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Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 222, “Ua Hopu”

May 9th, 2012 by

Reunited and it feels so good

Well, what can we say?  We waited a good, long time for the return of Alex O’Loughlin and writer Stephanie SenGupta and director Larry Teng delivered.

After giving a 10 minute briefing on how dangerous Wo Fat is, then the plan of attack, and followed by a heartfelt "I'm gonna bring all you boys back home" speech, Steve realized that not one of them spoke a damned word of English. (Vidcap: CBS)

Stephanie SenGupta successfully managed to recover the late game fumble of Alex stepping into rehab and wrote a perfectly rational story in which Steve finally traces Wo Fat to Osaka, Japan.  Intrigue abounds in this episode as Steve finds Wo Fat patiently waiting to be taken in, and a bloody bathtub.  The whole take down of course was way to easy, and Steve soon finds that out when the Yakuza arranges for Wo Fat’s flight to have an abrupt detour.

This is of course where Larry Teng steps in as director.  He has a keen eye for action, and the episode definitely showed Larry’s ability.  A close quarter gunfight worthy of “The Departed” aboard the small plane leads to a spectacular crash.  Steve finally goes toe to toe with Wo Fat in an epic hand to hand battle that was way too good for TV.  Still showing off, Steve dodges Yakuza bullets to take down the  infiltrators.

Photo: Norman Shapiro, CBS

Meanwhile in Honolulu, Stephanie throws a whole new twist in the Wo Fat storyline with the reveal that the U.S. government is secretly supporting Wo Fat.  How big is this can of worms that the Five-0 team has just opened?  Even more interesting is that we haven’t seen Danny take on anyone without his team getting his back, so to see him pinned down (and hair toussled) by the CIA agents can only lead me to believe that there are some bigger players the show will reveal in the near future.

Secret lovers, that’s what they are

Writers teased fans in “Pā Make Loa” with a few quick lines between Kono and her mystery friend on the phone, with Chin quickly picking up on the fact that she was talking to her lovey dovey lover.  The previews leading up to “Ua Hopu” showed Kono making sure the shower stall is up to code and can accommodate two people-herself and her mystery man.  In the meantime, fans wondered “Who is that?!?”  In last night’s episode we finally see that our fair Kono is canoodling with Hiro Yoshimuri’s son, Adam, played by Ian Anthony Dale.

While I wouldn’t call the on screen relationship forced, I found it suddenly abrupt, as dialog between the two characters revealed that they’d been sneaking around for some time.  I forgave all that quickly after watching Grace and Ian play their scene perfectly, in which Grace totally sold the fact in her dialog  that she was so involved with Adam.  A vulnerable Kono always makes for a great scene and Grace emoted it perfectly.  Opposite her, Ian nailed it just as well, and one could see the conflict in his character.  Adam’s father Hiro (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) established early in the season that Adam was the only Yoshimuri on the right side of the law, but we saw during the season Adam resorting to extreme measures trying to find his father.

Not being one to judge, Chin will quietly ignore the fact that his cousin is in to being duct-taped by her new boyfriend.

That’s what friends are for

We got a little of the bromance back in this episode between Danny and Steve, but it was appropriately toned down.  A lot of us want to see the good old fashioned banter between the two again, but the episode was so steeped with action and drama, humor probably would have taken away from the gravity of the episode.  So, we fans will have to wait for next week to see if Steve and Danny are back to their old form in the finale.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 222, “Ua Hopu”

1) Well, if there’s one thing we learned about Hawaii from Hawaii Five-0 and Lost, was that I was half expecting Terry O’Quinn to step out of the woods as the Smoke Monster.  Am I right?  How many of you thought the same thing?!?

Did you notice…?

Exactly how fit is Mark Dacascos?  AMAZING!

The Koko Head shooting range lies on the other side of the crater from the trail head (where Lori turned her ankle).  Coincidentally the range is just a short drive from Kalama Valley, scene where the first smallpox victim tried to break into this ex’s house.

Charlie the gun expert was played by Jacqueline Lord (yes, the “other” Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-0).  She is a model, actress and singer.  Check out her website.

