Max to the team.  “Mai Ka Wa Kahiko” finally picks up where a lot of fans want to see the story go- escalation of the Williams family dynamic.  This episode delivered, and we saw angry Danny, worried Danny and vengeful Danny.  Scott covered the run of emotions so well in this episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if he earns himself another nomination if he and the writers continue at this pace.

I once told a friend that as much as I enjoyed Battlestar Galactica, the show stressed me out.  He gave me a dismissive, “You’re taking the show way too seriously.”  I disagreed with him, saying that if a show doesn’t make you laugh, or gets you emotionally involved with any of the characters, then the actors and writers have failed to engage the viewer.  Last night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 managed to get fans emotionally involved.  We’ve seen Danny lose a friend before, so the death of the Marshall didn’t exactly tug at the heartstrings.  But the game changer for Danny started when his former partner Peter kidnapped Grace.  I think most parents probably had a difficult time watching naive Grace misplace her trust in someone whom she thought she could trust.   Danny was no longer a smug, smart talking Jersey cop, but a helpless father.   Later, watching Danny first shoot Stan and then  Rick were truly jaw dropping moments in the episode that showed he was willing to risk everything to get his daughter back.  I think the most wrenching part of the episode was having to see Danny pull poor Gracie from the dark, cluttered storage locker.  The relief soon sets in as we see she’s ok, but what kind of human being locks a child in a sweltering storage locker?  Any father who has a little girl must have felt some empathy in the last few minutes.

Speaking of Grace, for the first time in the series Teilor Grubbs had a significant part to play in the episode.  I think she did incredibly well, considering the toughness of her scenes.

Peter Greene nailed his part perfectly as Danny’s former partner and crooked cop.  Hands down, Peter’s  performance was one of the best guest performances so far.  He wasn’t a passing character as some other guest stars ended up being, but scored big in his scenes with Scott Caan and played the morally confused cop perfectly.  I found it fascinating that his frame of reference was so skewed- that Danny’s testimony was a betrayal despite being a  “good cop”…a good cop who happened to steal from crime scenes.  I really would love to see Peter Greene on the show again.

"Danny if you don't do this, I'm bringing out the Gimp."

Saint Daniel

What I love about the Danny Williams character is that it has changed significantly since the beginning of the series.  Danny was the “foil” or character that sharply contrasted another character.  In his case, Danny was a by the book cop who tried to keep Steve on the straight track of police work, and not to resort to SEAL tactics of crime fighting.  In season 1, he had to dissuade Steve from hanging suspects off buildings, roughing them up, and also breaking down doors without warrants.  These instances were examples for fans to cite Danny as the moral compass of the group, and for Danny to do anything other than noble was out of character.  I think the mistake of putting Danny on this pedestal makes it hard for fans to realize that despite Danny’s desire to do the right thing (further evidenced by ratting out his partner Rick Peterson), Danny is still a human being, and a hot headed one at that.  When it comes down to children, or his friends and family, all bets are off, and Danny will resort to the “I’ll do whatever it takes to finish this” school of action.  Dunking a suspect in the pool?  Perfectly acceptable for Danny if it means getting information on his friend’s killer.  Shooting a detained suspect in the leg?  Perfectly fine if it means finding out where his daughter is located.   Some will argue about police brutality, and if it’s realism you want, “Law and Order” is the show for you.  Most of us watch Five-0 just to see what crazy stunt the team will pull to get the job done.  Having said that though, there may be some reckoning coming down on Danny for taking it to the limit.  And what about Stan?  I’m sure he’s not going to be too happy that Danny shot him, he’ll be even less happy if he finds out that Danny and Rachel were together while he was gone.

In all, this was an incredible episode, and probably a pivotal point in Danny’s story arc this season.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 215, “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko”

1) Not so much about Hawaii, but am I the only one who now knows how to unlock an airplane lavatory door?

Did you notice…?

Denby Dung (the flight attendant) who discovers the body is a  local model, actress, actual Hawaiian Airline employee, and friend of the Kia Hamsters.

Friend of the blog and occasional Hawaii Five-0 background actor Sarah (@blondeatbeach) was the woman in the red dress at the mailbox store.  I’ve lost track as to how many episodes she’s been in!

“Wala’au wale” in reference to the name of the phone company means “to talk” or “chatter” in Hawaiian.

I guess I’m a lucky guy.  When I wake up every morning and look on to the outside world from my  bunker, I see the towering peak of Koko Crater.   Pu’u mai is the Hawaiian name for the crater, and the “stairs” are actually an abandoned railroad. This episode of Hawaii Five-0 again did an incredible job of making Hawaii look beautiful.

Hawaii Five-0, Koko Head Trail (Photo CBS)

Songs on last night’s episode include “Stand Up” by The London Souls and “Rapunzel” by Drapht.

66 responses to “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 215, “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko””

  1. avatar joeyyyy says:

    not much to add brother as a dad i was riveted and scared out of my mind. scott played his role to perfection. as these charachters evolve they just get better and better and we get more and more emotionally attached. Steve played worried and scared very well, alex nailed it. i have to mention that the lori-steve scene was a nice touch , was a playful brother-sis type of thing and was nice to see. i can live without ever seeing racheal and stan again but the father/daughter dynamic has to stay- it is part of who danno is and its incredible. there is sooo much coming up in the next 9 episodes that i can hardly wait! james caan and ed asner just to name 2. wow! five-0 has got alot of us locked in big time! oh, and BSG, yeya im with ya – edge of your seat thats good tv. not too many shows are as riveting as five-0 and fun to watch! i hope it lives a long long life!!

