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Is Kono Dead?

June 1st, 2012 by

Hawaii Five-0 executive producer Peter Lenkov sure does love to tease viewers!  The last few minutes of the season 2 finale are bound to keep the show’s fans buzzing throughout the summer with questions; who, if anyone died, and which actress will be cast as Steve McGarrett’s mother?.

From TV Guide:


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  1. avatar Maria says:

    Ok I have to be honest I know Peter like to tease us but his words on that TV guide interview made me believe then that Grace Park is really leaving H50. I gather for the way he answered in that article. “It does not look good” as it seems Chin Ho wont be rescuing her as he is with Malia. So if there is a possibility Adam will return next season I hope then he is the one rescuing Kono if we still want to see her coming back to H50 or in this case if neither Adam nor Chin will be there to rescue her then will she survive but then everyone will think she died but Kono wont return to H50 in the first episode of S3 but she will resurface in next episodes to keep all the viewers in suspense or the other possibility is that she will be able to untie herself and swim to shore but then everyone wil believe she is dead then again she wont return in episode 1 but later or these are just hints Peter is giving viewers to let us know Grace Park is not returning??

    Ohh my Im confused now!!!!

    • avatar Nate says:

      My pet theory (with nothing to base it on except chatter pieced together like a lousy quilt) is that they’ll do what you are saying Maria: A missing, presumed dead story line. For all we know they may have her part(s) for season 3 in the can already filmed, so she can miss shoots for early episodes. Use it is a trial run to see audience reaction and whether the show suffers.

      I think there could be some amazing emotional stuff and intriguing interplay between the team and the new boyfriend. There would also be lots of mystery to keep the audience really guessing

      Again, this is based on the persistent fog that she wants to start a family be closer to her home in Canada. This is a matter of speculation and not fact.

      In my opinion, anyone saving Kono but Kono or a random passer by would be a lame farce. There wasn’t the time frame nor intelligence available to Chin to relay the information to anyone to help her in time. All he knew was her general location and we expect him to relay that to a third party who gets to the scene and saves her in a matter of minutes? It isn’t plausible.

  2. avatar Barbara says:

    I have always wanted to see Peter cast Marj Dusay as McGarrett’s mom. She would be perfect. She was in the original HF0 a couple times (once as love interest for McGarrett). She has been on a lot of soaps including CBS’s The Guiding Light. And even though she was only on the original show a few times, she was a fan favorite. She can play a really tough lady with a lot of class. Perfect for Mrs. McG….However, according to TV Guide, says that Peter Lenkov is looking for a “big name” to play the mom and Marj probably won’t fit that bill. But she’s a great choice (do you hear me Peter?). If not McG’s mom, please use her in some other capacity. Thanks.

  3. avatar Jen D says:

    I really don’t think Kono dies, but it really doesn’t matter now that they are bringing in Michelle Borth. As with the Lori character, I’m sure Kono will be shoved to the background for the Steve/Cath show. It’s really a shame too, because I think Kono/Adam are so HOT together and a lot more interesting than Steve/Cath who are about as interesting as watching paint dry IMO!

    • avatar Gigi says:

      I so agree. There has never been chemistry – to me – between Alex and Michelle. Plus Catherine’s character is too awe=struck over Steve.

      However, I do think they’ve learned their lesson about putting Kono on the back burner. The fans will not stand for that.

  4. avatar socalgirl says:

    There’s no telling what will happen to Kono, but if Kono does die and it was Grace’s decision to leave the show. I have to say I wouldn’t blame her for leaving. Because the writers really have done a horrible job of writing the Kono character. Sometimes I’ve wondered if the producers and writers really don’t like Kono, considering they had her not fighting back against the toothpick guy on that boat. I mean, come on! Her hands weren’t bound behind her back, they were bound together in the front. She could have fought back somehow.

    • avatar Maria says:

      Exactly. She has fought before with bad guys why she did not did it this time? It seems she just gave up and let the bad guy do what he has to do in order to drown her and she did not put up a fight so she can defend herself? I mean we could ahve seen at least some fight between toothpick and her, before Toothpick put a duct tape on her so we could have seen her going overboard already bounded so that was a cliffhanger.

      I mean if Kono is back I do not want her character once again to be shoved back and diminish because Michelle B character will be part of the team not as regular as Max but she be part of the team and we will see Michelle character taking over due to her relationship with Steve. What I do not want is the writers to make the same mistake as they did with Lori, I pray this time that wotn happen. I want both ladies to have the same and important amount of time on screen, doing their own duties and helping each other but not one taking over the other one.

    • avatar Nate says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that saves the Kono/Adam thing is the exceedingly high quality of the two actors involved. They make it interesting and it definitely has potential, but no thanks to the set-up, the writing, and the over-the-top hotel room stuff better suited for “Melrose Place”.

