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Kicking off tonight’s new episode with some new BTS of Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan

March 19th, 2012 by

Caught by Undercover Special Agent Archer last February!


19 responses to “Kicking off tonight’s new episode with some new BTS of Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan”

  1. avatar Maria says:

    Ohh Alex shirtless!!!!! He looks great!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar Sandy says:

    Looking forward to tonight’s new episode of Hawaii Five-0. Alex and Scott are looking fine.

  3. avatar shiri (@shirik1) says:

    holly Hawaii Gods!!! tnx for the great photos

  4. avatar Shelley says:

    OMG there is a god and he has given us Alex and Scott surfing – woohoo and boy they look so good

  5. avatar ijsfee says:

    double treat – danny and steve shirtless and surfing :-)
    and a request for season 3: please let danny wear t-shirts and jeans. he would look adorable.
    thanks a lot for those great pics!

  6. avatar Caroline loves McGarrett says:

    Gorgeous pics!!! Thanks. there are a couple of them that when I try to look at the larger version just say ‘Sorry, no posts matched your criteria’. ?? :( I wanna see them up close….*cries*

  7. avatar Caroline loves McGarrett says:

    Awww now that I’ve posted that and the page has reloaded the pics are gone! lol

  8. avatar Diane says:

    Great pictures, can’t wait until tonight’s episode.

  9. avatar Mary E says:

    Wondeful pictures Tonight will be awesome !!!

  10. avatar grace says:

    Love, love, LOVE the photos…THANKS!!! Hawaii is a vision of bliss, what a way to escape from my living room! Looking forward to a new episode, and yet dreading that the next one will be McGarretLESS : ( Sending virtual healing thoughts & prayers Alex’s way. <3

  11. avatar Kelly says:

    This should be immensely funny… didn’t Danny hate the water/beach/surfing?! I think the “cargument” will be happening beachside/in the water in this ep!? haha

    I didn’t even recognize Mary Ann at first??!!! hm! =)

  12. avatar Linda N. says:

    Loved the beach scene with Steve and Danno especially with Steve giving Danny beach/surf etiquette. Was not my favorite episode because Steve was sort of “misplaced” I think. Maybe this is when his pain had worsened and they cut back on his scenes. We’ll never know I guess.

  13. avatar kari oloughlin says:

    i was so happy watching last night’s episode made me so full of hope & sure had lots of laughs :DDD
    mahalos for the amazing BTS PIX so loved Alex he looks better & happy hope he’s doing great at the moment <3<3

  14. Both men looked really fine in the swimsuits holding their surfboards. I’d like to see more of them at the beach. It certainly put a smile on my face.

  15. avatar Radiant says:

    Thanks. These are fantastic! I loved this new episode of H50 last night! Everyone was awesome and H50 was exciting and intriguing to watch.

  16. avatar Kelly says:

    They both look fit and fantastic, however I cannot really enjoy it knowing Alex was likely suffering here with the shoulder injury. =( Beauty is lovely, yes, but fleeting, and I want them ALL to be healthy first and foremost. I’ll still think they’ll be great when they’re grey and flabby and old!

    LOL to Danny’s denim swim trunks! This episode was SO well written (Joe Halpin I think?), he always impresses me. Would like to see more of Chin’s new bride though??! She sort of vanished after the wedding…. has Chin even mentioned her?

  17. avatar shiri (@shirik1) says:

    thank you so much for this

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