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Newcomer cast as young Steve McGarrett

January 8th, 2012 by

Very little is known about the young actor who’s been cast to play the teenage version of the top man at Five-o.  As we found out a couple of days ago, his name is William Lancaster Carlson, and he’s also been cast on web TV series “Luke 11:17″ where once again, he plays the youthful version of  the main character.  About all we know at this point is that a source at CBS told our own Officer 808 that Mr. Carlson is “very sweet.”

Will Carlson from Luke 11:17 Facebook page

The debate has already begun as to whether the sweet-faced young man actually resembles Steve McGarrett, but did we really think they would be able to locate an actor who was the youthful doppleganger to our Super Seal?  I think not.  And truthfully, the young Alex O’Loughlin didn’t really look like Alex O’Loughlin either.


A young Steve McG, supposedly of Alex O'loughlin, in a shot from Hawaii Five-0 "Ohana" (Season 1, Episode 2).

A young Steve McG, supposedly of Alex, in a shot from "Ohana" (Season 1, Episode 2).

Steve McGarrett, the wonder years

January 6th, 2012 by

This headshot of the actor playing the young Steve McGarrett has hit the social network (I originally saw this at @AlexOsplace).  William Lancaster Carlson is the official teen (dream) Steve.   A source at CBS has confirmed that this is the actor, and that “he’s very sweet”.  His episode is set to air January 16th.  Does he resemble Alex O’Loughlin?  You be the judge, but in any case ladies, swoon away.

Update:  Will Carlson appears in Luke 11:17, a psychological thriller on firstrun.tv.  Check it out on Facebook.

Will Carlson as the young Steve Mcgarrett, Hawaii Five-0.  (Courtesy photo)

Will Carlson as the young Steve Mcgarrett, Hawaii Five-0. (Courtesy photo)

McGarrett versus the Russians?

January 4th, 2012 by

Is the Cold War back? Trust McGarrett to heat things up, and I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to watch Steve engage in a little “sweet-talking,” as reported by TV Guide.

Let’s start 2012 with some Hawaii Five-0 spoilers? — James
 How do you say “Book ‘em, Danno!” in Russian? McGarrett may find out when the team investigates a rape and murder at a $5,000-a-plate fundraiser and the prime suspect seeks asylum at the Russian embassy. Sounds like glasnost will be of no help to McGarrett, who will have to do a little sweet-talking to get the entitled Consul General to hand over the scumbag comrade.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 213, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

January 3rd, 2012 by

All I want for Christmas is a new episode

Winter seemed longer and colder with two straight Hawaii Five-0 rebroadcasts the past couple of weeks.  Well ok, it was longer and colder for the rest of you since the temperatures hung in the 60-70 degree range here in Honolulu over Christmas.  I don’t mean to rub it in, but it’s good to live in paradise. ;)  Was the wait worth it?  Read on and find out.

When Steve flexes, the Earth shudders.  Photo CBS, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

When Steve flexes, the Earth shudders. Photo CBS, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

Lost in the story

The chatter on twitter was mixed on the episode.  Some thought it was brilliant, while others got lost in the storyline of a murdered teen, sex tapes, blackmail, insurance fraud, unions, mobsters and hitmen.  As one who dabbles in writing, I give credit to story writer Stephanie Sengupta who I thought managed to construct a procedural that only gave you a little bit of information with every step in the case, and the final crime wasn’t truly revealed until the very end.  That’s exactly  the kind of procedural that I want to watch, one that keeps me guessing and with no obvious finger pointing right off the bat.  The story’s subplot of Joe getting man handled by the Yakuza fit perfectly into the whole episode.  The episode also took on some pretty touchy issue: a murdered child (albeit a teen), privacy violations in the internet age, and  sexual relations between students and teachers.

Teenage Bucket List:  Get body checked by hot HPD cop in front of hot girls in school to show them how hard core computer nerds roll.  Check.  Photo CBS, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

Teenage Bucket List: Get body checked by hot HPD cop in front of hot girls in school to show them how hard core computer nerds roll. Check. Photo CBS, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

But as a viewer, I can see also how if one stopped watching for a split second, say, to tweet something witty, you can miss a critical step in the investigation that will leave one wondering how they arrived at that point.