    • The upcoming Guest Stars are really exciting! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the episodes this season!

    • avatar Val says:

      Hey Joeyyyy – Nice to see you at the top of the heap brah and without question, the ep was fantastic and the team (Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace with Lauren) are just growing on us, its just awesome.

      I can’t wait for the next nine line ups – its going to be tense, superb, fun and exciting. So far I have loved all of it!!

  2. avatar Sandy says:

    How lucky you are to wake up in paradise every day. Hope to visit Hawaii some day. Love your review of the latest episode. I agree Scott Caan was outstanding in this episode. His love for his family is awesome. Of course, Alex, Daniel, and Grace were great as usual. Best show on TV!!!!! Love Love Love my Hawaii Five-0.

    • avatar Val says:

      Sandy I agree with you – every week watching the show, I’m in love with the beauty and grace of the island. Little Teilor did an amazing job and her innocence makes it so hard for any of us not to want to scoop her up and keep her safe. She’s just so cute. She’s the perfect choice to play Danno’s daughter. I’ve really missed her a lot in this season. Hope they will bring her in more often because there is nothing more wonderful to see Danny do his father scene with her. They are just so adorable together.

      • avatar Linda Stein says:

        Many people on the boards complain that Teilor, while adorable, isn’t a very good actress. I think this episode she stretched as an actress and did extremely well. She had more dialog than ever before, her hesitation to go with the fake cop was done very well and she managed to look terrified in the car and relieved but a bit traumatized when she was rescued. Yes…she did a fine job!!!

  3. avatar Sandy says:

    I forgot to state in my previous post what a fantastic job Teilor did! She is very very good.

  4. avatar Ellen says:

    WOW!… the Danny story line is AMAZING….the only drawback was the “WHIPMY WOMAN” Lori… she adds NOTHING to the cast or storyline…. In the scene where Steve carried her down the mountain, we were YELLING at the TV.. “DROP HER…DROP HER… DROP HER!”…. it didnt happen and we were saddenned about the, hope she’s GONE SOON!

  5. avatar Diane says:

    I agree with your review. I thought 2.10 in No. Korea was incredible, but this one is right next to it. Scott Caan did an absolutely wonderful job portraying the emotions anyone would be going through if they were in the same situation. Seeing Gracie take Petersen’s hand just sent chills up my spine. Uncle Steve almost lost it a couple of times, nice job by Alex also. I love the performances by all 4 of the main characters in this series. They are all great.
    Officer808, you and I are in total agreement. If you are not emotionally involved with the character, then the writers and actors are not doing their jobs.

    • avatar Val says:

      Diane, I totally agree with you and officer 808 – any show that doesn’t have characters that doesn’t draw attention to them is not a show that holds my interest and this show has got me right from the start. Totally love all of it.

  6. avatar Benito says:

    hey thx for wonderful review. love the danny centic episode. i wanted to say battlestar galactica is such a character compelling show n the storyine is so great

  7. avatar Jxlew says:

    Still hoping Lori will go missing ! Team Grace All The Way (:

    • avatar westcosta79 says:

      I know that Lori is not loved by many H50 fans, but I like her character (despite the quasi plot hole in that she was hired to replace Kellu Hu’s character, which means she should have been the Governor’s security advisor and should be working out of the Governor’s office, not being in the field. But I digress…)

      Anyway, yes Kono was awesome; she was kick ass and hot in Monday’s episode. However, I also thought that Lori was great as the HQ point-person. She brought the investigation together and she wasn’t there to simply be eye candy. Speaking of which, she definitely was eye candy too! Especially in the scenes at Koko Head Crater (women in workout clothes do that for many males, me included).

      I enjoyed “Mai Ka Wa Kahiko”. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

  8. avatar Susan says:

    After reading the last couple posts, I’ll just join the chorus and get this out of the way now:


    2) Scott Caan: Give him the Emmy, the Golden Globe, whatever right now. End of discussion.

    OK, the meat of the post: At the end of Monday’s episode, when Grace is back with mom and dad and everyone’s hugging and crying – granted it was a very stressful case for 5-0, but Steve, Chin and Kono didn’t look as thrilled as I would have expected; in fact, they looked pretty concerned. Are we going to see repercussions on Danny for his behavior during the incident? I think we will, at least on a team/personal level. And while I give Danny kudos for his love for Rachel, I have to think she isn’t going to be happy that Danny shot Stan even as a trick.

    I may have missed discussion on this, so if someone can provide some food for thought I would appreciate it.

    • avatar Susan says:

      And I have to add, even as a member of the pro-Kono team, I wasn’t too bothered by the banter between Lori and Steve – in fact, it was pretty funny. Except for the shot put line (really? Don’t think so) and “carry her down the mountain” – ulterior motive, Lori?

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      I agree Susan. I thought the looks on their faces, especially Steve and Chin was not only relief that they got Grace but worry about what those embraces will mean later. Of course, Rachel and Danny, as Graces parents would be together and embracing Grace even if they are not a couple BUT incidences like, once the dust settles, can change the dynamic of a relationship.

      I think Steve and Chin are worried that this will bring Danny and Rachel together again and that Danny will get hurt again. The one thing Steve doesn’t want to see is Danny get hurt!

      • avatar jo halward says:

        i agree i think steve and chin were relieved when grace was rescued but i think they were concerned about what grace and danny had been through and they now know that danno faces more hurt over rachel. iam hoping that we will see an emotional scene between steve and danno. danno needs to know that he can talk to steve about it and steve needs to show that he cares.

