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Up Next on Hawaii Five-0 – “A ia la aku”

October 16th, 2013 by

Looks like the theme for this week’s episode is relationships.

Autumn Reeser returns as Danny’s love interest Gabby. Will Danny finally say the “L” word to her? Based on the preview clip, we know that Danny does not have much good to say about marriage.

After last week’s episode, it was quite obvious that McGarrett is starting to have doubts about Cath working with her old flame, Billy. With both Michelle Borth (Cath) and Justin Bruening (Billy) in this episode, I suspect McGarrett will be feeling further insecurity. I kind of like this vulnerable side of him.

Interesting note – the actor that plays the best man in this episode, Raleigh Craighead, was also the stunt man for Robbie Amell who played Billy Keats in Season 3 Episode 4 “Popilikia”.

From CBS



Rebecca De Mornay Guest Stars

“A ia la aku*” – Five-0 investigates the murder of a wedding crasher, and their prime suspect is the runaway bride.  Meanwhile, Danny makes a big decision regarding his relationship with Gabby, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Rebecca De Mornay guest stars.

(*A ia la aku is Hawaiian for “From This Day Forward”)


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Michelle Borth     (Catherine Rollins)



Ian Anthony Dale     (Adam Noshimuri)

Teilor Grubbs     (Grace Williams)

Autumn Reeser     (Gabby Asano)

Justin Bruening     (Billy Harrington)



James Adam Lim     (Yori)

Briana Lane     (Dahlia Swain)

Alex Asbaugh     (Nathan Cotchin)

Rebecca De Mornay     (Barbara Cotchin)

Bruce Nozick     (Allen Kingston)

Greg Collins     (Victor Wyatt)

Lawrence Kao     (Ty Amano)

Shelbie Koch     (Maid of Honor)

Raleigh Craighead     (Best Man)

JT Netterville     (Security Guard)

Ray Oda     (Chaplain)

Manoa Strings     (Wedding Quartet)


WRITTEN BY:     Christina M. Kim and David Wolkove

DIRECTED BY:     Bryan Spicer

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 403, “Ka ʻoia Iʻo Ma Loko”

October 14th, 2013 by

Two stories in one

If you haven’t realized it yet, Hawaii Five-0 is off to a different direction this season.  A look at the writer’s roster this season shows a list of different names.  I think the change up is paying off, as this weeks episode showed a significant twist compared to what we’ve been used to.  Yes, it’s still a crime procedural, but the murders were wrapped around another mystery, one shrouded by conspiracies and secret societies.  I think the fans greatly appreciate a story that not only takes them from one suspect to another, but engages curiosity.  And if we learn a history lesson along the way, even better.  This will definitely go down as one of the smarter episodes in the course of the series.

Jorge Garcia as Jerry Ortega, Hawaii Five-0 (Photo CBS)

Jorge Garcia as Jerry Ortega, Hawaii Five-0 (Photo CBS)

But planted cleverly in this episode is the beginning of season 4′s  strain between Steve and Catherine.  With his blessing, Catherine leaves the Navy to take a more fulfilling job with ex-beau Billy Harrington.  Although Steve claims all is rosy in paradise, the side glances he’s giving Billy in the closing scene belies a sneaking suspicion, that he may have rekindled emotions that everyone thinks is long past.  Because this is Hawaii Five-0, and no one can stay happy for an extended period of time, expect trouble in paradise.

Oh no they didn’t

While the concept of a secret society burying treasure in a hidden location has been the subject of other stories like the Da Vinci Code or National Treasure, I truly appreciated the amount of research that  writers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt went to in order to craft this story.  Growing up here, I knew there were multiple statues of King Kamehameha, but I never understood why.  Alternatively, I may have learned it at one point, but that information may have been pushed out by memorizing  Super Mario Brothers game winning techniques.

