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Hawaii Five-0's Alex O'Loughlin and spam

December 8th, 2010 by

Update: I’ve been thinking about this overnight (I reported yesterday about Alex O’Loughlin’s attitude towards Spam). I am really offended. I live in Hawaii, and I eat Spam. There. I said it. Ok, I admit I have a can a day habit. I mean that’s not so bad is it? I was up to a two can a day habit, but I’m really, really, trying to cut back. I’m down to a can a day. What made it easier was this slice of spam that I taped to my arm. This Spam Patch takes the constant craving away and works pretty well. I can quit whenever I want to, I really can.  I’m just tired, and saddened about people dehumanizing us about our addiction.  WE CAN’T HELP IT!  The Spam corporation has led a deceptive marketing campaign, telling us how much of a tasty treat it is.  We can’t eat Spam in the restaurant, in the airport, in public places.  What next, you gonna tell me I can’t eat Spam at home?!?!

Allright, time to decompress.  I’m going for a Spam break. 😉

Wedsnesday's news: Alex's doggy, spam-ophobia, Episode 14 AND 17 spoilers, Five-0 dominates Castle, and a nod from the Five-0 Godfather

December 7th, 2010 by

Aussies sticking together

From the Honolulu Examiner:

Alex O’Loughlin who portrays Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0 just adopted an Australian Border Collie mix which he found at a junk yard during a shooting for an upcoming episode for Hawaii 5-0.

The lucky doggy got a spa treatment from Cocojor, a pet spa on Oahu.


Alex's dog Reggie, Photo: Cocojor

…and don’t give them Spam

Travel reporter Jae Ha Kim sat down to interview Alex O’Loughlin recently about his favorite hangouts, hotels and food.  The one thing that jumped at me was this:

Q. What’s your take on Spam?

A. I don’t get the love for Spam here. I hate it! I don’t know why they eat it. They have all this fresh seafood and delicious food. Why would they want to eat this?

Alex, Spam is a delicious food made from different parts of different animals that is *always* fresh from the can.  It will make you sprout muscles in places that you thought you never could.  Don’t knock it till you try it, mate.

He mentions that Diamond Head Cove Health Bar in Honolulu as one of his favorite places to eat.

Executives reveal Hawaii Five-0’s cultural consultant

Brooks Baehr interviewed kumu hula [hula teacher] Blaine Kia about being a consultant on the show (with video).   Blaine went into so much detail in this interview, I was compelled to pull out a notebook and start taking notes for fear of a pop quiz tomorrow morning.  Blaine appeared to have filmed a part as the priest at John McGarrett’s funeral, but never aired.  He did air two weeks ago, in “Hao Kanaka” as the local armored car driver.  Baehr also talks to Mike Cho, the shows police consultant.


Actor Greg Germann (“Ally McBeal”, “Raising Hope”) is flailing in the background.  Presumably he is a guest star…but possibly a recurring character?

Episode 14 and Episode 17 SPOILERS

Spoilertv.com reports:

Episode 1.14 is entitled  “E Malama” [to protect]
This episode introduces a new possible recurring guest star as Stan, who is the husband of Danny’s ex wife, Grace. He is introduced when he learns of some illegal activity, putting Grace and Rachel’s lives in danger.  Also in the episode McGarrett and Chin Ho are on the hunt for four assassins targeting a star witness in a murder trial.

Episode 1.17
The episode introduces a series regular, described as a serious person with a practical jokers sense of humor. Graduating Harvard with a degree in Political Science and Economics, also with a masters in Global Security & Intelligence, they are now CIA and also described as ‘the go to person for any Chinese Terrorist Activity.’

Hawaii Five-0 On Top of the Ratings… TAKE THAT, CASTLE!

Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Mike Gordon reported yesterday:

“Five-0” drew 10.51 million viewers, well ahead of ABC’s “Castle,” which drew 7.73 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings released by CBS. On NBC, “Chase” drew 4.99 million viewers.

A nod from the Hawaii Five-0 Godfather, Mr. Mike

I got a nod from Mr. Mike… he runs the deepest, most informative, and possibly longest running Hawaii Five-0  resource on the internet.  His site is especially of interest to those fans of the original series.  Check out his Hawaii Five-0 Home Page.