        • avatar Tammy says:

          I agree that a chat would be really nice between Steve and Danny but I had expected something would have been brought up after Korea and it never was. This is one thing I wish the writers wouldn’t just drop.

  9. avatar Ijsfee says:

    did you ever try to run up those stairs? i really can`t imagine how people can be so crazy to do this much exercise in hot weather…just sitting on my couch and watching lori and steve run up the hill made me sweat 😉

    and yeah, it was more than predictable that he had to carry her down.

    still have a warm feeling from watching this episode. fantastic nature(summer and sun! – something you start to really miss when it is 5°F in your hometown) and a heartbraking danny.

  10. avatar Val says:

    Hey I beat Linda, Lynette, the gang…tee hee. Officer 808, love your review and Hawaii is beautiful everyday of the week for us and lucky for you its beautiful every day!!

    I’m sure there can be no doubt from any of us that Scott Caan deserves a huge wave of applause for the incredble performance in this week’s episode. Bravo, Scott!! I thought the direction of the show was brilliant. The scene from the promo of Grace getting kidnapped to the time where Danny shoots Stan, had me thinking that this was going to be a race to “Operation Save Monkey” but it was placed in the last segment which was cleverly done because in those last 8 minutes everyone, I found myself watching the clock with the “nano” seconds counting down so fast, the “suspense” was murderous, until the last few seconds, my heart must have stopped beating because up until Gracie was safe in the arms of her rescuers, tears began to fall, the look on Steve’s face looking at Chin and Kono…said it all, that was too close.

    Going to the start of the ep, I loved that scene with Lori and Steve doing the marathon run and love that she trips him up or throws in that cute little “your shoe laces are undone” – that’s what I would have done too….but it was all done playfully and it was a fun scene until she twisted her ankle and had to be carried down – tell me ladies which one of us wouldn’t want to be carried down that hill by this man? That was a long way down and nice to see when it comes to Steve, chilvalry runs deep!! What a fun humorous beginning.

    The plot to the story was unexpected with the Hawaiian airline coming into view for a land. I was thinking that Rick Peterson would be on board and we would see a clear shot of him and know that he’s plotting to get his revenge which would have had Grace kidnapped right at the start of the episode instead we have a murder on board the plane and Rick Peterson did not appear to be anywhere on that plane so the murder of the US marshall who Danny knew and recognized did not make sense at what I was expecting to see – for the first 10 minutes I was beginning to think that we were watching the wrong episode this week…lol…but soon realized the kidnapping of Grace was written closer to the end of the story which was brilliantly executed because even though we knew that scene was coming a full hour of tension building would have been a bit of an overkill and by placing the scenes closer to the end of the episode, racing against time, just spiked the tension level to an all time high!! I was on high alert in the last few minutes, I knew they would save her but the way the clock was winding down I knew that it was going to come to the damn mere seconds to the rescue with Steve and Danno, and what a great few seconds it was. I was a euphoric mess.

    Alex was amazing in the role of super seal going to rescue mode under high level stress alert to keep Danny’s family safe and in the conference room when he repeatedly told everyone he wanted everyone to get going to help Danny save the day and even though Danny was flying solo with a gun pointed at his head, the team was not far behind and boy did you guys enjoy Danny racing down the street on oncoming traffic, just adding weight to the danger he was facing…was brilliant and of course with super seal Steve chasing down after Danny in the blue pickup – very tense exciting moment.

    Scott played the anxious father beautifully. Rick Peterson who played the twisted bad ass cop bent on revenge played his part brilliantly. How on earth could he face that little innocent nine year old on the tennis without hurling goes to show how good an actor he was to stick to the job at hand and little Teilor to her credit kept to her script and was just so adorably cute. Rick Peterson referred her to sweet little Gracie…that’s what she is so sweet so when Steve called her “sweetheart” you just know that this little girl has won the heart of everyone not just her Danno.

    Finally all I want to say a huge standing ovation round of applause for the entire cast and crew for a brilliant job well done. I can’t honestly say this was my favorite to top it all since I love everyone of them equally but this one really came close to the heart.

    • avatar Val says:

      Oh my reference to Rick Peterson as the actor, I really meant to say Peter Greene.

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      Great review Val…and I agree 100%. One thing I have to mention, that I forgot to say in my own review, is how wonderful the direction of Larry Teng was for this episode.

      When Danny first gets the first call, and he’s alone in the Camaro talking to Rick on the phone, Danny is constantly scanning the surrounding area. As Danny is doing this, the camera hops around, from Danny, to another angle of Danny, to the street, to the high rise, back to Danny, and another angle of Danny…for the whole time he’s on the phone.

      The effect, at least to me, conveyed an anxiety of a parent in the worst nightmare of this life with literally nowhere to turn and looking everywhere for a way out of the nightmare! It was extremely well directed and it upped the anxiety level perfectly. Kudos to Larry Teng!

    • avatar Lynnette says:

      Great review Val, and yes, you won the race this week! LOL! I agree with everything you said.

      You know, it didn’t click in until you mentioned it that Steve really went into SEAL mode when he realized they were on a rescue mission. Alex played the part so beautifully, getting Steve’s mind wrapped around all the logistics needed to find Grace and Danny and stop the perp from doing the damage he had planned for the Williams family, getting his team assigned to what they were best capable of doing, as well! Steve in SEAL mode is a dangerous weapon, no doubt, but this was a personal mission, so fear and panic had to be included into the way Alex played Steve. And Alex brought it home.

