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According to Mel: 2×14 “Pu’olo” Shelburne’s Package should be Returned to Sender

January 17th, 2012 by

Steve wishes he'd never heard the name "Shelborne" (credit CBS)


Lots and LOTS of great bits in this episode despite the errant dud here and there. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Kamekona and Sang Min letting the snark fly and some wonderful Team bonding moments. And again, case work and character driven material played nicely together in this episode, tied together into something compelling and dramatic, which is always a good duo in story-telling.


– Flashbacks: I *love* flashbacks. They give us much needed back-story on plots and characters and sometimes, you’re lucky enough to see your hero as a gangly, coltish teen! Okay, they kid playing Wee McG wasn’t really gangly or coltish, but he had plenty of teen emo-ness to go around. And I *always* love seeing William Sadler. The scene basically didn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know ( Uncle Joe hatched the plan with Dad to send the kiddies off to the mainland) but what I did find interesting was that John McG saying “I can’t back down from a fight…” and I guess that means, even at the expense of my family.

– Steve and Danny quickie-banter outside the Fed-Ex dude’s house. Because a good Danny-rant shouldn’t have to be interrupted by some guy getting the crap beat out of him. “Are we doing a ‘thing’ here?”

– “Holy Mullet!” Thank you, Lori. The Mullet is rather sacred.

– Sang Min. Oh how I love thee and thy head-bobbing, glare of DOOM attitude. Thank you for injecting some serious humor without even really trying.

– Kamekona WINS the night with “Five-o, Five-o, whatchya gonna do!” because I’m fairly sure there was some dialog after that scene in the warehouse, I just wouldn’t know because I was too busy laughing off my couch. It’s also nice to see Kamekona do more than just deliver funny lines and shrimp. I’m all about more usage of big bruddah.

– Flame-throwers. Not just for WWII/Vietnam movies anymore.

– Joe/Steve/Adam Noshimuri stand-off. I’m starting to feel worse for Adam the more I see him because he’s still odd-man out in the information department. But his involvement with this, and now, it seems, becoming more of an ally against Wo Fat, intrigues the hell out of me. Plus…you are insatiably good looking.

– Lots of great Team moments, taking down Sang’s little buddy, bonding over the baby’s birth together.

– Danny, you are a good egg. And while it’s always nice to see you with Grace, and you handled the midwifing thing well, you may also be a schmuck when it comes to Rachel. More on that below.

– Alex O ROCKED the angst last night. Man’s got some mad skills in expressing so much emotion with so little effort.

– Steve and Danny moment at the end = BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE. Because I have been in serious bromantic withdrawal this season and again, so much held in a subtle look from Steve to Danny as he took pictures of another man’s baby for him. Brilliant. I want to draw hearts around that scene.



– Rachel, honey, you need to go. I would have been content to never see your face again after that S1 finale. Not only that, but the “you’re such a  great friend, Daniel” blah blah blah crap made me want to scratch my eyes out. After everything you’ve done to the man. Really? Make like Maris Crane from “Frasier” and disappear completely.

– Baby anvils. For the love of god and all that is holy PLEASE tell me that all those “kid’s got your nose” and “early labor” anvils weren’t beating a path toward saying that this kid is going to end up being Danny’s. Because that will put this in a whole new level of soap-opera asshatery.

– Shelburne. Wow. Anti-climatic, much? Okay, I get it. There’s more to it, right? Shelburne will rise again and maybe even end up being a person (because a fake operation name is so lame). But honestly, the question will be, will anyone care?

– Daddy issues. Joe killed Wo Fat’s daddy, Wo Fat killed Steve’s daddy, Joe takes Adam’s daddy away…you know what? I’m going to start a drinking game every time someone’s daddy gets killed, maimed or otherwise dissed. You can even add Danny’s daddy issues into that if you want. Guess I’d better stock up on tequila.

The Verdict: Despite a few duds, this was a pretty great episode. Lots of funnies and character driven drama that was spot-on portrayed. B or B+

Talk to me people. What did YOU think of 2×14?

The Shelbourne mystery

January 16th, 2012 by

For half of the second of season of Hawaii Five-0, fans have been speculating on who or what the mysterious “Shelbourne” is.   In anticipation for the big reveal of Shelbourne (as promised by show runner Peter Lenkov on twitter), I’ve written this little piece based on what I think and largely putting together what the rest of you awesome Undercover Special Agents are theorizing in the contest post (you can still enter if you haven’t yet).

