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Kono “not gone,” says Five-0’s Alex Kurtzman

August 9th, 2013 by
Adam and Kono in Season 3 finale

Adam and Kono get ready to face the music in Season 3’s finale episode
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Fans concerned about Kono’s future — and Grace Park’s apparent absence from season 4 filming thus far — got some reassuring news yesterday courtesy of TV|Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich and Hawaii Five-0 executive producer Alex Kurtzman.

Can we please have some Hawaii Five-0 scoop on Kono? Haven’t heard anything much about her this coming season. –clarlee901
Last week at TCA I was sure to ask exec producer Alex Kurtzman about the plan for Kono, who bid the team adieu at the end of last season, and he said, ‘I can’t reveal that yet, but she is not gone.’ And as for the timetable for her return, he deferred, ‘We’re actually in the middle of that conversation now.'”

38 responses to “Kono “not gone,” says Five-0’s Alex Kurtzman”

  1. avatar Karen says:

    I had heard that she was expecting her first child and would be back. Whatever the reason, I hope she does return. She’s what makes the core4, the core4! No one can replace her, the chemistry would be lost!

    • avatar miracle says:

      Great news! H50 without Kono wouldn’t be H50.

      I think the rumour of Grace beeing pregnant is a little bit more than that. I know of at least one picture that shows her with a visible baby bump.

      But I don’t think it’s officially confirmed yet.

      • avatar dave daniels says:

        Really? I just used logic, but we have to wait until she shares the information, and I hope its great news either way.

  2. avatar Bernie says:

    Great news! Couldn’t imagine show without her. The thought of putting Catherine in her place made me ill.

  3. avatar Maria Joaoi says:

    I just don’t understand all this hate towards Cath/Michelle and she is not replacing Kono/Grace. Cath has her role in the show and so has Kono. Can someone please explain to me why the Danny fans have so much hate for Cath.

    • avatar Cat says:

      Because the girl just moved in on five-0 and has no business being on the show. The whole storyline is like a soap opera. Between McGarrett’s mother returning from the dead and the stupid skinny bikini scenes, which do nothing for me, I really can’t stand her. They need to get back to the original 4 characters and quit trying so hard to be something like everything else on tv.

      • avatar dave daniels says:

        We are very defensive about our Kono, and in fact wish she had more to do. But Michelle Borth adds to the show, and has been McGarrett’s love interest since season 1. We have to have balance folks. I am a huge Kono fan, and will fight to the virtual to keep her on the show, and I hope eventually she keeps getting projects, but that being said I think we all need to breathe a little.

  4. avatar Linda N. says:

    Congratulations to Grace and her hubby!! At least now we know why she’s absent. Hopefully, she’ll return as soon as she’s up to it. Looking forward to new season.

  5. avatar Nicole says:

    grace is preggo and not back for months if she come back. kono fans start mourning now

    • avatar dave daniels says:

      Why wouldn’t see come back if that were the case? You might be right, if the assumption is true, but I doubt it.

      • avatar Sam says:

        Grace Park is pregnant, saw a pictures of her with her close friends that they post it on their instagram. I’m happy for her, I can’t wait to see her come back.

        • avatar dave daniels says:

          Well I would not be surprised if it is true, as I have been stating since after the last episode. How did you get into such a private site though?

        • avatar Zia says:

          I heard so! Glad 4 her. But can’t find the oics u r mentioning on instagram. Could u give me a glimpse? I’ll be really thankful.
          I do think we r gonna have a really interesting plot playing outta there for Kono/Adam. For the great guests stars list announced for this new season we can only wait unexpected big surprises. =)

          • avatar dave daniels says:

            I am pretty confident as I can be that she is pregnant, but I saw a picture on something called Upfront where all of the stars were attending an event. She was there, and she had a jacket on. I was trying to see if there was bump hiding under there, but I could not tell for sure. On top of that I don’t know when those pictures were made. Bottom line as a rabid Grace Park fan I am glad she will be coming back, and I wish her the best personally. But I still think she is pregnant. I sure would like to see some of these pictures.