Steve, Danny and Jerry at the Kamehameha statue/ (Photo CBS)

Steve, Danny and Jerry at the Kamehameha statue. (Photo CBS)

However, we locals hold many things sacred, including our history.  So I give credit to the story writers for touching on the subject of the desecration of a state monument, even for the sake of fiction.  But when taken at its artistic value- the statue being the center of a century old conspiracy- you still have to admire the story the writers told.  Granted, there is someone out there writing a strongly worded letter of how offended they are, or how dare Hawaii Five-0 write a story that defamed the people behind the statue, but come on.  This is fiction!


Ever since hearing Jorge Garcia (of “Lost” fame) was going to be on the show, I was counting down the days until the episode aired.  As most of you know, Daniel Dae Kim and Jorge were previously on Lost together and have a considerable amount of on screen history.  So much so that even CBS billed the episode as a Lost reunion.

The wait was well worth it.  Casting Jorge Garcia as Hawaii’s resident conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega was probably one of the best moves the show runners have made.  Jorge’s natural presence, style, and history with Daniel added immensely to the episode.  To a certain degree, some guest stars appearing on the show have either had too short an appearance, or lack of any depth, which led to a forgettable performance.  The writing and performance definitely left fans wanting more of Jerry Ortega.  Show runner Peter Lenkov left fans with great news on twitter, promising Jerry’s return in the future.

With a character as colorful as Jerry, the writers went crazy with the television references.  Chin recalled their band camp tent akin to being stuck on a “deserted island”.  Jerry made references to X-Files, stating in his narrative that the “Proof [Truth] is out there”, invoking Fox Mulder and declaring Danny as his “Scully”.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 403, “Ka ʻoia Iʻo Ma Loko”

There was a mini debate going on during the live tweet of the show Friday night.  Jerry Ortega stated the statue was made out of brass.  One viewer stated it was made out of bronze.  I personally thought it was made of something even better.   Ultimately Jerry was correct!


Did you notice:

A lot of geeky references- Transformers, to Gremlins, to Lord of the Rings.

Max (TheRealJediMaxster) is the resident eBay expert – he sold his collection of action figures in order to buy his yellow Camaro.

First episode without Kono, though Peter promises her return in the next episode (via twitter).

Chin mentioned before that he’d rather be a jazz trumpet player (Season 3), and now we know he actually did play trumpet.

Loretta Ables Sayre payed Mrs. Ortega.  Although a small role, this accomplished singer and actress was a Tony Award nominee and  is prominent on the Broadway scene, and had a long run as Bloody Mary on the recent revival of “South Pacific”.

Steve bought Catherine “Chicago V” on vinyl LP, though I’m not sure what exactly made that print so valuuable.

Live+7 ratings bring big gain for Hawaii Five-0

October 13th, 2013 by
Henry Ian Cusick and Alex O'Loughlin

Terrorist Ernesto (Henry Ian Cusick) believes he’s outsmarted McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). To steal a line from Bugs Bunny, he don’t know him very well, do he?
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Contrary to the expectations of the “glass half empty” contingent, Hawaii Five-0′s Season 4 premiere episode, “Aloha. Kekahi I Kekahi,” won its new timeslot in total viewers and took second place for the night behind CBS stablemate “Blue Bloods” with 9.46 million viewers.

Final 7-day DVR uplift figures for the week of  the September 27th premiere are now available at Zap2it.com’s TV by the Numbers. Hawaii Five-0 gained just shy of a full ratings point — 0.9, up from 1.6 to 2.4 — for a 56% increase in the 18-49 demo.  While not tracked in 7-day figures, the Live + 3-day DVR stats showed a substantial gain in the 25-54 demo, adding 1.1 ratings points for a 50% increase — up from 2.2 to 3.3. The total viewer count saw a similar boost from 7-day DVR figures, increasing by 33% from 9.46 to 12.625 million.


