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Filming Locations

November 8th, 2010 by

Visit the filming locations of Hawaii Five-0!  I’ll focus on major scenes, or major points of interest that locals will instantly recognize and tourists would enjoy seeing.

Most photos are found on the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Facebook Page.

Updated 10/6/2013



Season 4, Episode 2, “ʻAʻale Maʻa Wau” [Fish out of water]

Grace’s baseball game took place at Koko Head District Park.

The chauffeur’s body was found at Ala Moana Beach Park.


Season 4, Episode 1, “Aloha kekahi i kekahi” [We need each other]

The Ali’iolani Hale the State Supreme Court House is the building that houses the Five-0 headquarters. It’s referred to as “the palace”, however the real palace is across the street (I’olani Palace).

Steve intercepted Cpt. Grover on Lagoon Drive, a stretch where many Five-0 car chases happe.

Not far away near the airport, Chin has the shootout with the terrorists.

And not far away from that, Five-0 chases the terrorists to Aloha Stadium.



Season 3, Episode 23, “He Welo ʻOihana” [Family business]

Adam Noshimuri’s house is located in Portlock, East Honolulu.

Michael Noshimuri was training at UFC B.J. Penn Gym in Kakaako, Honolulu.

The First Honolulu Tower is the Pauahi Tower at Bishop Square, in downtown Honolulu.


Season 3, Episode 22, “Hoʻopio” [to take captive]

Kamekona’s sumo ring was at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoons.

Most of the episode was filmed in Waimanalo and Enchanted Lakes area of Windward Oahu.

Lloyd Grimes crashed his van along Kalanianaole Highway, Waimanalo.

Adam Noshimuri’s house is located in Portlock, East Honolulu.

Adam’s photographs with the Yakuza were taken at the Byodo-In Temple in Kaneohe.  This was also the filming location for Sun’s family estate in “Lost”.


Season 3, Episode 20, “Olelo Pa’a” [the promise]

Filmed almost entirely at Kualoa Ranch.


Season 3, Episode 19, “Hoa pili” [close friend]

Chin ran the arson suspect down in Kekaulike Mall in Chinatown.


Season 3, Episode 18, “Na ki’i” [dolls]

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply building on Beretania Street serves as the Medical Examiner’s office.  Danny and Steve walked on the bridge that connects two buildings at the back of the building.


Season 2, Episode 1 “Ha’i’ole” [unbreakable]

The governor’s funeral is at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl Cemetary).

McGarrett was incarcerated in Halawa Prison.  Max and Chin drive up on the ridge behind the prison.

The grossest restroom in Honolulu is a men’s restroom of the CBS production headquarters aka the Advertiser Building (location tweeted by @EsmeInfanteNii).

The Searcher is docked at the Ko Olina Harbor.



Episode 22 “Ho’ohuli Na’au”

Rick Springfield is shooting the models at Three Tables, up on Oahu’s North Shore.

McGarrett goes jogging up Kamehame Ridge in Hawaii Kai, which overlooks Makapu’u Beach to the east and Hawaii Kai to the west.

Kono and Kawika are at Makapu’u Beach for the surfing event, right across from Sea Life Park (a marine life park).

The external shot of the HPD crime lab is actually the Board of Water Supply’s office (who manages the public water utility).

Chin’s uncle fishes off of the Makai Research Pier, a short walk from Makapu’u Beach, a research facility for Hawaii Pacific University.

The Five-0 crew filmed one Lex Brodie’s gas station to make it look like different gas stations.  The closest one is two blocks from the CBS production headquarters in downtown.


Episode 18 “Loa Aloha” [the long goodbye]

The zipline was set up in Ka’a’awa Valley, on Kualoa Ranch property.

The dinner scene happened at the poolside bar at the Five-0’s favorite hotel, the Hilton.

Deputy Prosecutor Chan met Kono and Steve at the Federal Court House and Post Office (see below).

McG and Chin kick the door down at the Hawaiian King Condo Rentals in Waikiki.  Check out the BTS clip.

DP Chan’s son’s car blows up at Kewalo Harbor, near Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant on Ala Moana Boulevard.  The Gogi Korean Taco Truck is in the background.

Hobbietat store is on 10th Avenue in Kaimuki.

The Hilton Lagoon is where Rachel confronts Danny about Matt.

The bomber is apprehended at Manoa Elementary School in Manoa, identified as Piikoi Middle School.  Piikoi High School was referenced in Episode 3, “Malama Ka Aina”.