Update: Also available is his Hawaii Five-0 reboot page, with his meticulous “anal-lysis”.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 11, "Palekaiko"

December 7th, 2010 by

Boardshorts, yes!

Boardshorts, yes! Photo: Neil Jacobs, CBS

Yes, it really is this beautiful

Hands down, this was the most beautifully shot episode.  The cinematographers, viedographers, lighting experts, directors and everyone else who fills the screen visually should give themselves a huge pat on the back for making Hawaii as beautiful as it does on screen.  I loved the long shot of McGarrett and Chin Ho walking back to the pick up truck with Chinaman’s Hat island in the background (wait, what?  McGarrett shirtless?  I didn’t notice); also the long shot of McG walking down the peninsula to give Erica the bad news about her husband.  Even when a serial killer goes over the edge of the green and lush Nu’uanu Pali, it’s a beautiful sight to behold.    Greens and blues do for Hawaii Five-0 as yellow does for CSI Miami.  The blues of the ocean were so rich in the underwater scenes with the turtles.  The colors are so vivid, a 64 Crayola Crayon box wouldn’t do the show justice (and there’s a *lot* of colors in that box). If this doesn’t make you want to come to Hawaii, go vacation in Jersey. 😉

The story advances

The overall story arc finally advances with McG telling Chin about the Champ box, the photos and the key.  On screen, McG explains that he’d come to a dead end on his own investigation, and finally seeks his help.  Chin gives McG the news of his mother’s suspicious death…  Conspicuously missing is Taryn Manning… As TV Guide reported earlier, many of her scenes were cut out in order to advance the back story of the McGarretts.  Chin in another scene mentions where he and “Malia” were supposed to go on their honeymoon…if you’ve been tracking the blog you know who this is!

Strong acting continues

Alex O’Loughlin shined in this episode, showing more emotional dynamic in McG.  McG steps up and gives Erica the bad news about her husband, and the ensuing dialog in the car about how they had to cope with that part of the job was a nice break from the banter.  Of course after sharing a deep moment, these manly men put their guards back up and resort to the radio…to listen to Dr. Hook, Sexy Eyes…?

Haven’t we been here before?

Ok, so Ben Linus (ABC’s Lost) spends *how many* episodes looking for Jacob’s cabin?  McG and Danno find it in like 10 minutes.  Come to find out Jacob just sits around all day long and shoots up morphine.

I love my wife?

Scene:  Kahala Hotel, at the shoreline.
McG looks over to Danno, tells him solemnly, “I’ll do it.”  He makes the long, slow walk down the peninsula to Erica who’s staring into the ocean, wondering where her husband is.  McG knows the fate of her husband, and without dialog that we can hear, he breaks the grim news to her.  Words aren’t needed for us…McG’s compassionate expressions and Erica’s recoil is enough to communicate to us the shock and disbelief that washes over her.  She sobs uncontrollably, and in despair she throws her arms up in a futile gesture of defense against the bad news.  She resists McG’s comforting embraces and pulls back even more.

“OH MY GOD HOLD HIM, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!!!”, my wife yelled at Erica through the TV.

I love my wife.  My wife loves, well, McGarrett.

And now, Things We Learn About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 11, “Palekaiko”

1)  Hunting and fishing are past times that many people here enjoy.  Lots of boar on Oahu.  Deer and goat on Maui, Molokai and the Big Island.  Tourists running around in the woods are a lot harder to find.

2)  We wear board shorts.  There is a *huge* difference between board short and swim trunks.  Board shorts is what we men in Hawaii wear.  They sit low at the waist, and stop right above the knee.  We definitely do *not* wear swim trunks.  Swim trunks is what you wear to the Wet N Wild Water Park in Minnesota.  I’m talking about shorts with an elastic waist band, and the built in mesh underwear I call manties.  Manties are made probably from the remnants left over from the Frederick’s of Hollywood fishnet stocking factory in India.  They’re uncomfortable, they chafe, and it just plain isn’t right.   So guys on the mainland, check your swim shorts.  In Hawaii, we have an expression “hang loose”, and with board shorts, we definitely do.

