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Sneak peek of “Ho’ohuli Na’au”

April 29th, 2011 by

Courtesy of H50Fans on youtube.

Scott Caan to host live Q&A session on Openfilm Live

April 28th, 2011 by

From Openfilm.com:

“Openfilm Live” is an online interview series featuring guest celebrities and film industry experts who take and answer questions from online viewers in real time.

Any Openfilm member may submit a question to an Advisory Board Member or special webcam chat guest, Openfilm Pro member questions will be given priority regardless of their community vote count. To get your Pro Account. Any Openfilm registered user can view and vote on the webcam chat questions. We will notify the community of the upcoming webcam chats schedule.

Submit a question to Scott and learn more about the live online interview at the Openfilm webpage.

Scroll down the question list to the middle, under “Officer808″, I asked: “Danny Williams’ dialogs come so naturally to you, how much of your personality/mannerisms creep into Danny’s personality?”

Do you see the “+” and “-” signs to the left of the question?  You can bump up the question on the question list by clicking the “+” button to move the question closer to the top of the line.  If you think that’s a good question to ask Scott, click the “+”.  If you got an even better question, you can submit your own too!

Mark Dacascos and Kelly Hu to host fundraiser for Japan’s children affected by the earthquake and tsunami

April 28th, 2011 by

Mark Dacascos and Kelly Hu will host a charity event for keiki [children] affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan for the Save the Children organization.  The event will take place at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Waikiki.  The event will feature a silent auction with organizers offering a variety of trips.  Tickets are $300 per person, and the event includes a private concert with the Japanese muic group Hiroshima.  At the request of Mr. Trump, a certified copy of President Obama’s birth certificate will be on prominent display.  (No, it’s not, I kid).

From Mark Dacascos’ webpage:

Mark is hosting “Caring for Japan’s Keiki” at the Trump Hotel in Waikiki April 30th. Event’s theme is “Raising funds and awareness for displaced children in Japan”.   All proceeds will benefit Save the Children organization.  More information below:


Kelvin Han Yee filming the finale and living large in Hawaii

April 28th, 2011 by

Actor Kelvin Han Yee was recently in Hawaii to film his part for the season finale of Hawaii Five-0.  This guy is so full of energy and it shows in the fact that he threw no less than twenty shakas at the camera.   These are video clips that he recorded himself and are available on youtube.  What was particularly interesting was the he showed a glimpse of his HPD uniform as Chief Makaha, and a portrait photograph of him in uniform.  Braddah is so mean looking, he’s one officer I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with.  But he might let you off the hook if you flash a shaka sign at him a dozen times. ;)  Is Chief Makaha a friend of the Five-0 team or another hurdle they must over come?  Is he instrumental in clearing Chin’s name or will he keep Chin black listed by the HPD?  We’ll find out in the finale!

J.R. Orci to leave Five-0 creative team

April 26th, 2011 by

On twitter today, writer and producer J.R. Orci announced that he will be leaving the writing team for other projects.  His writing credits for Five-0 include: “Nalowale”, “Palekaiko” and “Na Me’e Laua Na Paio”.

@jrorci:  Career update: Leaving the island to pursue other projects. Hope to be able to announce those soon. Been a fun ride launching #H50! Also –>
@jrorci: Will be joining my old friends at FRINGE to crank out some episodes. Gonna be an amazing fourth season! Just don’t blame me for POlivia.

Best wishes to you, my friend and hope to see your upcoming projects soon!

And the winners for the Diddy song finding contest is…

April 26th, 2011 by

The winners are:

Elissa B.

Cecile L.


Kim S.

and Shane M.

They got the songs right and were randomly selected by my cat from the list of correct entries.

The songs were:

Been Around the World
After he’s been around the world working undercover for the FBI, Officer Reggie Cole sneaks off to Oahu to visit his family for a short break.

Big Poppa
He tells her “I love it when you call me Big Poppa.”

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down
Reggie proves that ain’t nobody can hold him down and busts out of the hospital to go looking for the murderers himself.

All About The Benjamins
Reggie accuses Richard, telling Jimmy that in the end, it was all about the Benjamins that Richard was after.

I’ll Be Missing You
Kevin looks up into the clouds wondering to his mom, “Every move I make, every step I take, every single day, every night I pray, I’ll be missing you.”

I’ll be emailing the winners for their contact information so they can receive their April issue of Honolulu Magazine with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover.

Thanks to all who entered!

What’s the 411 on the Five-0 **H50?