  11. avatar ESS says:

    Taking nothing at all away from Scott, I find it sad that Alex has given several performances that were just as brilliant (1.24, 2.1, 2.10) but with very little appreciation and acknowledgement. In fact, he’s so good at it on a weekly basis, I think that it’s just taken for granted. He’s taken an unlikeable character (in the pilot) and slowly turned it into a beloved character full of mystery, humor, strength, vulnerability, loyalty & honor. No character has grown more since the pilot episode than McG and it’s not all in the story telling. In fact, it’s often in spite of it.

    • avatar Ijsfee says:

      ess, you are absolutely right. maybe we are so used to see him act this good that no one recognizes it anymore…
      oooh…2.10. – i both love and hate this episode. alex is a fantastic actor when it comes to displaying pain, fear and rage.

    • avatar GraceNot-Park says:

      You know, Alex is such a natural actor I think we fail to remember that he is acting sometimes. He is not a scenery chewer. He does not try to make the big dramatic gesture or pause and mug for the camera before delivering his line. We think he really is just like his character and he is just BE-ING. I happen to adore that so much that I hunted down his previous work, and lo and behold he’s acting for sure. Those other characters are nothing like Steve. They are equally awesome though. And to you, yes this takes nothing from Scott, but I have really fallen for Alex’s style.

    • avatar Ellen says:

      have to agree – not to take anything away from Scott but the episodes mentioned by ESS and the amount of emotion displayed in mere moments of no dialog by Alex this week…. don’t get me wrong Scott was completely up to the challenges this week but with so much said about it -it puzzles me – I wasn’t surprised by his work!! Were people surprised he was so good?

      • avatar Lynnette says:

        I’m sorry, people, but I really don’t feel Alex is getting jipped at all with praise for his acting talents, at least not among those who are fans and watch his work on a regular basis. Every episode, we talk about the fantastic job Alex did – the eps where he really shines – 1.24, 2.01, 2.10, this one, just to name a few, I see plenty of praise for what he accomplished. Granted, there are people out there who still don’t think he can act a d**n. I don’t think anything will change that. But those of us who were introduced to Alex with this series, that have researched his previous work, are all well aware that the man can act. I’m not taking anything away from Alex, but for me, this episode was Scott’s.

    • avatar Elaine Summy says:

      I agree with you about Alex…he is Amazing in everything he does. he deserves a nomination as well.

      • avatar Lynnette says:

        Oh, I agree Elaine – I’d definitely like to see Alex get a best lead actor nomination for H5-0 – not just for one episode, but for his sustained efforts in all the episodes. I’m not disputing that at all!

    • avatar sam says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning Alex. I wouldn’t have done that, because when I mentioned months back how unfair it was to pick just one, namely Scott, out of the cast and put him on such a pedestal. A wave of outrage came my way. So I told myself not to do that again.
      Nothing against Scott Caan, he does a very good job. But all the others are equally good, especially Alex, who is doing a great job with this character.
      It is not fair to compare the drama queen Danno to the quiet and subtle Steve. Those are two totally different characters and just because SC can use great gestures to portray him, does not mean that he’s doing a better job. On the contrary, the character of Steve McGarrett is way harder to portray than Danny.

      I really don’t like it when so called fans try to downplay the achievement of others. That doesn’t let their favorite shine more.

      This was a great episode, not my favorite one, that still goes to The Pilot and 2×10 equally, but it was excellent. And that has nothing to do with one performance but with a wonderful ensemble that is working really hard to bring us a great show week after week. They all deserve our praise.

  12. avatar Linda Stein says:

    Anticipation can be a wonderful thing, the eagerness for an event that has you excited for all the wonderful possibilities. But sometimes, anticipation can be worrisome too. What if it’s not as great as you hope it will be? What if the actual event doesn’t live up to the hype, doesn’t match the speculation of what could be?

    It happens all the time with H50. We see promos, we see BTS photos. We speculate and discuss and theorize all the possibilities of what we think we will see or, more often, what we want to see. Sometimes, for some folks, we are disappointed (Shelburne leaps to mind) thinking it could have been better. Then there are episodes like Mai Ka Wa Kahiko! After a 2 week wait for a new episode and all the online chatter about how great we expected #OperationSaveMonkey to be, I have to admit, I was just a bit worried about what would happen if it failed to live up to our expectations. Silly me!

    I am trying to decide where to begin with a review of this episode and I’m having a bit of difficulty finding different variations of the words “Oh my GOD” because that’s basically what I said over and over for the entire 2nd half of the episode. So I’m not going to try to give a recap of events because there is no way in hell I could ever do it justice. So I’ll just highlight what I liked best saving the best for last.

    Lori & Steve run the Koho Head Stairs. Ok…it was cute. I liked how Lori tripped up Steve to try to win, clearly she knew she didn’t have a chance otherwise. Something I would have done. Of course, I would never have attempted 1,048 steps of “nature’s stair master” in the first place. But if, “for the record” Lori won the race, I can say, for the record, I have never wanted to be her more than in that moment! But her sprained ankle, like Steve’s broken arm, were non-entities, didn’t matter in the least to the story. Personally, I think it was just a way for the writers to keep Lori tethered to the magic table. Is it my imagination or are they giving Lori less to do in the field in the last couple of episodes?

    Chin & Kono: I always like it when Chin gets to ride shotgun (HA) with Steve. They work so well together. Did you notice that when they broke into Peterson’s house it was Chin who kicked in the door and not Steve? That was cool for a change! And, if Lori’s ankle was to keep her at HQ, that’s actually ok with me because I LOVE Kono in the field and especially thrilled to see her work with Charlie Fong again. Did you see the look on her face when Danny shot Peterson in the leg? She looked as shocked as I was. Makes me wonder….if Lori is the person to lose their job in the next episode what would that mean for Kono? I really don’t like the idea of her being glued to that computer all the time. Oh well, only time will tell I guess.

