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Hawaii Five-0 filming rolls on after heavy O’ahu rains

March 7th, 2012 by
Taylor, Terry and Alex, filming at the HHV, 8/15/2011. (Photo: Undercover Special Agent Mapletastic)

Taylor, Terry and Alex, filming at the HHV, 8/15/2011. (Photo: Undercover Special Agent Mapletastic)

Two days of torrential rainstorms, lightning strikes and a hailstorm has not slowed down the production of Hawaii Five-0 filming.  A source within the production has told me that filming was done in earnest today, which included a scene featuring Scott Caan, Masi Oka, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Taylor Wily in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  The cast were all smiles and laughs on a bright day at the beach.  Conspicuously missing was Alex O’Loughlin, who had entered treatment earlier in the week.  The source told me that Alex is definitely missed by the cast and crew, but they truly feel the Aloha that the fans have been showing in support of Alex and the show.



Dennis Miller hosts Peter Lenkov on his radio show

March 6th, 2012 by

Love him or hate him, Dennis Miller is a funny guy.  He interviewed Peter Lenkov the morning of the day “Lekio” was broadcast.  It’s a short clip but you’ll get a few laughs out of it.  Thanks to a heads up from @AOLRocks and HawaiiFiveoonline.com for the audio clip.

BTS from Hawaii Five-0 “Lekiō” featuring Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan

February 29th, 2012 by

Submitted by Undercover Special Agent Gateau who happened to be in the right place at the right time a couple of weeks ago!  Check out Danny and Steve outside of the fruit stand run by the illegal firecracker dealer played by Jimmy Borges.

Jesse B. Marchant’s “Only Now” from “I Helu Pū” available for free download

February 29th, 2012 by

Photo: Migratemusicnews.com

The scene from “I Helu Pū” a couple of weeks ago where Amanda visited the Russian businessman in the hospital was identified by MSJ of Hawaii Five-0 Fans as “Only Now” by JBM (also known as Jesse B. Marchant).  Check out Migrate Music News, where with a special arrangement with me, we’re able to provide you the download of the song for FREE! (Disclaimer: I’m joking.  The download is free thanks to Jesse). Also check out his official homepage.





Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 218, “Lekiō”

February 28th, 2012 by

Kyle Harimoto writes a good one!

Scott Caan, James Caan, Lekio, Hawaii Five-0, Photo CBS

Sonny Corleone and Muscles

Five-0 writer Kyle Harimoto wrote a great episode that definitely upped the banter factor with James Caan thrown in there.  He also threw in references to the Occupy movement and  live tweeting events as they happen (as in the hijacking of Bobby’s body), keeping the episode current and relevant.  Five-0 tweeps (including @harimoto)  know how active the timeline gets Monday night, and seeing that incorporated in to the episode was hilarious.  Kono got a significant amount of air time in this episode as well which I loved.  I didn’t mind the lack of car crashes or the low body count, and I was about ready to punch Todd in the face myself when he caanfessed “But I fell in love with her!”, but the dialog between Steve, Dannyand Tony kept me laughing.

Dennis Miller gets the Rick Springfield treatment

Ok, we all keep on referring to Rick’s fleeting appearance on Hawaii Five-0 as the guest star who never starred.  Since then, we fans have always looked at guest stars’ onscreen duration with a wary eye.  Thanks to the advanced warning from the previews, as well as Rick’s experience, I don’t think anyone was surprised then Dennis’ Five-0 stint outlasted Rick’s by about a few seconds.  Now I’m sure those who follow politics and are not Miller fans were happy to see his on screen persona go in a blaze of glory, but I myself like Dennis (since the days of Saturday Night Live), and thankfully he did a great job of playing Dennis, commenting on the clueless Occupy protesters of Honolulu.

Shaka, Caan

She's every woman

No, not than one!


