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BTS of Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan for Hawaii Five-0, “Kūpale”

February 17th, 2012 by


Check out some behind the scenes photos submitted by Undercover Special Agent Bibingka for “Kūpale”, filmed a few weeks ago!


13 responses to “BTS of Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan for Hawaii Five-0, “Kūpale””

  1. avatar Maria says:

    How funny looks the guy with the red hair on a roof and barefoot.

    Do the clothes department on H50, only have blue and green available shirts for Alex character? I mean he look hot in those color but it is time to change shirt colors for once

  2. avatar XuannieDiamond says:

    I agree with Maria ^^^! Change Scott Caan’s outfit also. He’s always wearing the same thing…..boring lol

  3. avatar Teresea says:

    That boy just loves those roofs!
    Alex must be part mountain lion.
    Thanks, writers!

  4. avatar Amy says:

    *sigh* After looking at the pics of Alex on the rooftop, I now have the theme song to the Spiderman show from the ’70s. Everyone! “Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can…”

    I spotted Duke in the last pic of Scott and in the last pic of Alex, the guy with the beard and his back to the camera, is bare foot!

    Love these pics..

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  6. avatar kari oloughlin says:

    i love alex in these 2 colors but i also miss the season 1 looks (shirt on T-shirt )
    what can i say? Alex just love to be on rooftops i mean all the heroes we know like batman & superman spend most of their time on roofs & so does our superseal ^_*
    mahalo for the pics <3
    😀 <3

  7. avatar Donna says:

    Loving Justin up there with Alex, it’s fantastic as he’s very sexy. Thank you for these photo’s both Alex and Scott look very sexy.

  8. avatar Tricia says:

    Love the pictures– is Alex always doing something athletic- on the roof– omg- what a sesy pose and as for Scott- that man is seriously sexly===lol

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  10. avatar Aolanscnum1fan says:

    They are both so hot whether they’re standing on a roof (or on the ground) or whether they’re sitting in a hospital bed or whatever! Even when being tortured Steve/Alex looks hot!!!! How do they manage that??

  11. avatar Radiant says:

    Thanks! These BTS photos are fantastic!

  12. avatar Jill says:

    Either one of them without shirts is also very nice.

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