Jacqueline Lord with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, Hawaii Five-0, "Ua Hopu". (Photo: Jacqueline Lord)

Jimmy Fallon interviews Daniel Dae Kim

May 3rd, 2012 by

Check out Daniel Dae Kim’s great interview with Jimmy Fallon last night. They talk about “Lost”, “Hawaii Five-0” and the cross over with “NCIS:LA”.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 221, “Pā Make Loa”

May 2nd, 2012 by

I was on the verge…
…of naming this recap as “Things We Learned About Hawaii and Los Angeles from Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS:LA”, but that would have been just a little too wordy.   But as everyone already knows, this past Monday and Tuesday saw the much anticipated crossover event between Five-0 and NCIS:LA.  I elected to hold off on recapping “Pā Make Loa” until I saw “Touch of Death” last night, because it would give me a lot of material to compare the two shows.

Photo CBS

When I first heard the news of this, the inner adolescent nerd in me squee’ed in delight, much like I did whenever Marvel’s Wolverine made a guest appearance in The Incredible Hulk, or whenever Superman made an appearance in a Batman comic.  Acknowledgement that separate worlds of each show can actually intersect in the same network universe does nothing but to dramatically increase the shows’ watchability.  We pretty much know how the characters within each show operate, but how would they interact with characters from another show with an entirely different dynamic?

Ironically, team dynamics between the NCIS:LA team and the Hawaii Five-0 team are not much different.  There’s banter, character struggles, and well, more banter.  Watching a bunch of alpha males trying to sort out who the top dog was made for great TV.  Seeing  Special Agent Hanna (LL Cool J) and Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) go at it with Danny made me forget that Steve was gone for a minute.  But only for a minute.

I’m still not quite used to the fact that Steve isn’t there.  How different would these two episodes be had Alex been able to film these episodes?  Who would be bantering with whom?  All things considered, I think the writers did a great job of adjusting to the change and centered the entertaining dialog between Danny, Hanna and Deeks.

Speaking of Danny, did anyone notice the subtle difference Scott Caan played Danny between the two episodes?  Danny was dour and brooding at the opening of Five-0, trying to make more sense out of the Champ box clues (I thought he was pissed ’cause his checkbook wasn’t balancing).  And that mood continued to the very end.  In Los Angeles, we saw the same smarty pants Danny who we know and love, but like season one, he was  a fish out of water in Los Angeles, evidenced by his uncomfortable moments with Hetty.   I think Scott delivered better in NCIS:LA.

A pox on both their houses

Which story did I enjoy more?  I loved the Five-0 story because it was fast, it had a natural progression, and the case came to somewhat of a close with Comescu’s death.  The NCIS:LA episode had a slight edge in that the viewer knew what the danger was, and because of that there was a greater sense of excitement and urgency as the team had to track down the rogue doctors.  I think NCIS:LA had a slight edge in the banter department as well.  Despite how funny Kamekona’s scene with Hanna, and Hann’s backseat driving remarks to Danny,  I’m still laughing at Deeks submission to Danny in the smack talking contest and I’m still dreaming of Kensi’s armpits.  Yeah, I said it.  Kensi’s armpits.

Photo CBS

Now while I thought our great state of Hawaii was doing pretty well in the crime fighting department with Five-0’s fancy office, a locker full of guns, and the super awesome Magic Table, I had to catch my breath in order to behold NCIS:LA’s Magic Frickin’ Wall!  My God that thing was huge.  Do they have their Super Bowl parties in there too?  How magical is that wall?  I’m wondering because at the slightest flick of Kono’s wrist, images fly up from the table to the monitor a few feet away.  How big a gesticulation does someone need in order to move images across the Magic Frickin’ Wall?  What if someone sneezes in front of the Magic Frickin’ Wall?  Does the whole thing reboot?  Or does the image get transmitted to a TV screen halfway down the block? Advantage: NCIS:LA.

Rounding it out, I’m glad we got to see Kamekona (Taylor Wily) and Charlie Fong (Brian Yang) supporting the team.  I loved Grace Park on the sniper rifle, covering her teammates’ back.  Daniel Dae Kim played it perfectly in both episodes, especially in Los Angeles, as the seasoned vet in a new town.  He also really loosened up when he teased Kono about her mysterious caller.  As in the previous Five-0 episode, I’m loving the interaction with Danny and Chin and found it interesting that the both of them laid plans to make sure their loved ones would be ok had an outbreak started.  Final shout out to local Devon Nekoba who reprised his role as TSA Agent Myers.

Did I miss something?

