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Hawaii Five-0 premieres on TNT in August

July 26th, 2013 by
Hawaii Five-0 cast in Season 1 publicity photo

Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan in an early Season One publicity photo
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

As confirmed today on twitter by executive producer Peter Lenkov, Hawaii Five-0 will premiere in syndication on the TNT cable network on Thursday, August 8th. Five-0 will launch with two back-to-back episodes — “Pilot” at 9:00pm ET/PT and “Ohana” at 10:00pm ET/PT — following back-to-back episodes of long-time rival, Castle.

TNT is adding the show to their Primetime schedule a year earlier than originally anticipated when the syndication deal was inked in 2011. The earlier TNT premiere will introduce McGarrett and his team to a whole new audience while adding Five-0 to TNT’s stable of highly popular dramas.

Quick-thinking fans who’ve turned to TNT have already spotted promo spots advertising the addition of Five-0 to the cable network’s lineup.

As mentioned earlier, Peter Lenkov confirmed the news of the TNT launch with a screengrab of the August 8th TNT website schedule page showing Hawaii Five-0’s two premiere episodes.

Hawaii Five-0 in the TNT schedule for August 8th

The TNT schedule for Thursday, August 8th shows Hawaii Five-0 premiering at 9:00pm ET/PT with back-to-back episodes — “Pilot” and “Ohana.”
(Screengrab courtesy of TNT and Peter Lenkov)

Lucky fan catches live Hawaii Five-0 filming near airport

July 22nd, 2013 by

Undercover Special Agent Madjack caught the Hawaii Five-0 team in action near the airport the other week.  Check out the pics!

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 available for pre-order!

July 17th, 2013 by
Temporary box art for Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets

Ready to pre-order your Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets? Amazon is! Follow the links below for ordering specifics.
(Image courtesy of Amazon and CBS/Paramount)

Ready to pre-order your Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets? Amazon is! The online retailer recently put up pre-order information for the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets, which are both currently listing at a discounted pre-order price of $58.49.

The Season 4 DVD and BluRay ordering details can be found at the Amazon.com website.

Remember, when placing your orders, use the 50Undercover Amazon gateway! (the link graphic can be found in the right-hand border of our pages).

Hawaii Five-0 scores a touchdown at Aloha Stadium (SPOILERS!)

July 14th, 2013 by
Makani Kai chopper over Ala Moana Beach

One of Makani Kai’s helicopters, temporarily rebranded as Kamekona’s pride and joy, flies along the Waikiki shoreline in a “Magnum. PI” homage from Season 3’s “Hoa Pili.”
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Hawaii Five-0’s production team is pulling out all the stops to make the Season 4 premiere episode a high-octane thrill-ride. In addition to fan-favorite guest stars Henry Ian Cusick (LOST) and Chi McBride (Human Target, Golden Boy), we can also look forward to an eye-catching helicopter stunt or two courtesy of Makani Kai Helicopters.

As Mike Gordon of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser learned, Five-0 has negotiated with the University of Hawaii to film one of Makani Kai’s familiar black helicopters touching down in and presumably taking off from the Aloha Stadium field.



Copter landing in stadium touch and go for ‘5-0’ filming

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jul 14, 2013

Landing inside Aloha Stadium isn’t included in Makani Kai Helicopters tours, so don’t go reaching for your cellphone to book a flight if you to see one of the company’s EurocopterAstars disappearing behind the north end zone this week.

A touchdown such as that would mark a historic moment for both the Halawa stadium and the CBS cop drama “Hawaii Five-0,” which included the scenario in the script of its Season 4 premiere, airing Sept. 27.

When edited into the episode, it will likely look more awesome than it actually was. That’s because the maneuver, even in tight surroundings, is more routine than stunt, according to Richard Schuman, the 55-year-old owner of Makani Kai Helicopters and the pilot who will do the flying.

“The landing is like we do every day, several times a day,” he told the Star-Advertiser. “The only difference is, now you are surrounded by a stadium.”

The stunt has been in the works for weeks, and at a July 5 public meeting, Stadium Authority board members appeared to favor the request. But the elephant in the room was bigger than a University of Southern California lineman: What would happen if there was an accident and the field could not be repaired in time for the University of Hawaii football team’s season opener with the USC Trojans on Aug. 29?

“This would be a huge loss,” stadium manager Scott Chan told the board. “It would not be good for anyone if this game did not take place.”

Stadium officials, using 2010 data, estimated the university would be out $2.3 million if that happens. But UH is comfortable with the stunt as proposed, said John McNamara, associate athletic director.

Board members noted at the meeting that “Five-0” was agreeing to cover any damages and would conduct tests before and after the filming to measure the 3,500-pound helicopter’s impact — if any — on the turf’s bounce.

Schuman, whose helicopters have flown “Five-0” episodes for the past three seasons, did his best to reassure stadium officials.

During the filming, he’ll probably hover about 50 feet above Aloha Stadium’s synthetic turf before the show’s director tells him to land, he said. If his engine suddenly stalls, Schuman doesn’t anticipate a problem landing safely. He would “float down like a kite,” he said.

“If done properly, it would come down no harder than you jumping off a table,” Schuman told stadium officials. “We train for that. But a worst-case scenario where the engine suddenly quits is extremely rare.”

The worst-case scenario, though, would be worse for Schuman, who has flown helicopters for 18 years, the pilot told the board.

“If I was to die of a heart attack coming over the stadium and the helicopter nosed down and crashed into the 50-yard-line, that would probably put a big dent in the field,” he said. “And I’m not sure how you would repair the field if that was the case.”

Under the plan discussed, the field’s 45-square-foot centerpiece, which has the University of Hawaii logo woven into the synthetic material, would be removed for the scene. “Five-0” would have to restore infill material — the rubberized granules between the blades of artificial grass — blown away by wash from the helicopter rotors.

The board agreed to a $2,000-per-day fee for “Five-0” to use the stadium and its parking lot from today through Wednesday. At last word, the agreement had not been finalized but the Stadium Authority board did not anticipate a problem closing the deal.

Schuman, who has done most of the flying in “Five-0” episodes, doesn’t feel he’ll contribute anything unexpected to the episode when he lands.

“It’s not difficult,” he said after the meeting. “It’s like driving your car into your garage.”

AND that’s a wrap …

Mike Gordon is the Star-Advertiser’s film and television writer. Read his Outtakes Online blog at honolulupulse.com. Reach him at 529-4803 or email mgordon@staradvertiser.com.

Henry Ian Cusick gets LOST on Hawaii Five-0 (SPOILERS!!)

July 12th, 2013 by


CBS S4 LOST on H50 promo

Aloha, Henry Ian Cusick, Jorge Garcia, and Terry O’Quinn! CBS promotes both the move to Friday nights and the addition of more LOST alums to the growing Five-0 Ohana.
(Image courtesy of CBS – http://instagram.com/p/brVDaNxhwr/ )

Peter Lenkov hinted there would be more LOST reunions this season of Hawaii Five-0, and he wasn’t kidding! In addition to Jorge “Hurley” Garcia, who was announced earlier this summer, Henry Ian Cusick (LOST’s Desmond) will also “go back to the Island.”

Cusick’s appearance in the Season 4 premiere was first teased by Peter Lenkov in a July 11th twitter photo and confirmed by CBS through the new promotional photo shown above, and in an interview with TV|Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich, which is excerpted below.

“Lost alum Henry Ian Cusick is heading back to Hawaii, with a plum role on Hawaii Five-0.

The dashing Scotsman will guest-star in the Season 4 premiere as Ernesto, a tough, fearless and ruthless member of a terrorist group called the National Liberation Movement. Provided he makes it out of the mayhem he makes alive, he possibly could reappear like a bad penny.

Asked to comment on Cusick’s character, show boss Peter Lenkov — who teased the Lost alum’s arrival with the photo below — said, ‘Well, he’s got the balls to take over the palace, Five-0′s HQ — so what more is there to say?’”

Read the full Mitovich  article, complete with additional photos, at the TV|Line website.

Henry Ian Cusick on location with Five-0

Exec. producer Peter Lenkov shared this July 11th photo of LOST’s Henry Ian Cusick on location with Five-0. Cusick will appear in “Aloha. Kekahi i Kekahi,” the season premiere episode.
(Photo courtesy of Peter Lenkov – http://t.co/XVGpNjCXEl )

Chi McBride lands Hawaii Five-0 role (SPOILERS!)

July 10th, 2013 by
Chi McBride joins Hawaii Five-0 as new SWAT Captain Grover

Chi McBride joins Hawaii Five-0 this season as SWAT Captain Lou Grover.
(Image courtesy of Paul A. Hebert / Getty Images)

Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov told C21Media in a recent interview that there would be new characters added to the Five-0 roster for Season 4. Lenkov named one of those new characters this afternoon at the Season 4 Blessing.

Chi McBride, most recently seen on CBS’s Golden Boy, will appear in the season premiere episode, “Aloha kekahi i kekahi.” McBride plays SWAT Captain Lou Grover, a recent Chicago transplant who takes a dim view of McGarrett’s trademark seat-of-the-pants approach to law enforcement. According to Lenkov, Grover views the Five-0 Task Force as “‘McGarrett and his merry band of do-whatever-the-hell-they-want,” an attitude which is sure to create story-driving conflict.

Entertainment Weekly’s website, EW.com, ran the story — excerpted below — on McBride’s addition to Five-0.

“Hawaii Five-0 historians will appreciate this.

The upcoming fourth season of CBS’s Five-0 will see the addition of SWAT Captain Lou Grover, a character that first appeared in an episode of the original series. And the cherry on top of the good news? He’ll be played by Chi McBride.

McBride will first appear in the season premiere, which airs Sept. 27 and starts shooting today in Hawaii.”

According to the EW.com story, McBride’s Captain Grover may prove to be a recurring character. Apparently incorporating some aspects of both Governor Sam Denning’s and Captain Vince Fryer’s initial misgivings about McGarrett’s task force, Grover’s attitude towards Five-0 should make for some great head-butting and tension whenever the two cross paths.

Hawaii Five-0’s Season 4 Blessing to be live-streamed by Hawaii News Now

July 9th, 2013 by
HNN to cover Season 4 Blessing

Hawaii News Now (HNN) will once again provide exclusive coverage of Five-0’s season-launching Blessing ceremony.
(Image courtesy of Hawaii News Now)

Hawaii News Now (HNN) will live-stream their exclusive coverage of Hawaii Five-0’s Season 4 Blessing ceremony, which will be held Wednesday, July 10th at the show’s new Diamond Head Studio home.

HNN announced the Blessing coverage through the website article excerpted below.

“HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –
As the saying goes, lights camera action! It’s almost go time for Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 and Hawaii News Now continues to be your “go to” station for complete coverage.

Wednesday, July 10 marks the start of production for Hawaii Five-0, Season 4 featuring Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka, Michelle Borth, Taylor Wily, Christine Lahti, Mark Dacascos, Brian Yang and Teilor Grubbs, amongst many other talented actors.

We’re the only TV station in town invited on set for the blessing and start of filming. The blessing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. (Check back on Wednesday for the actual start time)

Click here to watch on a computer: http://hine.ws/live
Clicking this link will also take you to the mobile live stream: http://bit.ly/hnnlive2

Filming for every season of the show has started with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. Blessings mark the start of something new and are a show of respect for the host culture.

The series will be returning to its original Honolulu sound stage at Diamond Head, home of the original Hawaii Five-0. The series also features some of the original 5-0 cast, including Dennis Chun and Al Harrington who will take part in Wednesday blessing.

To watch the blessing, you can log on to HawaiiNewsNow.com or you can download the Hawaii News Now app for iOS or Android devices.”

The complete article can be read at the Hawaii News Now website.

Hawaii Five-0’s Peter Lenkov talks to C21Media

July 9th, 2013 by
Peter Lenkov chats with C21Media

Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov chats with C21Media “the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.”
(Image courtesy of C21Media)

Hawaii Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov sat down recently to talk with C21Media about “the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.”

The six-minute interview includes scenes from the show inter-cut with Lenkov’s comments, and the comments themselves cover considerable ground. For instance, while some fans have been apprehensive about the move to Friday nights, Lenkov looks forward to the new night and time. He feels the earlier timeslot will allow families to watch the show together, as he and his father did, while the new night will introduce Five-0 to a new audience.

Lenkov also teases with some hints about Season 4, which goes into production on Wednesday, July 10th. Look for the addition of new characters and the growth of existing relationships. Also expect questions from last season to be answered early on rather than strung out across the season, with new questions taking their place in the storyline.

C21Media’s website gives the following title and description for the interview.

Re-book it, Danno

“THE C21 INTERVIEW: Hawaii Five-O’s showrunner Peter Lenkov talks to C21 about the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.

CBS relaunched the show in 2010, 30 years after its initial 12-year run had come to an end. Lenkov says the production meant striking a delicate balance between not disappointing the previous generation of fans and attracting new audiences.”

View the six-minute interview at the C21Media website.

Five-0’s Taryn Manning talks new Netflix role with Huff Post Live

July 8th, 2013 by
Taryn Manning on HuffPo Live

Taryn Manning (Five-0’s Mary Ann McGarrett) talks with Huff Post Live about her new role in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black.”
(Image courtesy of Huff Post Live)

Hawaii Five-0’s Taryn Manning sat down Monday night with Huff Post Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to talk about her new Netflix series, “Orange Is the New Black.”

According to the HuffPo summary of the interview, the show “is based on Piper Kerman’s best-selling memoir and will debut on July 11th. Manning portrays a former meth addict who becomes an evangelist during her confinement.”

Manning’s character is not your garden variety evangelist; she’s got the fervor and the dedication while lacking much of the theological backbround, so her approach is definitely on the controversial and confrontational side.

In addition to discussing her new Netflix role, Manning also chats about her inspiration to pursue acting and some of her favorite charitable causes.

The series — which has already been renewed for a second season by Netflix — premieres on Thursday, July 11th.

Watch the nearly 20-minute interview at the Huff Post Live website.

Daniel Dae Kim joins NBC’s Hollywood Game Night

July 4th, 2013 by
Daniel Dae Kim joins celebrity cast of Hollywood Game Night

The Season One cast of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night includes Daniel Dae Kim, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Martin Short and Kristen Bell in “The One with The Friends.”
(Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC)

Hawaii Five-0’s Daniel Dae Kim will appear on the first episode of NBC’s new summer game show, Hollywood Game Night, which premieres on July 11th.  The show, which is hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch, will air Thursdays at 9:00pm ET for its initial eight-episode run.  The show’s celebrity cast includes Five-0’s Daniel Dae Kim, Matthew Perry and  Lisa Kudrow of Friends, comedian Martin Short, Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars,  and Alyson Hannigan of How I Met Your Mother. Their episode is titled “The One with The Friends.”

The official NBC show homepage has this to say of the new show:

“It’s a cool summer’s night, and you’re at a fantastic party in the Hollywood Hills. As the house band rocks, you mingle with some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, including “Hollywood Game Night’s” host with the most, Jane Lynch! So what could make this night even better? How about a chance to walk out with a mountain of cash? One-hour alternative series.It could happen to you on “Hollywood Game Night.” Every week, ordinary people and celebrities gather for a great party. Then two teams made up of a civilian and celebrities compete in a series of outrageous games. Are you a walking encyclopedia of celebrity trivia? An expert on all things pop culture? If so, you just might have a chance to take home up to $25,000. Not bad for a night’s work!

From co-creators and producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner comes the ultimate game night with all-star players, host Jane Lynch, a rockin’ house band and plenty of surprise guests. Let the games begin! One-hour alternative series.”

Hollywood Game Night seems to be close kin to games like Trivial Pursuit, with the two teams matching wits on a wide range of pop culture and celebrity trivia.  Will Daniel hold his own in the fast-paced and irreverent scramble for the winning answers? Visit the show’s homepage at NBC for a sneak peek of Daniel in action.


Daniel Dae Kim, Matthew Perry, and Kristen Bell appear on Hollwyood Game Night

Daniel Dae Kim, Matthew Perry, and Kristen Bell appear in NBC’s new Hollywood Game Night.
(Image courtesy of NBC)


NBC’s  homepage for Hollywood Game Night offers a selection of sneak-peek videos and previews in addition to further details on the show and cast.