      It’s all really shown a general disrespect for the character. This treatment is my best evidence she might not be back. Granted it isn’t really evidence at all, but it just odd how they played it out. They basically undermined the essence built up over 40 plus episodes and spent two episodes hitting the audience over the head with moment upon moment of dumbness and weakness from her.

      They need to bring her back, get her back to being the character we remember, AND push the Adam romance because it seems like gold with the fans.

  5. avatar Mary says:

    I hope what Jen D says won’t happen. I’m not happy with Catherine’s addition and I believe too that Kono/Adam storyline has a lot of potential and I would love to see their story. More scenes dedicated to Kono, to Chin as well (the spoilers makes me hope about that, I think we will see a lot of emotional scenes with Chin… I only hope Malia won’t die… and I’m sure Kono will survive). So, Steve and Danny relationship, my favourite thing on the show (and I don’t want to think about how Cath’s presence could mess with that), Kono (and Kono/Adam) time, Chin (and Chin and Malia) time, plus lots of Grace, Kamekona, Max… that’s what I would love to see, not Cath, I’m sorry.

    • avatar Jen says:

      @Mary, I hope I’m wrong too, but I have lost trust in Peter L after the Lori and Jenna debacles.
      I think the Kono/Adam story have great potential but I’m not holding my breath. I think the show really improved in second part of the season after Lori’s departure. Now once again Peter L is shoving another character into the team, only to screw up the dynamics again. I don’t want to watch the Steve/Cath show. I wonder since she will be “putting out” to boss, she will barking orders out to Danno, Chin and Kono :(

      • avatar Mary says:

        I have to admit that I was really surprised when I read that Cath was promoted from recurring character to regular (I never liked her so much, but it was easy to deal with it, ’cause she showed up rarely), I was surprised, I was saying, because adding a new team member (this time not “potential love interest” for Steve, she’s already a love interest… and I don’t see any chemistry bewteen them) didn’t work well with Jenna (I liked her storyline though), nor with Lori (I never liked her, from the first episode to the last one in which she was present). Now I’m afraid Cath will be present even more than Lori and I’m afraid this will mess with the dynamics I love. I trust the writers because even with Lori there I loved the show, I have to admit though that after she left the show was so much more lovable… so I hope that Cath’s presence will be temporary too and that it won’t change what I love so much in this show.

        • avatar Jen says:

          @Mary, temporary is what I hoping for too. I predict by season end, she will be the perfect Wo Fat or Toothpick victim. LMAO!

          • avatar Jen D says:

            I see a scenario where McGarrett has to choose between saving Cath or his mother. Geez, I wonder who he picks? Given all of his Mommie issues, I have a pretty good guess who he chooses! LOL!

          • avatar Mary says:

            Ouch 😉 To be honest, I’m not a fan of making characters die, but I know sometimes it’s a necessary/interesting twist. I hope she won’t be there all season, though, but I can live with her presence if this does not influence the things I love on the show. I have my doubts, if her role will as organic as it seems it will be, but I’ll wait for more details and hope there will be good news :)

        • avatar CMariaD says:

          With all due respect, just because Michelle Borth/the Catherine Rollins character has been promoted to a series “Regular” cast member–the same level as “the Core 4” actors & Masi Oka/Max Bergman are now–that doesn’t mean, or guarantee, that she’ll be in *every* episode of S3 (as you seem to be implying).

          Masi Oka/Max became a “Regular” in S2… but that did NOT drastically increase the number of episodes he appeared in during S2 OR mean that he automatically appeared in *every* episode just because he became a “Regular”. Max/Masi continued to ONLY appear in the episodes it made reasonably logical sense for Max Bergman to be in, because of the particulars of the case or the needs of a “bonding as friends/co-workers” storyline that was going on in the eps he was in. It’s entirely possible the same will happen with the Catherine character, even though she has functions in canon as both McGarrett’s “love interest” & a former/current co-worker/someone who can provide assistance with the “intelligence gathering” aspect of cases.

          • avatar Mary says:

            What made me think she will be there more “Lori-like”, than “Mak-like”, is that expression “full time member” of the team. I guessed we will see her in every episode, because I got the impression that shw will be an actual member of the team.

    • avatar Jen says:

      Soooo….it’s ok to love Catherine when she’s doing nothing but sleeping with Steve, but not ok when she might be portrayed as a female character with a purpose other than being McGarrett arm candy? Ooooookay….

      I was NOT a Lori Weston fan – her character was introduced and written so poorly – but this incessant need to hate on whatever female might get close to Steve is just mind-boggling to me. As for Kono getting pushed into the background…Kono had a story arc of her own this past season! Again, poorly done, but for the first five eps, she had her own focus.