Rachel’s house is in the Kuliouou neighborhood (see below).

Episode 17 “Powa Maka Moana” [pirate]

McG and Danno are pushing the Mercury Marquis up Round Top Drive, and stop at the Tantalus look out.

The Makani is a luxury catamaran that launches out of Kewalo Harbor.

The scene marked as “Kapiolani Park” actually shows the arch of the War Memorial, a monument for Hawaii veterans of World War I.  It’s part of the Waikiki Natatorium, an abandoned outdoor swimming pool.

McG and Danny find Kamekona in front of the Hale Koa hotel, a military hotel.

The pawn store is on Liliha Street, not far from Liliha Bakery, it’s also the same location of the Hoffs Drawlar Funeral Parlor from “Lost”.  The shootout on the trolley also happens on Liliha Street.

The college kids are partying at Tiki’s Bar and Grill at the Aston Waikiki.

The money exchange happens at a warehouse at the Sand Island military reservation.

Episode 16 “E Malama” [to protect]

The opening sequence of gorgeous green valleys is listed as “Kahuku” on Oahu’s north shore, but is actually Kualoa Ranch’s Ka’a’awa Valley on windward Oahu.

Rachel and Grace’s carjacking is near the intersection of Hawaii Kai Drive and Kalanianaole Highway, at the parking lot of Mauna Lua Beach Park.

HPD’s office is the foyer of the old Honolulu advertiser building at 605 Kapiolani Blvd. in Honolulu (listed in “Mana’o” below).

The Federal court house is the old Post Office Building in downtown Honolulu, right next to the Aliiolani Hale (aka the Five-0 headquarters).

Post Office, Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii Five-0

Post Office, Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: Undercover Special Agent Nanci

While Rachel and Stan’s house has always been listed as being in Kahala, it really is in Kuliouou, further to the east, and not far from the Bayer Estate (McGarrett residence).

Rachel's house

Rachel’s house, Photo: Officer808

Danno roughs up the commish at the Original Pancake House in Honolulu.  Someone’s grandma decorated it 30 years ago and they are trying to keep the style alive.  Rock on OPH!

Episode 15 “Kai E’e” [tidal wave]

The episode begins with Kono giving Danno a surf lesson at Ala Moana Beach Park.  Incidentally they’re very close to the “Waiola Shave Ice” stand where Kono ate shave ice with the little girl in “Ho’apono”.

There were a couple of shots of Costco in Iwilei of being with their shopping wagons, and also of the gas station.

Danno picks his daughter up at the Sacred Hearts Academy in Kaimuki.

The exterior shots of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach were actually filmed at the Pacific Disaster Center/Civil Defense headquarters at Fort Ruger in the center of Diamond Head crater.

Danno and McG track the hacker to the Waikiki Yachi Club (a private club) located at the Waikiki end of Ala Moana Beach Park.

The sandbags were lined up at the Territorial Office Building in downtown Honolulu, which stands in for the exterior HPD headquarters shot.

Territorial Office Building, Hawaii Five-0, "Kai E'e"

Territorial Office Building, Hawaii Five-0, “Kai E’e”

Episode 14 “He Kane Hewa’ Ole” [an innocent man]

The episode begins with a car chase that ends disastrously for the driver at the intersection of Kapolei Parkway and Fort Barrette Road.

Kapolei Crash, Hawaii Five-0, "He Kane Hewa' Ole"

Kapolei Crash, Hawaii Five-0, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”

@3DHawaii thinks the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island filled in as the HPD Auto Garage, I’m not so sure…

Hawaii Medical Center West (in Ewa Beach) is where Chin and Kono interviewed Dr. Malia.

Episode 13 “Ke Kinohi” [the beginning]

The ninja’s assault on McG’s house happens at the indoor studio at 605 Kapiolani.

The gorgeous double rainbow is in Ka’a’awa Valley, home of Kualoa Ranch, on the windward side of the island.  There’s a lot of great outdoor activities here…horseback riding, ATV tours… definitely a must see if you’re on Oahu.

Mary Ann’s “rental” is actually a beachfront cottage on Kualoa Ranch property.  Chinaman’s Hat in the back is the dead giveaway.  The episode pins the locale as Kaimuki…which is a neighborhood far inland in Honolulu.

Mamo’s Rentals is at Queen’s Beach, in an area known as “Walls” because of the concrete wall and pier.