    Peter Greene as Rick Peterson: Of all the guest stars H50 has had I think Peter Greene has been the best bad guy there has been. There is WoFat, of course, but, other than North Korea, we really don’t see that much of him. His threat is more covert. But Peterson?!? OMG Not only does he look like death on a cracker but the sweet way he talks to Grace while plotting her murder just made my skin crawl. That guy was way beyond creepy! I do give Gracie some credit though. She definitely has her Daddy’s detective instincts. She asked more questions and was more suspicious of the fake cop than her tennis instructor was. But, I suppose the writers couldn’t have the instructor put up too much of a protective fuss because Rick would have just shot him. That wouldn’t have made Gracie’s kidnapping exactly stealth. I sooooo wanted Rick Peterson DEAD!

    Steve: As usual, Alex shows a range of emotions that is mind boggling. From hot and sweaty adorable to total panic and anger to relief. Every week we say it. The man can say more with his eyes than most actors say in two pages of dialog. Besides Mary, of course, there is one person in the world Steve cares for as much as he cares for Danny and that is Gracie. You could almost FEEL his heart accelerate in frantic panic when he saw her pictures flash up on that big screen. He was a complete wreck when he didn’t know where Danny was or what Peterson was making him do. Steve doesn’t like not knowing things and the panic he felt when he saw Danny with a gun on Stan was palpable. You could also see his pain for Danny when he heard that voice mail Danny left for Rachel months ago. And you can see the bit of worry on his face at the end, after they rescue Grace, when Danny and Rachel are embracing around their little girl. Steve is happy and relieved they have gotten Gracie back safe but he can see that it is not over between Danny and Rachel. Steve doesn’t want to see Danny hurt and you can feel it in his eyes. Alex’s acting, as always, was incredible but, of course, without a doubt, this episode belongs to………….

    Danny and Scott: With the WoFat/Shelborne story line, Lori and Joe, and Kono’s IA involvement, there hasn’t been too much story for Danny so far this season. It was about time Scott got to stretch his acting muscles and show everyone why he was nominated for that Golden Globe last season. Is it a story line we’ve seen before? Sure. Any of us who have spent time watching cop shows over the years have seen the scenario before. And you just knew that eventually there would be a story putting Grace in danger to highlight the reason Rachel left Danny back in Jersey. But what made it special was from the moment Danny recognized the dead Marshal on the plane to the very last second of this episode Scott was nothing short of phenomenal.

    Please tell me I am not the only one who went through half a box of tissues while Danny was pleading with Rick, with tears in his eyes, not to make him shoot Stan to save Gracie. I was literally sitting there, on the edge of my seat, shaking with frustration and fear at what was about to happen because Scott MADE ME FEEL IT!!! It was one of the best written and acted scenes in this show EVER! It showed, more than ever, why Scott is so important to this show and NOT just as comic relief to the stoic Navy SEAL. We KNEW there was no way Gracie wouldn’t be ok. We KNEW that Danny and Steve would find her and she’d be fine. But even knowing that, Scott STILL made you feel his panic and frustration at what was happening. He is an amazing actor and, I’m sorry, if Scott is not nominated for an Emmy for this episode there is something seriously wrong with the entire awards process!

    I read some people are rolling their eyes over the voicemail Danny left Rachel. Personally, I think Danny left that message when he first found out the baby wasn’t his, before Rachel even came back from Jersey. I think he was making a last ditch effort to make her see he was willing to try to make it work BEFORE she when back to Stan. I don’t blame him for it. It doesn’t bother me like it does some. There was so much going on with Danny at that moment between Rachel, the babe, the affair and then add into that all the stuff going on with Steve, I don’t think Danny was thinking completely straight at the time. Obviously, that plan didn’t pan out. Who knows what happens after this adventure!

    All in all a fantastic, incredible, edge of your seat episode. One of my top 2 of the season (2.10 Korea being the other one) and next week looks like another wild ride. Hold on people! Do you think they will ever give us just a light hearted funny episode on this show?

    • avatar LBrookieF says:

      Pretty much agree with every word you wrote here. 😉 Now its a good thing you’re not lazy about writing down your thoughts and I am, because I’m just going to again state, COULDN’T AGREE MORE. :-)

    • avatar Pat says:

      Linda, I agree with all you’ve said and especially about the voice mail. I believe Kono said it was a few months old, and if he still loved Rachel, I can believe he would still try to talk to her before she came back to Hawaii to Stan.

    • avatar Lynnette says:

      Thank you so much for writing my review for me, Bella! I can sit back and take the week off knowing you said absolutely everything I would say, and you did it much better, too! ROFL!

    • avatar Mary Jane says:

      What she said!

    • avatar Benita Lee says:

      Linda Stein says:
      “Did you see the look on her [Kono’s] face when Danny shot Peterson in the leg? She looked as shocked as I was.”

      It was an interesting contrast to Chin’s reaction — he looked calm and didn’t blink an eye. Chin probably understands better than anyone, that even a cop has to break the rules when you’re protecting a family member.

  13. avatar Val says:

    Wow Linda – I can totally understand your underlying concern about how this week’s episode was going to play in the eyes of all the “critics” out there.

    Quite frankly even though we have indepth analysis and endless discussions which literally can suck the air out of the fun, we all know that the “hype” is out there and honestly with all the eps that I have seen so far, I have loved all of it even inspite of the Shelburne thing be a bit of a let down, I never felt disappointed at all except when its over…lol!!