Largest 18-49 Percentage Increase From DVR Viewing for Broadcast TV Shows:

Rank Programs Net 18-49 Live+SD (rating) 18-49 Live+7 (rating) Post Airdate 18-49 Rating Absolute Increase From DVR Viewing Post Airdate 18-49 Rating % Increase from DVR Viewing
1 SLEEPY HOLLOW FOX 3.1 5.3 2.2 70%
2 PARENTHOOD NBC 1.6 2.7 1.1 67%
3 Elementary CBS 2.1 3.5 1.4 66%
4 New Girl FOX 2.1 3.4 1.3 65%
5 HOSTAGES CBS 1.8 3.0 1.2 65%
6 Glee FOX 2.0 3.2 1.2 62%
7 REVOLUTION NBC 1.8 2.9 1.1 59%
8 PARKS AND RECREATION NBC 1.3 2.0 0.7 57%
9 Nashville ABC 2.0 3.2 1.1 57%
10 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 1.6 2.4 0.9 56%
11 Mentalist, THE CBS 1.6 2.5 0.9 56%
12 MASTERCHEF JUNIOR FOX 1.6 2.5 0.9 55%
13 MINDY PROJECT FOX 1.5 2.2 0.8 53%
14 Castle ABC 2.2 3.4 1.2 53%
15 BROOKLYN NINE-NINE FOX 1.8 2.8 1.0 53%
16 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC 3.4 5.1 1.7 51%
17 CSI CBS 2.0 3.1 1.0 51%
18 Modern Family ABC 4.1 6.2 2.1 50%
19 MARVEL AGENTS S.H.I.E.L.D ABC 4.7 7.0 2.3 49%
20 REVENGE ABC 2.3 3.5 1.1 47%
21 Criminal Minds CBS 2.8 4.1 1.3 47%
22 Last Man Standing ABC 1.2 1.8 0.6 46%
23 MICHAEL J FOX SHOW NBC 2.2 3.1 1.0 45%
24 Person Of Interest CBS 2.3 3.3 1.0 45%
25 Once Upon A Time ABC 2.6 3.8 1.2 45%


Largest Viewership Increase From DVR Viewing for Broadcast TV Shows:

Rank Program Net Viewership Live+SD (000) Viewership Live+7 (000) Post Airdate Absolute Viewership Increase From DVR Viewing (000) Post Airdate % Viewership Increase from DVR Viewing
1 BLACKLIST NBC 12583 18279 5696 45%
2 Big Bang Theory, THE CBS 18994 24158 5164 27%
3 SLEEPY HOLLOW FOX 8586 13543 4957 58%
4 Elementary CBS 10183 15101 4918 48%
5 MARVEL AGENTS S.H.I.E.L.D ABC 12121 17011 4890 40%
6 NCIS CBS 20020 24667 4647 23%
7 Castle ABC 11459 15916 4457 39%
8 Person Of Interest CBS 12436 16762 4326 35%
9 Modern Family ABC 11655 15936 4281 37%
10 CRAZY ONES, THE CBS 15515 19733 4218 27%
11 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC 9275 13162 3887 42%
12 Criminal Minds CBS 11265 14865 3600 32%
13 Blue Bloods CBS 11695 15269 3574 31%
14 HOSTAGES CBS 7410 10971 3561 48%
15 Chicago Fire NBC 8899 12420 3521 40%
16 CSI CBS 9118 12498 3380 37%
17 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 9461 12625 3164 33%
18 Mentalist, THE CBS 9697 12854 3157 33%
19 REVENGE ABC 8106 11045 2939 36%
20 MICHAEL J FOX SHOW NBC 7503 10398 2895 39%
21 Nashville ABC 6499 9350 2851 44%
22 Law And Order:SVU NBC 9584 12433 2849 30%
23 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 16353 19170 2817 17%
24 REVOLUTION NBC 6807 9603 2796 41%
25 Two and a Half Men CBS 11594 14361 2767 24%


Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach season 4 revisited

October 9th, 2013 by

Well Agents,  I finally had some time to go through my photos and share the rest of my Sunset on the Beach experience. Feeling the urgent need to post the day after SOTB, I didn’t have time to sort and edit my photos, or put in a lot of personal notes and comments.   Hopefully my little narrative will bring you one step closer to the shores of Waikiki, from a fan’s perspective.