Like a lot of other Five-0 fans who confessed on twitter, I don’t think I’ve watched more than a couple of episodes of NCIS:LA.  Having said that, I had no idea how far and how deep the Dracul Comescu/Agent Callen blood feud went.  From what little I gathered about Callen’s family being a targeted by Comescu, I imagine it was a pretty significant part of Callen’s past.  So when Callen finally cornered Comescu at the International Marketplace, I was expecting some grand dialog about vengeance, justice or something brilliant…but all we got was a bunch of yelling and three shots to Comescu’s chest.  Now in the grand scheme of things, Comescu was just the small pox salesman, but Callen didn’t even get an Ahnold-esque finishing phrase.  Even if he got out “I am Special Agent Callen.  You killed my Father, now prepare to die,” I would have been satisfied!  So I’ll maintain that the scene, and even Craig Robert Young were tragically underutilized.  The only reason I could think of is that the pace of the story needed to keep going.

In all, I enjoyed both episodes, and the final handshakes at the end of NCIS:LA hopefully hints to more crossover episodes.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 221, “Pā Make Loa”,

1)  Sand Island, known as “Quarantine Island” in the nineteenth century really was a detention point for travelers thought to be sick or carrying infectious diseases.  It was later an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II.  Now, it’s an industrial area with an adjacent state park.

2)  After watching NCIS:LA, didn’t you miss the verdant mountains and azure waters of Hawaii?  Advantage: Hawaii Five-0.

Did you notice…

Callen, Hanna, Chin Ho and Danny ran around Honolulu, then Los Angeles in the same clothes, crawling with smallpox cooties for at least 48 hours?  Eew.

Who the heck called Kono on the phone?  Was it Fonger?  This is an interesting twist so late into the season.

All the ProActiv cream and soap in the world won’t clear up the first victim’s complexion.



Craig Robert Young charms Hawaii Five-0 fans

April 27th, 2012 by

Craig Young living it up in Hawaii. (Photo: @craigryoung)

Craig Robert Young has a long body of work, but Hawaii Five-0 fans will be seeing him for the first time in Monday’s new episode, “Pa Make Loa”.  His career has taken him from music to acting, and among his credits include the long running U.K. show “Dream Team”, and over here in the U.S. in “Charmed”, “Fringe”, and of course “NCIS:LA”.

Craig recently spent a few minutes with me chatting via email about his career and his upcoming appearance in Hawaii Five-0.



You’re from Nottingham, England. Does your town get a bad rap because of the Sheriff and everything he did?
LOL -The sheriff protected the city – right?  I mean no one in power abuses their power right? I mean that would never happen today, right?  For one, I’m very proud to have come from Nottingham, it’s a very lively city with great history, not just Robin Hood, but we have the oldest inn (pub) in the world- called “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem” – you should check it out if your ever there – get a good old fashioned pint!

If I’m in Nottingham, I just want to know where I can get a share of Robin’s loot!  You were in a pop band in the 1990s called “Deuce” . How big a deal was that? Would you have rather stayed in music, looking back?
Deuce was one of those life blessings, one of those “How the heck did this happen?” things.  I mean I remember being about 11 years old and sitting in front of the telly on a Thursday night and watching Top Of The Pops and declaring that one day I would be on that show.  I was met with quite a few sniggers, rightfully so, I mean how was this snotty nose kid, ever gonna make that happen.  Power of thought really does exist, I guess.  I moved to London in 1993.  A chance meeting while working as a waiter in 1994 led to an offer and an incredible journey that included performing on Top Of The Pops, and to meet some life long friends during that time.  I never say never but I don’t think music is for me – acting was in my bones, music was a fluke.

Sounds like a wild ride, being a rock star and all.  Did you ever date an Atomic Kitten, Spice
Girl, or Sugababe?
Highlights were definitely the tours, we used to get into a lot of mischief.  Trashing hotels and stuff, very rock star – lol. All those girl bands came after us, but I did hang out with Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) here in L.A. after she left the Spice Girls.  She’s a great girl.

What was the craziest thing a fan did while you were in the band?
One girl used to scratch herself and draw blood – really weird and freaky to watch that.  I once said in
an interview that I liked blue Smarties, and one girl must have bought 500 tubes of the candy and handpicked all the blue ones out just for me.  It was a nice gesture but perhaps a little bit nutty.  Girls used to run after the tour van which was always funny.