Swimt trunks, no!

Swim trunks, with complimentary manties, NO!

Did you notice…?

Palekaiko translates to “paradise”, ironic since Hawaii was anything but paradise for the hapless honeymooners.

All aboard the SS Kahala Hotel!  The interior shots of the cruise ship were shot at the Kahala Hotel.  If you notice in the main “lobby” of the ship, the far background is a painted mural of  the ship’s top deck and a smoke stack.  The “people” in the background don’t move an inch!

The final standoff happens at the Pali Lookout, at the end of Nu’uanu Valley overlooking Kane’ohe.  Matinsky wasn’t the only one to go over the edge:  King Kamehameha’s army pushed King Kalanikupule’s army off the 1000 foot cliff, sending hundreds to their deaths in an epic battle in 1795.  It really is that windy up there.  Don’t stand near the edge.

I’ve just realized that the Camaro must have a magical ability to signal all stoplights ahead of them green, because they’re almost never stopped at an intersection, unless some hot chicks are scoping them out.

A date which will live in infamy

December 6th, 2010 by

Remember Pearl Harbor…

Sunday, December 7, 1941 – A mother in Manoa puts a flower in her daughter’s hair as they get ready to go to church.  A gas station owner flips his sign over to say “OPEN” in Pearl City.  A farmer in Kailua throws feed to his chickens.  A sailor on the USS Arizona rubs his eyes in his sleep rack and wonders why he woke up so early on a Sunday morning.  Little did they know that high above them, the Japanese bombers with their monotonous drone descended on the waking island from the north, east and west…their target, Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor.

If the initial metallic raps of machine gun fire didn’t rouse the sailors, the shattering jolt of torpedoes hitting broadside and bombs scoring the decks of the ships did.  My grandmother told me that as a young teen, she remembered being awoken by the sound of explosions rolling across the harbor, rattling her plantation house in Waipahu.  Looking outside the window, she saw the explosions in the harbor and rolls of black clouds stretching into the sky.

…through the eyes of Steve McGarrett, Sr.

But how brilliant would it be, to deepen the rebooted Hawaii Five-0’s mythos, to actually tell the tale of the last few days of Steve McGarrett, Senior’s life?  Did he help Chin Ho Kelly’s grandfather solve a case?  Could he have defended Kawika’s (Kala Alexander, “Ko’olauloa”) grandfather against an attack from drunken sailors?  Or maybe he helped to protect Kawika’s grandmother.  Did Mighty Mo tour guide Ed McKay (Robert Loggia, “Ho’apono”) have a hand in any of the elder McGarrett’s adventures…?

In narrowing the degrees of separation between the current characters, the writers have a great opportunity for strong storytelling by telling Steve McGarrett’s story in the days leading up to the attack at Pearl Harbor.  Racial strains, police corruption, crime…to see all that transplanted to another era with the predecessors of our Five-0 team could potentially be a huge success.  Yes, it takes a play right out of the Lost playbook with flashbacks, but the writers have unlimited potential and I do hope they pay further tribute to those who died at Pearl Harbor.  They’ve already mentioned in three separate occasions that Steve McGarrett, Senior was aboard the Arizona…but what exactly did he do…?

Pearl Harbor Attack in the Honolulu Star -Bulletin

Pearl Harbor Attack in the Honolulu Star -Bulletin

We still Remember Pearl Harbor

In the end, more than 3000 Americans died or were injured.  In Hawaii, if your family goes back at least three generations, someone in your family could tell you what they were doing that day or give you a first hand account of taking action.  Because of that, we in Hawaii may have a more intimate attachment to the war rally “Remember Pearl Harbor”.  Take a minute tomorrow, December 7th, to remember those who died that day.

Pearl Harbor news of interest:

Pearl Harbor survivor Dorwin Lamkin returns to memorial after 71 years

Battleship California veteran recalls raising flag during Dec. 7 attack

Sunday night…COUNTDOWN TO SHIRTLESS McGARRETT, Palekaiko preview, and more photos on set!

