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Join Alex O’Loughlin in the fight against ALS

August 11th, 2014 by

In less than one month, the Golden West chapter of the ALS Association will hold its “Hawaii Walk” in Honolulu.  If you read our previous blog about the fund-raiser, you know that Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin has a personal connection to the disease.  The mother of his wife, Malia, died in 2011 after a long, debilitating struggle with ALS, and I found that just reading of her experiences was an extremely emotional undertaking.  Violet Jones-Medusky, known as “Vi,” was a woman who lived her life to the fullest until stricken down by the disease, and now O’Loughlin and the Jones family are raising funds to help others who find themselves in the same predicament.

Vi with grandson Spike Photo: Violet's Web blogsite

Vi with grandson Spike
Photo: Violet’s Web blogsite

Because I wanted to use Vi’s own words to touch people and inspire them want to take up this cause, I reached out to Vi’s son Daniel Jones (a professional surfer,) and his wife, Natalie to get their permission.  Both of them were thrilled to have Hawaii Five-0 fans join the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Natalie was one of the primary care-givers throughout Jones-Medusky’s journey and helped her write the blog that touched me and others so much.  Even though Violet is no longer here, Natalie continues the fight  as one of the directors of  ALS Ohana, an organization committed to helping those suffering with the deadly affliction. Other than Vi’s own valiant spirit, what impressed me most was the amazing support system she had in her friends and family.  Not everyone is as fortunate in that respect.

Daniel Jones with then-fiancee Natalie Fonda Photo from Violet's Web

Daniel Jones with then-fiancee Natalie Fonda
Photo from Violet’s Web blogsite

One of Vi’s more poignant blog posts was in June of 2010, less than a year before she passed away.  She talks of being with her husband Jan when receiving the diagnosis, and then having to tell her children.  Even reading it now, makes my heart ache.

After hearing the sad news, both Jan and I cried and cried for awhile. Jan put together a nice binder of information about ALS for each of our 3 children. I met with Daniel in person on Mother’s Day at Magic Island over looking our favorite surf spot Ala Moana Bowls. This was one of the saddest thing I’ve had to do. We cried and cried together with hardly any spoken words. There was no need for words. Jan called the other two children who lived abroad telling them the sad news and sending them a copy of the binder of ALS materials.I spoke to each child to see how they were doing emotionally.(As a mom and nurse, I wanted to make sure they were understanding what this disease was about and how it would affect their/our lives.  Jan and I made a Ben Franklin Truth chart of all the things we wanted to do and what I wanted to do before the big HURRAH. The first 3 years, I continued to work on an on-call bases and traveled with the kids thru Europe on the surf tour and meeting up with Jan to spend time and travel witb him. I spent 18 months studying for my Masters in nursing with my nursing friends which we all finished in flying colors. The last 5 years we have spent many months in Bali near our son Mikala, watching our grandchild grow and surfing. (Jan’s favorite place to surf). I continued to swim and surf until I no longer could. The passion of running turned into walking, then with a cane and then with a walker and finally a wheel chair pushed by my friends. (We did the Haleakala Run to the Sun Race the last 5 years as a relay). The list goes on and we’ve checked them off. Family is the top of my list.

You can read more from Violet’s Web.

Some swim therapy for Vi. Photo: Violet's Web blogsite

Some swim therapy for Vi.
Photo: Violet’s Web blogsite

As I mentioned in the previous blog, because fewer people are afflicted with this illness (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease,) than with cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, pharmaceutical companies don’t channel as much money into finding a cure, and there aren’t as many local resources for ALS patients to turn to. That means that fund-raising efforts are exceedingly important in assisting patients.

If you have some serious cash to donate, you can bid on a wonderful package being auctioned off by ALS Ohana that includes a luxury hotel stay, VIP access to the Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 premiere at Sunset On the Beach, plus and an opportunity to meet the man behind Steve McGarrett, Alex O’Loughlin.

Fred Fisher with Alex O'Loughlin Photo: @alsagoldenwest

ALSA Golden West CEO Fred Fisher with Alex O’Loughlin
Photo: @alsagoldenwest

50undercover.com and the other fan sites involved in this campaign can’t offer an opportunity like that.  All we can promise is the gratitude of the O’Loughlin and Jones’ families, as well as those of the Hawaii residents who are doing their best to hold off the ravages of ALS.