I arrived at the beach at about 4:30, and there were already hundreds of people lined up along the fence at the beginning of the red carpet. I walked towards the press area and noticed the line of Chevrolet vehicles lined up along the way. I knew at some point this season Danny’s Camaro would bite the dust, but didn’t realize that his replacement ride was the black Camaro sitting right in front of me!

While waiting for the red carpet ceremony to start, I chatted with a lot of the local media and reconnected with people who I usually only see on twitter and Facebook.  I shook hands and hugged a lot of the fans that lined the fence who were there at ‘O dark-thirty, staking their claim on the sand.

I finally got to meet host Billy V and told him I was a big fan of his show on Hawaiian KINE 105.1.  I appreciated the fact that he acknowledged my blog as one of his sources for Hawaii Five-0 information.  That was a huge compliment to the blog and my team of Agents coming from someone in the media!  I also caught up with Hawaii Five-0 publicist extraordinaire Erika Kauffman.  As I mentioned before, one of my highlights was meeting the lovely Brooke Anderson from Entertainment Tonight.  I got a chance to chat with her for a few minutes… and was trying really hard to speak slowly, clearly, and coherently so as to stifle the gushing fanboy in me.  Yeah, I was a little star-struck!

Billy V started the program, and the stars arrived and walked down the line.  Fan favorite Dennis Chun (Sgt Duke Lukela) made his way through the reporters.  Although I didn’t get a chance to talk to him that night, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to him many times before, and he’s a very gracious man, who is very appreciative of everything the fans do to support the show.

Singer Jimmy Borges also made his way down the red carpet, along with his wife Vicky.  Jimmy is a big name in local entertainment, cut from the same cloth as Tony Bennett.  He played Mr. Zhang in season 2′s “Lekio”, as the illegal fireworks dealer.  He also appeared in many episodes of the classic Hawaii Five-0 series.  Fans along the fence line recognized him instantly. After a few hugs, he serenaded the ladies, and I couldn’t help but smile at the class act that Jimmy is.

Al Harrington (Mamo Kahike in the reboot and Ben Kokua in the classic series) also walked down the red carpet with his wife.  Another great entertainer, Al is one of the few surviving actors of the classic Five-0 series.

I had the great opportunity to talk to executive producers Peter Lenkov and Alex Kurtzman and interviewed the lovely Michelle Borth.  I had short conversations with Taylor Wily (Kamekona) and Teilor Grubbs, but time was not on my side, and I didn’t get a chance to speak to Alex O’Loughlin or Daniel Dae Kim.

The ceremony started after the actors walked the red carpet and took photos with fans.  As before, Peter, Alex K., and the other CBS executives thanked the fans for their support.  They introduced the cast, and the crowds cheered their favorite characters.  Alex gave a few words of thanks…and the show started.

In the back where I sat, I watched the Jonas Brothers warm up.  I got a kick out of  them spontaneously singing the Hawaii Five-0 theme aloud when the credits rolled on.  I’m not a big Jonas Brothers fan (don’t ask me titles for their songs) but they put on a great performance.

This is the third year that I’ve had the privilege of covering the event for this blog, and I’ve always considered it a blessing.  Not too many fans can say they’ve had the opportunity to report on their favorite show from this unique perspective.  I also love interacting with all the fans of this blog who I normally communicate with using only 140 characters on Twitter or on short messages on Facebook.

As I write this, we’re almost to the third episode of the season.  Each season has had a different vibe, and while season 3 definitely carried the show further, I think season 4 will impress and wow fans even more!



Up Next on Hawaii Five-0 – “Ka ‘oia’i'o ma loko”

October 9th, 2013 by

The island isn’t done with him yet!

Lost fans will recognize the lovable Hurley (Jorge Garcia)  in Friday’s episode. Garcia’s appearance is the lastest in Lost alumni that have returned to Hawaii to guest star in Hawaii Five-0. Rumour has it that his conspiracy theorist character will be returning in future episodes. I hope that is true!


