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No Bromance between Danno and Deeks?

April 30th, 2012 by

NCIS: LA Photo - Richard Cartwright

Viewers of Hawaii Five-0 know that Detective Danny Williams does appreciate an attractive woman, and based on the teaser from TVLine, it sounds like our boy has a little fun inside the headquarters of NCIS Los Angeles on Tuesday’s crossover episode.

From Matt’s Inside Line

NCIS: Los Angeles | In the two-night crossover event kicking off this Monday on Hawaii Five-0 and concluding Tuesday on NCIS: LA, Callen and Sam will collaborate on a case with Five-0 task force members Danny and Chin Ho (played by Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim) – but don’t be surprised if Kensi also gets in on the action. And then some. “There’s definitely a lot of banter between everyone, and a little flirtation here and there — maybe even creating a little jealousy on behalf of Deeks,” NCIS: LA‘s Daniela Ruah tells me. Since Chin Ho is newly re-wed, shall we assume that it’s Danny who takes a shine to Ms. Blye’s considerable assets?

3 responses to “No Bromance between Danno and Deeks?”

  1. avatar socalgirl says:

    Since I’m a fan of both shows, I can’t wait to see if Danny does take a shine to Kensi. Because like the article says above, Danny does appreciate an attractive woman. Remeber his reaction to meeting Kono for the first time? He was clearly in awe. I also can’t wait to see Deeks reaction if Danny does flirt with Kensi.

  2. avatar Maria says:

    I also remember that Danny is all for seeing beautiful girls and kind of flirt with them and each time Danny sees a pretty lady and points out to Steve how come he does not get interested as well, Steve just ignores him. I mean pretty girls outside work.

    I love to see how Danny reaction when he sees Kensy for the forst time and start to flirt with her a bit and Deeks may get jealous LOL!!!!

  3. avatar Radiant says:

    Thank you for your comments. The bromance on NCIS: LA is between Kensi and Deeks, and Sam and Callen. However, I love the bromance between Steve and Danny the best on H50.

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