    As for Alex, no one oculd ever take away anything from his performance every week, he’s just amazing, you can feel his energy, emotions, and he doesn’t shy away from letting us see some vulnerability along with all the strength he’s capable of putting out each week. It has to take its toll on him with all the running he does each week and did you notice his muscle tone when he carried Lori effortlessly down that hill, he is amazingly strong!! Wait until next week, he’s going to stun us all…and have all of us wanting to kiss all his boo-boos away!!

    I want to add though we never seem to give enough credit to Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park – honestly they both have grown with the series and I love their performances. I too sense that they are scaling back Lauren’s role for now but I’m hoping she’ll be back though its worrisome that for next week’s ep…she’s the one that loses her job…and I do enjoy her role as Lori and the team is very fond of her and having two power girls on the team is a good thing.

    • avatar Susan says:

      Val, I have to agree that Alex also did an excellent job in this episode – you could definitely feel the strain he was under! Fortunately/unfortunately, Scott outdid him in this one. But I’m just glad we have new episodes to chew on – I was going into withdrawal!

  14. avatar FIVE0PHAN says:

    scott caan knocked it out of the park big time! not a rachael fan but they have to keep little monkey in the mix because the father/daughter thing gets me every time! alex was super great as always and i loved the scenes with alex and lori-very sibling-like and fun. the bad dude was creepfest big time!! freaked me out. i wanted to hug little monkey at the end big time! this show gets better every week (ok twice a month–lol) how do you not just get sooo emotionally attached to these guys and gals as the show progresses. world class episode its the only SMASH in my house Ill stay up for! officer BSG moved me to tears man the last episode ive rewatched a hundred times!! I know #H50 will forever be my favorite series but that ranks up there! scared to death but looking forward to 2.16- i keep saying they need two hours per episode becasue there is sooo much to write and explore in each episode and it feels like it lasted 10 minutes instead of an hour (dont even say it!!–lol) never teared up watching tv ever! but the north korea ep and this one got me good!! great review it had alot of passion officer i loved it!!

    • avatar Lynnette says:

      Mr. Fiveophan, you are after my own heart, today! Couldn’t have said it better, myself. The only 2 eps I’ve really teared up for this season are 2.10 and 2.15. A McGarrett-centered one and a Danno-centered one. Peter is giving them each meaty scripts and the boys are running with them! Scott and Alex are different types of actors, and really, I don’t think they need to be compared to each other – they are unique in their styles, and I love ’em both to pieces!

      Oh, and in my eyes, H5-0 “Smashed” the competition (especially that other 10pm show that shall not be named!)

  15. avatar FIVE0PHAN says:

    eared up over BSG too my bad

  16. avatar Tammy says:

    Best show of the season and I loved how it was all Danny this time. I started to remember S1E3 at the football game when Rachel was saying his job was too dangerous for Grace to be around and Danny replied that Grace was safe because he is a cop, well…wonder if he’ll be questioning his profession and being around his daughter. I would have loved to have seen a scene later on when he crashes and if it would have been Steve or Rachel there with him.

    • avatar Lynnette says:

      We might see that somewhere down the line. I think it was too soon, they were only just reunited at the end of the ep and were all so relieved that Grace was found unharmed, but as you say, Tammy – Danny is going to crash, and so is Rachel. Danny will need someone to bare his soul to (preferably Steve), and I certainly hope we get to see it! It’s not the sort of thing that can just be swept under the rug, there have to be repercussions to the stability of Danny’s life as he knows it.

  17. avatar JessicaB says:

    Fantastic episode! Core 4 at the front!

    Brilliant performance by Scott. His acting nearly ripped my heart out and for the first time tears were flowing down my face. So far it happened with no other series for me. As I said, but needs repeating, brilliant acting, definitely deserving Awards. The devastation was so tangible it hurt not just the heart but the soul too. Gripping, heartwrenching and leaves one speechless for at least 30 min. after the episode ended. Thank you Scott!!!

    Wonderful acting by Alex, the pain, worry, panic, concern for Danny and his family was just as tangible. But then, I said it before and will repeat it too, he easily touches me with his performances as well. The bond between Steve and Grace also coming through, by her asking about Uncle Steve and him calling her Sweetheart.

    These two lead actors are the best I’ve seen in a very long time!

    Daniel & Grace, again beautiful acting. Their caring, concern and worry came over loud and clear.

    These four work incredibly well together. Their scenes just flow, no hitch, the chemistry screams family. I don’t mind Lori and as back-up she’s just fine for me, but for me the core 4 work best. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that it was them and especially the partner- and friendship of Steve and Danny who made 5-0 what it is. To shy away from that would be wrong. The last two episodes, just like ep 1 and 10 this season especially worked so perfectly (at least for me) because their friendship, their caring for each other had been at the forefront even when they haven’t been together all the time. Again that can’t be found easily anywhere.

    Rachel: didn’t see much of her, but am grateful for the obvious love and deep worry she showed for Stan. Most of Danny’s actions about her stem from his love for his Monkey and for that I won’t fault him. As much as I like the actress Claire, the character is not whom I like.

    Stan: obvious love for Grace and you could see that Danny acknowledged it too by the way he tries to talk with Stan and how he got even more sad that he had to shoot him. Also Stan giving Danny the nod to actually shoot him, trusting Danny not to kill him, good guy. I liked Stan here immensely.

    The villain Rick: Bastard! Great performance by Peter Greene. You don’t usually hate a villain this easily and with such conviction. Since he didn’t die I’ll repeat what I said on another board…if he comes back I want a role in 5-0…

    just to shoot him!

