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Kono’s mystery man (Spoiler!)

May 7th, 2012 by

Last week CBS released a short, fast-paced promo for Hawaii Five-0, and the speculation began immediately.  Who was that man in the shower with Kono?!  The clip was so fleeting and blurry that it was impossible to really tell.  Many viewers have wanted to see a romance develop between Ms. Kalakaua and lab tech Charlie Fong, but with actor Brian Yang missing from the show’s press release, that was ruled out.  The overwhelming conclusion of fans was that the muscular hottie sharing shower time with Kono was Adam Noshimuri, played by actor Ian Anthony Dale.  This morning, Zap2It confirmed fans suspicions with a spoiler.  Just how good or how bad is the son of Yakuza boss, Hiro Noshirmuri?  Get ready for a little team/family drama, kiddies!

“Hawaii Five-0”: You’ve been wondering who that is in the shower with Kono (Grace Park), haven’t you? Well, we can say for sure that it’s not McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) or any other member of the team. It’s Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), and that could make things rather complicated for her at work, since he’s the head of the local Yakuza. It’s no wonder she’s been keeping her boyfriend a secret from Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim).

14 responses to “Kono’s mystery man (Spoiler!)”

  1. avatar Maria says:

    I knew it was him all along. But now poor Kono will have some mixed feelings, beacuse he may be a bad guy that is just using her to get info on his daddy and she may have developed some nice innocent feelings toward him and she does not know he is using her so she may end up hurt for sure and she feels bad keeping that from Chin Ho and keeping that from the team, specially to Steve, her boss knowing that he is the son of the head of the Yakuza, and Steve hates the Yakuza for what happened to his parents.

    Ohh boy poor Kono!!!

  2. avatar Linda Stein says:

    Is it possible Kono doesn’t know who he is? I mean if she met an attractive man who introduced himself with a different name, she may not know he is Adam Noshimuri. She never met Adam before. Chin did but she’s not discussing her new boyfriend yet so Chin wouldn’t know to warn her. And if he is using a different name and Kono did tell Chin, he wouldn’t be alarmed if let’s say she tells him her new boyfriend is named Adam Au or something.

    The look on Adam’s face is very tormented as he holds the gun on Kono as if he is doing it against his will, as if he really does have feelings for her. Kono’ s face shows fear but also shock. If she knows from the beginning that he is Hiro’s son she is taking a mighty large risk and I just don’t think she would do that knowing Steve’s history with the Yakuza.

    My gut is telling me Adam lied about his true identity OR convinced Kono he is working with Steve. BUT if that were the case, why keep the relationship a secret?

    • avatar Maria says:

      I was thinking the same thing at the beginning that Kono may not know who he was and it he introduced himself under a pretend name just to get information on his daddy with a H50 team member. U can be right Adam is using a fake name in order not to lift suspicious of his real identity or he tell Kono he sided with Joe and Steve to vanquish the Yakuzas. We have to see tonite for this great episode to see how things unfold.

      In the first promo of tonite episode, we could see a guy putting a hood over Danny and a girl or a woman inside a room tied I thought that was for tonites episode but I guess those scenes could be also for the final episode, as the promo announced “The last 2 episodes of the season”, it was a mix betweem next week and tonites episode, my guess

      • avatar Teresa says:

        I think those scenes are all tonight and the tied up girl is Kono. I paused it and she is in the same orange shirt. Larry Teng tweeted today about tonight’s episode and in his tweet said “…Danny kidnapped: check….”

        I really want Adam and Kono together (so we get to see Ian more 😉 )I hope the gun scene is a misunderstanding or something.
        Can’t wait. It’s going to be exciting!

  3. avatar Pat says:

    What if Kono is using Adam to try and find out where Steve went or to get info to hlep Steve? Just a thought.

  4. avatar KKT says:

    Oh My Goodness!! Really??!!!

    I’m so excited to see tonight’s episode, and how things progress moving forward.

    Mr. Lenkov and team: You guys are amazing! :)

  5. avatar Radiant says:

    Thank you for the spoilers! Kono may get her heart broken! I hope Kono will learn the truth about Adam’s ultimate motive. I cannot wait to wait this exciting new episode of H50.

  6. avatar Nan says:

    WOW!…interesting…Does the name Capt. Fryer ring a bell? Perhaps Kono is doing work for him.

  7. avatar Lilyg says:

    Not exactly a surprise. That was pretty obvious in the trailer.

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