From the beginning

We first learn of Shelbourne in episode 206, “Ka Hakaka Maika’i”, when Agent Kensi, lip reading specialist from NCIS:LA,  dropped in to help Joe with understanding what John McGarrett, Wo Fat and Governor Jameson were discussing on the surveillance video surreptitiously placed by John.

Who’s side was John on?  Early on, Wo Fat warned Steve not to dig too deeply in his family’s past, or he wouldn’t like what he found.  Was this a warning from Wo Fat thinking he was working with a crooked cop in John McGarrett?  Or did his warning stretch deeper into the McGarrett past, and go to Steve’s grandfather, who was killed at Pearl Harbor?

We find out in the season 2 premiere, “Ha’i’ole”, that former Japanese pilot Makoto gifted the medal (in John’s Champ box) to John, and tasked him with rooting out corruption in the HPD.

Wo Fat eventually confronted Joe, trying to intimidate Joe into stopping their snooping into “men who are no longer with us”.  Of course when Joe finally pulls a pistol on Wo Fat to get some answers out of him, Wo Fat is gone.

Hiro Noshimuri (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) finally revealed to McGarrett that Shelbourne is a “who”, not a “what”, so now at least Steve knows he’s looking for a person.  The most baffling part of that episode was that Joe picked up his cell phone, to advise someone that he had to be “moved, because Steve’s getting close”.  Who’s needs to be moved?  Shelbourne?  Someone else?!?

And finally in “Ka Ho’oponopono” we learned that Joe faked Hiro’s death in order to protect him.

What’s in a name

The first mystery for the fans is the actual spelling of the name “Shelbourne”.  I’ve consistently spelled it with an Irish twist.   I’ve seen some people stick to the more English “Shelborne”, whereas others go for an Americanized “Shelburn”.  No matter what one’s preference is, googling any iteration of the spelling will lead you to a few curious places.

The Shelborne Hotel in Miami is apparently one of the more swanky resorts in which to stay.  If the beach isn’t your scene, you may want to hop across the pond and stay at the The Shelbourne Dublin, a hotel in Dublin.  You might also want to catch a football (as in soccer) game on the tele (TV) cheering on the Shelbourne Football Club.  When your Irish vacation is over, hop back over to Shelburne Farms in Vermont.  I heard the petting zoo is nice.

Hawaii Five-0 Ambassador and CBS contest winner Christina Kerwick shared a page from the episode 206 script (one of her souvenirs) on twitter with us last week, showing that the actual spelling is “Shelburne”, so at least that mystery is solved!

Still undead?

In last week’s contest post, a lot of people were speculating that the mysterious Shelburne is someone who was previously thought dead.  If Joe can fake Hiro’s death, he (or John) could certainly have faked Doris McGarrett’s death as well.   Some of you awesome Undercover Special Agents were speculating that both John McGarrett, Governor Jameson and even Mokoto’s deaths could also have been faked.  Read on for my thoughts on that.

The line-up

William Sadler as John McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.

William Sadler as John McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.

John McGarrett – While John would be a dramatic reveal as Shelbourne, I think this character returning from the dead would be highly unlikely.  The writers vested a lot of interest in building Joe as Steve’s surrogate father since John’s  murder.  Another reason for John not being Shelburne is that there were too many people around (CSI, police officers, the medical examiner, etc.) to have seen John dead- it wasn’t as if he was lost at sea, or his car went over a cliff and the body was never recovered.





Allan Okubo as Makoto, Hawaii Five-0.

Allan Okubo as Makoto, Hawaii Five-0.

Makoto – I think it’s very plausible that Makoto could be Shelburne, only out of convenience.  We only know that Makoto is dead because Joe said so.  Like Hiro, Joe could have easily hidden Makoto away to protect him.  The reason why I don’t think Makoto is Shelburne is that we really don’t know enough about him or were given enough information about him to make this potential reveal to be earth shattering.






Guess who?

Guess who?