  6. avatar Manu says:

    I hope she returns soon, I really like Kono and her relationships with the rest of the team and with Adam :)

  7. avatar GraceNotPark says:

    I think Show has done an admirable job accomodating the needs of its actors. They have had to create storylines explaining absences and limitations that still make sense within their 5-0 universe. Scott has needed time off, and plot changes, to work around an injury and a family death, Alex has needed time off for an injury and illness, and Grace has wanted to spend time off the island with her family and perhaps is now preggers.

    I am always perplexed when fans panic that lessened screen time means the actor is involuntarily leaving. They will remain longer, and be much happier in their work, if Show does allow them to have a life off-camera. Instead of griping, we should be delighted. Fewer scenes now can mean Grace will happily return for the long haul once she’s up and running again. And bless the producers and writers for both respecting the actors’ privacy and working around the actors’ real lives, so they can actually have real lives.

    So if new characters or supporting characters get some added plot time, like Masi’s ep 2 years ago, so be it. It helped Alex get well. Without recasting a lead. Same will go for however they work around Grace’s situation this Fall. But we won’t know the details of her arrangement cuz it isn’t our business. It is hers alone.

    • avatar Kim says:

      Well said.

    • avatar CMariaD says:

      Respectfully, Masi Oka didn’t just get an ep featuring Max (Ep 220, Ha’alele [Abandoned]) because of Alex’s unexpected, but necessary, medical absence. That episode would’ve been done regardless. They had been talking about it in the press for awhile before Alex needed his time off.

      • avatar GraceNotPark says:

        Yes, I know the ep was in the works… all the supporting players, including Cath, have had eps that featured them a bit more than usual. So I’m saying that because of this, because they can spread the load around, it serves to give the leads a break. It just so happened that Alex needed that break at the time of Masi’s ep.

        But they all need breaks. And we needn’t panic every time they get one. In Grace’s case here, assuming she is preggers, she hasn’t wished to publicize it. So the producers cannot either, to explain her absence. Yet they’ve had angry fans mad about THEM reducing Kono’s screen time. Not their choice, not their bad. Nor is it her bad. She wants a baby, she gets maternity leave.

        • avatar dave daniels says:

          I am such a Kono defender. Whose choice to lower GP’s screen time? If not the producers, and putting the baby possibility aside for a moment, would it be the network? Nah they can’t be that not smart. I think what you are saying is us fans have to chill huh? Ok, maybe that’s fair, but until I/we know for sure I think ice will still melt for us. -:)

  8. avatar Deanna says:

    Hi, I totally agree, Grace needs time and will come back ready for work good for her.

  9. avatar KALENA says:

    Hoping she will be back…..She does complete the Core4.I love her… I wish I looked like her… She is always sooo Cool.I want Adam to get his stuff together so they can be together with no complications. They are HOT together.
    Catherine needs to go Buh Bye.

  10. avatar dave daniels says:

    I am a major fanatic for Grace Park. I have made that clear. I fell in love–as a fan–when I realized that the most beautiful woman on Battlestar Gallactica was in a pilot jumpsuit most of the time, until she blew herselves up in that first season ender, and shot Commander Adama. I was totally hooked at that point. I hope she has a really good career going forward and plan to follow her, and am very happy she has found a home in H50. I am also 98.9% sure she found out she was pregnant toward the end of filming last season, talked about it with the producers and writers then, and they worked out a plan that fits into the story line. In a way the whole plot line of hiding her from the regular HPD, and the need for Adam to hide as well, as well as Christine Lahti being kind of a momma on the run, if I can put it that way, fit that possibility. If I am right, and I sure wish they would come out and say it, I wish her and her husband the best of luck, good wishes for a healthy baby and mom, and to remember to come back asap, when arrangements can be made that are in the best interests of her, her family, and career. Now I could be wrong, and I am glad she will be coming back, but all the “evidence” pretty much convinces me that this was known, and our actress, and her terrific character is integral to our show. There can be only one Kono, and if she goes I go. So good luck GP and H50.

  11. avatar Diane says:

    Who truly doubted that she would not return? What ever the reason, (and we should wait until we hear it from Grace), her absence will always be missed. Also the Catherine character was never going to replace Kono, so you can stop bashing her. Catherine is a great character played by a great actress. Rumors of Grace Park leaving for one reason or another started in the first year. I can’t believe how many people think they can read her mind. We should just enjoy her acting and character and not worry about what might happen.

