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Preview of “I Helu Pū”- Danny and Steve get competitive

February 10th, 2012 by

Youtube clip for you international Undercover Special Agents forthcoming. Great dialog between these two!


24 responses to “Preview of “I Helu Pū”- Danny and Steve get competitive”

  1. avatar Susan says:

    THERE’S the bromance we know and love!!! C’mon, Monday!!!! And the entire team is a knock-out – they all cleaned up nice!!!

  2. avatar Bert Hayling says:

    Unfortunately, if it’s a CBS video at YouTube, we still can’t see it — CBS locks down the vids they post to YouTube as well. (I can’t see this one, f’rinstance — “The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region.” Gotta love CBS…

  3. avatar Lynnette says:

    I really feel for our international buddies! This is a great promo. I think we all must have been very, very good this week cause we got a 2.05 minute long promo to get through the weekend! I sure hope you guys will get to see it soon! You’ll love it! (and Bert, it’s just exactly what you were asking for earlier tonight!)

  4. avatar Maria says:

    For this extended promo it looks like Danny is dating the museaum lady, Gaby. I mean it was never really showed in the course of the show that Danny started dating the lady (like Malias wedding, Peter wanted to give some closure for Chin ho relationship with her) but then Malia is like vanished from the show), since in teh episodes we saw and she was on, Danny was just getting to know her and then we stop hearing about her and Danny had never mentioned, that he was dating her in episodes after they first met. I guess when Rachel gave birth, well Danny was only there as a friend not that he wanted to get back at Rachel, it looks like he did move on and on Mondays episode, Danny was with Rachel only for the Gracie incident as both are her parents but he is now with Gaby. I guess that all those little details (like why Malia and Chin Ho are never seen togehter after the weeding, at least once or that Danny is dating Gaby) are just implied but they are not important for the development of an episode. We just assume Chin Ho and Malia are doing good and Danny is fine dating Gaby, even if we havent really seen anything of that.

    So now is Kono´s turn to hook up with someone then! Like with Charlie!!

    • avatar sheila says:

      Thank you for that synopsis. At least we,the rest of the world, have an idea on what the video is about! {{{shaking fist at CBS}}}.

    • avatar Diane says:

      Autumn Reeser is in the credits for 2.17, so is Teilor Grubbs, so maybe Danny takes Grace to see Gaby. No Rachel in the episode, so I’m guessing that.

    • avatar Martha says:

      I really think Kono and Steve should go out! I like Charlie, and Cath is okay, but I really think kono and Steve are a better couple.

  5. avatar Diane says:

    I can’t wait for this episode, love seeing them all dressed up. We know the happy chat will be short lived.
    I’m glad all the guys have someone for Valentines Day, but Kono is left out for now. I did read that PLenkov has something coming up for Kono which will tie into the finale. Only 9 episodes left, but they all sound really interesting.

  6. avatar Sherry57 says:

    Oh I wish I could see this clip!! Sounds good!

  7. avatar marieh50 says:

    that’s always the same thing ‘this video isnt available for your geographic region’ … Aww can someone upload this vid for overseas viewers please ?

  8. avatar Sher says:

    I totally love the Steve/Danno banter. Danno is SO cute (and cheap, LOL!) bidding one dollar more than Steve. It seems he has been dating Gabby – sooo happy!

    BTW, the comment Lori makes to Catherine about how much she loves her dress, just so sincere – NOT!

  9. avatar Lynn says:

    I can’t view it .. *sob* :(

  10. avatar Kex says:

    I am pretty sure Lori also bided on the helmet. She does seem to have the same unhealthy obsession with competition as Steve.

    I am looking forward to this episode. Though I think they are a bit crappy with how they handle characters sometimes. Would it hurt them to casualty mention that Danny was dating Gabby before this episode? You know, a phone call, a mention. It’s not like the characters never talk about their personal life! And I know it is not a soap opera, I don’t want it to be, but I think it is sloppy storytelling. Did we really go through the whole Rachel baby drama, “I still love you” phone message thing and all through this he was in a happy relationship? When he also stayed at the Hilton and where he did not invite his girlfriend for the spa but his attractive co-worker whom he handcuffed himself to? That is kind of assholish. I dunno, maybe they are not serious, but we would know that IF THEY HAD TALKED ABOUT IT AT ALL IN ANY EPISODE EPISODES.

  11. avatar Benita Lee says:

    I would never have guessed that McG is a “The Price is Right” fan. I thought he would have been more a “Jeopardy” kind of guy…

  12. avatar H50extremefan says:

    You would think that the major tv companies would have cottoned on to the potential benefit of the new social-fan-world to them and have previews accessible to international people – more fans see, the more they watch (whenever and whereever they watch The more fans talk about shows, word spreads, more people watch..higher advertising revenue..is it that hard to work out the connection?!

  13. avatar Mary E says:

    Thanks Officer 808. I am really looking forward to this episode

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