December 5th, 2010 by

Ladies!  What’s sexier than a shirtless McGarrett?  A juicy head shot to a zombie’s cranium, that’s what!  That’s just a guy’s point of view 😉 I’m  preoccupied with watching Deputy Rick and his merry band at the CDC in Atlanta (season finale – The Walking Dead).

Here’s a sneak peek for “Palekaiko” tomorrow night.

In the meantime, here’s more pics from yesterday’s shoot in Kapolei on Hawaii Five-0 Undercover, facebook.

The Fast, the Furious, and the Airborne

The Fast, the Furious, and the Airborne. Photo: fan submitted

Saturday's news… seeing the magic happen on set (SPOILER), Twitter – at last

December 4th, 2010 by
Hawaii Five-0 Camaro

Steve promised he'd give the keys back to me last week. I'm still waiting. Photo: Officer808

Well I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and saw the filming happen today.  MINOR SPOILER!  My tipsters told me that Chin Ho and Kono were at the Saint Francis Medical Center West filming a hospital scene in Ewa Beach yesterday.  Also going on yesterday was a car chase scene in Kapolei city, not far away.  The crew filmed a 1990s mustang that crashes into a barrier at a dead end…  The car stayed there on the street overnight until today’s filming.  Today, HPD extras, Kono and Chin Ho rush to the wrecked car in a fleet of (you guessed it) Chevrolets to apprehend the bad guys…Kono inspects a box in the wreck…word is that there’s a bomb in there!  McG and Danno finished filming their part in the afternoon.   Follow the link above, the photos are housed on facebook for now.  I didn’t get too many photos, the crew will gently remind you that no cameras are allowed.  The lack of good photos reminds me why I’m a blogger and not a paparazzo.

I gotta say it was pretty cool to see the filming going on, and interesting that about 30 minutes went into about a minute or so of film time.  The actor’s dogs were on the set.  I got a close up view of the Camaro, and the crew and security guards were absolute professionals.  And yes, I was within ten arm’s reaches of Grace  Park, it was magical.   But in a future episode, if you hear someone yelling “KONO I LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!” in the background of a car chase scene with a blue Mustang, IT WASN’T ME!

Oh God, not another time suck

I’m officially on Twitter as H50undercover.  One more thing to sap what little free time I have in the day!

Grace Park talks about hanging out with the boys

December 3rd, 2010 by

She did a short bit for Entertainment Tonight Canada.  The Ala Wai Harbor and Magic Island are in the background.  She talks about wrassling with Alex and gripes about her sex appeal making more waves than her acting ability.

Friday's news: the last word on Taryn, unrest on the set and things coming soon…

December 3rd, 2010 by

The last thing I’ll mention about Taryn (potential spoiler)

A very reliable source told me that Taryn Manning’s original contract was for six of the original thirteen episodes.  As the success of the show grew, CBS ordered a full season of twenty two more episodes, and two more bonus ones, for a full season of twenty four.  While I’ve heard that Taryn is brilliant in Sons of Anarchy, and has been tapped to do Law and Order SVU, fans are divided over her portrayal as Steve McGarrett’s happy-go-lucky sister Mary Ann Mcgarrett:  some people love her and some don’t.  I’ll preface this by saying that this is speculation:    producers may have weighed her character’s long term viability against the shows overall performance, and have decided not to bring her back.  Her leave could be a variety of things… death, coma, accident, Peace Corps, you name it.  Could she be back in the future?  I would imagine that would be possible, depending on what happens to Mary Ann.   Again this is all speculation based on her mention that Alex O’Loughlin was not happy at how the McGarrett siblings’ relationship ends.

The natives are getting restless

Reporter Tiffany Fumiko Tay of the Straits Times wrote in a piece last week of the cast’s fermenting stress over such a grueling film schedule.

Scott Caan was quoted:

‘There’s no time off, so you see people more grinding and grumpy than having a great time. Nobody’s doing an hour show and going like ‘This is the greatest thing in the world’. It’s not. Your life is gone when you’re doing a show like this, so the goal is to get through it.’

Alex O’Loughlin added:

‘You move away from your family and friends to a small island where everyone knows your business and the time you’re not at work, you’re at home studying for the next day.

