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May 6th, 2011 by

Interesting stuff…like I wrote in my Champ box discussion back in January, I figured the key probably had figurative meaning, and didn’t actually open a physical lock.  Back then I thought it had to do with the cypher, but the cypher mystery has already been solved.

What’s really piqued my interest is the character’s 180 that the producers and writers have in store for them.

You guys have any ideas?

From Sandra Gonzalez, EW.com


The impression I get from exec producer Peter Lenkov, co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski, and the rest of the team at H 5-0 is that they are adamant about one thing as they close out their freshman season: They have no interested in toying with viewers. This season’s major mysteries will have resolution, and they have so much more up their sleeves for season 2. Specifically, McGarrett’s storyline will come to a major head during the season opener, they say. “He finally gets the answers to the rest of the clues in his father’s box,” Lenkov says. “He finally figures out what those were and why his father was investigating them when he died. If you remember the pilot, he hears that the answer to everything was the key. If he could figure out what the key meant — literally and figuratively — he could solve this investigation he was on. We definitely pay this stuff off. Obviously, when you start answering things, new questions come up, but in terms of the box and the mystery of the box, that pays off. I think the people who were very loyal deserve those answers.”

Also on tap to be solved? The mystery behind the envelopes. “We answer that question as well. That ties into the mystery,” Zbyszewski says.

But why all this resolution? Lenkov says it was necessary, as the end of the season will bring about incredible changes. “I think what we’re really proud of is how each one of our characters does a complete 180 from where you saw them in the beginning of the season,” he says. “They really go through some major changes in the finale — life changes.”

Vague teasers from tvfanatic and TVGuide (SPOILERY)

May 5th, 2011 by

From tvfanatic.com

Someone will die on the Hawaii Five-O season finale. This much we know.

But executive producer Peter Lenkov teases to TV Guide that Steve McGarrett might play a key role in the demise of this unnamed character. Could the detective’s obsession with Wo Fat prove costly?

“McGarrett is a guy who goes to extremes,” Lenkov says. “I think he’s going to go further than he’s gone all season and he’s going to be very reckless.”

And tvguide.com

Look for McGarrett to finally get some closure related to his father’s death. “I think fans will be really surprised at how deep we go and how much they’ll learn by the end of the season,” co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski says. “There’s definitely more stuff to milk in Season 2, but some of those ‘Champ Box’ mysteries, we will be wrapping those up at seasons end.” That, of course means more Wo Fat, who brings a full-on assault against the team, which can no longer count on the governor for protection.

“CBS chief calls ‘Hawaii Five-0′ next billion-dollar franchise”

May 5th, 2011 by

Encouraging news for a season two!

Update: Mike Gordon’s coverage gives more detail:

“Hawaii Five-0,” the CBS crime-fighting drama that has consistently won its Monday night time slot in its inaugural season, was hailed today by the network’s chief executive as CBS’ next billion-dollar franchise.
“This is only ‘Hawaii Five-0′s first year and it’s already on its way to being another billion-dollars franchise for us, joining ‘NCIS’ and ‘CSI,’ which both remain strong on our network as well,” Leslie Moonves, CBS’ CEO and president,” said on a conference call following the release of the company’s earnings.

Moonves also said that the international and domestic syndication commitments for “Hawaii Five-0″ are now nearly $5 million per episode, “meaning that it is already extremely profitable.”

Last month, CBS sold “Hawaii Five-0″ to TNT at “very attractive rates,” according to Moonves. The Hollywood Reporter reported that the price tag was in the low-to-mid $2 million range.

CBS said it earned $202 million in the first three months of the year by cutting its costs for sporting events.

Although revenue dipped, CBS was able to save money by sharing coverage of the NCAA college basketball tournament with cable TV networks. It also didn’t have to pay to broadcast the Super Bowl, which was shown on Fox this year. CBS didn’t say how much it saved.

Net income in the first quarter came out to 29 cents per share, compared with a loss of $26 million, or 4 cents a share, a year ago. Last year’s income was 5 cents a share after excluding special items.