      Let’s maybe try to see what happens next season with Catherine/Steve instead of immediately disliking the concept. And take heart – I’m sure having Cath on the team will result in them not being together anymore, which should comfort that contingent of fans that can’t STAND the thought of Steve being with anyone.

      They are not going to kill off Kono – she’s a professional surfer and is comfortable in the ocean. She’ll either save herself or she’ll be rescued (my money’s on Adam). I’m more afraid that it’s Malia that’s going to die, and Chin will have to not only deal with the death of his wife, but the underlying betrayal of his cousin by choosing to try to save his wife.

      • avatar Mary says:

        As I said, I didn’t like Cath even as a recurrent character, but it was easier to deal with her presence, ’cause I knew it was only every once in a while. Knowing she will be there regularly doesn’t make me happy, but there are lots of thing I enjoy in this sho, so I will focus on this :)

        • avatar Nate says:


          I don’t want to speak for the male audience at large, but this member of it loves the idea of more Catherine. I predict that’s where her core appeal will be be.

          • avatar Adam says:

            Im a male and I don’t really care for Cath, Im more into Kono than Cath. But I didn’t came to watch the show cause of hot babes or hot cars, I just want to watch some good tv cop action/drama show.

          • avatar Adam says:

            I’m male, I prefer my girl kono than Cath. I really watch the show for good tv cop show and nothing else and please no romance in the office. If kono died, that sad the show will not be the same.

  6. avatar debbie says:

    I’m pretty sure that Kono will be fine. I really don’t think scaremongering is going to increase viewership, or bringing in more “big” names. I wish the writers would spend more time on improving the writing and actually fleshing out their main characters instead of worrying about more big names as it didn’t work last season.

    The show needs some substance. Kono and Chin really only got to work the magic table and Danny does nothing except act as a mother hen to Steve and complain about everything.

    So instead of bringing in more big names, maybe the writers could improve the writing and the stories and give some depth and substance to their regular cast.

    • avatar Maria says:

      and I hope Peter and the writers will read all the fans constructive suggestions for Season 3 in order to make it a successful one and focus more on substance rather than keep adding new characters if they add new characters which I am not oppose to they better have more substance on the show on each story and characters.

    • avatar Bert Hayling says:

      If there’s one single thing that differentiated S1 from S2, it’s a greater focus in S2 on the show as a straight-up procedural. A friend described S1 as more of a hybrid of a procedural with strong character storylines and development, and I think there is a lot of merit to that idea.

      S1 gave us a weekly procedural, certainly, but it wasn’t 43 minutes of nothing but frantic chasing after the perps, hoodlums and ne’er-do-wells du jour; we got scenes that put the procedural story on hold while we spent time with our characters, be it Danny barging into Steve’s house with his bag of malasadas in “Ohana,” or Danny teasing Steve with the FedEx box of car parts a few eps later, or Steve telling Danny how his mother’s death was what set him on the path his life would take. We got Chin Ho introducing Danny to Liliha’s coco puffs. We got Danny and Kono playing dueling come-hither messages outside Femme Nu. We got Chin and Steve laughing when the dim-witted crook tried to take off on four flat tires. We got the business with Danny and the oversized Santa suit that he, Steve, and Chin later cut down and modified. We got Danny concerned that even Halawa had a better Christmas tree than his tiny Charlie Brown Christmas refugee, with Steve reassuring him that Grace wouldn’t care. We got Steve taking Danny up into the valleys above Kualoa Ranch, sharing part of his childhood with him.

      These scenes — or rather, this type of character-centric scene in which for a short time the show’s procedural elements were secondary to characters — highlight one of the biggest differences between S1 and S2.

      This shift away from the the procedural servicing the characters to a more traditional CBS characters servicing the procedural approach also meant we had even less time to devote to the development of new characters, so Lori and Joe were — as Terry O’Quinn said of Joe White — “sketches” rather than the more fully-realized characters we know this team is capable of writing.

      Sadly, I think the reappearance of the character relationships we all felt were largely missing throughout the first 2/3 of S2 had less to do with any realization that the H50 engine wasn’t firing on all cylinders as it had in S1 and more to do with the fact that with Joe and Lori’s departures from the arena, their screentime could be plowed back into the original team relationships and dynamics.

      We were teased with any number of storyline angles back in late summer and the early days of S2 — remember the Williams relatives we were told would be turning up? — that would fall by the wayside once the season got under way, so I’m not putting much stock in maybe-mightbe’s this far ahead of the starting-gate. If we get the S2 procedural-centered approach instead of the somewhat more character-centered approach of S1, I fear the same things that left us disappointed and bereft through whole swathes of S2 will leave us in a similar state in S3.