Craig and Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii Five-0 set.

Moving on to acting, your career has spanned stage, television and screen. Where do you feel most comfortable?
All three places – all the same but all so different.  All bring challenges but all are so rewarding.

You’ve been in children’s shows, dramas, comedies, and science fiction shows as well.  What are you a fan of?
Reality – lol.  I hate to admit it, but  if I do have time to watch telly it’s usually something comfortably numbing for the mind.  So “Top Chef”, “The Voice”, “American Idol”, but I also love some dramas and comedies but tend to tivo them and watch them in marathons, like “Missing”, “Revenge”, “The Borgias”, “New Girl” and “Happy Endings”.  When I heard I was going to be starring on “Hawaii Five-0”, I tivo’ed a whole bunch and watched them back to back, I was pleasantly surprised how good the show is, well written and produced. But you guys already know that.

Any role that you’ve done that you’ve gotten so involved in, that you felt changed or personally moved?
Plays definitely move me.  I really like the rehearsal process and within that, the character development.  A good friend of mine, Gene Franklin Smith, who is a playwright cast me in his new work called BOISE, USA.  That play really moved me.  I played a not very nice man named Will Fairchild who was an FBI agent who spurred a witch hunt of gays in the 1950’s.   It was based on a true story, and it was a very heartbreaking subject matter, and I was very much the villain of the piece.  It’s easy to play evil on the surface but to justify your characters behavior and validate his actions, well that’s an entirely different thing.  I just had to think of that time, the 1950’s.  Women were still housewives and men were the bread winners, religion had a huge part to play in those times, everyone was expected to be perfect.  And of course no one was, but for Will, it was a game for him, how he could use his charms to capture his prize and how he could look like a hero.  I really wish someone would buy that play and turn it into a movie.

Have you dabbled much in writing or directing?
Yes I have, I wrote and directed two shorts over 10 years ago, one was called “Scooter Mum” and the other was called “The Streets”.   I also co-wrote a movie called “Wannabe” which I also starred in.   The movie spurned quite a few recognizable names now, Matt Dallas [“Kyle XY”, “Eastwick”]  had a small part in in, and Octavia Spencer [“The Help”] played a snappy choreographer in it.  I’m so proud of how well she has done, she has definitely worked hard and paid her dues.  Currently, I co-created a web series called “Andy and Chaz Bugger off to America”. The first season was 5 episodes which can be seen on Youtube.

What other projects are you working on right now?
Creating wise, we have a feature version of “Andy and Chaz” that we are shopping around and looking to attach some really cool names.  I have a movie coming out called Return to the Hiding Place, which is another powerful piece about the Dutch resistance in World War 2, it tells the story of Hans Poley and his friendship with Piet Hartog (my character) as they sabotage the Nazi’s missions and help transport Jews and objectors to safe houses.  The writer and director Peter Spencer has been working on this film for 20 years, it’s a life’s passion come true for him and I’m so happy that I was able to bring one of his characters to life.  Also there is a possibility of an action film in China later this year.

Ok.  I just watched all five episodes of Andy and Chaz…that stuff is hilarious!  Episodes three and five were the best of the bunch!  But what’s the dream project you want, if time, money and casting were totally up to you?
That’s between me and my dreams, like I said the mind is a powerful thing, and at this point I feel I’m on point and am lucky to be doing some great work that pushes me and allows me to grow as an artist.  I’m enjoying the ride.

How bad a baddie is Dracul and when did you first learn you’d be taking Dracul to Hawaii?
I don’t think Dracul is that bad, he’s more power hungry and that’s just a product of the family he was born into and the environment he was raised in.  All this is just normal work for him.  There was a rumor at the start of 2012 when my agent called me and said that it may be happening, but I don’t like to hold my breath. Things change and fall through all the time in this town.

Did you get the feeling there will be more crossovers in the future?  And how did the stars of the two shows get along – did you see chemistry on set?
I honestly don’t know what CBS has in store for the shows – I think crossovers definitely make it exciting.  Makes shows seem more real in a way.  The cast for both are awesome. Everyone was very professional.

Now that you’ve worked on both shows, how does the vibe on the two shows compare?
Well location on Hawaii Five-0 didn’t suck that’s for sure. As for “vibe” I think the guys on NCIS:LA win that one only because I’ve worked more with them.  Sorry! Plus Alex O’Loughlin wasn’t around either.

