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Grace Park on the set of Hawaii Five-0

May 25th, 2012 by

Undercover Special Agent Sandi Peck caught the elusive Grace Park on the set of Hawaii Five-0 during the filming of season 2.  Officer 808 is a bit envious.


21 responses to “Grace Park on the set of Hawaii Five-0”

  1. avatar Donna says:

    She’s so beautiful xx

  2. avatar Ai says:

    Grace always looks amazing.

  3. avatar Tricia says:

    She looks great in the pictures and on the show but does she have a boyfriend or 2–and what are her interests–she seems like such a private person- glad she is comming back for the 3RD SEASON I can hardly wait==HAVE A GREAT SUMMER

    • avatar Ed Mattes says:

      When I got into H50 fandom, I did some web research on all five of the stars omline. I could tell you interesting things about them all but to save space here’s Grace’s story as briefly as I can make it. She was born in LA to Korean parents and at about age 2, they moved the family to Vancouver B.C. She grew up and went through school to college there and after she got a degree, someone talked her into modeling for awhile. That led to acting. She was in several Canadian TV series including a remake of Battlestar Gallactica. In 2004 she married a man whose business is real estate in Vancouver named Phil Kim. They married in Mexico and honeymooned in India. She was the third main person cast of the first four (Alex, then Daniel, then Grace and last Scott only about a week before shooting the pilot began). Last summer in an interview she said that she spent part of her summer break in Turkey. Sadly, the story goes that Phil’s business keeps him in Vancouver and away from her for much of the year.

      • avatar Ed Mattes says:

        BTW, the first thing I planned to say is that I really like the photo above labeled Grace 2. Such a beautiful smile.

      • avatar Ed Mattes says:

        O wait, rereading that I think i got that wrong. It was Danield Dae Kim who was first cast, then Alex O’Loughlin, then Grace Park and finally Scott Caan. Sorry.

        • avatar Diane says:

          Thanks for the info on Grace, I knew she was married and lives in Canada, but did not know the whole story. She is a beautiful woman and a great actress.

          As for who was hired first, I remember Peter saying that he had Alex in mind for the lead. Alex was reluctant, because he did not want CBS cancelling the show as they did twice before without giving the series he was on a chance. I did not know that they had already hired DDK. Well, no matter what, they did a great job with all 4 of them. I’m glad that Grace Park and DDK are getting more story lines, they both deserve it.

        • avatar Ed Mattes says:

          Thanks for the info Diane. I got my info about the order of the actors being hired from the season 1 DVD set. The extras are very informative. I’m looking forward to seening the season 2 DVDs even tho I also downloaded it from Amazon. I like the fact that the DVD has many goodies as extras and is also close captioned, in case someone did not speak distictly enough. But I also hope the season 2 set includes the NCIS:LA episode and that really funny video made by the behind the scenes crew.

          • avatar Mary E says:

            I totally agree with you on this one Mr Mattes!!! I am also enjoying your interesting comments. Thank You.

  4. avatar Radiant says:

    Thank you! Grace Park is such a talented and beautiful actress. I love Grace’s adorable smile! I hope the fans will see more of Grace Park as heroic Kono on season 3 of Hawaii Five-0.

  5. avatar Maria says:

    Have u seen Alex in a photo at some school fundraising? WOw he looks gorgeous, even his skin look a bit tanned!!! Yummy!! hahahahahah!!

  6. avatar Gloria says:

    I love the four originals and I SO don’t want Grace to leave. She’s awesome, but they all are, and work so well together. I don’t really care for the extra woman — she doesn’t seem to add anything. The cliffhanger really upset me because I thought we’re losing Grace. Are we? Does anyone know for sure?

    • avatar Maria says:

      Nooone really knows anything as if Kono character will or will not make it. We are all in the same page. Of course she is part of the 4 originals and they all work good together as a team and it is just a 3rd season so she has to stay, it is too soon to leave.

    • avatar Nate says:

      No one knows. Grace isn’t one to do interviews and in this case she probably REALLY isn’t going to because of how it could leak possible story lines.

      I have no facts beyond chatter online and circumstantial observation evidence, but I’d wager my own money 60-40 she’s back. For a main original cast member, that’s far from a lock.

      I line up the evidence like this:

      On one hand we get Peter mentioning on one occasion about him wanting to play out the romance with the crime boss’ son. This was mentioned before the finale I believe (correct me if I am wrong).

      She’s also enormously popular as judged by how people talk about her on forums. Plus, it seems like people generally love the new romance storyline. I think it has been sloppily executed and makes her look dopey, but I digress.

      Bottom line is if she left, it wouldn’t be because of lack of popularity.

      On the other hand, we have what we know about her living situation, the addition of another attractive female cast member as part of the team next season, the persistent rumors since forever she wants to be closer to home, and the general lack of respect the writers treated her character with over the last couple episodes of the season.

      Throw in Peter talking about the emotional holdover for Chin from the finale and what they want to do with his character, and it’s hard not to envision some great story lines with her there, but also some amazing ones with her being dead or missing.

      To me this is the question of the off-season.