  7. avatar LindaSue says:

    I don’t think Kono dies. I am hoping Adam saves her…they were on the phone making plans for the evening before “the toothpick guy” got her.

  8. avatar Diane says:

    I think Catherine is a great addition. No one has said that it will be the Steve/Catherine show, so I think giving her a chance would be better then to complain all summer about her. I did not think Lori was right either, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, then I made up my mind. Catherine’s role has already been established, and Peter Lenkov did say that the relationship will be a rocky one because they are working together. That does not mean that it will be the whole show every episode. I think they have learned from Lori. I also saw Kono being given more time once they decided not to keep Lori, and now Kono has a great story line with Adam. That is just too good to pass up. Chin got more time also. I don’t think Kono is going to die. Believe me, if I thought for one second Catherine or anyone else was going to replace Kono, I’ll start throwing stones at the writing staff along with you. I just hope people don’t make their minds up before they see what they are going to do. The season finale left a lot of good stories for season 3 for all four of the main characters. Yes, all four, Kono lives.

    • avatar travoncia01 says:

      Thank you Diane. You said it all and I couldn’t agree more.

    • avatar Kristen says:

      Kono lives, give Catherine a chance. Thats all.

    • avatar Gigi says:

      The point that is missing is the addition of another series regular regardless of who it is, and the promo that it will be a team member. The #1 complaint is and has been “leave the core 4 alone.” That is what people are reacting to. And I agree with one of the writer’s above, I don’t trust Peter Lenkov. He acts like this show is a toy, whatever mood he’s in Oh let’s go with this. Just like you put a guest character of Fryer’s wife on the press release, which means she worked and got paid, then you leave all of her scenes on the cutting room floor. And I’m sorry as bad ass as Kono is, she’s tied up on the side of a boat, that is just too unbelievable for me.

  9. avatar pasta.preemie says:

    It better not be Kono that dies! Just because the male character in the original was killed off or whatever, it doesn’t mean we have loose this female one! If that’s the case, then I hope the show suffers to the point where it gets cancelled. I’ll tell you all one thing! If there’s no more Kono, then the show will loose me as a loyal viewer because how could it be the same without her?! I know this sounds cruel, but I’d rather see Malia die instead if they HAVE to make a choice. That’s all I have to say about all this!

  10. avatar Op says:

    Why do the writers invest on Steve and Cath so much? I really think they should invest on making storyline plots better.
    I don’t think Kono will died but I’m having a feeling that the writers will make kono fake her own death and bring Cath to help the team to look for Kono. If it come to that, I really want to see more of kono than less of her if she faking her own death. I wasn’t happy when she was off the team or when a new member was on the team cuz I didn’t get to see Kono that much on screen.

  11. avatar CMariaD says:

    I would like to see Stockard Channing as Doris McGarrett. She’s a little older, in real life, than William Sadler, who plays (played?) John McGarrett, but she looks a lot younger than she is (according to her Wikipedia page, she’s 68 in real life). Yes, she’s known for playing Rizzo in the movie version of Grease (which wouldn’t necessarily qualify her for playing the type of character Doris McGarrett is likely supposed to be); but she’s also known for playing Abigail Bartlet, First Lady to Martin Sheen’s President Jed Bartlet on The West Wing. That character is what made me a fan of hers, & it’s a lot closer to what I think Doris McGarrett may be supposed to be about.

    For those who didn’t watch that show, Abigail Bartlet was a Thoracic Surgeon by profession (before sidelining her medical career, for the most part, when her husband ascended to the US Presidency). She was, as the 1st commenter in the thread said about another actress, “tough but classy”. Abigail Bartlet was also a VERY formidable lady when she wanted to be, who didn’t take any crap from anyone–including her husband, either politically motivated or otherwise. And she was strong & very independent. If you watched The West Wing, you probably know exactly what I mean.

    This is the kind of lady I imagine Doris McGarrett to be. If she had to do it, to be honest, I’m not sure Stockard Channing would be up to more “physical” aspects of being the “badass” I’m thinking Doris McGarrett is supposed to have been, back in the day, & maybe to still be in the current day universe in which H50 is set.

    But I think she could play quite well the “emotional” part of being a “badass” (& someone who spent almost the last 20 years of her childrens’ lives separated from them by choice, making them believe she had died in a car bombing, for reasons that have yet to be revealed to the other characters or the H50 viewers). Stockard Channing also has dark brown hair & green eyes–so she could pass, physically, as Steve’s Mother, IMHO.

    The only question would be, IF she were offered the role would she take it? She only took the role on The West Wing because it started out as a “recurring” role & she wouldn’t be “tied down” to a commitment as a “Regular” in a series (which, back in the late 90’s & early/mid 2000’s, still meant that you WOULD be in EVERY episode of a TV series during a season).