We got our first “Book ‘em Danno” for the new year, but I think Lori had the best lines in her investigation at Ala Moana Academy, responding to Danno’s “Where’d you get that?” with “From the trunk!”  And I loved the exasperated, “Oh my, God, really? Are you serious?” as the teen blackmailer tried to dash off.  Loved the scare scene with McG going rogue-ish and black bagging the tainted juror.  Is that police brutality?  Nah, I call it entertainment.  Go Five-0!

Why SEALs rock!  Photo CBS, Ka Ho’oponopono

Why SEALs rock! Photo CBS, Ka Ho’oponopono

Speaking of LOST

Jin Ho speaks!

Jin Ho speaks!

Terry O’Quinn (John Locke in “Lost”) played punching bag for the Yakuza, and one of my favorite characters from Lost, Bernard the dentist (Sam Anderson) had a run in with rebar.

Everyone is getting mad at Joe

After the opening credits, we see Jin pcking up John Locke at the airport who had just came off of Hawaiian Air flight 815 Joe’s troubles start with Chin grilling him about his second trip to Japan.  Chin’s mad at Joe because the Yakuza plays bumper cars with Chin’s new truck on the way back to Five-0.    Adam Yoshimuri is mad at Joe cause he thinks Joe killed his father.  Steve is mad at Joe because he ain’t spilling anything about Shellbourne.  Hell, I think Joe is even mad at Joe- snapping back at Steve that he’s trying to prevent more people from dying.

How much longer can the fans hold on, cause even some fans are getting mad at Joe.  I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter complaining about being strung out too long about the Joe storyline, and thankfully, the story looks like it’s coming to a head.   Joe finally fesses up that he faked Hiro’s death and moved him to Japan (something which we predicted, yay!), and show runner Peter Lenkov promised the big reveal of Shellbourne in the next episode.  But Joe’s right about Steve starting a war with the Yakuza after shooting up Adam’s luxury house.  If Joe’s helping Hiro without Adam’s knowledge, Adam’s gunning for the both of them now.

Steve Mcgarrett rescues the lawyer.  Photo CBS, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

"Sorry, I think I may have overdone it with the hand lotion this morning," Steve said. "Not at all, they're so soft. What do you use?" the lawyer asked.


And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 213, “Ka Ho’oponopono”

1)  My good twitter buddy @bakabreath tweeted that as good as Ala Moana Academy is, he went to Pearlridge High, but failed, so ended up at Windward Mall Charter School.

2)  @wilburwong pointed out rookie Yakuza (Hawaiian Chapter) mistake:  “Why would you take someone hostage back to your own house?!”

Did you notice…?

Twitter cuz @ileimohala noticed that Chin played with his wedding band in the final magic table scene.  Everyone together now, “Awwww…how sweet.”

The opening band playing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” on the beach is Cradle 2 Grave.  They pretty much killed that scene!

I am so getting a cell phone interceptor.  Yes, they do exist.

Ala Moana Academy was the fictitious school in the episode, filmed at McKinley High School.  McKinley alumnus @___instantk told me that only seniors were allowed in the “oval”, where President McKinley’s statue stands and where Karen the naughty teen in red hot pants was being questioned.

Steve tells the construction worker, “Shoots” in parting.  It’s a pdigin “bye”, usually followed by “K den” (ok, then).
Braddah: “Shoots, k den.”
Translation: “Allrightee then, ta-ta!”

Since the actual State courthouse is used as the Five-0 headquarters, Honolulu’s main library with classic early 20th century Hawaiian architecture was used as the exterior shot for the courthouse in Five-0 world.

Update:    The age of consent is sixteen in Hawaii.  However in Hawaii, a 14 your old can consent to relations with someone who can be no older than 19.  And now you know.

CBS and Hawaii Five-0 gain viewers in week 13

January 3rd, 2012 by

Although Hawaii Five-0 didn’t have to battle Castle for viewers last night, the show did score a win against college football bowl games.  Early numbers have the show winning both the overall numbers and the 18-49 demographic.

