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Honolulu school honours Alex O’Loughlin

March 7th, 2014 by


Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS

Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS

It’s safe to say that Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughlin has a symbiotic relationship with the islands. The actor has found success and family while living on Oahu, and local charities have benefited from his generosity as the star of the CBS show continues to use his remarkable star power to help out in his adopted home of Hawaii.

The Honolulu Waldorf School is hosting a benefit honouring O’Loughlin on Saturday March 15th, 2014.

Individual tickets for the “Taste and Treasure” event will set you back $200. Corporate sponsorship opportunities are also available.

To purchase tickets or to make a donation please visit the school website.

The Honolulu Waldorf School follows a curriculum based on a child’s developmental stage by using art and academics. The school was established in 1961.


Taste and Treasures 2014

Taste and Treasures 2014



11 responses to “Honolulu school honours Alex O’Loughlin”

  1. avatar Karen says:

    Such a great honor. He really is the real deal and such a sweetheart always giving back. More actors should follow in his footsteps. Love him.

    • avatar Maria says:

      There are other actors who also do charities like Alex, he is just one of the few who does charities as actors

  2. avatar Sonja says:

    I’m happy he’s found love and life in hawai’i and it’s his way to say thank you. Love him!

  3. avatar Dan G says:

    Great to see Alex working in the Community… This story jogged my memory, and made me go back to what was said about MR. BOND in the early 60’s when Sean Connery hit the screen …. “Women WANT him, Men want TO BE like him …” (haaa)

    Just yesterday, an admiring fan said on this site that “… Jack Lord was divine, but Alex is TO DIE FOR …” …hard to top THAT ONE, HUH ? And again, it all makes me recollect that OUR guy was allegedly “runner-up” to Mr. Craig, last time the BOND series was picking a new lead actor… our good luck — their loss, OUR GAIN. GO 5-0 ! MAHALO !

  4. avatar Lisa Caulder says:

    He is a great role model to everybody!

  5. avatar Manu says:

    I’m really happy for Alex and proud of him too :)

  6. avatar Wanda (@Wanda_justWanda) says:

    Alex seems to go further than some actors, he doesn’t do it for the recognition or the accolades but he seems to do it because he truly cares about people and his adopted state of Hawaii. A very positive reflection on the show :)

  7. avatar MaryE says:

    I agree with all the lovely comments and would have happily flown to Hawaii to take part but it is my son’s birthday celebration that weekend and Paul is one of the people that I love MORE than Alex. {Not TOO mmany of those tho’} LOL

  8. avatar Kim ballan says:

    that is a very great honor for Alex all actors,s need to follow in hes footsteps.

  9. avatar Radiant says:

    Alex O’Loughlin is an inspiring and wonderful person, always giving back to his community!

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