    She actually was made a “Regular” on The West Wing back in their 3rd Season (& remained 1 until the series finale at the end of their 7th Season) & she was the 1st actor (as far as I know, at least) to be named a “Regular” (the kind that appears in a series’ Main Title Credits) on a TV series but whose character wasn’t physically part of the storyline in every ep during a season, like most other “Regular” characters are–the character of Abigail Bartlet remained a “recurring character” in the number of episodes she was in most seasons after becoming a “Regular” but the actress had all the status & “perks” of being a “Regular” cast member, thanks to the actress’ &/or the character’s popularity.

    This is the same working situation H50’s Masi Oka/Max Bergman has enjoyed as of H50 S2. And it may entirely be thanks to the negotiating abilities of Stockard Channing’s “people”. Just saying.

    Anyway… didn’t mean to get off on a tangent about that, but it did have a connection to H50 regardless. And I really hope Stockard Channing is at least considered for Doris McGarrett (even if she doesn’t get the role).

  12. avatar Sam says:

    What I find really sad is that the Catherine/Steve bashing is starting before anyone even knows what the title ‘regular’ will mean regarding Michelle Borth.

    Guys just relax and let’s wait before you complain about something that hasn’t even happened yet.

    Personally I’m elated that we hopefully will see more of Catherine. That doesn’t mean less time for any of the others. I highly doubt that there will be a lot of scenes with ‘just’ Cath in it.

    And if more Cath will mean a little less stupid ranting Danny, but actually some real work for him, other than standing around and complaining about everything and everyone, well that will be a win too.

    With my next sentence I will probably bring a lot of head shaking forward, but actually I couldn’t care less about Kono. How she was written the last two episodes with her love interest of Adam, she can drown for all I care. No, of course I want her to survive, but please kick her butt and let her see the light. Adam is a known criminal, who kidnapped people, her included, tortured people, built his business with the dirty money of his father, was willing to kill Steve to get to Wo Fat, to torture and kill him. I’m sorry, how Kono can giggle like a school girl with him on the phone, after all this happened, is beyond me. And quite frankly such a stupid lovesick girl has no business being on a special task force. I would be happy not to see THIS Kono ever again.

    As for Chin, please don’t kill his wife. He is the coolest guy, and I truly hope they will have some juicy stuff for him in season 3.

    And please show, let Danny grow up. His complaining is getting really old. Give him some detective work, since he is supposed to be a detective.

    A lot of people are afraid that the ‘relationship’ of Danno and Steve will suffer with a new addition. People, they are NOT in a relationship! They are two individuals with a separate love life, they are not together! And I for one don’t want more Danny/Steve time. I like them, but please don’t overdo it. This is a crime show and can we please concentrate on that some more? Give us some great carguments and some team banter, but please not too much. As much as I don’t want a Cath/Steve show, I certainly don’t want a Danno/Steve show. I’m confident that they will accomplish a well balanced show in season three.

    All we have to do is give them the chance to do that and hold back with our complaining and bashing until there actually IS something to complain about.

    Sorry for ranting, but it just wanted out.

    • avatar Nate says:

      Great post. Besides being a good character, Catherine is really great looking too. The same reason many male fans liked Lori is the same reason they are looking forward to her every week. I notice it is mostly women complaining about Catherine before it has even started, presumably out of fear of pushing aside Kono. I doubt many male fans would mind if they were both on screen more and equally.

      On Kono, the Adam story line (definitely a potentially good one because the two actors are very good) only works for a long term thing if they bring back the intelligent and principled Kono character that suddenly vanished into ditzville the last two episodes. The wreckless and thoughtless version of the character who can’t handle herself in a fight undermines her credibility on the team.

      I hope she makes it, but having Adam save her using his crime syndicate underlings would be really silly and I don’t see that happening. If they are going to write Kono the same as the way they ended the season, let’s give her screen time to Michelle Borth.

  13. avatar debbie says:

    @Sam – I agree with everything you said except for the Kono part. Adam isn’t a known criminal. He’s taken over his fathers business, who was a known criminal and trying to clean it up. He didn’t kidnap Kono, she came to him and yes he tied up her, but I could forgive him not being all that rational after his father was sent to him in pieces.

    He didnt try to kill Steve either, in fact he almost got himself killed for NOT killing Steve. I do think that Kono acting like a giggling school girl was a bit ott but I guess she socked him one off screen. I’m looking forward to more of their relationship and I think a Cop and a Yakuza could make some very interesting scenarios. I really like Adam as a character as well.

    I’m looking forward to Catherine next season and I’m sick of the whining about her coming between Steve and Danny. As you said there is no Steve/Danny and I really hope that the writers have Danny grow up next season and act like he belongs on a Special Task Force.