    To two disturbing points I’ve been reading today and lately overall, not here but pretty much every other place one goes:

    Tailor Grubbs is a child. She will learn and in this ep she did a good job. You could clearly see her insecurity when she didn’t want to leave her tennis lesson, you saw the moment in dawned on her that something is terribly wrong when Rick Peterson patted her head after the first call to Danny, you saw the fear throughout. But she also has a cop as a father, he will have taught her how to behave if she’s ever kidnapped. To stay as calm as possible and not antagonize the guy who got her.

    Alex and his weight: It’s disturbing how obsessed some people seem to be about his weight and his looks. He’s the lead of an action show, which means he especially has a whole lot of stress and in order to make the action scenes believable a lot of work-out. Peter Lenkov said that Alex is absolutely fine and there’s no reason not to believe his word. I wish people would let it go and let the man be.
    The obsession with his looks also seems to be a big part as to why (total agreement with your opinion ESS) so many people don’t seem to see how brilliant his own acting is. Scott who’s skills are brilliant (between these two I don’t even TRY to figure out who’s better because they both nail it in every episode) said himself right from the start, that Alex has the tougher job (especially playing a SEAL who can’t wear their hearts on the sleeve) and I agree with him. All the more the emotions Alex shows and touches us with weigh heavily. He wins awards? They’d be just as bloody well deserved.

    One last thing about the ending of the episode to round it fully up:
    Wonderfully done, emotionally by Scott , the relief and ‘damn we got the job done and his family back save and sound’ look between Steve & Chin, the pain still in Steve’s eyes watching Danny embracing his daughter, knowing now 100 % what his partner and best friend is willing to do to save his little girl.

    This ep hit every spot within me.

  18. avatar Gary says:

    I LOVE the show…. but this episode needed some work… It took way too long to find Danno’s car.. Kono was still looking for it after the GPS was disconnected??? Why did the tennis instructor not call to verify the situation before he let her go… The dumbest thing was the two clowns staying the luggage compartment when the plane landed… they would have been pretty banged up… no one from the ground crew saw two guys all of a sudden drop out and run…???? If Danno had any friends left in Jersey someone should have called him when this clown was released from prison advising him to watch his back… There has to be a little more drama and less action… to make this new 50 believeable…

    • avatar Gary says:

      Could not agree wit u more on this one, Those details I have not even noticed until now that u brought them up. We need more drama and intrigue on this show to make it like u say more believable. I guess that is the way Peter Lenkov and the writers present this season storylines. I bet next week episode will be similar if not I hope there will be alot of drama.

  19. avatar E Bones says:

    HAWAII-FIVE 0 MAI KA WA KAHIKO was an enjoyable show, it’s a predictable script, and ending of the show. Gracie is safe, Danny, and Rachel renew their affection for each other. Steve stands out of the lime light, not understanding, because he is a Seal, life is black, and white, and no gray is allowed.
    The scene at the poker game was insight on how each H50 team member would handle the sitution, because they all have Poker Tells.
    Steve covers his face with his hands. Two hands covering his face indicates serious problem, and needs answers from the team. One hand dragged down from the forehead to his chin indicates frustration, and he starts to delegating instructions to the team. Covering his mouth with one hand he doesn’t want to blow a scene by laughing.
    Chin Ho looks down, or to the side. He will not look you in the face (eye to eye)in a challenging situation.
    Danny puts his head down, and puts his fingers over the bridge of his nose.
    Kono face, and make-up will let you know where she stands on the problem. I think Kono will have an affair with Frank (William Baldwin). Kono likes to walk on the wild side. Nice men bore her. Men like Fong, and Max would not be challenging enough for her.
    The director was great. He took a script, and made it interesting.

    • avatar Gary says:

      Are u a body language expert?? LOL!!! Never could tell about those body language while watching the show

      • avatar E Bones says:

        Just observant. They have been doing the same body language, since the show been on the air. The writers also use the same verbiage every week (clean up loose ends). It’s a theory about Kono, and Frank. To survive Seals have a mind set, and life style that is in a black, and white world no fuzzy, or gray allowed.
        I watch crime shows. I know all the Law and Order shows by heart. I read mystery books. We all have are short coming.

  20. avatar Lynnette says:

    For once, I am at a loss for words (and not just because Linda used them all up). I’m not going to say I “loved” this episode, because who can love a child abduction and the accompanying panic, fear, pain and indecision? Still, Officer 808, I completely concur with your remarks that a show is truly great when it captures it’s audience and puts them through the wringer each week. The stress level at my house on Mondays when a new H5-0 episode is airing is filtered through the whole house – even the dog looks at me with small sideways glances to make sure “mom” is okay. My husband has learned to tip toe around me (and not expect much for supper). But I live for these Mondays and my adrenaline rush for the week!

    So just because I didn’t “love” this episode, does not mean I would have changed anything about it. It is in a dead heat with 2.10 as my all time favorite to date. I’m pretty sure there will be future episodes that will rank higher, but for right now, there is nothing negative I can say about this one. I commend the writer, Bill Nuss, who I have never heard of before (please bring him back for more episodes, Peter L.) and give praise where it’s due to Larry Teng for the direction he took this script.

    I’m a Danny girl (anybody not know that yet?)and this week I’m worshipping the ground Scott Caan is walking on. But next week, everyone dressed to the nines and someone falling off another roof? Bring home the bacon, guys and girls, I’ll be rooting for all of you!

    • avatar Linda Stein says:

      OMG…you’re a Danny girl?!?!? I never would have guessed that in a million years!