From tvbythenumbers

CBS began the New Year with a Monday win against broadcast competition, winning every half-hour in viewers and key demographics, according to Nielsen preliminary live plus same day ratings for Jan. 2.


How I Met Your Mother was first in households (6.2/09), viewers (10.22m), adults 25-54 (4.7/10), adults 18-49 (3.9/09) and adults 18-34 (3.4/09) at 8:00 PM.


2 Broke Girls was first in households (7.1/10), viewers (12.05m), adults 25-54 (5.3/11), adults 18-49 (4.3/10) and adults 18-34 (3.2/10).  2 Broke Girls built on its lead-in by +15% in households, +13% in adults 25-54, +10% in adults 18-49 and added +1.83m viewers (+18%).   Compared to the last first-run episode (on Dec. 12, 2011 at 8:00 PM), 2 Broke Girls was up +2% in adults 18-49 (from 4.2/11), +14% in adults 18-34 (from 2.8/09) and even in adults 25-54.


Two and a Half Men was first in households (8.2/12), viewers (13.79m), adults 25-54 (5.7/12), adults 18-49 (4.4/10) and adults 18-34 (2.8/10).


MIKE & Molly was first in households (7.2/10), viewers (11.93m), adults 25-54 (5.1/10) and adults 18-49 (3.8/09).


Hawaii Five-0 was first in households (7.2/11), viewers (11.73m), adults 25-54 (3.8/09) and adults 18-49 (2.9/07).  Compared to the last first-run episode (on Dec. 12, 2011), HAWAII FIVE-0 was up +3% in households (from 7.0/11), even in both adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 and added +440,000 viewers (from 11.29m, +4%).


For the night, CBS was first in households (7.2/11), viewers (11.91m), adults 25-54 (4.7/10), adults 18-49 (3.7/09) and adults 18-34 (2.4/07).

According to Mel: 2×13 “Ka Ho’oponopono” Still More Questions than Answers…

January 3rd, 2012 by

Steve is also concerned by lack of story movement for Shelbourne...


This one isn’t going down in the annals of great episode history, and frankly, I was sort of expecting more bang for my buck after two and a half weeks break. I was also hoping for a bit more forward movement with this whole Shelbourne storyline, but thus far have been denied yet again. And that, dear friends, is getting old.

The Pros:

– Thank you, Chin, for being the one member of the Team (who isn’t Steve) to come to Joe and basically say, “I see what you’re doing and I don’t like it.” If it can’t be Danny, I’ll take Chin. Chin is great at cutting to the meat of the problem with little muss and fuss.

– Lots of the lovely Kono working in this episode. Loved seeing her work with Steve. Whoever buys all the “jeggings” that she and Lori wear must have cleaned out all the local stores.

– Steve: please wear that pretty pretty blue shirt more often.

– Danny doesn’t know what’s in his own trunk. Danny, darling, clean your car out once in a while. People are stashing heavy munitions and various snazzy technical devices in there and you don’t even know it!

– Joe at the HPD: Okay I might be getting fed up with the Shelbourne story, but I DID like seeing Joe relatively rattled at HPD. I actually through when he screamed at Steve that he’s trying to stop more deaths from happening that we *might* make some headway. I was wrong.

– I actually liked seeing Lori and Kono teamed together. Even if I’ve seen the whole “spyware activates your computer camera for peeping toms” storyline on Criminal Minds and maybe even Law and Order, that kid needed a good Kono-bashing.

– Charlie Fong! Charlie, I love you man, but you should not sound so turned on by voyeurism, dude. You creeped Kono out. Kinda creeped me out too.

– Steve finally hangs someone off a cliff again! But I was kinda disappointed there wasn’t more Danny-flailing at that patented Steve tactic.

– Joe’s kidnapping and Ninja!Steve to the rescue. I will ALWAYS adore seeing Steve do what he does best and charge to the rescue.

– Adam Noshimuri – you are an extremely HOT man. You need to be on the show more often because you are not really your father, but you’re not all good either. You interest me.

– End scene with Steve and Joe in the car – okay I didn’t like the *outcome* of that scene, but what I DID like was that Steve actually *talked* about his torture. He put that vulnerability out there for Joe because of who Joe is and how he’d understand. He also mentions Jenna, so this is basically Steve-type therapy people. Excellently played by Alex there, too.


