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HNN interview (high quality): Grace Park wants some Tiger Blood, and Alex is a really busy guy

March 8th, 2011 by
Hawaii Five-0 BTS

Hawaii Five-0, behind the scenes. Photo: Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now’s Teri Okita interviews the cast of Five-0 with viewer questions

Thanks to @Slash_Goggles for getting the vidcap of last night’s Hawaii News Now interview.  Find out why even Grace Park can’t resist the Tiger Blood (WINNING!) and Alex O’Loughlin won’t be seen on twitter or facebook.

Also check out the little clip of Alex’s GQ Style photoshoot.

“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 10, Hei hei, updated rerun edition

March 7th, 2011 by

Originally posted 11/23/10

Alex o'Loughin as Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 10 Hei hei

Alex o'Loughin as Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 10 Hei hei, Photo: CBS

Reading way too hard between the lines…

I know I watched way too much Lost because I watch Hawaii Five-0 the way I watched Lost.  When McG gave his address as 2727 Pi`ikoi last week, this Undercover Agent searched for it in google, thinking there’s some hidden meaning or importance to it.  But no, there isn’t.  That address doesn’t exist, and I need to run my brain in a lower gear to watch Hawaii Five-0.  I just need to enjoy the sun and bikinis like everyone else.  In fact, there’s so much skin time that I tend to ignore the dialog and retranslate everything in my mind, because I am still looking for a deeper, second meaning…

Episode 10, Hei Hei – reading between the lines

Scene: Cut to Pier 20, Honolulu Harbor, Five-0 team looking down into the water.
Kono: Anyone up for a swim? [Oh gawd I gotta strip down to a bikini.  Again!]
Chin Ho: I forgot to bring my board shorts.  [No one wants to see me strip down :(   Maybe there’s a broken computer I can fix!]
Danno: Looks like the rookie is going swimming!  [Hell yeah I want to see Kono in a bikini!  Again!]
McG: I’ll go in with you. [Guys, I’m required to be shirtless once every other episode, by contract.]
Danno: That’s very nice of you! [You show off.  But I still look good in my my tight, fitted shirts.]
McG: You sure you don’t want to go for a swim? [Yeah that’s right buddy. You want to arm wrestle?]
Danno: You go ahead with your pants, I’ll be here with a dry towel. [Jerk.]

Rachel and Danny – reading between the lines

In this episode, we finally meet Rachel for the first time, and although her relationship with Danny is strained, there’s still love between the two of them.  The long, slow glance Rachel gives as Danny drives away is reflected by Danny’s gaze into the rear view mirror of his car, with the bold letters “Objects are closer than they appear” standing out in the mirror.  Does this hint at a renewed romance between the two…?

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 10, Hei hei
1)  We have the most pathetic Iron Man triathlon.  The start at Magic Island finishes a 100 yards later at the other end of the island, and is then followed by a 2 mile bike ride down the street.  That’s the magic of Hollywood!

2)  Cops here don’t allow silly things like probable cause or search warrants stop them from investigating.

3)  We are so behind on the times, we still use Gavin’s List to buy, sell, look for jobs and find casual encounters.  I heard you people on the mainland use something called Craig’s List?

Did you notice…

Kono talks about the “mauka” side of the street.  Mauka in Hawaiian is a directional reference of something that is in the direction of the mountains.  The opposite is “makai” or in the direction of the ocean.  Hawaiians had no concept of compasses.

Kono mentions passing the Moana Surfrider Hotel.  It’s one of the oldest hotels at the end of Waikiki.

Danno mentions at the end going to “Sidestreet”.  He’s talking about Sidestreet Inn, a local restaurant that serves great local food.  The restaurant was founded by a few of Hawaii’s top gourmet chefs who wanted to have a more casual restaurant.

“Hao kanaka” is Hawaiian for “iron man”, referring to McGarrett’s awesomely huge muscles.

McG has lost THREE phones…his iphone went overboard when Graham tossed it over the Mighty Mo.  The second iphone was hacked by Bullfrog, and the third disappeared temporarily in a Samoan abyss.

“Hao kanaka” was the original working title, Hawaiian for “iron man”.  “Hei hei” was the final title, which means “race”.

Hawaii News Now’s Q&A with the cast of Hawaii Five-0

March 7th, 2011 by

Just released from Hawaii News Now, Teri Okita’s piece will air tonight at the 10 PM broadcast. 

Hawaii Five-0 cast answers viewers’ questions

By Teri Okita

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – You may have noticed a lot of marquee names guest starring on Hawaii Five-0 this year – from Sean Combs to Nick Lachey to Dane Cook and Chef Morimoto. So, we asked the cast what they think about all those famous faces on set.

It doesn’t take much coaxing to get A-list stars on the set. “Everybody that’s come on board as guest actors, it goes to show people must really like the show and believe in the show,” says Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett on the show.

The cast welcomes the new energy these big names bring but still feels Five-0 has strengths, with or without guests.

Grace Park, who plays Kono Kalakaua, says, “A show has to hold its own and preserve its integrity to be able to bring on someone (like Sean Combs) like that, you know? And I think, as long as we maintain that, then you can keep bringing these people.”