      I really like her and hope she returns, but Steve, Danno and now Chin are what drives the bus. It’s a male dominated action show.

      We’ll know a lot more when filming resumes in July/August. If anyone sees anything, please share it!


    • avatar Ed M says:

      I’m only a fan with no inside knowledge but here’s what I think, Gloria. (I’ve looked at things I’ve posted and I think I’m too wordy, so please bear with me as this may get long.) From a storytelling standpoint, I think if she were leaving, Kono would already be dead. For a month or so before the finale CBS said that “one of their own from Hawaii Five 0 will be killed.” Kono would have had a much greater impact from that standpoint than Fryer (whom many fans don’t consider part of “their own”). She’s more important partly because we’ve seen Kono in every show, whereas Fryer was in less than ten.
      But the other thing is the way Kono was bound when Toothpick threw her in the ocean – it looks like only her wrists and ankles are tied together but she can do things with her fingers. I didn’t rewatch the scene but perhaps she tore the tape from over her mouth so she could get a bigger gulp of air before she hit the water. And the fact that she’s a surfer who probably knows better than the average person how to conserve the air in her lungs could be a factor. Also, her hands are out in front, not behind her back, which is usually the way bad guys tie people up on TV. And he didn’t tie an anchor or something to her ankles so she would stay on the bottom. (And “tell Kono I said Hi” probably raised a red flag with Chin and he relayed that to her.) They’ve put a lot of things in there so she can help herself, and I still think Adam heard the kidnapping over the phone and he can bring a boat, because 15 minutes seems quite a distance to swim ashore.
      Peter Lenkov said that they are going to break Chin down and build him back up. The way I think they will do that is to make Malia’s injury pretty serious (I don’t think she’ll die either) and also let him think Kono is dead for awhile. (Toothpick probably took her phone and if he didn’t, it probably did drown.)
      A rumor that I’ve seen online more than once about why she may leave is that Grace wants to start her family and I think that that’s one reason they wrote the intimate relationship into the story. If she does get pregnant, a Kono pregnancy could be written in to the story with no leap in logic. The story would have to change but they’ve rewritrten the story before. But I think the writers and producers have read the comments on various sites and see that the hardcore fans like Kono a lot, while all the other women who have been on – not so much.
      This show is so enjoyable because of the sense of ohana – family. I know I’m not the first to say this, but the scene by the helicopter on the tarmac wasn’t Chin Ho, Kono and Danny welcoming the boss back – it was Grace, Daniel and Scott welcoming Alex back. And it wasn’t acting. If any one of them isn’t there the show is diminished a lot.

      • avatar Nate says:

        Ed makes a lot of sense. My hope is they don’t have the new boyfriend rescue her. That’s pretty far out under the circumstances and supposed time crunch of the events at the end of the episode.

    • avatar Mary E says:

      Which “Extra woman” do you mean??? I,m confused. Lori is gone and Catherine has not come aboard yet as a team memeber so none of us know what she would add or not add. It seems a bit harsh to “prejudge” if that is what you ARE doing. Just asking !!!

  7. avatar Emma H says:

    I do not think that kono will die she is a great surfer and her hands were tied forwards, besides shes the only female meber of the team and Grace park plays the part of kono very well so it would be a whole set back if she dies, chin will neaver get over the fact that kono is dead
    meaning because of the danger he will leave the forse and that means u would get a whole new not as good 5-O team making the show not origion and probubly very boring
    please don’t die Kono!

  8. avatar Zía says:

    Hi everyone!.I have read a lot of about the season 2 finale cliffhanger of Kono, Malia and Chin. On base of that I red that Kono will make it but her realtionship with Chin will be more tense and she might be act different with the rest of Five-0 team mates. Also that what happened to her will make her be agressive with the suspects, using a more McGarret´s style of interrogation. About Malia and Chin I dont know what will happen with ’em but is intriguing cause PLenkov said would be a death in the season premiere ep. Anyway whatever it happens would be interesting. Here is a link to 5top spoilers about it:http://www.starpulse.com/news/Kira__Wills/2012/08/27/hawaii_five0_season_3_5_spoilers_you_n?page=1

  9. avatar Zía says:

    I forgot to tell that Im completely agree with you guys about how talented Grace Park is. And she really looks more younger than she really is (She is 38 in real life but looks like 10 years less). About what Ed M said, is always a possibility that Grace wants to start her own family, is logical due to that her team mates already have one. DDK is married and with 2 children and Alex had 15 year-old-son named Saxon os prevous relationship and is expecting his first child together with his girlfriend Malia Jones. Only Scott is apparentely single by now. So is normal she wants that, is she get pregnant it could be a little unexpect for her character Kono in the show, but Dont you think could be interesting to see a pregnant Kono keep kicking some asses? The circumstances are there for Grace (For her and as Kono too).
    Anyway I hope writter to give Grace more Onscreen time this New Season 3 to see more of Kono (The one everyone loves)and hopping the new add of Michelle Borth as Lt.Catherine Rollins wont leave her beside as they did with Lori addition (ThNKX she is out know cause she wasnt a well made character).

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