The Pauahi Tower restaurant is actually the Ko’olau Ballrooms and Conference Center clubhouse in beautiful Kaneohe.  It was known as the Ko’olau Country Club until recent ownership change.  McG makes Hiro’s arrest on one of the greens at the end of the episode.

Episode 12 “Hana ‘A’a Makehewa [desperate measures]

The episode begins with a bomb strapped Chin Ho kneeling in front of the Territorial Office Building on King Street in downtown Honolulu (adjacent to the King Kamehameha statue).

The “Ikalani” resort is one of the resorts at Ko Olina on the west shore of Oahu, though I’m not sure which one…  Despite what Kono said, they are *not* private beaches.  In Hawaii, all beaches are public.

Hesse’s safe house is a penthouse in the Keola La’i condominium.  The condo is immediately behind CBS Eye Productions headquarters and filming studio at 605 Kapiolani Ave.  Many shots have been shot on or around the Keola La’i.

Bar 35 on 35 N. Hotel Street is a pretty cool lounge for downtown’s fashionable crowd.  It’s *not* a hostess bar, so don’t get your hopes up guys!

Danno’s interior apartment shot is at the film studio at 605 Kapiolani.

Episode 11 Palekaiko [paradise]

McG and Chin Ho are at beautiful Kualoa Beach Park on windward Oahu.

McG shows Chin the Champ box at the Bayer Estate in Aina Haina (or it could be the indoor studio at 605 Kapiolani).

The Hawaii Medical Center in Liliha is the location for hospital scenes.

The Pagoda Hotel where the private investigator stayed is actually in the Ala Moana area, off of Keeaumoku St.

The lobby of the Kahala Hotel served as the interior main deck shot.  If you look closely in the background, you can see it’s actually a huge painted wall!  The interior cabin shots are also of the Kahala Hotel.

The backroads of Kauai were filmed at Barber’s Point Naval Station.

The Five-0 team chase the serial killer up the Old Pali Road and eventually corner him at the Pali Lookout that overlooks Kaneohe.  Presumably, the Pali was a stand-in for the Waimea Canyon on Kauai.

Episode 10 – Hao Kanaka [iron man]

The armored truck heist occurs at the Neil Blaisdell Center, between the parking structure and the exhibition hall.  The Center is Hawaii’s venue for concerts and exhibitions.

The Hawaii Five-0 team find the abandoned armored car at Pier 19 (not 20), which once housed the Hawaii Superferry.

The Hawaii Medical Center in the Liliha area of Honolulu is the hospital where the armored truck guard is hospitalized.

Gordon Smith (rapper Nas) was interrogated at the Ala Moana Beach Park’s west entrance, near the Kewalo Boat Harbor.

Magic Island, Hawaii Five-0

Magic Island, courtesy Forest and Kim Starr

The start of the triathalon is at the beach at Magic Island.  The end of the swim and start of the bike race is also on Magic Island.

The take down of the thieves happen mostly around the Keola La`i condominium and the old Honolulu Advertiser building (Five-0 filming headquarters).  But by some super human ability, the last thief and McGarrett find themselves a few miles away, back at Ala Moana Beach Park (next to Magic Island)!

Episode 9 – Po`ipu [to attack, overwhelm]

Resortquest Hawaii/ Aston Waikiki Hawaii Five-0 Episode 9 - Po`ipu

Resortquest Hawaii/Aston Waikiki

The episode opened up at the Aston Waikiki Hotel.  My first impression was that the bar scene was at Tiki’s Bar and Grill, but the view was way too high.  The actual location is the Coconut Club on an upper lanai.  Room “2127” was the room the scene was filmed in.  The hotel is styled in the “hip hawaiian” decor.

The murdered woman’s house is in Waimanalo, probably near the Waimanalo Beach Park, and Rabbit Island is in the background.  The Five-0 crew track General Pak’s former soldier to an apartment above Bobby’s Market (41-867 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795), a small mom and pop grocery store a block away from Waimanalo Beach Park.

The Five-0 team meet General Pak at Hickam Air Force Base.

Danno and McG pass by the state capitol (415 South Beretania Street, Honolulu, HI 96813) several times where the protesters are.

McG’s house is the Bayer Estate in Aina Haina.  “2727 Piikoi” is his address that he calls HPD to…putting that address in google maps takes you approximately to…Makiki Cemetery near Punchbowl National Cemetery.

Episode 8 – Mana`o [belief]

The Lu’au scene is at Paradise Cove.  They have a great dinner, show and lots of activities for the family.  There’s also a guarantee that there’s no dead body in the imu.