If reading Vi’s narrative made you grateful for the blessings in your life, we invite you to join the H50 ALS Warriors.  If you want to raise funds, you can become a “virtual walker” by clicking the “Join Team” button near the bottom of the page.  If you’d simply like to give money, click on “Donate Now” next to one of the existing team member’s names.  Even a small donation is welcome but if you just can’t afford anything, please share the link with others who might be able to help. Team captain Eric Uyeda is a long-time Hawaii Five-0 employee who is the most charitable person I know, doing charity walks throughout the year.  I can’t speak for other Five-0 fans, but I’d like to thank Eric for being our on boots on the ground representative in the Walk to defeat ALS on September 6th.



 When: September 6, 2014 Check-in 7:30 AM  Walk begins 9 AM

Where: Honolulu’s Kapiolani Regional Park

Distance: 2 miles


H50 Summer Scanner – August 5, 2014

August 6th, 2014 by

Anthony Ruivivar in Southland

More guest star news!

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports that Anthony Ruivivar will be filming an multiple episode arc to kick off Season 5 of Hawaii Five-0. The Honolulu born actor worked with Scott Caan on the film Speed of Life in the 1990s and the two have remained friends. No word on if the two friends will be on screen together as friends or foes. Ruivivar is best known for his recent roles in Beauty and the Beast, Revolution, Banshee and Southland.

TVGuide is reporting an interesting teaser. As the new season begins, expect to get answers to the questions surrounding WoFat with the story arc coming to head in the 100th episode of the series.

The Summer scanner has been full of Ian Anthony Dale news this year and now we have some exclusive photos to share with you! This pictures were taking when Dale attended the ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards, hosted by ESPN, in July.


2014 ESPYS

Photo credit HYDRIVE Energy Water

Photo credit HYDRIVE Energy Water

Photo credit HYDRIVE Energy Water


Update 8-11-12: Be a part of Hawaii Five-0 fan history!

August 5th, 2014 by
Week 1 Updates:

Thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to submit something to the fanbook. I have now responded to everyone whose email I have received. If you haven’t had a response then it means I haven’t received the email so please let us know if you think I have missed you!

We still need everyone’s input to make this a rounded experience for all of the cast and crew. I would also really like to hear from local fans in Hawaii as well – especially if you have been part of any of the events that the 5-0 team have done (such as the fan breakfast, charity events etc) please please get in touch!

If there are any artists out there that have done drawings of the cast I would really like to be able to include these in the book – with permission, of course.
Fansites – I would like to include pages for you as well, as you are the fans sources of information – please get in touch with anything you would like to include.

There are 2 weeks until the deadline! Monday 25th August.

Questions? Queries? Requests? Please email me at H50fanbook@gmx.com


Friend of the blog, Undercover Agent Zoe approached us a few weeks ago with a brilliant idea.  She told us she’d be on the set of Hawaii Five-0 to watch filming in September, and mentioned that she wished she could share the experience with everyone.  She came up with an idea that allows fans to leave a thankful and lasting impression on the cast and crew of our favorite show.  I’ll let Zoe explain it all in her own words!

Please note, Zoe is handling ALL communications, not 50undercover.com.  For all questions and submissions, contact her at the email address below.

Now, have fun!!

Hawaii Five-0, People's Choice Awards
Calling all H50 fans!

Many of you know that earlier in the year that CharityBuzz was auctioning off Hawaii Five-0 set visits to a few lucky winners. My wonderful husband bid and won one of these, so we are heading back to Hawaii to pop on to set! I feel incredibly fortunate, as I know so many fans would simply love the same opportunity.  This got me to thinking of how to share the experience with fans worldwide.

I thought it might be a nice opportunity for us fans to give something back to the cast and crew, so I thought of creating a Worldwide Fanbook that I can give to the cast and crew when the visit occurs. The premise behind the book is the celebration of 100 completed episodes. This should be a positive experience, and a show of appreciation. Focus on what you DO like about the show and showing your appreciation for that.   I will have the final edit on what is included in the printed book. I want to make this clear from the outset that anything inappropriate will not be included.  This is not the avenue to declare your dislike of a character, nor is it a suggestion box for your take on where the storyline should go (to cite a few examples).


So what I am looking for from you…



Twitter/Email Contact Info:

What can you include (not limited to):

  • Personal accounts of cast/crew meetings
  • Stories from SOTB / Fan Meet Ups / Fan Breakfast etc.
  • How cast/crew have inspired you
  • Personal message of THANKS J
  • Photographs
    • Personal pics with cast/crew
    • BTS Photos
    • Favourite Scenes (and why they are so!)
    • Collages
    • Memes/Quotes
    • Drawings
    • SOTB photos
    • 5-0 shrines (you get the idea…)

Email your entries/questions to H50FanBook@gmx.com no later than Monday 25th August.