Even when the red carpet stuff comes around, you’re so tired you don’t even want to go’

Definitely surprising and disheartening for fans to read…  The writing may be on the wall for the executives to ease up on the schedule.

Coming next week

I’m putting a post together on how to not just watch the show, but how to be on the show, as an extra or “background performer” as they say in the biz.

I also got a chance to sit down and chat with up and coming singer/songwriter/actress Renee Marcou who has a part in Episode 12, Hana ‘a’a Makehewa.

Update : The same TV Guide article also mentions that many of Taryn’s scenes were cut in order to advance the storyline of the McGarretts’ mother’s death…

On the set with the Hawaii Five-0 cast on a rainy Hawaiian day

December 2nd, 2010 by

I admit, it does rain here from time to time 😉  TV Guide goes on the set with the cast of Hawaii Five-0 on a rainy day at Pier 19, for the shooting of Hao Kanaka.

Taryn Manning has huge Twitter meltdown

December 1st, 2010 by
Taryn Manning, Hawaii Five-0, Mary Ann McGarrett

Taryn Manning, Photo: Scott Morifuji

Thanks to a heads up from Ryan Ozawa (@hawaii) and detective work by Valentino Valdez, I’ve pieced together a huge Twitter rant from Hawaii Five-o star Taryn Manning.  Late into Wednesday night, Manning shocks and surprises fans with rants about how terrible the show is.   Please be advised there’s a HUGE SPOILER in here.  Please also be advised that I searched the retweets to verify the accuracy of the statements.  The following are excerpts of tweets and conversations:

@TarynManning: Nope no sarcasm. I’ve held my tongue for months. Noone is happy on this show!

@TarynManning: Ya this show is lame, treats people …awful. Let’s let it be known H50 suxxx!

@TarynManning: Might have to thrash on set today…I never go out without a BANG!

PaulPro245: @TarynManning Y not apologize to orci lenkov o’loughlin Xsan park and kim
TarynManning: @PaulPro245 Haha!! Not when they keep treating peeps like donkey dung.

TarynManning: @TheFive0s No its not…I just kept it to myself for a long time. Its fine, the truth will unfold one day. Wish nothing but love for the show. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. Just my lil opinion. Doesn’t mean much:)

[this tweet removed per user’s request]

[Her personal tweets are deleted a few hours after being up.  The following post then appears.]

TarynManning: Hawaii five-O is amazing! I’m sorry I threw u guys off! I was playing and in a bad mood earlier!! Love everything about this show!!!!!

Piecing all this together, I think Manning had recently finished filming a scene in which her character, Mary Ann McGarrett, is killed.  Could she be upset about a short run in the series?  Or is she upset at the fast scheduling and pace of the shooting (which has recently surfaced).  Or is she upset about how the cast is treated?  Is this a publicity stunt or sincere?  Honolulu Star Advertiser entertainment reporter Mike Gordon tweeted “So much intrigue…”.  Definitely intriguing.


Producer Peter Lenkov also tweeted last night:

Plenkov: @PaulPro25 Kid needed to vent, I guess..please cut her some slack. She just finished shooting a very emotional episode.

PLenkov: @PaulPro245 I don’t blame you for being upset. I’m upset about it… but that’s just a rant. If there was any truth to it, it’d be different

Update 1/5/11 (original post date was 12/1/10)

Aloha to McPhee and spoilerTV.com! Well after this past week’s episode, we see Mary Ann get on a plane, leaving her return wide open.  We can only speculate as to what the trouble was about, but  a lot of feedback that I’ve been getting here on the blog and on the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover facebook group is that the Mary Ann fans love her even more, and those who weren’t fans of her originally are big fans now.  Taryn had a big week this week with Hawaii Five-0 and Law and Order SVU, with great performances.  Hopefully we’ll see her in the future on Hawaii Five-0, as she indicated in a recent tweet (see links below).

Read also: (late) Monday’s news: A curve in the story arc? …and Taryn Manning is on!

and also check out the discussion under “Things We Learned About Hawaii About From Hawaii Five-0″, Episode 13, “Ke Kinohi”.