April 25th, 2011 by

Where does texting **H50 take you?

Viewers in the Unites States saw a short splash screen at the end of the last two new episodes (“Ho’opa’i” and “Ma Ke Kahakai”) that invited them to send a text message to **H50 (or **450) to join the Hawaii Five-0 Surf Club for exclusive content and special offers from local businesses.

Texting **H50 will result in a text from 96683 that reads “Aloha! Welcome to the SURF CLUB!  Click http://cbs.com/hwqr for exclusie H50 clips and CBS Local Offers!”

Clicking the link on your phone will bring you to the “Hawaii Five-0 Surf Club”, where you’ll see a short behind the scenes video clip, an opportunity to opt-in to a mailing list to receive offers from local retailers, a twitter feed for Daniel Dae Kim, and a link to the Facebook Five-0 page.

The clip from two weeks ago featured Daniel Dae Kim.  Last week’s clip showed Alex O’Loughlin talking about the shows stunts.  They were fairly short twenty second clips, and while cool to see, didn’t add too much to the BTS experience…but it may still be worth it for the die hard fan.  After tonight’s “Ke Kinohi”, there was no “Surf Club” splash screen or new mobile content added.

We’ll see next week if CBS adds anything new!

Life on the Set with Blkdrgn, and Ke Kinohi revisited

April 25th, 2011 by

Life on the Set with Blkdrgn and Ke Kinohi Revisited

Tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-o is one of my favorites, “Ke Kinohi”, featuring the return of actress Taryn Manning from a considerable absence in the first stretch of the season.  One scene featured a group of Yakuza thugs and their motorcycles outside the Pipeline Café in Honolulu.  Undercover Special Agent Blkdrgn was there and gave me a run down on the filming of that scene back in November of last year.  After you read the post, check out the photos on Facebook.

How’d you guys get involved in the scene?
A group of us motorcycle enthusiasts and the owners of Revtek were invited to bring our motorcycles in front of Pipeline Café to be used as props for the scene.  There were about seven to eight bikes that we brought, and we waited there in front of the café waiting for instructions from the crew.

I heard you had a run in with someone famous…
Yeah, while we were waiting, this guy walks up to us and starts checking out our bikes.  He looked at mine and asked if he could check it out…I realized right there that it was the main guy himself, Alex O’Loughlin.  We talked for a bit, he said he was a bike fanatic and used to have a Ducati with a dry clutch.  He tried to get on my bike, but it’s a racing Suzuki, modified with a lower seat and higher foot pegs, and he was so tall he couldn’t get on it!

What was your impression of the cast?
Alex was really friendly, he approached us himself, checked out our bikes and was cracking jokes.  Daniel Dae Kim said “hi” to us…Scott Caan was always on his phone.

Your bikes got some camera time, did you?
They chose two of us to be extras in the scene, but I didn’t want to…

Thanks for sharing your story and photos with the fans!

Were you paying attention to the last recap…?

April 21st, 2011 by

Contest, yay!

In the last recap for “Ho’opa’i” I buried five references to Diddy or Diddy produced tracks in the “Ho’opa’i” recap described through the collected works of Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy section.  Find them and you might win a prize…I’m giving away the April issue of Honolulu Magazine with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover, five issues to five lucky winners.

Honolulu Magazine, hawaii five-0, Alex O'Loughlin

April Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Five-0, Alex O'Loughlin


Identify the songs, and email them to officer808(at)yahoo.com.  Obviously substitute the (at) with @.  Those who submit the correct answers will win.  If there are more than five correct entries, I’ll select five randomly of all correct entries.  The winners will be selected after the Five-0 episode on Monday, April 25th after the Hawaii airing, at 10 PM HST.  If winners are international, I’ll ship the magazine, but I don’t know how long it’ll take.

If you want to work cooperatively and post here, be my guest. ;)


There are five songs.

Some of them are lyrics, not titles, and have been edited to fit the sentence.

They are songs or songs produced by Diddy.

Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 830 KHVH Honolulu Talk Radio (Hawaii Five-0 podcast Apr 19)

April 19th, 2011 by

Here’s audio of my Hawaii Five-0 talk story session with Mike Buck yesterday on AM 830 KHVH.  We gave a run down of the episode, talked about father/son relationships, Kono’s tree climbing skills, P. Diddy’s performance, and more spoilery finale talk.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, April 19, 2011, Part 1 (11:37)

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, April 19, 2011, Part 2 (11:32)