CBS said the results were helped by advertising revenue growth, after excluding the absence of the Super Bowl from its programming this year. The combined effect of not carrying the Super Bowl and shifting some of the NCAA basketball tournament games to Time Warner Inc.’s Turner Broadcasting trimmed about $350 million off of revenue.

Still, revenue fell less than 1 percent to $3.51 billion.

The New York-based company also doubled its quarterly dividend to 10 cents per share. The dividend is payable on July 1 to shareholders of record as of June 10.

Later this month, CBS will meet major advertisers in New York to sell its upcoming fall line-up. Moonves said he expects “double digit” percentage increases in ad prices from a year ago.

As we know, Hawaii Five-0 is doing well for CBS and a strong finish with the finale should bring even more advertisers in for season 2 (as of yet unannounced).

Claire van der Boom wins Australian Silver Logie award

May 4th, 2011 by

Congratulations to Claire on winning!  The Logie awards feature the best of Australian television.  Hat tip to Undercover Special Agent Nardia for the news.

From ABC Kimberly:

A Broome girl has won the Silver Logie over some of Australia’s most prominent actresses.

Claire van der Boom was voted the Most Outstanding actress for her role as a nun on the ABC television series Sisters of War

In the World War Two drama she plays Sister Berenice Twohill, who was captured by the Japanese. The show was based on true stories from a group of nurses and nuns who were made prisoners of war in 1942.

Hawaii Five-0 season 2 casting starts now!

May 4th, 2011 by

Update: Peter Lenkov leaks some Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 spoilers at PitchCon.org.

Alan Baltes is a casting agent who gets first hand info on casting calls, so I’d say this report is probably legit.  It’s not an announcement of the second season, but it’s a good sign.  Thanks to @lankyguy for the tip.

From Alan Baltes’ blog:

The CBS crime drama “Hawaii 5-0″ is currently in production on season 2 and casting for principal actors, day players, extras, and stand-ins is underway. The series regulars are mostly cast out of Los Angeles, and the rest of the casting is done in Hawaii. Shooting takes place in Oahu, Hawaii.

101st Street Productions and Kurtzman Orci Paper are the production companies behind the series which has received mostly positive reviews, although recent ratings have dropped far off from the first season drawing 19.34 million viewers for episode 15.

“Hawaii Five-0″ won the “Favorite New TV Drama” at the 37th People’s Choice Awards on January 5, 2011. Series star Scott Caan was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film for his role as Danny. Actor Mark Dacascos, who played the role of Wo Fat in four episodes of season one, has been a fan favorite and will hopefully return for a series regular in season 2.

Who is Charlie Fong?

May 3rd, 2011 by

Well if you watched Hawaii Five-0 last night, you’ll know that Charlie is Punahou School’s fifth grade kissing champion, crime lab super star for the HPD, and potential love interest for Kono.  Charlie is played by actor Brian Yang who has a long and extensive list of credits to his resume:

Raised in the Bay Area, where he attended the University of California, at Berkeley, Brian Yang splits his time between the United States and China and has his hands in many different things.  He works as an actor, producer, host, model, and occasional event planner. Last summer, he produced Frexh Shanghai, a showcase of innovators in the fields of fashion, music, art, and food. He will look to do it again in late 2011. He was the host of Shanghai Rush – soon be available online at Dramafever.com – which ultimately gave way to what is now The Amazing Race China.  Recent acting credits include Universal Pictures’ The Man With the Iron Fists and the CBS series Hawaii Five-0 where he will be in two of the first season’s last three episodes as the character Charlie Fong on CBS.  Brian is a partner in 408 Films, a film production company that produced The People I’ve Slept With (now out on Netflix) and is currently in production on a video project about NBA player Jeremy Lin.

Talking about Hawaii Five-0:

The story of how I landed on the show is amazing in and of itself.  It was a right place at the right time kind of thing. I was vacationing in Hawaii when they just happened to be casting the part. What was supposed to be a one week trip turned into nearly a month extension after I was booked. I’ve shot two episodes so far and now the show is on hiatus. It’s been a pretty successful show in its first season so I’ve just been completely lucky and in awe to be a part of that. The crew was a joy to work with and I will be the first to say that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are not only crazy talented, but so down to earth and kind. I’m pinching myself all the time. I hope you guys will be watching May 2nd when Charlie Fong is introduced!