Daniel Dae Kim, Alex O’Loughlin and guest star Jorge Garcia
Photo courtesy of Daniel Dae Kim


From CBS


Jorge Garcia Guest Stars as The Conspiracy Theorist

“Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko*” – A conspiracy theorist helps Five-0 when a missing artifact is the key to solving a double murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Jorge Garcia (“Lost”) guest stars as the conspiracy theorist.

(*Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko is Hawaiian for “The Truth Within”)


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Michelle Borth     (Catherine Rollins)



Taylor Wily     (Kamekona)

Dennis Chun     (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

Justin Bruening     (Lt. Commander Billy Harrington)



Jesiree Dizon     (Kaylea Van Horn)

Jared Ward     (Phillip Van Horn)

Jake Lockett     (Hewitt Van Horn)

Jenn Boneza     (Alani)

Loretta Ables Sayre     (Mrs. Ortega)

Jorge Garcia     (Jerry Ortega)

Adam Leadbeater     (Foley)

Will Oak Wild     (Ellis Gregory)

Aaron Madriaga     (HPD Uni)

Esera Tuaolo     (Civic Center Employee)


WRITTEN BY:     Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt

DIRECTED BY:     Duane Clark

Jorge Garcia escapes from Alcatraz (SPOILERS)

October 8th, 2013 by
Jorge Garcia and Scott Caan in Hawaii Five-0

Jorge Garcia’s Jerry takes a shining to Lt. Catherine Rollins until Danny warns him off. “Listen, her boyfriend is a complete animal; you wanna’ stay away from that one. Trust me.”
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Based on the latest CBS promo for “Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko,” Jorge Garcia’s Jerry Ortega goes on a trip to conspiracy theorist wonderland when the Five-0 boys take him to the Cryptology department at Naval Intelligence HQ.

Check the promo out at the 50undercover Facebook page!

Jorge Garcia comes back to the Island as Five-0 conspiracy guru (SPOILERS!)

October 8th, 2013 by
Five-0 meets their new conspiracy guru

LOST’s Jorge Garcia joins the Five-0 extended family as conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega in “Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko”
(Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS)

When you consider all the plots, schemes, capers and conspiracies Steve McGarrett and his Five-0 Taskforce must deal with, it’s no wonder they’d eventually find themselves in need of a good old-fashioned, basement-dwelling conspiracy theorist. Enter LOST alum Jorge Garcia as Hawaii Five-0′s new — and potentially recurring — conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega!

Jerry makes his debut in this week’s “Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko (The Truth Within).”  The CBS press release gives the following episode summary:

“Ka ‘oia’i’o ma loko*” – A conspiracy theorist helps Five-0 when a missing artifact is the key to solving a double murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Jorge Garcia (“Lost”) guest stars as the conspiracy theorist.

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 402, “A’ ale Ma’a Wau”

October 7th, 2013 by

Back to basics

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a fan after three years of this show, it’s that any casual observer can classify the fans with a few broad, easy strokes. Some fans will swear by the old series, some fans “ship” particular characters, some fans love the character development and story arcs, and some prefer the straight procedural, as this episode was.

"My belt buckle will protect me. CHARGE!"  (Photo CBS)

“My belt buckle will protect me. CHARGE!” (Photo CBS)

While advancing the Wo fat storyline just a bit, this episode largely could stand alone, and it did well. Tim Daly guest starred as Texas Ranger Ray Harper, travelling all the way from Texas to find his missing daughter. He played his character superbly, evolving first from a morally ambiguous law enforcement officer,  to a gun slinging cowboy with just about the same disregard of proper police procedure as McGarrett himself. Who else but a Texas Ranger would march straight into a gunfight with revolver drawn while everyone else is ducking behind cover?

This new relationship with lawman could potentially set up a future episode set in the mainland, and we’ll possibly see a Texas-Five-0.