– Round-about case that didn’t really hold my attention. Not enough character driven bits to case bit ratio. Felt like a run-of-the-mill crime procedural episode.

– Steve and Lori’s conversation about boyfriends and daddies. Did he really call her boyfriend a eunuch? That was weird.

– Steve and Joe’s standoff = brick wall *again*! Okay, so we found out that Joe helped Hiro fake his death, obviously to hide from Wo Fat. While that’s something, it also begs the question “so what?” If Joe had explained even a little bit more, I might have felt like we got something out of that.

– I thought after everything that Steve had moved Joe into the “treat with caution and do not trust” pile, but yet he defends him to Chin. Either Steve’s Daddy-issues run that deep or Joe’s a better manipulator than I thought.

– That ending with Joe just limping out of the car. Not impressive ending to a climax there, Show.

The Verdict: Lackluster episode with some good points being overshadowed by case. I am looking forward to the character driven episodes to come, like 2×14 and 2×15, though!

Talk to me, people. What did YOU think of 2×13?

Life on the Set of Hawaii Five-0: Local rock band Cradle 2 Grave opens up “Ka Ho’oponopono”

January 2nd, 2012 by

I got wind that local rock band Cradle 2 Grave opens up tonight’s episode.  I checked out some of their video clips and was hugely impressed that local kids can crank out bluesy rock as good as guys twice their age!  Guitarist and singer Andrew Simbahon and I chatted about his band their appearance in Hawaii Five-0.


Aloha Andrew!  Who is  Cradle 2 Grave?
I play guitar and sing.  Stetson Shimamoto plays bass and Jazzton Lyons plays drums.  Stetson and I are 18 years old and Jazzton is 22.   We’re all from Pearl City and we graduated from Pearl City High school, Stetson and I graduated last year .

Cradle 2 Grave in Hawaii Five-0 "Ka Ho'oponopono".  Photo: Cradle 2 Grave

Cradle 2 Grave in Hawaii Five-0 "Ka Ho'oponopono". Photo: Cradle 2 Grave

I’m seriously impressed with how young and talented you guys are!  How did Cradle 2 Grave start?
We were just friends in high school.  Stetson and I were playing together since the 8th grade.  Jazzton, who had already graduated, joined the group during our sophomore year.

What kind of music do you guys play and where can we hear you?
We play blues/rock/funk and you can catch us every first Friday of each month at Jazz Minds Arts & Cafe.

If being in a band is playing super hero, what do your secret identities do in real life?
We are all college students.  I’m studying Audio Engineering at Honolulu Community College’s MELE Program.  Stetson is studying business at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.  Jazzton is studying music at Leeward Community College and also plays in a reggae band.

So other than listening to you guys live, have you released any CDs?
No we have not released any CDs.

Hawaii Five-0 uses a lot of edgy rock music.  What’s currently on your playlist?
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, and Rage Against the Machine just to name a few.

How did you get involved with Hawaii Five-0?
A few months ago, we performed in the Mai Tai Rumble.  During the first round, someone video taped our set and forwarded it to the Five-0 production team.

What is your favorite Hawaii Five-0 episode?
Our favorite episode is “Ka Ho’oponopono.”  The opening soundtrack on that episode is sick!!!  HAH!

Yeah, I heard a certain band called Cradle 2 Grave is in it!  What does your scene involve?
Our scene takes place at a teen beach party at night.

Geez, is that all you can say?  Any cool stories with the cast?
The main cast wasn’t present at our shoot, so we didn’t get to meet them.  There’s a guy we met who’s a guest cast member who went to the same school that I went to.  Cool ain’t it?


Cradle 2 Grave appears in tonight’s episode “Ka Ho’oponopono”.

Follow Cradle 2 Grave on Facebook.

Scott Caan sighting on New Year’s Eve

January 2nd, 2012 by

Professional celebrity follower, SarahMOnline, was able to get her picture taken with Scott Caan just after midnight on New Year’s Eve.  It looks like the Hawaii Five-0 actor indulged in some hiatus facial hair growth while on holiday break. No word yet on where the photo was taken.