No!  Shaka, James Caan!  Fans were finally rewarded last night with “Lekiō” in which James Caan made his Hawaii Five-0 debut with his son Scott.  His character, Tony Archer, immediately stood out with his loud shirt, rolled up pants, vintage hat and chronic shoelessness.  James totally added another dimension to the classic bantering between Steve and Danny.  Now, three Alpha males compete with each other- Tony telling Danny to go fetch things was priceless.

Alex O'Loughlin, James Caan, Lekio, Hawaii Five-0, Photo CBS

I spent a few lines on this blog always comparing Scott Caan’s passionate acting with his father’s.  James delivery was brilliant in his scene with Alex, pleading with him to help with the case.  Even better was Tony’s interrogation of Todd in the interrogation room.  James Caan delivered immensely in this episode…he was funny when he supposed to be funny and he brought the drama when he needed to.

Speaking of being funny, I thought it hilarious then Tony threw back some of the smart ass Danny-isms back at Danny.  Hawaii Five-0 has found it’s own version of “Lost’s” Sawyer, with Tony getting creative with nicknames…”McGruff”, “McGoo”, “Hair-do”, and the instant classic, “Book ’em, Muscles”.

Caan’t fight this feeling anymore…

…Steve and Danny have forgotten what they’re fighting for.  The comment at the end that Tony would be their “marriage counselor” is a huge shout out to the ongoing bromance between Steve and Danny, and the additional mention that he would help them whenever he could hopefully cements James Caan as a FREQUENTLY recurring role in Hawaii Five-0.

Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, James Caan, Lekio, Hawaii Five-0, Photo CBS

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 218, “Lekiō”

There’s nothing like pizza and beer at seven in the morning!  In the final scene with Danny, Steve and Tony, the sun rises over Diamond Head in the east.  Like Catherine and Steve’s morning steak and wine last season, you gotta love the use of Hawaii’s interchangeable sunrise and sunsets.

Primo Beer is Tony’s beverage of choice.  It was a beer originally first produced in 1898 by the Hawaii Brewing Company and was later acquired by the Pabst company.  The beer was ceased in 1997 but brought back in 2007.  The original Hawaii Brewing Company building sits on Queen street, just walking distance from the CBS production headquarters.

Did you notice…

Jimmy Boges, Leki, Hawaii Five-0, Photo CBS

Local celebrity Jimmy Borges made a guest appearance as the fireworks salesman.  He appeared in the old series as well.  Coincidentally, most fireworks are illegal in Hawaii, and illegal trafficking of them is a problem in Hawaii.

@KikassTrophyWife (who appeared in “I Helu Pu”) was an extra again!  Try to spot her out in the line of bikini bods in the opening montage during Bobby’s monolog.  Mrs. Officer 808 immediately slapped me when I yelled “YEAH!” at the TV at that moment, which cut my look short.

You probably already checked…Dumb and Dumber who stole Max’s van really don’t have twitter accounts.  #rainesaccolyte4lyf

I was amazed to see Max upset.  It was even better to hear max say that Bobby’s body was “ok”.

Songs included The Dead Kennedys, Hawaii’s  The Green, and The Swell Season.


Scott Caan in HiLuxury Magazine

February 27th, 2012 by

Check out these scans from the latest issue of HiLuxury magazine, with Scott Caan at ‘Iolani Palace.  Article by Silvia Bizio and Jason Black, photos by Mark Arbeit.   Scott talks about his earlier years, why photography beats acting, relaxing in Hawaii and his Dad’s critiques of his performance of Five-0.  His address is also listed.  Just kidding.  Big mahalo to Wendie Joy of the Five-0 Redux for the tip!

Life on the set of Hawaii Five-0: Joan and Ann share their experience

February 27th, 2012 by

A big mahalo to Undercover Special Agents Joan Powers and Ann Adams for sharing with us their on set experiences for filming “I Helu Pu” for the “prom night” scene!