How did you like working in Hawaii?
I had been to Hawaii a few times before, once to shoot “Lost” but this time was better ’cause I got a little time off and was able to discover the island.  I swam with dolphins at Sea Life Park,  I went up to the north shore, I went to the Doris Duke house and visited Pearl Harbor.  I ate Hawaiian regional cuisine at Alan Wong’s restaurant and Morimoto’s — what’s not to love about Hawaii?   And the people are awesome too – so friendly and have a great sense of fun.

I’ve totally forgotten about your role in “Lost”.  Tragic that “You All Every Butties” never took off!  What do you think of the H5-0 fans that have started to follow you on twitter?
As for twitter, I only really started playing with it when I joined NCIS:LA and started chatting with some of the fans there. It’s really cool and important to me to see what the real people think about the shows.  But since Hawaii – wow it’s gone nuts! I have a really wicked sense of humor and I love to mess around, and I think a lot of the Five-0 fans are the same way. I hope tweeps don’t take me too seriously.

As far as I can see, the Five-0 fans have taken to you quickly.  But how difficult is it to be on the social network and being an actor?
In LA it’s difficult ’cause we have to drive everywhere and work and socialize in real time, when I was on the
island there was a lot more time for me as I didn’t have to feed the dog, grocery shop, all that crap.

Yes, you do seem the International Man of Leisure on twitter- the ladies seem to be loving the attention you give. Any message to them?
Seems I helped redefine some words there and some phrases that seem to have stuck.  So, “Behave, look after your crumpets and Dannado’s or I’ll have to come back to give you all a good #thudding”.  They’ll know what I mean.

Dracul going back to Cali? LL doesn't think so. (Photo @craigryoung)

And on a final note, at the end of the episode, is Dracul Going Back to Cali, Cali, Cali?
Wait and see all will be revealed. All I will say is “I need love” 😉



And there you have it, Craig Young needs love!  Follow him on twitter @craigryoung. Definitely check out “Andy and Chaz Bugger off to America”…if you liked “Snatch” you’ll love these webisodes.

Alex, I don’t know if you know, but Anuhea is kind of a “Big Deal”

April 23rd, 2012 by

I’m pretty sure Anuhea didn’t use that line from her hit song “Big Deal”, but Hawaii Five-0 fans got a glimpse of the Hawaii Five-0 studio wrap party last night thanks to the local singer’s facebook photos, who performed.

She’s a very talented singer/songwriter, so check out her website and her new CD “For Love”.

Packed house at Taylor Wily’s Wrap’Um Party

April 23rd, 2012 by

Taylor and new friends. (Photo: Brian Tseng, Honolulupulse.com)

300 friends, family and fans packed the old Big Island Steak House space at Aloha Tower to celebrate Taylor Wily’s Wrap’Um Party Saturday night.  Some lucky attendees got their own real fans with Taylor’s iconic face on it.  Fans patiently waited on the escalator going up to the balcony and when they finally arrived on the second floor were greeted by the red carpet and paparazzi line leading to Taylor himself.

Flash bulbs went off as photographers shot fans with Taylor for the meet and greet.  The music kicked off later with Hot Rain, and Fiji with special guest J Boog who brought the house down with their biggest hits.  The crowd got a thrill from a real haka (war chant), showing off some Polynesian pride for the night.  Cradle 2 Grave closed out the live music for the night.

Hawaii Five-0 fans were excited to meet Hawaii Five-0’s Kamekona, and also rubbed elbows with local stars Devon Nekoba and Karl Herlinger.  The party was immensely successful, and Taylor’s closing words were “It’ll be bigger next year, thank you to all the fans who came to party and to those who made it happen!”

See the whole 70 photo set by Brian Tseng at honolulupulse.com!

Taylor Wily to appear on the Mike Buck Radio Show today!

April 18th, 2012 by
Taylor Wily (Photo: Officer 808)

Taylor Wily (Photo: Officer 808)

Taylor Wily (Kamekona, of course!) is making the media rounds, and is to appear on my good pal Mike Buck’s radio show on AM 690 KHNR.  They’ll be on at 8:00 AM Hawaii Standard Time Thursday morning (4/18) and will be discussing Hawaii Five-0, the upcoming season 2 finale, and of course, Taylor Wily’s Wrap’Um Party Of The Year.  And let me warn you, there’s going to be a super secret, totally awesome guest on the program as well!