You can see the original and more of Sarah’s star photos on her flickr page.


Hawaii Five-0 promo: “Ka Hoʻoponopono”

January 1st, 2012 by

The tension seems to be nearing the breaking point as McGarrett’s mistrust of Joe grows ever stronger.

The Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Experience

December 30th, 2011 by

Undercover Special Agent @fiveophans sent this to me the other day, and I thought it was so great that I would post it up for everyone to read.  I would have to agree with him that since I’ve started blogging, I’ve met a wonderful group of people in the fandom.  Best wishes to everyone for 2012 and Happy New Year!  Enjoy!


The Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Experience
by @fiveophans

My current appreciation for TV shows started way back when “Lost” first appeared.  Then I fell in love with the new “Battlestar Galactica”, and finally “Moonlight”.  I absolutely loved the performances of Daniel Dae Kim, Terry O’Quinn, Grace Park and Alex O’Loughlin.  And when I heard Peter Lenkov was doing a re-boot of “Hawaii Five-0” I fell off my seat!

Terry O'Quinn and Daniel Dae Kim reunited on Five-0. Photo: E-PR

Being a frequent flyer to Hawaii, I have a deep love and affection for the islands and its culture.  When I heard many of my favorite actors (especially Mr. O’Loughlin) were cast for lead roles on the show I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. The pilot episode was the best television I’ve seen in years and I instantly fell in love with the show!

I searched out other fans online and discovered a certain Officer 808’s 50undercover.com blog and had a blast reading and posting reviews. My enthusiasm grew with each episode and each friend I made on his blog. Eventually there were so many good people in my circle of friends that we branched off and created our own little corner in the internet so we can chat and review and share our thoughts without the distractions of negativity and animosity on some of the network boards.

Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, "Mana'o", Photo: CBS

Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, "Mana'o", Photo: CBS

Twitter soon after became my new fascination and our group of friends met so many people who had a passion equal to ours! We discovered the Five-0 Redux written by our good friend Wendie Joy and later our buddy Mel who contributes to Undercover’s blog.

I have to say this has been a unique experience for me to share my love for a show and to meet and make lasting friendships.  Before, I’d just be watching TV at home with my family and maybe I’ll talk about a show to a few friends at work, but now I can talk about the show with hundreds of friends all across the world!  Some of us have even met up for East Coast Tweet-ups and became fast friends, going to sporting events, restaurants, and texting and tweeting about upcoming episodes.   Wow- what started as a group of acquaintances became a group of friends and now an ohana!


Grace Park as Boomer, Battlestar Galactica (2005). Photo: syfy.com

I also enjoy connecting with the writers, producers and even some of the cast.  My best facebook pal is a certain shave ice and lunch wagon owner!  I appreciate them all taking the time to communicate with their fan base cause makes following the show even more exciting.  Receiving a tweet from Peter Lenkov himself always makes my day and the satisfaction of sending fan mail to the cast (although one never knows if they receive them) makes me and my ohana feel very much like a part of one big family.

This is all thanks to the vision Peter had and the chance he took where others failed. It has been a fun time and I truly believe this version of Hawaii Five-0 is what good television should be:  fun, fast paced, full of action, laughter, and heart-wrenching plot twists and turns. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a TV show (well, except for vampires and zombies).

Peter Lenkov at Sunset on the Beach 2011.  Photo:  Officer 808

Peter Lenkov at Sunset on the Beach 2011. Photo: Officer 808

The one big point is that we’ve become one big ohana, to include the writers, producers, cast, crew, bloggers, fans and reviewers. Even the disgruntled fans who seem to endlessly complain about a story line or about an actor fit into the ohana.  The good thing is that we don’t always have to agree as long as we respect each other’s opinions.

So to all of those who do their part, large or small, employed by CBS or running their own sites, people who share our enthusiasm for great acting and great stories, we send a big mahalo from the fans.  Mahalo even to my female twitter pals who drive me nuts with Alex/Scott pics all day!

I think one day this new show will be considered a classic and will go down in the books as one of the best!  Keep acting your hearts out Alex, Scott, Grace, DDK, and Lauren and everyone else because in my book you are the very best the industry has to offer!