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Hawaii Five-0 “Kupale” extended promo released

February 15th, 2012 by

I’m expecting  Mamo to scream “FREEEEEDOM!” (in the manner of Mel Gibson) somewhere in this episode.  This should be accessible in all areas!

Spoilery news on James Caan’s appearance on Hawaii Five-0

February 15th, 2012 by

From EW.com:

‘Hawaii Five-0’ first look: James and Scott Caan stage small-screen family reunion

by Sandra Gonzalez
We’d be lying if we said our hopes weren’t sky high for the upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0 that finds star Scott Caan sharing scenes with his father James Caan (both pictured below in this EW exclusive first look). But from the sounds of it, we won’t be disappointed.

In this episode, set to air Feb. 27, James Caan plays Tony Archer, a retired NYPD bomb expert-turned-private investigator who lives on the island. (But if you’re getting technical, I suppose he lives off the island… on a sail boat.) The team crosses paths with Archer during a murder investigation. Click below.

Image Credit: Norman Shapiro/CBS

It really should be illegal to have this much badassery in one picture.

This is not the first time father and son have appeared in a project together. James Caan played Scott Caan’s on-screen father in 2009′s Mercy, which was directed by the Hawaii Five-0 star.

Lori’s down, not out according to Peter Lenkov

February 15th, 2012 by

It’s no big surprise that since Lori didn’t die in a hail of bullets,  the possibility of her return to the show in some capacity is possible.  Seeing Lauren back on to help the team would be great!

From E! Spoiler Chat Daily:

AllysonKoerner: This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lauren German aka Lori Weston on Hawaii Five-0, is it? Please tell me no.
We took your Q right to executive producer Peter Lenkov today, who answered right back: “We never say never again on Five-0. She’s still alive, right?” So you know what that means, right? Keeeeepwatching!

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 216, “I Helu Pū”

February 14th, 2012 by

You know it’s Nielsen sweeps time when TV shows leave you wow’ed week after week.  Writer Paul Z delivered a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (did I say it enough?) episode in “I Helu Pū”, in which we see a twist to the typical procedural by telling the story via two timelines.


This episode was a refreshing departure from the normal Five-0 procedural from start to finish.  The opening sequence didn’t feature a group of hapless tourists/adventurers/hikers stumbling upon a dead body, who scream in horror right before the title sequence rolls.  We’re left with a stunned and bloody Lori looking in on an emergency room where nurses are rolling in a crash cart for that patient on the bed.  Is it Steve?!?   Based on the previews for this episode, a lot of us were left wondering if it was Steve who went over the edge of the building.  This and other huge misdirects really kept viewers on edge and kept the pace of the story high.

Photo EPR

I loved the telling of the story in two separate timelines, and how they finally meet at the end.  While the writers have done something like this before, it was a bigger feat to tell the entire episode as such.

The biggest plus was that I felt like we’ve caught up on an entire season of character development with the dialog between the characters at  the onset of the investigation.  It felt like season 1 all over again!  The “winners” versus “uppers” banter was brilliant, and I loved the friendly romantic advice that Kono was giving to her cousin.  Danny made a small mention of Gabby, so we know she’s still in the picture of Danny’s life somewhere, and we see the return of Lieutenant Catherine Rollins, who despite her dispassionate “see you later” hug with Steve earlier in the season, seems to have picked up where she left off.

The acting was spot on.  Alex was intense as always, and I’m sure all the Alex fans’ hearts skipped a beat when we went over the edge to save the jumper.  Daniel rocked it with the martial arts against the Russian guards.  Grace, Masi and Scott delivered as well. I thought Sarah Habel was especially great as the victim’s sister, Amanda Chase.

Plugging the locals

A lot of local businesses as well as a local musician got a mention in this episode.  The most prominent feature was ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro who has a song featured on the Hawaii Five-0 soundtrack album.  The Makani Kai helicopter tour company got some camera time, and Haleiwa Joe’s had a mention as well.

McGarrett is indestructible

You can shoot him, shiv him, hit him with a car, send him over the edge of a building, but that braddah will take a licking and keep on ticking.  He gets plowed by a car going at least 25 miles an hour and all he needs is a filling!  I cry and immediately demand a band aid when I get a paper cut.   Airplane black boxes need to be be made from his DNA to make them completely indestructible.   And when the case is done, there’s still enough McLovin’ for all tha ladeez.  I thought he might sneak in a kiss with Lori, but he saved his box of chocolates for Catherine at the hotel…

Hawaii Five-0, "I Hele Pu" (Photo Norman Shapiro, CBS)

Skyrockets in flight... (Photo Norman Shapiro, CBS)


With the resignation of Lori Weston for failing to perform her duties of keeping tabs on the Five-0 team, along with the character development in this episode, and the return of Catherine Rollins, I would put forth that we seem to be returning to how things were like near the end of season 1.

Lauren German and the Lori Weston character had a monumental task at the beginning of the season.  The sides and casting call that were released and leaked called for a sexy, savvy female McGarrett.  Media outlets hyped up the possibility of Lori becoming a love interest for Steve.  Actress Lauren German had to fill the shoes of being the new member of the team in the midst of a team broken up by Steve’s recent arrest, Kono’s IA investigation, Chin’s possible betrayal of the team, and Danny’s personal distractions.  So season 2 started with all that resting on Lori’s shoulder’s.