“It’s the only explanation I can come up with”

Steve confessed his familial theory to Danny after Danny catches Max handing the lab results to him. Likewise, fans have chattered for months about the potential relationship between Wo Fat and Steve. Max’s report finally puts to rest the theory that the hero and his nemesis are not brothers. I’m thankful that their relationship wasn’t that predictable and simple, but now we’ll have to wonder what exactly the connection is between the two. The next plausible theory is that Doris is Wo Fat’s birth mother, and Steve is…adopted! Perhaps his John already fathered Steve from a previous relationship before Doris entered their lives. The plot thickens, and I’m sure the show will resolve this question by the end of this season.

Kono’s all that

She’s a marksman with a rifle, an expert martial artist, she’s a mechanic, she can operate container lifts,  and she kicks butt.  Adam, well he’s a Yakuza bullet magnet who’s sole contribution to their unintended vacation is chopping big sticks into smaller sticks.  Despite that, and the rumors surrounding Grace Park, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Kono will skip a beat in the series.  As a strong, Asian female lead in the show, her absence (if any) would be a detriment.

"Dammit.  Looks like I'm really going to hav eto wash the dishes tonight.  Meanwhile, I'll just hide right here." (Photo CBS)

“Dammit. Looks like I’m really going to have to wash the dishes tonight. Meanwhile, I’ll just hide right here.” (Photo CBS)

Steve.  Dude.

I don’t think I was the only one who’s jaw dropped when Steve practically handed Catherine to Billy on a silver platter with a pretty bow on top! I mean come on, Billy and Catherine have history and I’d keep a wary eye on Billy if I were Steve. Steve must be the eternal optimist and have great faith in the human spirit. Since this is Hawaii Five-0, and no one can stay happy for an extended period of time, I’m sure some conflict will come of this. Michelle teased at Sunset on the Beach that episode 3 is where the fireworks begin. Is Steve and Cat’s relationship about to hit turbulence? We shall see…

And from the “Aww, that’s so cute” department:

I love how the Five-0 family dynamic works.  Each team member has their own family, with their own problems, including Steve and Doris, Scott and Rachel/Gabby, Chin and his uncles, but what I love the most is how the dynamic redefines itself when the Five-0 team comes together.  Scott and Steve are at odds even when coaching little Gracie at the baseball game, but in the end, she cracks that home run that wins the game and brings them all together.  As a side note, little Gracie (Teilor Grubbs) is growing right before our eyes with each episode!

Grace Williams with the winning hit! (Photo CBS)

Grace Williams with the winning hit! (Photo CBS)


And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 402, “A’ ale Ma’a Wau”

Yes, what Harper said is true, we had a rat problem during the heyday of the sugar plantation boom, and mongoose were introduced to combat them.  But if he really wanted to do the thug up in style, he should have painted him with poi and rolled him around him in sugar.

Did you notice:

The baseball game was at Koko Head District Park, also the location of the Koko Crater Trail, seen before in season 2, where Steve and Lori ran up the Koko Crater.

The gang ringleader Frankie Choi is an up and coming local actor named Ajax Maharlika, who I met at Sunset on the Beach.  He’s also an intern in the production department for CBS.   I’ll be interviewing him soon!

“A’ ale Ma’a Wau” is Hawaiian for “Fish out of water”.

TvFanatic’s Hawaii Five-0 Exclusive with Peter Lenkov (more Season 4 spoilers!)

October 4th, 2013 by

Tvfanatic.com had the chance to chat with executive producer, Peter Lenkov, during premiere week about what’s in store for the Five-0 team. Here some details about what to expect inSeason 4 for McGarrett and WoFat, McGarrett and Mama McG, Chin Ho and Kono. I am very excited to hear more about Carol Burnett’s appearance later this year!



(excerpts are from TVFanatic.com)

TV Fanatic: What are some of the major themes for Season Four? Will the Wo Fat business get resolved fairly soon?