      Oh and I think I left one or two words out there if you want to borrow them bella! LOL 😉

    • avatar Val says:

      In total agreement with you Lynette!! Honestly I finally got my avatar up and running but I just wanna say that I have truly been busy converting a bunch of people at my condo – the concierge who looks after our condo, has just watched the entire Season 1 series and is now following 2 and guess what he loves it and everytime he runs in to me he has questions and of course I love supplying all the answers…lol!!

      What’s not to love about H50!! May the seasons continue to reign for more years to come – please Peter Lenkov don’t stop writing..what would my life be like without H50….oh I would have a life…lol!!

    • avatar westcosta79 says:

      Since you mentioned your favourite episode of season 2, it got me thinking about mine. My favourite episode of this season is, so far, 2.05 (“Ma’ema’e”/”Clean”). My favourite of season 1 was 1.16 (“E Malama”/”To Protect”).

      As for Monday’s episode, I agree with you Lynnette, it was a very good episode but it didn’t fall into the “awesome” category for me (like 2.05 did).

      Nonetheless, the way I look at all of these episodes is through the arc that lasts at least one full season; analyzing an episode by itself doesn’t do it justice until you take into consideration what happens throughout the season (that’s why, for those who don’t like Lori, wait until at least the season 2 finale to give her your final assessment).

      • avatar Lynnette says:

        I think you have a very legitimate comment on the story arc of the entire season, westcosta79. We all look forward to each new episode, and often critique it as a stand-alone entry, but realistically H5-0 is a serial procedural. Some things that are introduced in the first episode of the season will resonate throughout the whole season and culminate in the finale. In all fairness to the producers, writers and actors, we should follow their vision for their show, and decide at the end of the season, when it’s all been laid out for us, whether it was a good ride or not!

      • avatar Diane says:

        Westcosta 79: We all have our likes and dislikes. I personally did think 2.15 was an awesome episode. You did not and that is your right, I respect your opinion.

        What I would like to respond to is your statement of: (that’s why, for those who don’t like Lori, wait until at least the season 2 finale to give her your final assessment)

        I have not liked the Lori character, and I did have an open mind in the beginning, not all the actress’ fault, although I found that her portrayal of this character to be stiff, non empathetic, and a little robotic for the first 12 episodes she did. The way the writers could not make up their minds what she was actually doing there, (love interest, female McG, governor spy, McG antagonist).
        We got a lot of screen time of Lori for the first 8-9 episodes she was in, in the meantime, Danny, Chin, and Kono were pushed aside. The core 4 is why we have a 2nd season, recurring characters were needed, not a fifth team member. Perhaps if they introduced her slowly, and not taken away so much time from the original team that we are still getting to know. I do not see that a team that went through everything they did would accept a new member so easily, especially one that they did not choose. In the last 4-5 episodes they have corrected that themselves and the episodes have been much better. I think 14 episodes was enough for me to make up my mind. I did not think she was signed for the entire season, so waiting until the end might not be an option. I could be wrong.

        Because I am female, I’ve been accused of: being a jealous female not wanting anyone near Steve, a vicious hater, I don’t have a life, a middle aged woman, jealous of Lauren’s beauty, and others that I can’t remember. I simply don’t like the character and the way it was presented. They could have done a whole lot better for the show, and for Lauren. After 14 episodes, I’m not going to change my mind. I did not mind the scene with Steve and Lori on the stairs, I thought it was kind of funny. But it still did not change my mind. I don’t think less of anyone who likes the character, and I would like the same respect and understanding. Whether she stays or goes I will still watch this show.

        • avatar westcosta79 says:

          I hear you. Like you said, we’re all entitled to our opinion and you provided fair arguments about your feelings on Lori. Regardless of how we feel about certain characters, there’s definitely more reasons than not as to why people such as yourself, me and everyone else on this blog LOVE Hawaii Five-0; and that will never be up for debate.


  21. avatar Dee- hedwig says:

    Don’t think there is much for me to add
    IT was the best show thus far for me. And if you really want don’t know how I viewed the show just check my avatar on twitter and you’ll know for sure:))

    I do differ on one point with some here. The final scene where the team watches the Williams family reunited was not of concern that Danny will be hurt again but that Five- O accepts and protects all there family and that includes Rachel, Stan and Grace no matter how it turns out between them.

    I was surprised how “nice” Stan is being played out- although that can change. But as it is done thus far I feel a “bit” better about step Stan.

  22. avatar Mary E says:

    Wow Officer 808!!!! I am so impressed. Your blog today was AWESOME and I totally agree with all you said. I read every single comment and have to say you have a LOT of very bright and saavy fans checking in here. Only thing is they ALL seemed to say everything I wanted to!!!That’s ok tho’ because they all said it VERY well I do have to add that I DO like Lori, I loved her “GREASE” scene with Max and the “Handcuffs” scene with Danny. Lauren seems to add lightness and has a flair comic timing. Also in all the Gorgeous male pulchritude { DROOL} and action it is nice to have two stunning women, one an exquisite Asian beauty, the other an extremely pretty “All American” girl to be able to hold their own with the Boys. Can’t wait for upcoming episodes!!! I love Stoic sexy Steve, Dashing ,dynamic Danny, and Cool, Charming Chin. Lovely lads all and played by AWESOME ACTORS LOVE IT!!!!

  23. avatar Christine says:

    GREAT scenes off the Koko Crater Tracks. The crew really knows their stuff on those aerials.

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  25. avatar Sam blye says:

    Dano is a cool character he has lots of details hidin inside

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