Read the rest of the article from Privy.

Charlie Fong has a Facebook page!  Can state of Hawaii employees check Facebook while on the clock? ;)   Join Charlie on Facebook.

Brian Yang with Grace Park and Melanie Laenani Lewis, photo: Brian Yang, magazine.privy.net

Newsman Steve Uyehara tries to audition for Hawaii Five-0 (from Hawaii News Now)

May 3rd, 2011 by

Note that the key word is “tries”.  All in good fun, my friend!  Glad you’re a good sport.  (Clip courtesy of @lankyguy.)

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 22, “Ho’ohuli Na’au”

May 3rd, 2011 by

Update: “Did you notice…” updated Tuesday morning because a thunderstorm at 3am is not conducive to the creative process.

Hawaii Five-0 hit its stride, now switching gears

I had mixed feelings about this episode for a lot of different reasons.  Rick Springfield had a smaller role than I and a lot of the female followers of the blog would like to have seen (you ladies recited to me every single hit that Rick had yesterday!), there was none of the usual banter between McG and Danno, and we saw a lot more of Kono (in every sense of the word).  I think the biggest shift in this story is the heavy serialization of the episode.

Rick Springfield

I heard he was great in General Hospital, and he’s had a bigger body of work in Australian media, but if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that my pitiful frame of reference was his glorious ten minutes of the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica pilot, where his crippled Viper limped home, but fell short of making it when Cylons shot him down and finished him off in a fiery blaze of glory.  Likewise, we see a few brief minutes of Rick in love with his model girlfriend before writer/executive producer Peter Lenkov finishes him off in another fiery blaze of glory.  I’m wondering what the decision making process is in casting guest starts for the show… actors such as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kelly Hu, Jason Scott Lee, and Rick Springfield have the ability, but the roles they landed seemed to under utilize their talent.   I supposed that’s the nature of Hollywood.  But I’m sure there are many a Springfield fan wishing there was more of him.

Jessie finally found out about his girl and Rick and took matters into his own hands. Photo: CBS

Who’s the funny one?

Aside from the “Ramboette” dialog, Danny and McG didn’t have any of the usual banter.  Instead, Lenkov wrote the best lines in this episode for Kamekona, played by Taylor Wily.  In the latter half of the season, Taylor finally seemed to be a lot more at ease with the character, and the lines written for him come out a lot more naturally now than they were early on, especially with the pidgin.  “Feel da shave ice. Be da shave ice.”  Classic.

Speaking of funny, I thought it was a little awkward the Alana gets into a hissy with the other model, accusing blondie of killing Renny.  Alana finally confesses in front of everyone that she’s pregnant by whipping out the ultrasound photo of her baby.  Awkward!  Who carries that in their robe?  What was supposed to happen next?  She whips out a crib and says, “And this is the crib that we picked out from Babies-R-Us!!! And these are the matching bumpers and mattress covers!!!”

"Steve, Kono, Chin, you guys go that way. Me and the bikini models will go this way." Photo: CBS

A lot more Kono and tying it all together

The episode balanced attention to all the team members, but I noticed that this is the probably the most attention we’ve seen on Kono since “Ko’olauloa”.  She had great scenes with Chin, and more importantly, she seems to be developing a love interest with Charlie Fong.  And to the delight of many, Kono finally gets some bikini surfing time for the first time since “Kai E’e”.  Peter Lenkov, I believe mentioned at some point an “unconventional” romantic interest for Kono, and I think Charlie’s it, though I’m not sure what where the unconventional aspect of it is…

This episode definitely was not a stand alone episode.  McG finds another mystery envelope on his car, which should lead him to a locker where more of his dad’s evidence may be.  Also, Chin’s storyline is starting to come around even more.  His uncle confessed to HPD internal affairs that he took the money, but Chin steps up to take the fall.  The big twist is that Chin has to seek the help of a criminal in the current investigation to borrow money.  The story telling is definitely becoming a lot more convoluted as we come to the season finale.