Peter Lenkov: Well, it’s never going to be resolved. Not this season, but we do have some answers and I think some of the obvious answers that the fans have been asking. We definitely address that. We address that big question that I know is on everybody’s mind, ‘are the two related?’ We’re definitely going to address that. I think with our show…at least we try. We may not always hit the bulls-eye, but I think we try just to surprise the audience a little bit. Things could change.

TVF: McGarrett’s journey this season, is there still more stuff with his mom (Christine Lahti)?PL: I think McGarrett’s going to learn some new discoveries with his mom and I think clearly there’s not a lot of trust there in the relationship. I think we’re going to explore that a little bit. We’re going to get to meet Carol Burnett, who plays his aunt. In the mythology of the show, when the mother supposedly died, Mary was sent to go live with an aunt in LA so Carol Burnett’s going to be that aunt. She comes back at Thanksgiving and we get to meet her and it’s really a very, very heartwarming episode.

TVF: Is that making him (Chin Ho) a little lighter now that he’s got that in his life? He’s had some bad knocks there.PL: Yeah, but I think there’s an interesting episode that’s coming up where it’s really…there’s a lot of time with him being grilled by Internal Affairs. We’re going to learn a lot more about his backstory. We thought we knew everything. We thought we knew why he lost his badge but there’s going to be a lot more that’s going to come out and a very big, surprising twist in this flashback episode where you find out about his relationship with Malia and you’re going to learn about his father, Chin Ho’s father and about being mentored by McGarrett’s father so there’s a lot of good stuff in that episode for him.

TVF: How long before Kono gets back to the family because it looks like she’s going to be off on her own story for awhile.

PL: She’s got a real, solid story with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and being on the run and by the time she comes back and is a full member of Five-0, it’s probably mid-way through the season. We really want to do this arc and make it feel real. It’s not that simple actually, what they go through, but it’s fun. It’s really fun and I think for an actor to be able to do that kind of stuff, to be able to do not just the case of the week, but to be able to have this runner of half a season arc, I think she’s really excited. Also, we are as writers, but she’s very excited.

Check out the full article from TVFanatic here.

Up Next on Hawaii Five-0 – “A’ ale Ma’a Wau”

October 2nd, 2013 by

Looks like McGarrett is going to have his hands full this week. Not only will he be helping Tim Daly’s character find his missing daughter, but Catherine’s ex, Billy Harrington, will make an appearance in this episode. Perhaps we will get to see how McGarrett reacts to Catherine reconnecting with her past love.

I’d like to see Billy make a play for Catherine. With McGarrett’s good looks and charm, he has gotten away with taking advantage of Catherine and her Navy contacts for too long. It would be a nice change to see him have to fight for her affection.


Saddle – Navy SEAL meets Texas Ranger


From CBS


Tim Daly Guest Stars as a Texas Ranger

“A’ ale Ma’a Wau*” – A Five-0 murder investigation leads the team to help a Texas Ranger who comes to the island to find his missing daughter.  Meanwhile, Kono and Adam fight to stay alive when their hidden location is discovered, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Tim Daly guest stars as a Texas Ranger.

(*A’ ale Ma’a Wau is Hawaiian for “Fish Out of Water”)


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Michelle Borth     (Catherine Rollins)



Taylor Wily     (Kamekona)

Teilor Grubbs     (Grace Williams)

Ian Anthony Dale     (Adam Noshimuri)

Dennis Chun     (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

Shawn Mokuahi Garnett     (Flippa)

Justin Bruening     (Lt. Commander Billy Harrington)



Tim Daly     (Ray Harper)

Bobby Foley     (Michael Maki)

Marcus Natividad     (Tom Akuna)

Brando Eaton     (Carl Jacobson)

Ajax Maharlika     (Frankie Choi)

Kristi Lauren     (Amanda Harper)

Jon Michael Zimbrich     (Shrimp Player)

Tia Morales     (Looky-Loo #1)


WRITTEN BY:     John Dove

DIRECTED BY:     Joe Dante