Doris McGarrett – Hands down, the biggest suspect for Shelburne is Doris McGarrett.  For those wondering who Doris is, executive producer Peter Lenkov tweeted a teaser that Doris was Steve’s mother’s name.  Her death could have easily been faked by John and Joe, and any further evidence of the murder investigation was conveniently erased when the file went missing from the evidence locker (revealed in season 1).  If John knowingly faked her death, what he knew was so significant that he was willing to lose contact with her and his children in order to protect them.  A bigger twist to the story would be if Doris was complicit in faking her death without John’s knowledge.  One other thought that crossed my mind was that “Shelburne” sounds a lot like “she’ll burn”, in reference to Doris’ fate in the fiery explosion.



Terry O'Quinn as Joe White, Hawaii Five-0.

Terry O'Quinn as Joe White, Hawaii Five-0.

Joe White – If there’s one person who knows everything, but ain’t telling, it’s Joe.  Joe could very well be Shelburne, but if he is, who was he talking to on the phone that had to be moved?  I guessed it could have been Hiro in the trunk, but most think that Joe was talking to Shelburne himself.  Joe being Shelburne is somewhat unlikely due to his conversation and fight with Wo Fat in “Ka Hakaka Maika’i” in which Joe asked Wo Fat about Shelburne.  A huge twist would be that Joe as Shelburne was just trying to find out exactly how much Wo Fat knew about him!




Jacob from Lost.

Jacob, as Shelbourne. Yeah, right. (Photo ABC)

Someone unrevealed - Someone suggested in the contest post that Shelburne may not be a specific person, but rather a title that someone holds, tasked with protecting something great or something mysterious, much like Jacob in Lost.  If that’s the case, John Locke Joe  would be the prime candidate for that, and perhaps Doris or John McGarrett bore the duty before him.  Another one of you awesome Agents suggested Steve’s grandfather, who allegedly died at Pearl Harbor may be Shelburne, which is absolutely intriguing.  But I think it would be greatly anti-climactic if Shelburne was someone as of yet totally unrevealed.




No Ricky, I said "Shelburne", not "She Bang"...

So who will it be?  Probably not Ricky Martin.  But stay tuned tonight and find out!  And the winner for the “Who do you think Shelbourne is” contest for the GQ mag with Alex will be announced tonight after the Hawaii airing!






Vidcaps courtesy of aithine.org.

New preview clip for “Pu’olo”

January 13th, 2012 by

This freshly released clip shows Danny wheeling Rachel into the hospital. Rachel’s birthing scene with Danny as mid-wife will either be heart warmingly brilliant, or potentially painfully awkward.  Considering the kind of material that was written for Danny in season 1, I’m hoping Scott gives the same caliber of performance that earned him a Golden Globe nod last year.

Unfortunately, no youtube clip as of yet for you Undercover Special Agents outside the U.S.

Update: Mizzoh at AOL Rocks has a clip viewable for those outside the U.S.


Breaking news: James Caan to appear in Hawaii Five-0 in February

January 13th, 2012 by

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America

From @CBSTweet:

EXCLUSIVE CASTING ALERT: Aloha to #jamescaan who’ll join son, Scott, on #H50 in February. #tca12

Update:  A thought…this news more than makes up for the less than thrilling Dennis Miller announcement yesterday.

Up Next On Hawaii Five-0: “Pu’olo”

January 13th, 2012 by

“Pu’olo” is a highly anticipated episode for so many reasons. Foremost, executive producer Peter Lenkov has said that we’ll finally learn who or what Shelburne is. Surely this is related to whatever bomb Chin Ho drops on Steve regarding his mentor, Joe White. I’m just hoping the emotional fallout from this information isn’t the straw that finally breaks our team leader’s back, and that Shelburne doesn’t lead us back to the Smoke Monster.

Another reason viewers are awaiting this episode is that the story flashes back to McGarrett’s teen years, where we’re introduced to Will Carlson as the youthful Steve. I hope fans give young Carlson a warm welcome as the latest member of the Five-0 ohana and don’t get too caught up in dissecting whether or not he looks enough like Alex O’Loughlin. But will this be zitty, awkward Steve getting picked on by Biff Tannen? Or will he be Smooth Dog quarterback Steve, who threw for five touchdowns in a single game against the Ala Moana Academy Tigers? An insecure dork who can’t get up the nerve to ask a girl out, or a teen-age Casanova? Judging by the headshots we’ve seen of young Will, we’re probably gonna see Smooth Dog. But a young Steve in headgear may be a scene stealer (ok, it won’t).