The Shrimp Truck where Danno, Steve and Detective Kaleo eat is right outside of the Hilton Hotel Rainbow Tower and Lagoon.  Also filmed here was Episode 2’s car crash and abduction of the computer programmer.  And even more, this is where Charlie crashed Desmond’s Mercedes into the water in a flash sideways episode of Lost, Season 6.

Hawaii Five-0, Honolulu Police Department, Episode 8 Mana'o


The Honolulu Police Department scenes, I believe are being filmed in the old Honolulu Advertiser building.  As mentioned before, the Task Force Headquarters are filmed upstairs in the Post Office building in downtown.

Danno and Chin Ho share a drink at JJ Dolan’s in Chinatown,  Honolulu.

The Waialua coffee plantation scene was filmed at a Waialua coffee plantation in central Oahu.  Please don’t make me go and find the ditch Ochoa was laying in.

Episode 7 – Ho`apono [to accept]

USS Missouri, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 7 Ho'opono

USS Missouri Memorial Association

The episode largely centers on the Battleship Missouri, docked at Ford Island, and immediately behind the Battleship Arizona and Arizona Memorial.  Ford Island houses World War II era hangars and a modern Navy housing residential area.  The traffic control tower was prominently featured in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor movie.  The Pacific Aviation Museum is housed on the island.  Pock marks from Japanese fighter machine guns can still be seen on the runway.

The Waiola Shave Ice stand where Kono took Lily is actually the Concession Surf and Snack stand at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Episode 6 – Ko`olauloa [northeast mountain range of Oahu]

The Coral Prince surf contest happens at the Banzai Pipeline at Pupukea on the north shore of O’ahu.   Pipeline is a beach with major waves during the winter surf season.

McGarrett and Danno meet Kawika at the Tropics Bar and Grill, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

The scattering of Ian’s ashes happens at Waimea Bay.

Episode 5 – Nalowale [lost, gone or forgotten]

Aboard the Atlantis Submarine Tour in Waikiki is where the red headed kid discovers Nemo and the floating mermaid.

The exterior shot of the “Zephyr” club is at the Aloha Tower Marketplace, most likely on the Diamond Head side of the pier.  The interior shot is Ocean 808 club at Restaurant Row.

Episode 4 – Lanakila [to win, triumph]

The jailbreak happens at Halawa Correctional Facility, a medium to high security prison deep in Halawa Valley.  Hawaii’s worst criminals are incarcerated here.

Kono and Chin Ho find the stolen car at Kakaako Waterfront Park, where Dawkins dyes his hair in the bathroom.  The bum is talking on the stolen cell phone with the prison guard’s shirt at the pavilions along the water.

The bank scene really is Pacific Rim Bank at Restaurant Row in Downtown Honolulu, as Kono radioed it in.

The final picnic scene is at Punchbowl National Cemetery.  The name comes from its geographical shape- Puowaina Crater is a bowled out, extinct volcano.  The Lady Columbia statue appears in the opening sequence of both TNS and TOS.

Episode 3 – Malama Ka Aina [to protect the land]

Kukui High School is actually Iolani School, a private school in Honolulu who’s colors also are red, white, and black.  The football game happens on Eddie Hamada Field.

The International Marketplace where McGarrett nabs a suspect in Waikiki is a collection of various kiosks selling clothes, jewelry and other Hawaiian items.

Kahala Hotel - Hawaii Five-0 Episode 3 Malama ka Aina

Kahala Hotel

Chin Ho confronts his cousin Sid at the Kahala Hotel.

Episode 2 – Ohana [family]

Episode 1 – Pilot [English for “the first episode”]

Cooper Battery, Hawaii Five-0

Cooper Battery, courtesy John Fischer

The South Korean bunker in the opening scene is Cooper Battery, an old World War II bunker in Ka’a’awa Valley, on Kualoa Ranch property.  This bunker was also used as the external shot for Dharma’s Tempest station in Lost.

The military convoy drove through Makua Valley in west Oahu.  You may have seen this road in Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates”.

McGarrett’s transport lands in Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii, in Kaneohe Bay.  He travels over the H-3 freeway, to Ford Island, home of the Battleship Missouri, where he meets the governor and Chin Ho Kelly.

Danno’s ex-wife’s house is somewhere in the Kuliouou neighborhood of Honolulu.

The final fight between Hesse and McGarrett is *not* on Ford Island as the show indicates, but was shot at the docks on Sand Island outside of Pearl Harbor.