    • avatar Sam says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I have to disagree on Adam with you here. He took over his father’s business, trying to turn it legit. As he is saying. But he is knowingly using his father’s money, that is nothing else but money laundering. As far as I know that is a felony.
      And he kidnapped and tortured Joe, also a felony. And Kono knows that. So he IS a known criminal, there is no way around that.
      As of willing to kill Steve, he was going to the airfield with the intend to capture Wo Fat, no matter what the cause. He even mishandled his girlfriend for that goal. That the outcome was different has nothing to do with his intention.
      But I give you that he is a cool character and I like him. But Kono’s behavior after all this happened is not acceptable in my opinion.

      • avatar Nate says:

        Great to see fans so engaged. There are huge wholes in the Adam thing and Sam touched on a couple obvious ones. Maybe that’s by design? The over-arching problem goes back to how they are portraying a main character. It isn’t positive.

        The thing the show has going for it is the fact that fans are seeing Adam in differing lights. There is legit mystery around whether he is good or bad and what his game is here, This all makes it a potentially very good story line.

        No need to make Kono into a fragile air head in the process though.

  14. avatar Diane says:

    I agree that Adam is not totally legit, but like his father, we have yet to see if he turns that way. Yes beating up Joe to get answers out of him was not right, but Joe kidnapping Hiro was not right also. Joe ended up helping Hiro, but it did not start out that way. So what’s really the difference. By the way, hanging a guy off the roof, throwing one in the shark tank, and one tied to a car as you race around a parking garage is not legal either. Thats part of the show, and I enjoyed all of it.
    The Kono and Adam match up is great, whether he is trying to be honest or not, its a great story, and I’m glad to see Kono being featured more.

    As for Kono becoming a ditz, I have yet to see that. Why is it when she shows a feminine side people think she is degrading herself. She is a woman with feelings, and I hope they don’t ever make her one dimensional. All characters should have flaws. People are saying she could not defend herself all of a sudden. Well, they did not show her being abducted, or if anyone else was on the boat, so how do we know the situation. All we saw was Kono sitting on the edge of the boat, hands bound, mouth taped, and he then he pushes her. McGarrett, Danny, and Chin were all captured at one time. I don’t see anyone calling them a ditz or wusses.

    • avatar Nate says:


      Very good points.

      I think the problem is they aren’t making her multi-dimensional at all. The way they have portrayed her in the last two episodes have made her one-dimensional to the extreme and the departure isn’t all that plausible. I suppose we can chalk it up to people in love do irrational things.

      I think some audience members have issues with this though considering the level of deceit to the rest of the team. Again, I think the differing viewpoints could make for a great story line, but only if they restore some balance, intelligence, and dimension to the Kono character.

      I stand by my prediction that it indicates something is in the wind with her character as far as an exit. I hope I am wrong.

      • avatar Diane says:

        I respect your opinion Nate, it shows that we all see things differently. It also makes for a good blog and would be boring if we all had the same opinion.

        I don’t think they have shown Kono as one dimensional. She can be the sniper, and the kick ass fighter, yet they have also shown the softer side, as when she deals with the victims. She actually shows real emotion and empathy, which was the problem with the Lori character being robotic. She also showed her emotions with Chin, when she was angry at him for not telling everyone who really stole the money. She also pointed out what Malia might actually like for Valentines Day to Chin, in regards to a woman she had thought did not stand by her cousin, but she put that aside because she knows Malia makes him happy. She showed how happy she was that Danny found someone who makes him happy. They have shown her grow a little over the 2 seasons, not seeing things as black and white. She now has fallen for someone who might or might not be good for her, isn’t that more realistic. Even though she has feelings for him, when they were all by the helicopter, she was pleading with him, but her gun was still ready to shoot, as she did. I don’t see any of this being a bad thing, one dimensional, or a ditzy move. At some point I might hate Adam, it depends which way they take him, but either way its a good story line.

        • avatar Nate says:

          Yeah I think any time you can have fans on both sides of the fence and you throw two great actors who look great into the mix to play it up, you could definitely have a home run.

          Who doesn’t want to see where it all leads? The Adam character could really keep everyone guessing for quite some time if they write it creatively.

    • avatar Sam says:

      How does mentioning what the others did justify in any way what Adam was doing? Why even bring it up? This is not about them, it’s purely about Adam.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right. So leave them out of this please.

      And how is it showing your feminine side by acting like Kono over a man who bundled her up like that? I’m sorry, I don’t see that as feminine at all, it’s just plain stupid.

      All I’m saying is, would you forgive a guy for being treated like that? I certainly wouldn’t. Law enforcement officer or not.