I’m not sure how many emotional moments we can bear in one 43 minute show, but Danno delivering Rachel’s baby (the “Package”?) is bound to be one of the most heart-wrenching. Will there be any new revelations? I know that fans have been speculating as to whose baby it really is, so will we get a definitive answer now? Although I’m an advocate of showing our Five-0 team having personal lives, I don’t want the show to become “Grey’s Anatomy: Honolulu,” so truthfully, I’m hoping the baby isn’t Danno’s. The resulting melodrama would be just too much for this fan. Of course if the baby comes out wearing cargo pants, all bets are off.

Six Degrees of  Alex O’Loughlin: “Pu’olo” is directed by Christine Moore, who not only has a diverse repertoire (procedurals such as “CSI:NY” to gritty dramas such as “The Wire) but also directed Alex in two episodes of the CBS drama “Three Rivers.”

(Special thanks to Officer 808 for some inspiration in this preview.)

Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS

“Pu’olo*” – McGarrett is rocked to his core when Chin Ho tells him some shocking news about Joe White.  Meanwhile, Danny plays mid-wife for his ex-wife when she goes into early labor, on HAWAIIFIVE-0, Monday, Jan. 16 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

*Pu’olo is Hawaiian for “The Package”


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Lauren German     (Officer Lori Weston)


Terry O’Quinn     (Joe White)


William Sadler     (John McGarrett)

Claire van der Boom     (Rachel Edwards)

Teilor Grubbs     (Grace Williams)

Will Yun Lee     (Sang Min)

Ian Anthony Dale     (Adam Noshimuri)

Will Carlson     (Young Steve McGarrett)

Lopaka Kapanui     (Carol Hodge)

Dean Kaneshiro     (Lee Dolan)

Dante Basco     (Nicky Chang)

Mericia Palma     (Nurse)

William Makozak     (Richard Detweiller)

WRITTEN BY:     Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and David Wolkove

DIRECTED BY:     Christine Moore




Three Rivers (starring Alex O’Loughlin) available on Amazon pre-order; Hawaii Five-0 Bluray general release

January 12th, 2012 by
Alex O'Loughlin in "Three Rivers".  (Photo CBS)

Alex O'Loughlin in "Three Rivers".

Alex O’Loughlin’s CBS drama “Three Rivers” is currently available for pre-order on Amazon!  The release date is as of yet unannounced, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order and start counting down the days to an as of yet undetermined date.

“Three Rivers” chronicles the daily life of Dr. Cole Hans (played by Alex O’Loughlin), who’s a charming, talented and handsome gynecologist working in Seattle Grace Hospital.  Despite his talent and good looks, he doesn’t realize that because of his low metabolism, his hands are unnaturally ice cold, which literally sends shivers up his patients’ spine.  Will Dr. Hans realize his shortcoming and find love?  Tune in to find out.

Ok, I kid.  I really have no idea what “Three Rivers” is about other than the fact that 1) it’s the stadium where the Pittsburgh Steelers play and 2) the show is about organ transplants.

So all you Alex fans, pre-order it now before supplies run out!


In other news, you may recall my quest to find Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 on Bluray last year.   After finding that Best Buy had run out, I checked Costco, and three other places before someone finally tweeted me that it was only a Best Buy exclusive on the release date.  DOH!  CBS Home Entertainment is finally making the Season 1 Bluray set available for general release on February 7th, according to tvshowsondvd.com.

New NCIS: Los Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 crossover promised

January 11th, 2012 by

Some of us were just speculating recently as to whether we would ever get to see more of a Hawaii Five-0/NCIS:Los Angeles crossover than Kensi’s split-second visit to Oahu earlier this season. It looks like the producers of both shows do have more in store, so let’s hope the visiting actors get more air time in this round.

From TVguide:


Alex O’Loughlin, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J are about to get NCIS: L-lei’d. The stars of NCIS: Los Angeles will say ‘aloha’ to the sexy actors of fellow CBS series Hawaii Five-0 as part of an exciting May sweeps two-night crossover event. The ambitious case involves the outbreak of a deadly virus that is quite possibly being used as a murder weapon. Yikes!

The sweeps stunt will begin on a Monday episode of Hawaii Five-0, with special appearances by O’Donnell’s Callen and LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna, and then picks up the following Tuesday evening on NCIS: LA, with Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett and Scott Caan’s Danny Williams paying a visit to the west coast.

