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New BTS of the inaugural Hawaii Five-0 Prom Night, “I Helu Pū”

February 10th, 2012 by

Big mahalo to EPR/Erika Kauffman for snapping these shots!  Chin taking down Russian guards, and everyone’s dressed to the nines!

Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu". Photo EPR

Will either of you marry me?

12 responses to “New BTS of the inaugural Hawaii Five-0 Prom Night, “I Helu Pū””

  1. avatar Mary E says:

    LOL!! Good luck on that one Officer . Not that I don’t think you are probably adorable but i believe both of these beauties are already Taken !!

  2. avatar Henry says:

    The font is so tiny! It needs to be BIG, BOLD & BLINKING so that they get the message! 😀

  3. avatar Diane says:

    They all look incredible. Love the one with Michelle and Grace. Can’t wait for this episode. So glad Catherine is back with Steve. I’m also glad we get to see Chin take some guys out. Our super seal, Steve can’t do it all the time.

  4. avatar keri says:

    That’s my husband holding Chin at gun point

  5. avatar Radiant says:

    Thank you for all the gorgeous BTS photos for this new episode, airing tonight. The entire cast looks simply debonair and beautiful in their evening attire! I am happy and anxiously looking to watching this new episode of H50.

  6. avatar Maria says:

    Did u know that soem of the pictures here were not even shown on yesterdays episode? I think those pictures are taken just for publicity reasons but not because the particular picture shot will be part of an episode, that I found out watchign yesterdays episode. The only pictures that were related to yeterdays episodes were the black and white, Chin Ho struggling with a Russian consulate guard and the one where u can see Danny, Catherine and Steve. The rest of the pictures were not even part of the episode, i guess only for marketing reasons im sure. Just something I notice.

  7. avatar keri says:

    Hey do you have an original of the one with the guard and Chin???

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