But the fracture of the team extended into the fandom with the coming of Lori.  Some fans, for whatever reason, hated the character from the start, citing a litany of unjust judgements against her, with comments about the character’s appearance, accusations of the character “knowing everything”, and the list went on and on and on.

Fair minded fans gave Lori a chance but found either the character lacking in depth or didn’t see the chemistry with the other characters.  And there are still many fans who loved Lauren’s portrayal on the show.  I myself loved the character, but am disappointed that Lori never seemed to live up to her full potential.   Lori  had a lot of great moments with the team, but could never shake off the fan drama that followed.

Hawaii Five-0, "I Hele Pu" (Photo Norman Shapiro, CBS)

Photo Norman Shapiro, CBS

Fingers of accusation will fly at the writers, the actors, and the fans as to the reason for the drama that evolved around Lori, and I’m not going to start that discussion here.  I asked Peter on the Mike Buck show last year (on a podcast posted to the blog) if fan input has any bearing on the direction of the show.  He stated that shows are written so far in advance that fan input, while interesting, has little bearing on the show’s course.  Some people will be patting themselves on the back for their perception of a job well done for putting pressure on the writers for removing a character they didn’t like, but I’ve always maintained that as fans, we are on a roller coaster, along for the ride.  We don’t tell the ride operator to turn right, left, go up, or go down.  We go where they want us to go, it’s up to us to enjoy the ride or not.  And like roller coasters, some episodes are more memorable and more thrilling than others, but in all I really love the show.

So with sadness, I say “aloha” to Lori Weston, and Lauren German.  The thing about the meaning of  “aloha” in Hawaiian is that it can mean “love”, “hello”, and “goodbye”.  I bid aloha to Lori and Lauren with the hope that we’ll see her again to help the team.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 216, “I Helu Pū”

1)  The University of the Hawaii Warrior Football team was formerly known as the Rainbow Warriors.  The word “Rainbow” and corresponding logo was dropped in 2000, and a more aggressive “H” logo with a corresponding Hawaiian tribal tattoo design was adopted.   I think “Rainbow Warriors” didn’t strike enough fear into the hearts of our opponents, who probably thought that the UH team rode magical ponies and sprinkled cheer and aloha to all in the land.



Did you notice…?

Local celebrity Kimo Kahoano played Jake Almeda, the governor’s chief of security.  His popular song “Aloha Friday” is the “pau hana” [quitting time] anthem at 5 PM every Friday.

Catherine comments about wanting to drink beers at Haleiwa Joe’s, which is a restaurant chain, one in Kaneohe and one in Haleiwa.  The Kaneohe location sits above a beautiful garden, and has an incredible Sunday brunch.

Navy SEALs still wear the old camouflage uniform, since the Navy had not agreed on what woodland pattern the SEALs should wear.  The rest of the Navy wears the blue digital print, like Catherine.

The UH Warriors play the University of South Alabama Jaguars on December 1st at Aloha Stadium (hat tip @UHPics).

Preview of “I Helu Pū”- Danny and Steve get competitive

February 10th, 2012 by

Youtube clip for you international Undercover Special Agents forthcoming. Great dialog between these two!


Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 690 KHNR for “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko” (Hawaii Five-0 podcast)

February 10th, 2012 by

In this episode of the podcast, AM 690 KHNR Mike Buck and I chatted about Monday’s episode, “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko”.  We dissect the episode, discussed Koko Crater Trail, Telor Grubbs’ performance, Danny’s ability to throw the rules out  the window, James Caan’s upcoming appearance, model Denby Dung, local actress Sarah (@blondeatbeach), Peter Greene as the perfect bad guy, and  the numbers games with ratings.  Sit, download, and enjoy!

Our discussion starts at the 1:30 mark.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, February 7, 2012

New BTS of the inaugural Hawaii Five-0 Prom Night, “I Helu Pū”

February 10th, 2012 by

Big mahalo to EPR/Erika Kauffman for snapping these shots!  Chin taking down Russian guards, and everyone’s dressed to the nines!

Hawaii Five-0, "I Helu Pu". Photo EPR

Will either of you marry me?

New promo photos of Hawaii Five-0, episode 217, “Kupale” released

February 10th, 2012 by

Check out the new photos released from CBS.  Thanks for the tip mwj01 of Hawaii Five-0 Fans!  Photos by Norman Shapiro, CBS.

Exclusive BTS clip of Danny’s turn down a one way street on Hawaii Five-0

February 10th, 2012 by

Undercover Special Agent Hikaru sent me this bird’s eye view of filming for the Hawaii Five-0 episode “Mai Ka Wā Kahiko” in January 2011.  Note how controlled the environment is.  The production crew has the entire block (from the intersection on the left, to the far right).  Stunt drivers drive the two cars in the correct direction at a slow pace.  By speeding the frame rate and fast editing, the scene appears to be much faster than it’s actually shot. A stunt driver drives Danny’s Camaro in the opposite direction of a one way street.  The building immediately to the right of the camera man’s building is the CBS production headquarters.

And watch the actual scene here at the 3 minute mark:

Extended promo for Hawaii Five-0 “I Helu Pū” (The Reckoning)

February 9th, 2012 by

Prom night for the Five-0 team and it looks like Lori’s in trouble, and a troubled groom has been listening to too much R. Kelly (“I Believe I Can Fly”, get it?).