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New promo photos of Hawaii Five-0, episode 217, “Kupale” released

February 10th, 2012 by

Check out the new photos released from CBS.  Thanks for the tip mwj01 of Hawaii Five-0 Fans!  Photos by Norman Shapiro, CBS.

12 responses to “New promo photos of Hawaii Five-0, episode 217, “Kupale” released”

  1. avatar NurseBrak says:

    OMG, Alex! Eat something!

  2. avatar Mary E says:

    No Kidding!! Alex Darling you are still gorgeous but WAY too thin!!

  3. avatar Diane says:

    I think he looks better then he did when he was filming 2.13. That one started all the buzz. But I think he looks better now, a few more lbs could not hurt. If you look at the still pictures on the mountain stairs, he looks fine there, and his running up those stairs showed that he was doing it with very little effort. Lauren looked like she was struggling, but she did a lot better then I could. I’ll walk thanks.

  4. avatar Lynn says:

    I agree, he is way too thin … and looking drawn and tired …

    Don’t shoot me! :p

  5. avatar J says:

    On my Directv, I have noticed that this episode it does not credit Lori Weston or Lauren German. She is listed in I Helu Pu.

  6. avatar Benita Lee says:

    YAY, Max is back! (Finally!)

  7. avatar Manu says:

    I think his body looks OK but the face looks too thin.
    I agree he is always gorgeous but he looks better with a bit more meat on his cheeks, like in season 1

  8. avatar Maria says:

    I agree Alex is looking so thin lately. One thing is being healthy and the other thing is looking skinny. He needs to have more meat in his body. I mean many people say he looks ok and he looks healthy but that is not a healthy look for me. He can sure be eating correctly and working out so if he is doing those 2 things in a correct way, there is no reason for him to look like that too thin, something is missing here or something is going on with his body. A lot of stress?, Over working?, Love?

  9. avatar Diane says:

    Below is part of an article I saw on AOL rocks. This is a charity event that Alex Oloughlin has joined. If he was not healthy then you can be sure no one would let him join this. He has probably lost weight to train for this. I agree he looked a little too thin in some of the episodes, but as I said before he looked better running up those stairs in 2.16. I guess this what is going to replace the Lori debate………………….

    Always up for a challenge, Alex O’Loughlin has joined the Stray Dogs Tough Mudder team!
    Tough Mudder is a group of creative entrepreneurs and one of their ventures is to host 10-12 mile endurance events on obstacle courses inspired by the British Special Forces. Tough Mudder events are held across the USA and Canada, in Europe, Japan, South Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand.
    Participation occurs in teams and a typical Tough Mudder challenge is all about stamina and teamwork, but it also involves fun, beer, and mud… lots and lots of it!
    And what would certainly appeal to Alex’s adopted warrior mentality is that no man gets left behind.
    The prize for completing a course? An official orange sweatband and a free beer!
    Before each event, participants recite the following pledge:
    As a Tough Mudder I pledge that…
    • I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
    • I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
    • I do not whine — kids whine.
    • I help my fellow Mudders complete the course.
    • I overcome all fears.
    Tough Mudder supports the Wounded Warrior Project and has raised over $2.6 million for this cause so far. These funds go towards various programs for returning service men and women, including combat stress recovery, adaptive sports, counseling, education and employment services.

  10. avatar Diane says:

    Sorry, correction, I meant running up the stairs in 2.15, not 2.16

  11. avatar Kelly says:

    Warriors?!! OMG! So excited! I LOVE when they have storylines about the native culture! =) And James Caan coming on as well, I am one happy viewer! =D

    It looks like Agent Weston is on the way out. ?? I was not a big fan of this character, however, I think (if she is on the way out) the potential for her to be a baddy was lost. Many fans hated this character, I think they should have taken advantage of that fact and used her as a character fans could love to hate, even for a little while…. Looking forward to what lies ahead for 50!

  12. avatar becks says:

    I haven’t posted on here before but a big fan of HFo and huge alex fan and I do think he looks far too thin. In his face at least, he also looks a little under the weather to me. His skin etc. Maybe he’s just over tired it must be really hard work filming all those hours? But yeah he does look tired and drawn, sorry!

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