      What I’m saying is only that I think Kono’s character was completely botched up in the last episodes. The Kono from season one would have kicked Adam’s butt and arrested him for what he did. And rightly so.

      About people thinking about Kono being a wuss, I don’t know about that, I don’t think that. We don’t know how many people were there to overpower her. I think it’s okay that she was captured. She’s not super woman, so that’s fine with me. I’m only complaining about her behavior towards Adam, simply because that is not the Kono we knew for the last two seasons. And I think it’s a shame what they are doing with her character.

      And I wouldn’t be surprised if she would be the one not coming back. That would really break Chin, maybe even more so than losing his wife.

      • avatar Diane says:

        No one is saying two wrongs make a right, but if you are complaining about one, and another does the same thing and you ignore it, how is that right? Yeah if someone tied me up, I would not forgive, and I would press charges. But this is not reality, and I still think Kono and Adam are a good story, and I hope they run with it.

        It’s a TV show, if I’m not entertained then I won’t watch, but getting upset over what a character should or should not do is not what I choose to do. You have your opinion and I have mine. They differ and there is nothing wrong with that.

        • avatar Ed M says:

          Glenda, the first post in the thread “Is Hawaii Five-0′s Kono a goner?”, mentioned something called a onesheet, which I found on hawaii-five-o-fans and I think is also available on alexolouglinrocks – it appears to be a Poster for Season Three. Grace Park is prominent in that and the same picture is used for the screensaver CBS gave away last week. I don’t think she would be in either of these if she were going to drown in the first episode.
          But to the point of what Diane said: I think Adam was introduced into the story mid-season partly with the idea that they would make him a love interest for Kono. She didn’t have a boyfriend any time this season. It’s supposed to be a secret, even from Chin, so they kept it from the audience too. I think that him pulling the gun on her caught her off guard, it’s probably the first bad thing he’s done to her and she is willing to forgive him, especially since he only tied her up when it would have been easier for him to kill or wound her to accomplish what he was planning. She can forgive him for doing it once, but if the behavior gets repeated or it becomes a pattern then it is time to dump him. As others have said, being in love makes you do funny things.

  15. avatar debbie says:


    I agree that Adam is not your usual upstanding citizen but we’ve seen our “good” guys act in ways that could also be deemed criminal as well, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, as I don’t think he’s crossed that line yet.

    Steve hangs perps off roof tops, Joe kidnapped Hoshimuiru at gunpoint. Danny let his criminal brother go and shot a perp whilst in custody, all those things are felonies as well.

    The fact that Adam is trying to turn his fathers business legit shows that he doesn’t want to live like his father. I’m sure he’s using the money from the legit business to try and turn the others around, not sure if that’s considered money laundering. I don’t think he would have gone to any lenghts to get WoFat otherwise he would have told his men to open fire on Steve.

    Anyway for the moment I’m giving Adam some leeway. I can see why Kono forgave him because she believes that he’s trying to do the right thing, but the writers could have done a better job with her dealing with the aftermath.

  16. avatar rachel says:

    i think they should not kill off kono because she is an awsome and kono aand cath get along fine and if kono is tooken off what will steve do with out his good sniper and kono has good relationship with her boss steve and kono can help cath get used to being in work with her boyfirend/steve mcgarrett and cath/kono can work on cases together with out getting in the way with danny and steves partner ship and the cararguements and cath can work eithor with chin or kono or maybe both because i bet she wouldnt wanna work with her bf all the time because it would be werid working with her bf/steve mcgarrett and i bet they would fight to even if they are working together and i bet kono can help with the cath/steve arguments and steve and the five o team can still hangout at headquarters even if steve/cath are bf and gf i bet steve wont let cath gety in the way of his relationships with his five-o unit and even if she is with him now as a gf she can stay back at headquarters with kono and help kono with the information she hased to get for steve and they both can help steve getting all the cases done and steve and cath can spend time together after the job and i bet that steve and his team and includeing kono being on the team still would be fine they all will work fine together i bet so please please dont kill off kono she is the best sniper on the team and it wouldnt be the same without kono on the team for chin she can fill in for chin well hes dealing with malias death and she and cath can work together well chin is on leave and kono would be a good influence on cath and show her how to work with everyone on five o and kono can teach cath how to drive in a high speed chase or how to shoot a gun and if cath is in trouble or kidnaped kono can help steve caths boyfirend find her and save her and kono can teach cath how to shoot a rifle and how to fight people and how to be quiet when they are takeing down people and how to cuff people and she can fill in steves place when he goes away or when hes sick or when he recovering from a gun shot wound so dont have kono killed off and have cath on the team but dont have her replace anyone on the team kono can help cath be at home with five o unit and cath can help kono with her personal life and if cath becomes a mother she can help her and figure out how to tell steve hes a dad or if kono is pregnant cath can help out and figure out how she will tell adom shes preganat to tell steve that one of his team members that are haveing babie and kono can help out with cath and steves problems and kono can keep cath and steves relationship hidden from the hpd and other people so thats what i think about this so please please do not kill off kono please or steves good sniper girl so please do not kill off kono please im begging you guys

  17. avatar Diane says:


    This is a link I got off of AOLrocks. Someone wants to get rid of the carguments. This is the TV guide link. If you like the carguments please comment.