Joan Powers and Keikilani Grune in Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu"

Joan Powers and Keikilani Grune in Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu"

All glammed up for Five-0
Contributed by Joan Powers

As one of the lucky locals chosen in an open casting call for this upscale evening gala, I was honored to be there.   Beautiful women in evening gowns and stylish handsome men dressed in formal black tuxedos took over the open lanai deck of the Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort & Spa.  There was no mistake as to who the stars of the show were when they first walked out because Alex, Scott, Grace, Daniel and Lauren looked absolutely STUNNING.  It was hard not to stare.  After a few minutes of being star struck, we got to work on this scene.

“Is that ALEX? Oh my gosh, it is and he’s walking this way!”

YES!  All that waiting to get onto the set of Hawaii Five‐0 with a hundred or so other extras has paid off.  Alex O’Loughlin is standing right next to me in the beginning of this scene.  Hearing his Australian accent in between takes was unexpected. His American speech on camera is very convincing.  Being so close was definitely something I’d never forget.  Especially on a night when Alex sports a tux.

It was an impressive set. Tables, plates, flatware, candles, champagne glasses for everyone, glowing lanterns strewn above, the set crew thought of everything. This place was done up right!  The crew was well organized and friendly. The
Directors and Producers communicated well with the multitude of extras. Filming progressed until the early morning but the atmosphere remained upbeat and energetic. It helped that they reminded us to have fun. When we finally wrapped up filming, everyone cheered! Having the opportunity to look GLAMOUROUS on the set of Hawaii Five‐0 was undeniably an experience that I’ll never forget. Hopefully, there will be a next time for me.

Joan Powers and Keikilani Grune (on left) are the unsung stars of Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu"!

Joan Powers and Keikilani Grune (on left) are the unsung stars of Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu"!

So what were you and Keilani actually talking about in the background?
A few people have asked us this.  Behind the scenes stuff too, you know, hah!  Pointing out which were our favorite evening gowns, clutches and shoes.






Spilt Second of Fame
by Ann Adams

Ann Adams as a party guest in Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu"

I just watched Hawaii Five-0 and got a glimpse of the back of my dress for a second.  At least I didn’t completely end up on the “cutting room floor”!  I didn’t even see my partner in his tux.  They filmed for almost six hours to get the gala scene that I was an extra in on the lanai of the Waikiki Marriott Hotel for  a scene the director told us would be 4 1/2 minutes long.  We were given champagne glasses of ginger ale when we arrived on the set, and they were refilled throughout the filming.  As we all arrived on the set, we were paired up with a partner.  Some couples were placed in various spots around the dinner tables and silent auction tables and some couples were told to be minglers and walk around during the filming.







Ann Adams, in the far background in the middle, in Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu".

Ann Adams, in the far background in front of the waitress, in Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu".

So what did they tell you to do?
We were told to mingle and figure out a pattern to walk and greet our friends and to walk the same path over and over again as they filmed.  Every time they filmed, we had to pantomime except for one time when they recorded the audio.   The set was gorgeous with white Japanese lanterns, twinkle lights in the palm trees, very pretty flower arrangements and the tables set with crystal and china in addition to the silent auction tables being set up with really nice silent auction items.  And of course everyone was dressed to the “nines”.  It was loads of fun.  And it was an absolutely beautiful evening on the lanai of the Waikiki Marriott.




Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 216, “Kūpale”

February 22nd, 2012 by

I’m writing this about a full day after the episode aired, and while I’ve managed to avoid reading any other reviews, I think it’s pretty unanimous that this episode nailed every, single, thing that we loved about Hawaii Five-0 from the beginning.

Respecting the culture

Among many of the things I’ve heard Peter Lenkov say, this episode does one thing I’ve heard him repeat: his iteration of the show makes a huge attempt to respect the Hawaiian culture.  In this episode, the culture of the islands wasn’t a passing comment or a footnote in the story, but took the stage, front and center.  Great lengths were made to recreate the battle scene with authentic weapons, clothing including the malo [loincloth] to the feathered helmet and cape (see “Did you notice below…”).  Writers also included cultural artifacts including the deadly leiomano and the intricate lei niho palaoa.  I was totally impressed by the amount of research that went into the episode.

Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS

Guest stars

I’ve heard the term “stunt casting” being thrown around the social network regarding Hawaiian born baseball player Shane Victorino and speed skater Apolo Ohno’s appearance in last night’s episode, and I couldn’t disagree more.  Shane did well in the part that he had, as the leader on a company’s retreat.  Apolo had a bigger part and played it superbly.  As the antique smuggler Seth Burgess, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Apolo again in a future episode since the character has a deep knowledge of Hawaiian artifacts.  It was also good to see Taylor Wily again at the end of the episode.

This episode reminded us why we fell in love with the show in the first place

Carrying on from last episode, I think the writers have hit it out of the park again.  We finally get back to the banter and the good old carguments that we know and love.  Fritata disasters, Danny’s covert op for a group date night- all of it were written and performed so well, I couldn’t help but feel like it was season 1 all over again.  The original formula for success can work, and work well if the story is done right.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it when the writers can mix it up with the story telling, such as the divergent timeline in last week’s episode, but it just seemed like a really long time that we’ve had an episode that just about everyone unanimously agreed was a good one.

Grace Park had a great moment in the episode where she challenged her boss and her cousin.  As the youngest member, she doesn’t do a lot of disagreeing, so when she stands up for her opinion, and being right, it was a refreshing surprise.

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, "Kupale"

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, "Kupale" (Photo EPR)

Danny wins hearts and minds

Scott turned in another great performance as Danny.  I loved the flirty scene with Danny and Gabby in the museum with the fifth wheel Steve in tow.  Of course the episode culminates in the group date that Danny sets up with Gabby so that Grace can finally meet the new lady in her Dad’s life.  He finds them on the beach, making a Hawaiian butterfly with shells in the sand.  Grace gives her dad the final shell to place, and despite his fear that he’ll ruin it, he puts it in the right place.  And like the shell in the butterfly, Danny, Gabby and Grace fit well together.  This romantic relationship is probably the best developed and written in the show so far and we’ll see how this blossoms.

And now , Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 216, “Kūpale”

1)  Judging by the participants of the battle re-enactment, there’s no such thing as a scrawny Hawaiian.  What’s the nickname for a  250 pound Hawaiian?  “Slim”.

2)  Thankfully Hawaii doesn’t have any eco-terrorists, even if we did, they’d be smart enough not to make their escape with a long ride off a short pier.

Did you notice…

Photo kapotrading.com

The leiomano [lei of shark teeth] was referenced before in “Ka Hakaka Maika’i” [The Good Fight], but we finally see it in  action during the battle.  It’s a pretty brutal weapon that does some serious damage.





Man Wearing Feather Cloak and Helmit (sic) attributed to Rembrandt Peale

Hawaiian feather helmets (mahiole) and capes (‘ahu’ula) were intricate crafted from the black and yellow feathers of the extinct ‘o’o and mamo birds.  Also used were red feathers from the ‘i’iwi (Hawaiian honeycreeper) which still lives in wooded areas.  These adornments were reserved for the ali’i [royalty]. Beach boy Mamo wore them on the battlefield.  Coincidentally, no other Polynesian culture ever used feathered helmets and capes.  Historians have a theory for this, and I’ll share that in a later post.








The lei niho palaoa [whale tooth necklace] is intricately woven from human hair, with a hook made of sperm whale bone.  From the British Museum website:  High ranking men or women wore the lei niho palaoa as an emblem of status. The pendant may be a stylized representation of the head of a deity, and as such befitted persons of high rank.






Brandon Karuba and his partner built a ship that looked suspiciously like the  Hawaii Superferry.  It’s a now defunct company that attempted to run a ferry between the islands.  As mentioned in the episode, opponents argued that the Superferry would endanger marine wildlife, though the company argued that it had multiple layers of warnings for avoiding whale contact.  Ironically in its short run, the Superferry never ran into any whales but, whale watching tour boats have a long history of hitting whales.  What ultimately undid the business was the legal and political wrangling- the company was “expressed laned” by the State legislature and launched without a full environmental impact study.