By the way, I’m not sure if Chevy is cutting back on advertising, or Bing has stopped paying its bills, but is it a conincidence that Daniel Dae Kim sold his house and his stake in his burger restaurant, while his character is looking to borrow money?  I think not!  What does it mean?  I have no idea!

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0. Episode 22, “Ho’ohuli Na’au”:

Dropping school names

Viewers got a glimpse of the importance of high school connections first in “Malama Ka Aina” where the three alums (McG, Chin and Kono) enjoy a football game of their home team versus Pi’ikoi High School.  For us locals, finding out the high school that someone attended can be a good predictor of where he/she grew up, potentially what sports they played, ethnic background, and sometimes the level of affluence the person comes from.  The question “What school did you graduate from” (or in pidgin “Eh, what school you went?”) opens a lot of conversations with people you just met, and can also connect you to a stranger with fewer degrees of separation as both will most likely know the same people, since Hawaii is so small.

That being said, Kono at one point grills Charlie Fong if he went to Kukui High School…he responds by saying, Punahou School.

Simultaneously all across Hawaii, people smiled and/or rolled their eyes.  “Punahou School?  That boy doesn’t look like he’s from Punahou!” multiple people tweeted across the Hawaiian viewing of Five-0.  And because I’m from Hawaii, I can stereotype ;).  No he doesn’t look like he’s from Punahou, he looks more like a Mid Pacific Institute kid, and maybe smart enough for I’olani ;) (unfortunately, only locals will appreciate this analysis).  By the way Punahou School is the alma mater of a certain President of the United States who recently released his birth certificate for public perusal.  But you, Mr. Fong, I *do not* believe you went to Punahou School, and I demand that you immediately release your high school diploma so that you could prove that you did indeed go to Punahou School.  Furthermore, I do not believe that you kissed Kono Kalakaua at your cousin’s tenth birthday party.  She probably did it out of pity cause you had braces, or you rigged the bottle spinning.

Did you notice…?

Mauoli Ola is a great charity that introduces surfing as a natural treatment to people with genetics disorders.

Danny picks on the thug about the word “lickings”.  “Lickings” is commonly used pidgin term, meaning to “beat up”.  To beat one up severely would be “dirty lickings”.

“Ho’ohuli na’au” has been translated to “close to heart” by CBS which was also last episode’s translation.  According to fellow blogger Wendie Burbridge (Five-0 Redux), last week’s title “Ho’opa’i” [punish, revenge] was mistranslated.

Update:  Did you notice that the shave ice guy had some pretty fit legs, but the nerdiest voice?  Contrary to popular belief, that was not my on screen debut.

Update:  Lex Brodie’s Tire Company is a family owned business here on Oahu.  Unfortunately, they don’t have twelve stations across Oahu, only five, but they have the reputation of being one of the cheapest places in town for gas.  The gas station they filmed at is one block away from the Keola La’i condo, where a lot of filming happens, which is also one block away from the CBS production HQ.

Photographer Marco Garcia spills on “Ho’ohuli Na’au” BTS action

May 3rd, 2011 by

Five-0 production crew asked photographer Marco Garcia to help set up the beach photo shoot for last night’s episode with Rick Springfield.


I actually pulled in by the local coordinator, Angie, to coordinate a “beach photo shoot” as the episode was about a famous fashion photographer killed while on assignment in Hawaii.

But the best part of this job was actually playing a photo assistant on TV!  With all the hard work put in, production decided that they couldn’t rely on an extra to act like a real photographer/photo assistant so they had me be the on-screen assistant to the actor.  Sadly, no lines.

Read the rest of his behind the scenes experience on his blog.

Crazy weather in Hawaii…

May 2nd, 2011 by

Tonight we had a huge thunderstorm sweep over the entire state.  Half the island of Oahu had no power in the early evening, and locals were gripped with fear about potentially missing tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 episode (and by locals, I just mean five of us locals on Facebook).  Thankfully, Hawaiian Electric restored our power.

People caught some of nature’s sound and light show.   Check out this apparent lightning  strike in Honolulu.

Lightning, 5/2/11 in Downtown Honolulu, Photo: Aaron Yoshino

caught waterspouts forming off of the beaches of Honolulu: