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Meet Hawaii Five-0′s newest member

July 16th, 2014 by

The name of Hawaii Five-0’s newest cast member has been revealed in a TV Guide exclusive. Much in demand actress Amanda Setton has been cast to play trainee to medical examiner Max Bergman (Masi Oka.) The exotic beauty was most recently seen on the Robin Williams’ comedy The Crazy Ones, and prior to that, played pushy office assistant, Shauna Dicanio on Fox’s The Mindy Project.

Amanda Setton

Amanda Setton

Earlier this month TV Guide reported Season 5 would bring a new love interest to Five-0 boss Steve McGarrett, and since Max already has a girlfriend (played by Willis-Moore offspring Rumer Willis,) could it be that Setton’s character Dr. Mindy Shaw, will fill the slot left by Michelle Borth?   Many fans were upset at the announcement that Borth’s Catherine Rollins was being written off the show, so any new love interest will be met with much skepticism from many, particularly after we witnessed a heart-broken McGarrett in tears upon hearing Cath was staying in Afghanistan.

Alex O'Loughlin in "Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie"

Alex O’Loughlin in “Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie”

 We here at 50undercover wish Amanda the best of luck, both in her role and in her reception from the fans.  Unfortunately, female actors cast on the show (other than original member, Grace Park) haven’t always been met with wholesale acceptance from some on social media.  Let’s make this a positive experience and show Amanda the aloha spirit!

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Blessing video and recap

July 8th, 2014 by
Alex O'Loughliin Hawaii News Now

Alex O’Loughlin Photo credit Hawaii News Now

In what has become an annual tradition, a Hawaiian blessing was performed by Kahu Kauila Kawelo Barber, Hawaii Five-0′s Hawaiian Language and Protocol Advisor, to kick off Season 5 . Getting a show to a fifth season is difficult so perhaps the blessing is working. Present were Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Dennis Chun, Jorge Garcia, and Peter Lenkov, as well as extras and crew.

Grace Park had this to say about the blessing, “There’s a beauty to the commencement of something and to come together and to recognize not only that point, but to have a vision of the entire time. You don’t know what it will look like, but you feel there is a hope and some reflection.”

Grace Park with Tannya Joaquin. Photo:  Hawaii News Now

Grace Park with Tannya Joaquin. Photo: Hawaii News Now

Fans immediately noticed the substantial facial hair that adorned Alex O’Loughlin’s face at the ceremony. He said that many people have been offering their opinions on it – not all of them positive. Shortly after the blessing, O’Loughlin was seen sporting a mustache as he began his transformation into Steve McGarrett.

Alex discussing his beard with Tannya - Hawaii News Now

Alex discussing his beard with Tannya.
Photo: Hawaii News Now

Many hints were dropped about Season 5 including an extended 25 episode season!

Other spoilers include:

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Blessing to be Live Streamed

July 6th, 2014 by

UPDATE July 7:

Tannya Joaquin will continue her string of Hawaii Five-0 opening day interviews tomorrow. She’s posted the following information, which we hope you’ll find helpful.

“The show is keeping with tradition by gathering for a Hawaiian blessing before getting back to work. It’s a sign of respect for the host culture. Blessings help usher in new beginnings with a prayer, untying of a maile lei and a ceremony uniting the cast, crew and invited dignitaries.

The blessing is scheduled to start at 6 a.m. Hawaii time. Tannya Joaquin will have live preview reports starting at 5:15 a.m. during Hawaii News Now Sunrise. We’ll stream our coverage live at HawaiiNewsNow.com”

See below for the necessary links and apps for viewing the life feed.

Alex O'Loughlin during Season 3 blessing.   Photo credit: Norman Shapiro/CBS

Alex O’Loughlin during Season 3 blessing. Photo credit: Norman Shapiro/CBS


Summer vacation is just getting has just barely started for many people but the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0 are already heading back to work on Season 5. As reported by Tannya Boyd Joaquin, Hawaii News Now will be providing live coverage of the traditional Hawaiian blessing on set before filming of the new season takes place. Set your alarm for Tuesday July 8, 2014 at 6am HST or click here to see when it will air locally for you. Starting time is an estimate depending on other news coverage that day.

You can catch the live stream coverage via computer here. To view from a mobile device, download the Hawaii News Now app by searching for it in Google Play or the App Store.


Hawaii Five-0 premier party September 13, 2014

July 3rd, 2014 by

As we mentioned in May, executive producer Peter Lenkov promised fans that there would be a “Sunset On the Beach” celebration to kick off the fifth season of Hawaii Five-0.  A man of his word, today the date of September 13th was announced and now fans can begin making travel plans.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phenomenon, the Hawaii Five-0 “SOTB,” as it is referred to, is the combination season premier, star-studded red carpet walk, and general party thrown by CBS to show appreciation to the Oahu locals.


Well, that’s how it began.  For the first Five-0 SOTB, some groups of dedicated Alex O’Loughlin fans flew to Honolulu for a chance to glimpse their favorite star. Those who couldn’t make the trip were able to watch a portion of the event via live feeds being broadcast online.  As photos, video, and word of  that first exciting event spread around the world, more travelers descended onto the Waikiki beach each subsequent year.

Unfortunately, not all of the main cast have attended each season, but Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim, who both live in Hawaii, have not missed a chance to show their love to the throngs of vocal fans.  Other frequenet attendees are Taylor Wily (Kamekona,) Teilor Grubbs (Grace Williams) and Wo Fat actor, Mark Dacascos. Hopefully fans will Grace Park and Scott Caan this year!


Alex O’Loughlin from SOTB4 Photo: Agent Madjack

This year’s Sunset On the Beach will be even more special to the cast and crew than in past years.  The show will be filming it’s 100th episode that week; a  major milestone in this day and age of disposable television shows.  As Lenkov told the Star Advertiser’s Mike Gordon, ”It allows me the privilege of sharing our premiere episode with our extended family on the most beautiful beach in the world,” Lenkov said. “So if you ask if I am excited — I am. More than words can describe.”

Daniel Dae Kim at SOTB 4 Photo: Agent Madjack

Daniel Dae Kim at SOTB 4
Photo: Agent Madjack

Last year as the sun set over the ocean, Alex O’Loughlin proclaimed that there should be a Sunset On the Beach every year, even after the show goes off the air.  Well, we don’t want to look that far ahead, but we’re grateful that the stars, Peter Lenkov, and CBS are so invested in showing the fans some aloha.  Let’s hope this party continues for many years to come.

Chi McBride's first Sunset On the Beach Photo: Agent Madjack

Chi McBride’s first Sunset On the Beach
Photo: Agent Madjack

Because those attending the beach-side premiere see the season debut before the rest of the world, one drawback has always been keeping spoilers from leaking out.  This year will be even more of a challenge as SOTB occurs almost two weeks before CBS rolls out its Fall shows.  Hawaii’s Aloha Festival will be taking place on September 20th, which would have been the prime date for the CBS fete.

Check back at 50undercover.com for more updates.  If you’re going to be there, we’d love for you to tell our readers about your experience. And if you get some great photos that wouldn’t mind sharing with us exclusively, we’d love you forever!  Let us know here on the blog, or message us on Facebook.   Mahalo!

H50 Summer Scanner – July 1, 2014

July 1st, 2014 by

There is some big news coming from the Hawaii Five-0 camp as the cast and crew get ready to start filming Season 5 next week!


Steve finds out that Catherine is staying in Afghanistan.

TV Guide is reporting that Steve McGarrett will  be getting a new love interest this year. His former flame, Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth,) was last seen riding off into the Afgan sunset leaving a big hole in McGarrett’s heart. The new lady is somehow connected to the senior McGarrett and when she visits his gravesite on the anniversary of his death, she’ll meet our favourite Navy SEAL. Will sparks fly?  Judging from reaction on social media, not all fans like the idea of the Five-0 leader rebounding from heartbreak so quickly.  What do you think? Yea or Nay?


See that guy the second from the left? Recognize him? That’s Victor Hesse, the man who killed Steve McGarrett’s father. Hesse went on to meet an untimely end at the hands of Wo Fat in Season 2. Or did he? Executive Producer, Peter Lenkov, released the following teaser tweet.


@Jm_Live is the Twitter handle of Buffy the Vampire Slayer veteran, James Marsters, the actor who played Hesse. Although he killed McGarrett’s father, he later saved Steve’s life. Looks like the complicated character is coming back to the island! It is not clear if he survived his jail house shanking at the hands of Wo Fat or if he will appear in flashbacks. As the kind of villain you love to hate, we’re hoping Hesse has lived to see another day.

Teilor Grubbs with Ian Anthony Dale

Teilor Grubbs with Ian Anthony Dale

In other news, Ian Anthony Dale is keeping himself busy this summer. He will be joining the Hart of Dixie Season 4 cast as a rich, charming doctor that men would like to be and women would like to be with (not too much of a stretch for Dale.) This casting could mean he will not be returning to Hawaii Five-0 in the near future. Sorry, Adam fans, he may be scarce in Season 5. The Heart of Dixie can be seen on the CW network.

Hawaii Five-0 Double Header Weekend

June 27th, 2014 by


It’s a Hawaii Five-0 double header repeat weekend!

In Friday night’s episode titled “Ma lalo o ka ‘ili”, fans relive Danno fussing over his parents’ break up. Melanie Griffith (as Clara Williams) and Scott Caan work well together playing mother and son, ending the three part story arc in this episode. Conspiracy theorist Jerry, helps decode more of the Champ box for McGarrett, leading Steve into a deeper mystery about his mother. Not wanting all the attention going to Jerry, McGarrett rips his shirt off when confronting a CIA operative.  OK, so it doesn’t happen exactly like that, but you ladies deserve a heads up.

Does Jerry have a 'Beautiful Mind'?

Does Jerry have a ‘Beautiful Mind’?

On Saturday, fan’s heart strings will be tugged in “Kupu’eu” as a guest star  is killed off , and a little too early, in my opinion. I was hoping for this character to be around much longer to give McGarrett a run for his money since his story had a lot of potential.  No spoilers here, though! You will have to tune in to see who it is, if you missed it the first time. One of my favourite characters, Joe White also returns. You know that his appearance only means more angst for McGarrett.

Autumn Reeser as Gabby

Autumn Reeser as Gabby

As a side note, former Hawaii Five-0 guest star, Autumn Reeser (Danno’s love interest, Gabby) will appearing on the Thrilling Adventure Hour panel at San Diego Comic Con in July. Reeser has been part of the stage show and podcast team for the last 6 years. If you will be in San Diego on Comic Con weekend (July -24-27, 2014), Reeser will be appearing in the old time radio stage performance on July 26th, 2014. No Comic Con badge needed! Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.


H50 Summer Scanner – June 25, 2014

June 25th, 2014 by

Mark your calendars!

On June 24th, CBS announced the Fall schedule with Friday, September 26th, being the date for Hawaii Five-0′s fifth season to debut.  The show is maintaining it’s Season 4 timeslot, 9pm/8c.  The DVD set for last season goes on sale on September 16th.

Season 5 premiere date.

Season 5 premiere date.

But until then, it’s almost time for the filming of Season 5 to begin; July 8th to be exact. If we’re lucky, the show and local media will share the opening Hawaiian blessing ceremony with us via live video stream as they have in the past two years.  And let’s hope for some good on-set photos this season, as cast and crew don’t seem to be sharing as many as they did in the first few years.  Come on, CBS, give the fans some Season 5 love!

Recently Daniel Dae Kim was spotted in Atlanta where Insurgent (of the Divergent movie series) is filming. Daniel took advantage of his southern location to skip over to North Carolina and cheer on Hawaii native Michelle Wie, who went on to win the U.S. Women’s Open.  Obviously enjoying the filming experience, Kim tweeted, “That was a good day. Really impressed by the talent and kindness of the people on this project. #Insurgent”

Daniel tweeted this photo of himself with U.S. Open champion Michelle Wie.

Daniel tweeted this photo of himself with U.S. Open champion Michelle Wie.

On Monday, June 23rd, students and staff at Hongwanji Mission School (the first Buddhist School established outside of Japan) were fortunate to host the Five-0 main-man himself, Alex O’Loughlin.  O’Loughlin, a guest of the school’s Ohana Arts Program spoke about “about acting as a profession and his experiences.

Photo: @ohanasummerarts on Instagram

Photo: @ohanasummerarts on Instagram

He answered questions from the students and offered some sage advice regarding being true to oneself and treating others as you want to be treated,” according to a school representative.  Apparently Scott Caan also phoned in to speak to the students as well.

From @hmsdolphinsnow on Intagram

At Hongwanji Mission School – Photo: @hmsdolphinsnow on Intagram



Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 DVD release date

June 23rd, 2014 by

Although you’ve been able to pre-order the Hawaii 5-0 Season 4 DVD on Amazon for awhile, we now have the release date for you!  Mark your calendars for September 16th and f you’d like to support this blog, you can order using one of our links here or by clicking the Amazon link on the right side of the blog.


TVshowsonDVD.com has a few more details for you, but we’re hoping the Blu-ray is released on the same day.



Many viewers thought that the fourth season of the CBS show was better than the previous two, so you’ll want to add this one to your collection.  In addition to behind the scenes features, the gag reel featuring a very funny Alex O’Loughlin, Grace Park, Scott Caan, and Daniel Dae Kim, is always one of the high points of the set, and new cast member Chi McBride should add a few laughs.

H50 Summer Scanner – June 17, 2014

June 19th, 2014 by


Ian Anthony Dale & Daniel Dae Kim at #PowwowHawaii event. Photo via @Chant808 @Nonstophonolulu

Ian Anthony Dale & Daniel Dae Kim at #PowwowHawaii event. Photo via @Chant808 @Nonstophonolulu

During a recent interview with Popsugar.com, Ian Anthony Dale talked about his new role as homicide lieutenant Jim Koto in TNT’s Murder in the First. Dale revealed that he relies on advice from his brother, a homicide detective, when playing roles such as this. He says his brother is a valuable resource but will be the first to tell him when he has done something wrong. Ah, brotherly love.

For Hawaii Five-0 fans, Dale teases about his future on the CBS show, saying, he “can’t talk about” what might be coming up for Adam Noshimori next season. Can we hope that Kono’s love interest will return?

Check out the entire interview below.


Photo: Broadwayworld.com

Photo: Broadwayworld.com

Island resident Daniel Dae Kim is throwing his star power behind a Hawaiian bid to create the Barack Obama Presidential Center by lending  his voice to the video pitch. The Presidential Center will include a museum and “think tank” institute . Chicago and New York are also submitting bids. No stranger to assisting the President, Dae recently served as Cultural Envoy and Member of the U.S. Presidential Delegation for the United States at the World Expo in South Korea.

Hawaii Five-0 fan grapples with Alex O’Loughlin

June 16th, 2014 by


Alex O'Loughlin at Egan's Training Center

Alex O’Loughlin at Egan’s Training Center

Last November Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin teamed up with friend and trainer, MMA artist Egan Inoue to offer two self-defense classes for women.  The proceeds of the event at Egan’s Training Center topped $10,000 and went to the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

Zoe Griffiths, once of our readers from Great Britain, saw the announcement for the event here on our blog, which led to her incredible husband giving her a most generous gift; a trip to train with with Steve McGarrett!  After seeing Zoe post photos on social media, we contacted her to see if she’d be interested in sharing her story with us.  We were thrilled that she responded positively, but her write-up languished for a while in the very busy Officer 808’s in-box.  Perhaps that’s turned out for the best as we now having something “new” to read while we suffer through the slow months of Hawaii Five-0 hiatus.

We hope you’ll enjoy Zoe’s narrative and the photos she shared, as much as we did. Additionally, we’d like to nominate her husband for “Man of the year.”


From Zoe:

Having spotted and commented on your post about the seminars on Facebook, I didn’t really think much of it, let alone contemplate the possibility of traveling from UK to Hawaii to attend. What I had not accounted for was my husband spotting the post I had commented on, and booking a place for me as a surprise anniversary present (serious husband brownie points). With my place booked we set about organizing our trip to Hawaii.

Since the pilot episode I have been desperate to visit this island and it completely surpassed all expectations. We were lucky enough to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and a couple of days prior to the seminar I had my first glimpse into the H50 world. One evening we noticed that around half a dozen white trucks had been parked on Ala Wai Harbour next to the hotel, so being curious we wondered over to take a look. Much to my excitement it turned out to be base camp for the 5-0 crew, the crew were really nice and happily chatted to us and explained that the cast were a couple of blocks away filming scenes at the ‘Hideaway Bar’. So no cast sightings unfortunately but as a huge fan of the show, still amazing to see the set up.

IP 5 SDS_Photo_Pack

Alex with the adorable Zoe

The seminar itself fell on our final day on the island. The team at Egan’s Training Center had been brilliant in helping me organize things prior to arriving. I was going to be part of the first seminar so they had advised us to arrive by 12.30pm for a 1pm start. When the day arrived I was excited/nervous/apprehensive all in one, I was unsure of what to expect in terms of how much time we would get to meet Alex, what the format would be, how many people would be there, what to wear (girl problems!) and also attending the event without knowing anyone else! Also prior to this point anyone who knows me would have happily told you (myself included) that I was allergic to the gym!