I really do need everyone’s help to make this possible so please share this around and let’s create something special. Thank you!

-Undercover Agent Zoe

Malia Jones graces the cover of HILuxury

August 3rd, 2014 by

To many fans of Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin, his wife Malia Jones has remained a bit of a mystery. It should come as no surprise that O’Loughlin, who is notoriously private about his personal life, would marry someone with the same values.


HILuxury Magazine has landed not only an interview with the gorgeous local girl, but has published some beautiful images of Jones in their August/September issue, and we’d like to share some excerpts with you.

From HILuxury Magazine

From HILuxury Magazine

Being raised in a family of surfers and then moving on to modeling swimwear, it was a natural progression to designing a line of swim and vacation wear.

“My childhood was rowdy,” she recalls. “I was the tomboy big sister—just cruise and surf with the boys. I didn’t even wear a swimsuit until I was probably 14. Before that I was wearing big, baggy boy’s shorts and T-shirts, and surfing. Then, one day I got a Brazilian bikini.”

On designing her own fashion line;

“This has always been something I’ve wanted to do, and I’ve done it for different companies—I’ve designed my own line within companies and had creative input for other companies, so I’ve done this for everyone else. Now that I’m in one place, I can actually sit down and do it for myself, and it’s exciting,” says Jones. “These swimsuits need to be more timeless, so that you can always have that swimsuit that you love, that you know you look good in, that you feel your best in, that you can layer from the pool to the beach whether you’re in Hawai‘i or somewhere else.”

Ray experience at Dolphin Queat Photo: HILuxury

Ray experience at Dolphin Queat
Photo: HILuxury

The former champion surfer tells the interviewer that she stills wears a swimsuit every day;

 …she wore one to our HILuxury photoshoot paired with a simple black T-shirt, pareo and slippers, and while she still surfs and makes it a point to get in the ocean regularly, she now takes great pride in seeing the tradition continue with her children. Spike already has his own little surf-board, and enjoys riding the waves.

Malia Jones, wife of Alex O'Loughlin Photo: HILuxury

Malia Jones, wife of Alex O’Loughlin
Photo: HILuxury

Touching on a bit her personal life with the actor who plays Steve McGarrett on the rebooted Hawaii Five-0;

Home now for the 37-year-old is in Diamond Head, where she lives with O’Loughlin and their growing family (they have three children between them, including their 1-1/2-year-old son, Lion). The couple met through mutual friends, and it didn’t take long to realize they could have a future together.

“Maybe we did everything backwards because we have the family, it’s not like people who date and then get married (and wonder what it will be like),” says Jones. “For us, every day is full-on, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.

“The wedding was more of a ceremony for our family than just us.”

Reading her philosophy of life gives some insight into how the life of a Hawaii girl fits so well with that of an Aussie guy;

“I feel like now less is more,” she explains. “Less is more in exercise. Less is more in clothes. Less is more in life. Less stress. Keeping everything super simple and still enjoyable.”

To view the complete article and photographs, go to HILuxury.


H50 Summer Scanner – August 2, 2014

August 2nd, 2014 by


I had the great pleasure of attending San Diego Comic Con on behalf of Hawaii Five-0 Undercover this past weekend. SDCC, as it is commonly know, is a mecca for all things entertainment – from TV and movies, to comics and video games. At this year’s SDCC, CBS had a much smaller presence than past years. Hawaii Five-0 has not been featured there since it’s first season, however executive producing duo, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman did attend to promote their new show, Scorpion.

Peter Lenkov with Bob Orci Photo: CBS

Peter Lenkov with Bob Orci
Photo: CBS

Scorpion features super geniuses brought together to fight terrorists and other miscreants. The team will be headed up by Robert Patrick of True Blood, as well as the short lived Hawaii-filmed, The Last Resort. Since Scorpion will also air on CBS, Orci and Kurtzman were asked about a crossover with Hawaii Five-0.

“Oh wow, I hadn’t even thought of that! I think it’s a great idea,”  Kurtzman told Nerdist.  Orci emphatically jumped in, “Why not? Done!”

Scorpion premieres Sept. 22, 2-14. Check out the preview released at SDCC below.


Alex Kurtzman will also be directing a major motion picture for Universal. Kurtzman has paired up with Chris Morgan to create a “cinematic universe” centered around The Mummy reboot. Orci and Kurtzman worked on the script for the new film along with Jon Spaihts. Kurtzman is also set to direct the Spiderman spin-off Venom while Orci will be sitting in the directors chair for Star Trek 3. The Mummy is set to be released April 22, 2016. With all the future projects this duo has going on, you can bet they will be staples at SDCC for years to come.

Peter Lenkov with Alex Kurtzman Photo credit: 50undercover.com

Peter Lenkov with Alex Kurtzman
Photo credit: 50undercover.com

Side note – Fans of Kono and Adam will be please to know that Ian Anthony Dale tweeted this week that he is back in Hawaii filming Hawaii Five-0. Dale will be appearing in episode 3 this season. No word (yet) on if he will be seen later in the season.

Ian Anthony Dale posted this photo on Instagram

Ian Anthony Dale posted this photo on Instagram

Alex O’Loughlin joins the fight against ALS

July 29th, 2014 by

Fans of Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin are used to seeing him lend his presence to raise money for a good cause.  Whether it’s to spur organ donation, clean the coastline, or fight cancer, O’Loughlin has always generously donated his time and efforts to them.


Photo Credit: Kokua For The Philippines.

The CBS star’s latest cause however, has an extremely personal connection.   A recent Twitter post by the Golden West chapter of the ALS Association (@alsagoldenwest) alerted us to the fact that O’Loughlin would be joining the group in September to promote their “Walk to defeat ALS.”

Photo: @alsagoldenwest

Alex with ALS Golden West CEO Fred Fisher  Photo: @alsagoldenwest on Twitter

Although we here at  50undercover.com were initially unaware of his personal connection with the cause, we have some friends who knew the circumstances leading to this partnership.  Through them, we discovered that the mother of Alex’s wife, Malia, was a victim of ALS, and so this charity has particular meaning to their family.  Violet Jones-Medusky was a triathelete, and in a rather cruel irony, ALS often attacks people who are in exceptionally good shape.  Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease,  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis affects the motor neurons that normally send signals to your voluntary muscles. Without those signals, the muscles weaken, atrophy, and eventually stop functioning. The sufferer becomes paralyzed and is unable to breathe or swallow on their own.

As I looked into this story, I discovered that Vi Jones-Medusky was quite an extraordinary woman. An avid athlete, Jones-Medusky conquered triathlons, marathons, and even “Ultra-marathons”, including the “Haleakala Run to the Sun,” a grueling 36 mile trek up 10,000 feet up Maui’s famous crater.  What impressed me most about this woman wasn’t her athleticism, but her love for life in spite of the hand she was dealt. Even as her muscles ceased to work and her quality of life deteriorated, the photos always depict a woman with a warm, genuine smile on her face.

A nurse by profession, Vi knew what she faced once she received her diagnosis.  Determined to fight as long as possible, she continued to run, and when she could no longer complete an entire race, she joined relay teams where less endurance was required.  And so it went until she had to rely on a wheelchair for mobility.  Rather than feeling sorry for herself, Jones-Medusky became a tireless advocate for others suffering from ALS, offering them support and cheer while maintaining a blog chronicling her own fight.  Her posts allow you into the mind of this incredible woman who always made the best of her situation, who not only celebrated family and love, but celebrated her life, as difficult as it was.  “The transition of beach to sea was alot smoother,” Vi stated in her blog.  ”I think my friends are getting the hang of it !!! So everyone got a turn holding and helping me to do my exercises for my legs and arms. Thank you again to all of my friends and see you next week as I love swimming with you!”


From "Violet's Web"

From “Violet’s Web”

Most ALS patients live between three and five years after diagnosis, but Vi managed seven, all the while surrounded by her loving, supportive family.  Violet Jones-Medusky passed away on March 29, 2011 at the age of 59, but her spirit lives on.  Her friends and family continue to raise funds to beat this horrific disease because as Vi told Midweek, “ALS is an orphan disease, because compared to diseases such as breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes, drug companies put all their money into these diagnoses, because so few people have ALS that it’s not popular. Therefore, research money (for ALS) usually comes from family and friends of victims.”

Vi with daughter Malia From Violet's blogsite

Vi with daughter Malia
From Violet’s blogsite

And that, my friends, is why we’re asking you to support the fight to defeat ALS.  Join Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughlin, join long-time Hawaii Five-0 crew member Eric Uyeda and his “H50 ALS Warriors,” in keeping Vi’s fight alive.  Please check out her old blog posts and photos at “Violets’ Web,” and then come back to the link and donate what you can. No amount is too small.  Alex will appreciate your support, but even more importantly, so will the people battling this disease.