Mike is inviting everyone to call in with questions for Taylor!

Go to the KHNR website and click the “Listen Live” link on the menu bar.

Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 690 KHNR for “Kālele” and “Ha’alele” (Hawaii Five-0 podcast)

April 18th, 2012 by

Sorry Undercover Special Agents, I’ve been sitting on these two podcasts for awhile.  First up is my podcast with Mike Buck on “Kālele”, discussing Ed Asner reprising his original Five-0 role, followed by a podcast of “Ha’alele”.  Sit, download and enjoy!

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, March 20, 2012

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, April 10, 2012

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 220, “Ha’alele”

April 11th, 2012 by

I miss you, Steve :'(

Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS

“Ha’alele” was the first new episode in a couple of weeks, which brought about some notable changes.  The most glaring one is the absence of the Five-0 team’s main man Steve McGarrett, as filming of this episode coincided with his prescription medication treatment.   I’m sure the writers had to scramble to find some plausible reason for Steve to leave that fans would accept and would play right into the story.  While I find it hard to believe that Steve would just pick up and leave, Danny’s passing comment that perhaps Steve was “trying to protect them” made sense, since the last time the team went on a field trip, hapless Jenna Kaye didn’t come back home.  But what was Steve doing in Tokyo?  Looking for the perfect bowl of saimin (ramen)?  Catching up on the sumo season?  We know Wo Fat and Hiro Yoshimuri both are tied to Japan and Shelburne, so thrusting Steve in Japan might play out perfectly with the Shelburne mystery.

For the first few minutes of the episode, Danny looked like a fish out of water without his buddy to banter with.  Thankfully for him, he’s in a target rich environment, and his scenes with Kamekona on the missing truck and Chin on the fine nuances of plate lunches lightened the episode just enough.  And speaking of needing to be lightened up…

Jeepers Creepers

Without a doubt this probably had to be the creepiest episode of the series so far.  I think Robert Englund (the crazy homeles guy from “Ka Iwi Kapu”) would have to admit that.  Dark North Shore back roads and a cluttered, musty church basement made for some good ambiance as the team tracked a serial killer.  On top of that, casting did a great job of finding the absolute creepiest looking actors- the local helping the victim (Micheal Gueso),  Pruitt Taylor Vince as the wrongly accused “Trashman” and even the church custodian played by Max Perlich.

Just the right mix

"I am Max Bergman, you've killed my mother, now prepare to die. YA-TA!" Vidcap CBS

The episode found precisely the right mix of levity, drama and action in this episode. The running gag with Kamekona’s (Taylor Wily) missing shrimp wagon, his list of suspects and Danny’s constant disregard for Kamekona’s dilemma balanced the gravity of Max’s story. Writer Elwood Reid cleverly explained how the Asian medical examiner wound up with an other-than-Asian name. But on top of that, the drama that evolved around Max’s case, from his persistence to free the wrongly convicted “Trashman” to the reveal that his biologic mother was a murder victim, to his final confrontation to the real killer really showed how the show can evoke a deep pathos for the characters. Masi Oka nailed his parts perfectly to achieve that, and seeing Max evolve beyond his quirkiness was brilliant.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 220, “Ha’alele”

1)  Amazingly, the Five-0 team finally catches a criminal who doesn’t live in a fancy Kahala house!

2)  @Bakabreath mentioned that the razor in the tire was overkill on the woman’s tire, since our legendary potholes would have done the job for much cheaper.

Did you notice…?

Danny loves food and will not let anyone come in the way of it:  malasadas at Steve’s house with a trail of sugar powder everywhere, stealing a popsicle out of Steve fridge after the noisy ninjas break into the house, swiping Mary Ann’s coffee while she’s distracted with Steve.   And last, totally blowing off Kamekona’s crisis, yet demanding a shrimp plate on the house.  What a friend!

There was great casting in the background actors as well.  Bravo to the casting department!

Vidcap CBS

Vidcap CBS

Vidcap CBS

Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 219, “Kālele”

March 21st, 2012 by

Tying the past to the present

If there are any classic Hawaii Five-0 fans grumbling at how the new series has Jack Lord doing back flips in his grave, I hope they gave “Kālele” a fair chance.  In “Kālele”, writer Joe Halpin was spot on in creating a brilliant story that tied the classic series to the new one in a creative way.  Joe brought back Ed Asner, reprising his role of August March, the sinister diamond smuggler who just finished a thirty year stint in Halawa prison for the murder of  two of his associates.