Talking about it now it still feels very surreal, even more so than it did at the time! Once the taxi pulled up outside the studio it really did start to feel like an out of body experience. I checked in at the front desk and started to fill out my forms, I think I had been there less than a minute when I spotted Alex out of the corner of my eye in one of the offices off to the side of the studio…now it was real and surreal all in one. There were a couple of other ladies who had arrived ahead of me, and I got talking to a lovely lady who had traveled from Tasmania, Australia and later another fabulous lady, Kathy, who was local, who became my partner for the session. Whilst we were chatting on the benches at the front of the studio, Alex came out of the office and started doing some stretches on the mats behind the front desk, at one point he had his head on the mat to do some neck stretches when his t-shirt fell forwards giving us all a view of his impressive lower back tattoo (credit to the H50 make up department for covering all that up!)

Alex looking quite delighted.

In total there were only about 16 of us for the first class – I was surprised and thrilled that is was such an intimate group. At last we were on the mats and Marcia (Egan’s wife) did the introduction for the seminar and introduced Egan and Alex individually; she introduced Alex as one of Egan’s pupils and contributor to the training center, then also added that we might also know him from various shows – to which Alex joked that he was ‘really good at pretending things’. Marcia also explained that they had arranged for Kelli Bullock to do photography for the day so asked that we not use personal cameras/phones during the session, and also then told us that Alex had kindly agreed to make time at the end of the seminar to do individual photos with everyone…by this point I am really not even sure this is real let alone happening right now in front of me.

Egan and Alex were supported by 2 other trainers from the center who helped demonstrate the self defense moves we were learning; Heather Wong and Corrie Agon – both of whom were amazing. So came the time to learn self defense (remember this is really what we were meant to be here for!) I tried to concentrate on remembering every second of the experience as I doubt I will have such a opportunity again, I gave myself an inner monologue of a pep talk to get over my nerves and have the confidence to enjoy the experience and most of all have fun! During the first moves Heather helped Kathy and I get started, she chatted to us whilst we worked and then whispered that we would have more fun if Alex came over to show us, then casually asked Alex to come over and help us…I tell you; Cloud 9 has nothing on this! Alex was incredibly relaxed and very down to earth, full of smiles and quick humor, and very easy to talk to. Throughout the session, Kathy and I were very very fortunate with the amount of time we got to spend interacting with Alex. He helped us with several moves, happy to answer questions and go through things as many times as you needed, he also used us to partner him when he was trying to demonstrate what he was saying to us…I was not ready for this.

At the end of the session, we each got the individual photographs we were promised (everyone secretly hoping they didn’t look too hot and sweaty!) I was the last one to have their photo done and was able to chat more with Alex after our photo. We talked about his martial arts training which he has been doing for a good 20+ years and also that he spent 6 or so years boxing as well. He asked about whereabouts in the UK I was from, and that he missed being in the UK and hadn’t been back in a long while.

IP  3 SDS_Photo_Pack

I’ve always been nervous about meeting someone who I would say is an ‘idol’ as you can never be sure if they will live up to your expectations, but I can safely say that Alex squashed any fear I mighthave had. He presents himself incredibly well, he’s very approachable and seems just a nice, genuine person to be around. He made sure he spent time with everyone in the class and seemed genuinely happy to be there. He mentioned his wife (he does refer to Malia as his wife, sorry ladies) and children several times and is obviously in a very good, happy place now.

Before we left I was able to take some sneaky pics on my photo whilst he was getting ready for the second session. He was mixing a protein drink at the front desk before he went out to his car when we were leaving the center. On our way out of the car park; he waved, grinned and wished us well. Perfect end to a perfect day. Well worth the 24hrs of traveling it took to get to the island, and I barely noticed the return journey home afterwards.

IP SDS_Photo_Pack

Alex O’Loughin “hands-on” with Zoe.

After about a week of post-Hawaii blues and serious jet lag I came home from work to find an email from Kelli Bullock who did all of our photos with Alex, with links to the online gallery and first looks at
our individual and group photos. Then just before Christmas a very special parcel arrived on my doorstep all the way from Honolulu – this was our event t-shirt, certificate and signed photograph of Alex. I was expecting a generic signed photo of him, but I was thrilled to find that he had actually signed our photos taken with him. A couple of days after this we had yet another email from Kelli to tell us that
Alex’s rep had approved the release of the candid shots taken during the classes (minus any shots that were seen as ‘compromising’ positions between Alex and class members; a fabulous early Christmas present!

Alex talking to students while whipping up a healthy drink.

Alex talking to students while whipping up a healthy drink.