The battle scene was filmed at Kualoa Ranch, Ka’a’awa Valley.  If you look closely, you can see a blue Dharma van in the background.   Just kidding.

My favorite Steve moment:  just as Dennison grabs Megan’s pistol and turns it on her, Steve gives an exasperated eye roll worthy of a sassy 15 year old, before promptly shooting him in the shoulder.  Steve has faced the Taliban, Iraqi insurgents and worse, and he ain’t about to be shown up by a pencil pusher!

Teri Okita goes BTS with Apolo Ohno, Alex O’Loughlin and Peter Lenkov

February 20th, 2012 by

Teri Okita of Hawaii News Now caught behind the scenes interviews with Apolo, Alex and Peter.  Peter doesn’t rule out the possibility of Apolo returning as a recurring character, Alex talks of the future of the season, and Apolo talks about the transition from athletics to acting. Catch the video or read the transcript below!

Apolo Ohno skates from athlete to actor on Hawaii Five-0
by Teri Okita

Apolo Ohno, Hawaii Five-0, "Kupale"

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Sometimes, even good guys go bad! Olympic gold medalist, Apolo Ohno, guest starred the February 20th episode of Hawaii Five-0 – as a thief and murder suspect.

But before the Five-0 team could catch him, he sat down with me to talk about the transition from athlete to actor. He’s the first to tell you, it’s not necessarily a natural transition. Ohno hasn’t decided if he’ll go for Olympic gold again, but he is definitely setting his sights this new career. “A new challenge!” he exclaims. And he knew Five-0 would be a perfect fit.

On one of his breaks from shooting, he told me, “When I heard that they were going to remake Hawaii Five-0, I think I was actually still competing at the time. This was before the last Olympics, and I called my manager, and I said, ‘I love the show. I gotta get on the show!’ and finally, finally, we made it happen.”

Mr. All-American loved playing the bad guy and has been taking lessons to hone his acting skills. “My entire life as an athlete, I spent, essentially creating this invisible shield, this invincibility shield – that I never showed any weakness,” says Ohno, thinking back. “I didn’t show any emotion, other than I was happy or I was never tired. And then, you reverse the role and you try to become an actor, and you show your vulnerability side. You show your weaknesses. You show all of your insecurities. So, it’s a big change of pace, but it’s something that I really enjoy.”

Ohno’s role on the show could be recurring – as producers tinker with various storylines down the road.

“I’m always thinking of whole, the big picture,” explains executive producer, Peter Lenkov. “I’m thinking, like when we started the season, I was thinking about what our end game was going to be.”

And for fans who think they know the endgame, plenty of surprises are still in store. “You can bring up a back story that wasn’t there before or you can do all sorts of things,” says the show’s star, Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarrett. “So, we have a lot of freedom with that. We’ve still got a lot of juice left in the Wo Fat stuff and the John McGarrett stuff. You know, we’re far from resolution with that.”

Add to that, the continuing rotation of guest stars – drawn to the allure of both the show and the islands – and the show stays fresh. “I love Hawaii,” says Ohno. “Everytime I come back here, I feel so good. It’s like one of the few places that I feel like I can rest and I’m calm. It’s a really good sense of energy here.”

Next on the guest list: legendary actor James Caan – Scott Caan’s father. He won’t be playing Danny’s dad in the show, but just like Apolo Ohno’s character, it promises to go against typecast and expectations.

Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 690 KHNR for “I Helu Pū” (Hawaii Five-0 podcast)

February 17th, 2012 by

In this podcast, we talk a lot about Lori’s departure, the ratings game and Governor Denning.  A shorter conversation, but still great stuff!  Sit, download, and enjoy!


Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, February 15, 2012 (11:00)