 When: September 6, 2014 Check-in 7:30 AM  Walk begins 9 AM

Where: Honolulu’s Kapiolani Regional Park

Distance: 2 miles

Hawaii Five-0 helps repair the state’s aging film studio

July 28th, 2014 by

In 2012 when developer Marshal Hung purchased the Honolulu Advertiser building to turn it into luxury condos, the rebooted Hawaii Five-0 cast and crew found themselves booted right out of their home of three years.  CBS’ search for a new location revealed few properties offering the space needed to film a major network production on the island of Oahu.

When the show landed at the same soundstage where Jack Lord and the original Hawaii Five-O called home, it sounded like a nice bit of synchronicity, but few fans were aware of the state of disrepair of the property.  The Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Mike Gordon reports on just what the network has done, not only for Hawaii Five-0, but for the state of Hawaii and any future residents of the studios at Diamond Head. Reading the story, it’s difficult to believe that employees of ABC’s Lost and Last Resort worked in these conditions.  We’re glad to see that CBS is willing to put out the money necessary to make the complex a better home for stars Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, and Daniel Dae Kim, as well as the many behind-the-scenes employees who put their blood, sweat, and tears into making Hawaii Five-0 a success.


Hawaii Film Studio at Diamond Head Photo: KITV

From Mike Gordon (@crankydad on Twitter)

When the state film office asked lawmakers in 2012 for money to repair the Hawaii Film Studio at Diamond Head, the request came with a stark admonishment: In its condition at the time, the facility was “an embarrassment to Hawaii’s film industry and a liability to the state.”

The air-conditioning system in the primary soundstage often stopped working, the large barn doors on a building that houses a tank for underwater filming were too dangerous to move, and several buildings needed to be removed because of termite damage, carpenter ants in electrical systems and rats.

But just as it does every Friday night in prime time, the CBS crime drama “Hawaii Five-0″ rescued the state once again.

Since moving into the facility in May 2013, “Five-0″ has spent more than $709,000 on repairs and improvements that the state applied toward the show’s monthly rent, said state film Commissioner Donne Dawson.  ”Five-0,” which just started shooting its fifth season, is charged $50,000 a month for use of the 7.5-acre complex on 18th Avenue below Kapiolani Community College, she said. Dawson called the show “a brilliant partner.”

“We’re making progress and we’re making good progress,” she said. “Considering the lack of resources to do everything we want to, we are making do with the resources we have.”

The film office estimated two years ago that the Diamond Head facility needed $10.4 million in renovations. Lawmakers gave film officials about half that, including money budgeted for planning and design, Dawson said.

“Five-0″ moved into the state facility during the hiatus between its third and fourth seasons because its original production headquarters — the old Hono­lulu Advertiser building — was sold to a developer.

The show paid $216,000 for new air-conditioning chillers on the Diamond Head studio’s 16,500-square-foot soundstage, replacing a system that was two decades old. It was a critical fix, Dawson said.  ”You need to have a strong, functioning, efficient air-conditioning system to keep your set cool,” she said. “Your set is going to be very hot with lights and equipment and lots of warm bodies.”

The show also spent $137,000 to air-condition a sweltering building once used as a stage by the original “Five-0,” then spent another $105,000 to insulate the 12,000-square-foot building, Dawson said. The stage, which still sports a “Hawaii Five-0″ sign from the original series, is now home to several permanent sets: the crime lab, Max’s morgue and Steve McGarrett’s home.

The series also was credited for the cost of insulating the water tank building — about $115,000. The building was built in 1999 by the producers of “Baywatch: Hawaii.” Other improvements included $103,000 for a new building for costumes and $33,000 worth of electrical upgrades.

For it’s part, the state replaced the barn doors with a safer alternative and completed some repaving. But its next big project — replacing the wood buildings that date back to 1976 — may have to wait until “Five-0″ calls it quits because there isn’t enough time between seasons to complete the project, Dawson said after meeting with “Five-0″ production members last week.

Dawson wants to see a second soundstage on the property, and her office might ask the Legislature for money when it meets next year. She wouldn’t discuss size, location or cost, but said a project like that would have to wait until the Diamond Head property was not in use.

CBS said in a statement that it was happy with the working relationship it has with state film officials. Filming in Hawaii is important to the authenticity and legacy of the series, the network said, noting that it was committed to future improvements. That’s good news for the Diamond Head facility, the only state-owned film studio in Hawaii.