This is not the first time a NCIS: LA character has crossed over into the Five-0 world. Back in October, Daniela Ruah’s character, Kensi Blye, helped McGarrett and Joe (Terry O’Quinn) crack a case with her lip reading services.

“It was great fun earlier this season to see Danni soaking up the sun on Hawaii Five-0, so when CBS asked if we were interested in doing a double episode crossover, we jumped at the idea,” says Shane Brennan, the mastermind behind both NCIS series. “What we’ve come up with is an enormously entertaining, high octane story that showcases the very best of both shows. It’s going to be a fun ride.”

Adds Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov, “Besides the obvious excitement of teaming up with an incredible show, expanding Hawaii Five-0′s universe [and] teaming with NCIS: LA on a case with huge stakes, we’re interested in exploring the relationship between McGarrett and Hanna, both SEALs with a little history.”

Excited to see Callen hang 10 with Danno? How about hearing McGarrett bark, “Book ‘em, Hanna”? Sound off in comments section.

Who do you think Shelbourne is? Take a guess and win…Alex O’Loughlin

January 11th, 2012 by

Not much is known about Shelbourne other than the fact that Jack McGarrett, Wo Fat and Joe White all knew who he is, but Wo Fat is deathly afraid of him.  On top of that, Wo Fat is leaving a trail of bodies behind him on his mission to find him.

So who do you think he is?  Well, I’m making this a contest!

All you need to do is complete this phrase:

I think ______ is Shelbourne because __________.  And that’s why Wo Fat is afraid of Shelbourne.

Enter your guess as a COMMENT in the section below.  I will choose the most creative and witty comment as the winner after the airing of the January 16th episode, midnight, Hawaii time.  By then, Peter and crew will have revealed to us who Shelbourne really is!

The lucky winner will receive Alex O’Loughlin!   In print, that is.  Through the generous donation of Undercover Special Agent @JessTheReader from the Land Down Under, we are able to offer you a brand new copy of the Australian GQ magazine with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover!  Yes, your very own copy and photospread of Alex is yours to enjoy when you’re not sitting at the computer oogling the other thousand pics of Alex you already downloaded.

Alex O'Loughlin looking dapper in a tux on the cover of GQ.

Alex O'Loughlin looking dapper in a tux on the cover of GQ. Photo: Dusan Reljin for GQ Australia

So who do you think Shelbourne is?  Jack?  His mom?  Mary Ann?  Howlie the Dog? Something more sinister?  Take a guess!  But please, this post is dedicated to the contest and  I will be writing another post on Shelbourne speculation for all comments.  So keep all comments on this post related to the above entry.  I’ll have to delete any extraneous comments.

Update:  We appreciate all of your enthusiasm for theories on Shelbourne!  But this post is an exercise in creativity.  I will post another article on Shelbourne’s identity in a few days in which any and all theories are welcome.   If your post has disappeared or has not been approved for moderation, it was not valid for this contest, and probably best suited for my next blog post.  Terry and I wanted everyone to know the following guidelines.

Re-iteration of contest rules
1. THE ONLY ONE WAY TO ENTER THE CONTEST TO WIN THE GQ AUSTRALIA WITH ALEX O’LOUGHLIN ON THE COVER IS TO REPLY TO THE BLOG POST. This is a TWO-PART question and in order to qualify, you must tell us who/what you think Shelburne is AND why.
2. BE CREATIVE! In order to win, you must make Officer808 laugh.

And some other fine print:

Winner must be 18 years or older.  No limitation on the amount of entries.  No limitation on the winner’s location.

Preview for Hawaii Five-0 “Pu’olo”

January 10th, 2012 by

This looks like another intense episode.  And I no longer think Joe is the Smoke Monster.


Update:  Extended promo added by CBS on Wednesday. Outside the U.S., you can check out Mizzoh’s preview at Alex O’Loughlin Rocks.


Promo photos from Hawaii Five-0 “Pu’olo”

January 10th, 2012 by

Mahalo to CBS for releasing the promo pics from next Monday’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, “Pu’olo.”  It looks like we may finally get that wished-for showdown between McGarrett and Joe White.  Is it Monday yet?

All Photos by Norman Shapiro/CBS


More promo photos can be found on Facebook