Then, we brought along questions that you, the faithful viewers, emailed and Facebooked to us. We started with Daniel Dae Kim.

Teri: “This is from Connie L. Was the bike written for you or was it your choice?” Daniel: “The motorcycle came into play when my executive producer said that he loved motorcycles, and so we started having a discussion about motorcycles, and he decided that it might be cool for Chinn Ho to ride one and asked me whether I’d be interested, and I said, ‘Absolutely'”.

Next, a viewer question for Scott Caan, who plays Danno.

Teri: “Noriski asks: How much of Scott is there in Danny -or how much of Danny is there in Scott?” Scott: “Well, I mean, that’s a tricky question because obviously, it’s all me. But I don’t dislike ocean. I don’t dislike Hawaii so … it’s that stuff on paper is not like me but anything you see, mannerism-wise or attitude or behavior, that’s all me.”

Hawaii News Now received a flood of emails for O’Loughlin.

Teri: “This is from Jamie.” Alex looks into the camera. “Hi, Jamie.” Teri: “How long did it take you to perfect your American accent?” Alex: “Well, look, first of all, I kind of grew up with a North American sound in the house. My stepdad is Canadian, but he has a very clear North American sound so that was all around me as a child. And I also grew up with American TV, like all of us Australians.”

Grace Park had fun with your questions.

Teri: “Thaibeauty21 wants to know: do you want Kono to have a love interest on the show? If so, who do you want to play him?” Grace: “Oh, I would love to have a love interest. I always think it adds another dynamic, and it’s fun. I don’t want it to be within the team. I know there’s been some talk of that. That’s just a little weird. It’s like your brother!” Teri: “Is there an actor that you might have in mind that you’d want?” Grace: “I don’t know, there’s a few pretty good … Um, how about Charlie Sheen?!” she said with a big laugh.

Another question for Caan.

Teri: “Twitter@mymaxius asks: “You have a great eye for photography. Have you considered using your gorgeous co-stars as subject matter? Wink. There’s a wink at the end of this tweet.” Scott: “A wink? I’ve shot photos of them all, yeah. They’re like, as far as subjects, they’re like in the medium category. You know what I mean?” he smiles. Teri: “What do you do with the pictures?” Scott jokes: “I sell them!”

Another question for Daniel Dae Kim.

Teri: “Musicfreak26 wants to know: what’s your favorite part about working in Hawaii?” Daniel: “I think knowing that once you leave work, it’s not an industry town and not everyone is talking about your job or their job in the same business. I like the fact that people leave work, and they have pau hana and go surfing or be outdoors and go running, and they leave it all behind and I love that.”

And a final question for O’Loughlin.

Teri: “Donna Hall wants to know: will you please Twitter! Why haven’t you joined a social network?” Alex: “I would rather set fire to myself than join social network! Only because, I’ll tell you why, Donna. Okay, at the moment, I’m going to have a look. I’m going to reach into my pocket, and I’m going to get my phone out and I’m going to have a look. Okay, if you see here, it’s says 97 unanswered emails. 97!! They’re all emails I have to answer. I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I had Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen. I would probably have to start taking some pharmaceutical narcotic just to cope with the stress and anxiety, and then, McGarrett would become a very different character!”

Here’s an inside scoop: as season one winds down, we’re told all the camaraderie the Five-0 team built this year is going to become fractured in ways we never imagined. Stay tuned.

Copyright 2011 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

Mike Gordon’s report of last Sunday’s Five-0 actor’s seminar

March 7th, 2011 by

Recap of the Five-0 actor’s seminar

Daniel Dae Kim at the Hawaii Five-0 Actor's Seminar, 2/27/11, PHOTOS BY JAMM AQUINO / jaquino@staradvertiser.com

Daniel Dae Kim at the Hawaii Five-0 Actor's Seminar, 2/27/11, PHOTOS BY JAMM AQUINO / jaquino@staradvertiser.com

Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s entertainment reporter gave a detailed rundown in Sunday’s Star-Advertiser.  Alex O’Loughlin was quoted:

O’Loughlin offered an array of tips as he waxed poetic about his days as a young actor, which included background work on the Tom Cruise movie “Mission: Impossible II.”

Everything you do is an experience you can draw upon for a role, he said. Never mind that the project you’re in isn’t good; shine as bright as you can. And find the truth.

“We are either in the truth or we’re not,” O’Loughlin said. “The truth is difficult to get to. This conversation we are having is the truth. We get to this place and the cameras are rolling, we’re great.”

The Australian actor underscored the sincerity of the show’s effort to encourage local actors with a slight departure from the panel’s mantra of preparation. He wanted the local actors to know why he wants to inspire them: He feels welcome in Hawaii.


One more post of the Hilton shooting from @AlohaBruce, featuring Hapa

March 5th, 2011 by

Just one more…

Catch the video on Bruce’s facebook page.  You’ll notice the emcee introduce musicians on stage- that’s the local duo “Hapa”, who’s debut album was extremely popular in the 90’s.  They’re still a popular group and have released quit a few albums.  They begin playing “Olinda Road” from their debut album (but they stop after a few chords, presumably because the camera moves to the Five-0 team).