“It is an aging facility that is under heavy use on a daily basis, and things break down unexpectedly and we have to address those things as they come,” Dawson said.

And if “Five-0″ doesn’t receive a sixth season?  ”If they leave, when they leave, we will have a much better, safer, more efficient and user-friendly facility for future productions,” Dawson said. “Given that, we owe a lot to ‘Five-0.’”

AND that’s a wrap …

Grace Park nerds out over Battlestar Galactica and Comic Con for THR Preview issue

July 26th, 2014 by

Hawaii Five-0 star (and possibly closet nerd) Grace Park hams it up with former Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff for a special The Hollywood Reporter preview issue.  But it’s no ordinary issue- they’re decked out in full Star Wars rebellion regalia in this awesome sci-fi mashup.  Are they being recognized for blowing up the Death Star or a Cylon Base Star?  We don’t know exactly, but this candid behind the scenes interview shows us a little more insight from a sci-fi actor’s point of view of the world of convention lurking.

Grace park and Katee Sackhoff credit THR

Grace park and Katee Sackhoff credit THR

Film role for Five-0′s Alex O’Loughlin

July 23rd, 2014 by

It’s been a few years since Alex O’Loughlin fans have been able to view him on the big screen, and although it remains to be seen if audiences outside of Australia will be able to watch Hadean in the theater, they at least may have a chance of catching the DVD release.

It’s also unclear how large a role the Hawaii Five-0 star might have in this film being produced by Australian actor Nathan Phillips, since it sounds like a large ensemble cast is in the works.  Phillips’ largest American role to date was opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Nathan Phillips, who stars in These Final Hours, plans to direct his own post-apocalyptic film, Hadean, set in Australia in 2050. “It’s kind of like The Fifth Element meets Star Wars,” he said. Hadean is an adaptation of Phillips’ short film Post Apocalyptic Man.  “I’ve got so many fabulous friends who are going to be in it like Thomas Wright, Angus Sampson, Alex O’Loughlin and Travis Fimmel,” he says. “A lot of good Melbourne boys who’d love to come home.”

Nathan Phillips in These Final Hours

Nathan Phillips in These Final Hours

As the article mentions, Hadean is drawn from Phillips’ short film Post Apocalyptic Man, or P.A.M.  Based on the trailer for the original production, we’re in for a violent picture with some Aussie humor thrown into the the midst of the bleakness.

This is quite a change from O’Loughlin’s last movie The Back-up Plan, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez.  With Scott Caan filming a couple of movies (including Rock the Kasbah) and Daniel Dae Kim landing a part in Divergent”>,  O’Loughlin’s fans have been hungry to see him stretch his wings beyond the role of Steve McGarrett. No doubt whatever character the Aussie heart throb plays in this new venture, his legions of admirers will be waiting for the chance to see him in some new material.

Lopez and O'Loughlin in The Back-up Plan

Lopez and O’Loughlin in The Back-up Plan

A bit of trivia, Nathan Phillips is a veteran of the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, as is Alex O’Loughlin’s former girlfriend, Holly Valance.

Another “Lost” alumnus to be found on Hawaii Five-0

July 22nd, 2014 by

Former Lost actor William Mapother tends to play the more nefarious types, unlike his leading-man cousin, Tom Cruise.  The synopsis below reads as though his character is the helpful type, but is he really?  You’ll have to tune in when his Season 5 episode airs to find out.

From TV Fanatic:
William Mapother, who portrayed creepy island resident Ethan Rom on the ABC hit, will appear on an episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 this fall.

According to CBS sources, Mapother will portray Eric Porter, a well-liked, rich business owner who becomes entangled in a painfully tense situation… yet offers his help to the authorities.

William Mapther as Ethan Rom in "Lost."

William Mapther as Ethan Rom in “Lost.”

Mapother – who has also guest-starred on The Mentalist, Mad Men and Castle – is the NINTH former Lost cast member to appear on Hawaii Five-0.

He joins Daniel Dae Kim, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia, Henry Ian Cusick, Sam Anderson, Tania Raymonde and François Chau.

Incidentally, TV Fanatic points out that Mapother is the 9th Lost alumnus to appear on Hawaii Five-0. Am I the only one who thinks it’s high time Josh Holloway showed up? And Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) has expressed interest in joining his good friend Daniel Dae Kim for some beers on the beach.  Come on CBS, let’s make it happen!

Josh Holloway in Lost

Josh Holloway in Lost