    • avatar dave daniels says:

      I so agree about Catherine, as I began to realize with the German character in season 2. Maybe possibly some of us,me included, might be a bit chauvinistic? She performs a good function for the McGarrett character giving him a personal perspective other than his family story/mystery, now all we have to do is wish Kim can heal with his absolutely fine new possible gf, and hopefully Scott can with all the issue of his daughter (and being a dad with a daughter I know how realistic that portrayal can be). Maybe I am more secure Kono, played by GP will be back as a necessary team member than I might have been back in season 2 or 3, but Diane I agree, lets let Catherine add to the show. I will try my best not to be suspiciously chauvinistic (lol).

    • avatar Maria says:

      Wo doubt she was going to leave? After the season finale Peter tweeted Grace was not going anywhere why people still at this point believed she was quitting the show?

      Also I havent heard or read anything official and from Grace mouth or Grace rep mouth that she is pregnant, where did you all read that. I been to other H50 sites and I havent read anything confirming Grace is pregnant. I mean she could be indeed pregnant and that is the reason of her possible long absence from the show in this new season until she is ready to return but I havent heard or read anything saying Grace Park is pregnant, Did she really confirm it or her rep over the internet?

      Grace is not replaceable, she is unique in the show so I doubt the producers will likely to replace her they know how importat she is for the show and in the case Grace decided to leave I believe the producers will be wise enough to announce it so they can start casting new actresses who fit the same profile as Grace Park character and besides when these things happen when an actor or actress leaves a show, the network usually announce it to the media (entertainment online magazines, etc etc) so viewers know in advance that certain character is not returning so we start getting use to not seeing that actor or actress character anymore.

      • avatar miracle says:

        “I havent heard or read anything saying Grace Park is pregnant, Did she really confirm it or her rep over the internet?”

        As I said, nothing is officially confirmed. There is definitely at least one picture, taken by a fan and obviously without her seeing. Therefore it wasn’t spread around since we have nothing official. Some say there are other pictures as well, but I haven’t seen any others.

      • avatar dave daniels says:

        Its just an educated guess Maria. That is all it is until she announces it, one way or the other. My instinct and logic though tell me this is the reason, but right now my opinion is worth what one of the electrons it takes to upload this blog entry to the satellite.

  12. avatar Scott Myers says:

    I do hope Kono does return during Season 4….else, H5O isn’t the same without her.

  13. avatar miracle says:

    The rumour of Grace beeing pregnant is a little bit more than a rumour. I know of at least one picture of her with a visible baby bump. It’s not officially confirmed, though. Let’s wait and see! :)

    Never had a doubt that she would be back on the show, but I don’t think she’ll be back before early 2014.

  14. avatar CMariaD says:

    The 1 & only place I’ve seen it said that Grace is pregnant is at this link (the very top line):


    The column in question was posted on June 5, 2013, & it’s a local gossip column–in fact the same 1 which reported in S2 that Papa Caan was on the set shooting a guest role MONTHS before he actually did so. As such, I’m not sure how much stock I’d put in the item–however, I’ve also asked Hawaii-based fans about the credibility of the writer & they all have said he IS accurate in his reporting. By the way, “hapai”–used in the column I’ve linked to–is the Hawaiian word for “pregnant”.

  15. avatar Radiant says:

    Thank you! I am looking forward to Grace Park returning as Kono to be back on the Five-0 team as a cop in season 4 of H50!

  16. avatar Lisa says:

    I live in the city she grew up in, and my aunt ran into her the other week. She IS pregnant, but I heard she’ll definitely be coming back!

    • avatar dave daniels says:

      Vancouver huh? Fantastic. I called this at the end of Season 3. Intuitively, and historically based on where my wife and I were when she was about that age herself, and the way the story line really allowed so much wiggle room, I really felt this was what was going on. Best wishes of course to her and her husband and grandparents, and great its a sure thing she will be back. Now lets get a 5th season!!

    • avatar Ed M says:

      If what you say is true Lisa, I’m very happy for Grace and her hubby. I’ve always thought the introduction of Kono and Adam (and in the shower together) were put in there so she could get pregnant and still be a part of the show. Whether or not Kono gets pregnant could be a questionable thing since she sustained a bullet wound to the abdomen, but I guess we’ll see in the new season. We know they’ve filmed scenes for the first show before the break, but hopefully she’ll be in many more shows after that.

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