Catch the whole song here:

The ladies of O’Laughing Press transcribe the GQ Style article

March 5th, 2011 by

Making their optometrists proud

Alex O'Loughlin, GQ Style Auestralia

Alex O'Loughlin, GQ Style Auestralia

The ladies of O’Laughing Press will certainly make their optometrists proud…they transcribed the entire Alex O’Loughlin GQ Style interview!   The interview by Brendan Shanahan is probably one of the best I’ve read on any of the Five-0 cast.  It’s candid, raw, honest and fair.  I’ve been so used to seeing him as Steve McGarrett, that listening to the real Alex O’Loughlin come out makes for a fascinating read.  He showed a lot of vulnerability and a lot of emotion, which is a far departure from the typical E! or Entertainment Tonight interviews that we’ve seen before.

This paragraph stood out:

“Most people on this island are watching the show. So everywhere I go, people know who I am. But the thing about it is that … it’s Hawaii. And Hawaiian people are rad. They’re a lot like Aussies, very grounded and laidback and really, really sweet. There’s a lot of ‘Aloha’ here, a lot of generosity of spirit. People aren’t trying to pick a piece of you away when they come up to get a photograph, they’re just really happy to see you. Sometimes I prefer to stay at the house, but for the most part, it’s part of the gig and it’s probably the best place on earth to get used to it.”

I’ve heard him compliment the people of Hawaii many times, and it just makes me happy to hear that he holds us locals in such a sincere regard… Aloha Alex!

So fans, put away your microscopes and enjoy the article in its entirety on the O’Laughing Press blog!



Sneak Peek at Alex O’Loughlin’s GQ Style photospread

March 4th, 2011 by

Because I know a lot of you can’t wait

Here’s a little sneak of the photospread…unfortunately it’s not the best quality, but I know most of you can’t wait.  See it all on my Facebook Media Photos album.

Alex O'Loughlin, GQ Style Australia

Alex O'Loughlin, Photo: GQ Style Australia


More BTS with @AlohaBruce’s Hilton clips; more Diddy at Ala Moana; new BTS of Downtown filming

March 4th, 2011 by

@AlohaBruce uploads the last clips

Travel mogul Bruce Fisher uploaded two more clips from the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Very minor joke spoiler.

More BTS photos on Facebook

More Diddy at Ala Moana in the Media Photos album, and three shots from Thursday’s filming in Downtown in the Right Place, Right Time – Fan Photos 2011 album on Facebook.

Life On The Set of Hawaii Five-0 with Gabriella Sheindlin

March 4th, 2011 by

Life On The Set of Hawaii Five-0 with Gabriella Sheindlin

At the suggestion of a friend, bikini model and fitness competitor Gabriella Sheindlin called Hawaii Five-0 casting for any available part.  The casting director immediately offered her a walk on role for the Hilton Hawaiian Village scene that was filmed last week.  Gabriella spent a few minutes chatting with me about her experience on set.

Gabriella Sheindlin.

Gabriella Sheindlin, Photo: Robert Tolentino Photography

Tell me a little about yourself…
I started in bikini competition and won overall in the Paradise Cup.  I recently started modeling again,  did a shoot with a photographer and started a file on Model Mayhem.  Rob the photographer pretty much launched everything that’s going on now!

How’d you get involved with Five-0?
A friend of mine told me about casting for the show.  I walked in, filled out some papers, and right there they told me they needed a waitress.

Wait…you just walked right in and gave you the part?!?!  How lucky is that?  So you got to chat with the cast for a bit in between scenes?
We [the extras] were there before hand, and when Alex O’Loughlin walked in, he winked at me said “Hi.”  Another actress asked if I was starstruck…at the time I told her no, but I was a little nervous.  I guess it’s good that I didn’t watch the show cause I didn’t know how big the stars were.  I watched the show after, and realized they were all…legitimate! [laughing]

Allright so I watched the behind the scenes clips…I see you waiting on tables, but what exactly are you background actors talking about?  Are you actually saying anything?
Hah!  One of the actors was telling me “This is terrible! What are you doing?!?”  I was just supposed to ask if things were ok.  Once, I grabbed a plate from a table and served it to another table…but I don’t think anyone’s gonna notice that!

Is that all you got to do that night?  Wait on tables?
They asked me to stick around for the next scene, for the beach bar and luau.  You might see me dancing there.  Basically it went well, and I think they want me back.  It was my first time on camera, and somehow I was placed in the forefront of the scene.  As the night went on, I felt more confident.

There was a pretty huge crowd building up that night, was that a distraction?
There was a lady that kept on yelling at Alex during the filming…oh and later during the luau scene a drunk lady ran through!

What is in the future in acting for you?
I’ve been in contact with the people from Cougar Town, and they’re supposed to let me know if they need me.

Well good luck Gabriella!

You’ll see Gabriella in the foreground of @AlohaBruce’s BTS video clips. Gabriella appears at about the 15 second mark in the first clip and the 3:00 mark in the second.

HQ Alex O’Loughlin Aussie GQ video clip

March 3rd, 2011 by

Thanks to the ladies at the Long Legs O’Loughlin Network.