“But how is the same character brought into the new series if it’s not directly related to the old one?” one may ask.  And therein lies the brilliance of re-inventing the procedural to keep it fresh.  August March is the same character in both series, though in one “alternate reality” he’s busted by Jack Lord’s Steve McGarrett, and in another he’s taken in by William Sadler’s John McGarrett.  Sounds a little like Desmond bouncing between realities in “Lost” doesn’t it?  Well, maybe not.

Ed Asner as August March, Kalele, Hawaii Five-0

Ed Asner played the role perfectly, appearing as a docile ex-con, harangued by the persistent Captain Fryer.  March even waxed nostalgic with Steve, talking about a young John McGarrett who refused to take a bribe from March.  The episode faded into the classic Five-0 footage viathe ivory figures in March’s apartment, which was a clever touch.  Fryer’s voice over to the vintage footage was incorporated perfectly in to the episode and really showed in a lot of ways how far Hawaii Five-0 and Ed Asner have come along.  The episode continued with March doddling along, helping the Five-0 team solve the case, flirt with Kono and bait a suspect in.  Of course the big kicker that I totally did not suspect was that August March was in it all along, who dispatched the diamond seller Angela at the pier, with his parting words lifted right out of the old episode: “Never turn your back on the buyer!”.

With March walking off into the darkness, he became one of the few baddies who actually wins one against the Five-0 team, as in most cases Steve and crew bring their man in.  But with a body floating in Honolulu Harbor, I would venture a guess that the investigation will work its way back to August March…is this the last we’ll be seeing of him?

Parade of guest stars

Tom Sizemore was brilliant again in his role as Captain Fryer.  Slowly, I think he’s earning the fans’ trust, and while he may rustle feathers with everyone, he appears to be on the side of good.

Tom Sizemore, Kalele, Hawaii Five-0

I loved seeing Taryn Manning again back as Mary Ann McGarrett.  I expected her to do a little more butt kicking as she did the last time she was on, and seeing her as the patsy in all this while trying to do good for herself does emote some sympathy for her.

Jason Scott Lee returned to reprise his role as the corrupt Detective Kaleo chillin’ like a villain in Halawa.  I had a feeling that at some point we would see the smug cop return to harass the Five-0 team, and what better way than for him to be calling the shots in the diamond heist from prison.  I still hope they bring his character back again.

Now how many of you expected a scene something like this when you saw Tony Dodd: a man tossing out his cigarette starts a flash fire in the trash can of the hotel lobby.  The sprinkler system activates, but the overhead sprinkler is defective, and instead the water pressure shoots the spigot into the back of someone’s head.  I get “Final Destination” flashbacks when I see him, but he rounded out the guest stars perfectly in this episode.

Mary Ann got it all wrong

I understand that Mary Ann was probably panicked about trying to save Angela and thought that taping the diamonds to her was the best way to get them on the plane.  What she should have done was say, give Danny brand new awesomely awesome denim boardshorts (“Hey Danny, I Bedazzled these just for you!”) and tell him that the surfing is much better this time of year at Seaside Heights, New Jersey.   Then de-Bedazzle the diamonds off when they get to Jersey.  I don’t think Danny would have noticed it at all…

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 219, “Kālele”

1)  Danny should have remembered Kono clocking the surfer from the Pilot.  Don’t drop in on anyone’s wave.  Or he should have been familiar with the surfing classic “North Shore” and the classic line “Ho Vince dis haole is so haole he don’t even know how haole he is”.

2)  Pupu is a borrowed pidgin word from Chinese, and refers to a plate or platter of appetizers, and not a plate of poo-poo.

Did you notice…?

Danny had no idea how to stick his surfboard in the sand.  It’s funny to see Danny flounder as Scott is an avid surfer.

The logo for Town and Country appeared on the surfboard and is a local surf and skate shop.

Danny always makes himself at home at Steve’s house- malasada powder all over the dining table, helping himself to anything in his fridge, occupying the couch and keeping the TV blaring, letting his dog stay in Steve’s bed, and helping himself to Mary Ann’s coffee.  True surfing buddies.

There was a nice tribute to Mrs. Freeman at the end of the episode.