  18. avatar Robin says:

    I like when Steve and Danny start their carguments even when they are not in the car. Danny is the worrier of the 4, the one who might have to do the paper work to backup what they did out in the field. Danny sometimes have to pull Steve back from being SuperSeal,not always successful, but tries to do things the right way. Peter has mention in a tweet that there might dingy argument coming next season. Steve and Danny out in the middle of the ocean in a dingy. Steve will want those headphones that gave to Danny. Maybe the episodes could start with Five 0 doing things off duty, middle solved the crime and ending going back to doing the what ever they were doing before they go call about a crime. Now do I wish whenever there is problem that need everyone on deck, that Danny isn’t needed to go check on Rachel and Grace. That has happen several times in the past two seasons.

  19. avatar Nate says:

    It is so apparent people love Grace Park and the character. Outside of some of the odd behavior that some fans disliked those last couple episodes, there is zero negativity about her from the fans. That’s pretty rare for any character on a show. I can’t picture any exit by her being instigated by the show executives.

    If there is a possibility of her leaving, I gotta believe the person to request reconsideration to is Grace Park herself.

    Getting rid of the character would be beyond idiotic by the show’s head honchos. Especially with the Adam intrigue and romance now on the table. Plus, from an actress’ standpoint it would seem like a lot of emotional substance to finally play, after a couple years of doing garden variety cop stuff.

    I do some hunting around every few days just to see what’s out there on the rumor wire. You do see the occasional person on sites who claims some sort of inside knowledge. They’ll say basically she’s done, it’s been coming for the better part of a year, and it’s no secret for show insiders. But it’s all anonymous internet stuff. So it’s nothing. Which is all it’s gonna be until it’s revealed by the show’s plot.

    I’ll keep digging, but this speculation is actually great for the show and fan interest. So no way I’ll find anything concrete that we all won’t know about at the same time.

  20. avatar Radiant says:

    I read this article in my TV Guide. I believe that Kono will survive and returns in season 3 of H50. I would not be surprised that Chin calls Adam to rescue Kono on his way home to save his wife Malia. Grace Park is one of the primary four actors and is very important to the Five-0 team. Catherine is going to add some interesting story arc to the core Five-0 team. I am so excited and anxiously looking forward to watching season 3 premiere in September 2012.

  21. avatar Jessica says:

    So producers, basically what the viewers want for season 3 is:
    *Keep the carguments between Danno and Steve.
    * Do not make it the Steve/Catherine show.
    * Do not kill Kono or Malia.
    *Try to let all of the characters have equal air time, except for the occasional episode that is centered around one character.
    *Please learn something from Lori!
    If you agree with this, please post it on other sites to get the producers attention!

  22. avatar Jessica says:

    Also, please make the characters injuries more realistic. Steve was tortured, and a few days later he was fine. Danno almost died, and the next day he was in top shape. I feel the characters need more realistic recoveries. They are not superman! ALSO MORE SHIRTLESS STEVE!!!!!!

  23. avatar Mike says:

    I apologize for what I’m about to tell you all. You see, Kono and I have finally realized our true feelings for one another and will be moving to French Polynesia in the very near future. We will not be divulging the name of the Island where we will reside for privacy reasons. We understand that her presence on the show will be missed, but we’d like you all to please continue watch Hawaii Five O as it will still be a great show. If you need to contact me for any further information, I can be reached at the corner of Wishful and Thinking…

  24. avatar Tom says:

    Kono definitely isn’t dead. I was recently on holiday in Hawaii and staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I saw her sitting round the table with all the main characters at the Tropics bar and grill. So basically there’s no chance she’s dead.

  25. avatar Mike says:

    They need to write something better for Danno. He’s becoming like an old ex wife. Way too animated and too much of a nag. In almost every picture of the cast, he’s the only one wearing a scowl on his face. I mean, is that guy ever happy? In contrast, Grace (Kono) Park has probably the best smile in all of show business and, at least to me, it seems quite genuine. I also think Michelle (Catherine) Borth will be received well and be a great addition to the team. Kono is too strong of an actor and character to ever be put on the back burner again like when they made that horrific blunder with Lori. I look forward to a great season 3!

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