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Daniel Dae Kim’s Risky Business

August 22nd, 2013 by
Chin Ho rolls up on his Harley

Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) rolls up on his Harley in Season 1′s “Ohana.”
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Hawaii Five-0′s Daniel Dae Kim talked recently with Greg David of TV Guide Canada’s The Loop, sharing his story of  obsession… with fast motorbikes. Kim credits Hawaii Five-0 for introducing him to the admittedly risky joys of motorcycling in Hawaii. He also shared his thoughts on the show moving to Friday nights, on ways he’d like to see Chin Ho develop this season, on the value of Twitter as a means of communicating with fans, and on letting his Star Trek geek flag fly.  (If  J.J. Abrams wants him for a Trek reboot  role, he’s there, baby!)

The complete TV Guide Canada article can be read at the TV Guide Canada website.



Daniel Dae Kim’s addicted to ‘Hawaii Five-0′ ride
Greg David, August 20, 2013 12:00:03 AM

Hawaii Five-0‘s producers created a monster when they asked Daniel Dae Kim to ride a motorcycle during an episode. Though he’d never been on one, he jumped at the chance to do it.

Now he’s addicted.

“It’s incredibly unsafe to ride on a regular basis and there are no helmet laws in Hawaii,” Det. Chin Ho Kelly portrayer told TV Guide Canada recently. “You see guys riding around in t-shirts and flip-flops. It’s very dangerous, but there is no sports car on the planet that compares to a fast motorcycle in terms of exhilaration. It is so much fun to just get out there and see the world around you without windshields and doors. I love it.”

The South Korea-born actor has had a beautiful world to look [at] for a decade. Kim’s been calling Oahu home since 2004, when Lost began its six-season run, and Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 is set to bow next month.

The affable 45-year-old chuckled when he recalled he still hasn’t unpacked boxes he shipped to the island when Lost began, and surmised they may be his good luck charm to long-term primetime TV success. The husband and father of two boys is hoping his luck holds. The Eye has uprooted his cop drama from its comfy — and popular — Monday timeslot to Fridays, where there are decidedly less viewers.

“I have mixed feelings to be completely candid,” he admitted. “I would like as many people to see the show as possible and Friday nights tend to be a night of lower viewership, traditionally. That said, I know our core audience will follow us and I think it gives our show a chance at greater longevity.”

Even with three seasons of Five-0 under his belt, Kim has things he’d like to see his character do. Chief among them is getting “more down and dirty,” when it comes to gathering information for the team, comprised of Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), “Kono” Kalakaua (Grace Park) and Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka).

A prolific Twitterer, Kim loves socializing with his over 120,000 followers. He views Twitter as a direct conduit to fans of his and Five-0 in an honest way (“You can be who you want to be, as opposed to be who your handlers tell you you need to be.”), and thank them for being supportive.

It can also be used to chat about important things like a Star Trek movie marathon he watched earlier this spring. His favourite? Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Least favourite? Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (whose isn’t?). He also has high regard for J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the franchise and has a message for his former Lost boss.

“I’d love to be in one of J.J. Abrams’ new Trek movies,” he said. “Not to get too geeky, but I’ve seen every episode of the original series and that’s the one I’m a big fan of. I was lucky enough to be on Voyager and Enterprise. If they asked me, absolutely.”

Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 returns Friday, Sept. 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global/CBS.

Thoughts? Comments? Hit us up below!

Hawaii Five-0, a favorite guilty pleasure

August 21st, 2013 by

Entertainment recap and commentary website Television Without Pity, whose catchphrase is “Spare the snark, spoil the networks,” has given Five-0 a “Watch” ratiing in its “Watch, DVR, Skip” ranking of the Fall 2013 schedule.

While we’ll take issue with the contention that a Friday night berth is a death sentence for our show, we’ll happily cheer their decision to give Hawaii Five-0 their highest timeslot ranking!

After reading the post, show-runner Peter Lenkov tweeted, “Honored!”

Read the complete Fall 2013 lineup rankings at the Television Without Pity website



Five-0 cast in scene from Hookman

Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, and Daniel Dae Kim in scene from Season 3′s “Hookman.”
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Fall TV 2013: Watch, DVR, Skip

Friday at 9 PM

Watch: Hawaii Five-0
Moving it to Friday seems like the kiss of death, and that’s a shame since this show is one of our favorite guilty pleasures. But we’ll happily wind down the week with pretty people and lovely scenery and some ass-kicking thrown in for good measure.

DVR: America’s Next Top Model
Because the boy twist is fun, but you want to skip anything to do with Bryanboy and/or mute Tyra most of the time.

Skip: Shark Tank and Enlisted
Shark Tank is best in clip form and the existence of Enlisted is best forgotten.

Watch It Online (or On Demand): Grimm and Raising Hope
Grimm is good weekend watching and Raising Hope has its moments, so get out the iPad and enjoy.

Hawaii Five-0 officially welcomes Melanie Griffith (SPOILERS!)

August 20th, 2013 by
Tweets announcing Melanie Griffith casting

Five-0 exec producer Peter Lenkov, CBS Studios, and TV|Line officially announce Melanie Griffith’s addition to Season 4 cast via Twitter.

Hawaii Five-0 exec producer Peter Lenkov and CBS Studios officially welcomed actor Melanie Griffith to the Five-0 Ohana today via twitter, with TV|Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich running a story on Griffith’s casting as Danny’s mother.

As such announcements often immediately precede or coincide with an actor’s appearance on set in Hawaii, it is possible that Griffith will make her debut as Danny’s mother in episode 4.05, titled “A ia la aku.”



Scott Caan and Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith and Scott Caan will play mother and son on Hawaii Five-0.
(Photo courtesy of TV|Line)

August 20, 2013 11:19 AM PDT
Hawaii Five-0: Melanie Griffith Is Danny’s Mom
Matt Webb Mitovich

Danny Williams’ mom is a Working Girl — of sorts, in that she will be played by film vet Melanie Griffith.

CBS announced the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 casting on Tuesday, via their network Twitter feed. Could Mom be in town to check out her little boy’s new doctor-honey, Gabrielle (played by Autumn Reeser)?

(Excerpted article can be read in full at the TV|Line website).

H50 Rewind: Ep 1.04, “Lanakila”

August 16th, 2013 by

“Lanakila” introduces us to Steve’s firecracker sister Mary Ann (Taryn Manning), and also to Steve’s sorta-kinda girlfriend with Naval Intel benefits, Lt. Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth). Danny’s bum knee also makes its first appearance; we see Danny giving his doctor an exasperated description of life with McGarrett, describing him as an “animal.” We also see the birth of the “how long you two been married?” theme as Halawa inmates react to Steve and Danno’s bromantic banter during a quick basketball one-on-one.

So, viewers! What did you think of the two women in McGarrett’s life? Did your first impressions of Cath and Mary Ann hold up as the show progressed and we saw more of them?



Steve and Mary Ann McGarrett

Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) and Mary Ann (Taryn Manning) McGarrett visit their father’s grave at Punchbowl.
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 4, Lanakila
October 12th, 2010 by

“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 4, Lanakila

1) Halawa Correctional Facility houses the greatest criminal minds and escape artists of Hawaii.

2) The north shore of Molokai looks suspiciously like Kualoa Beach/Kaneohe.

3) braddahs still don’t like Haoles. But they like the Haole’s sister.

4) So, you want to watch a live feed from a highly classified Navy spy satellite? There’s an app for that.

H50 Rewind: Ep 1.03, “Malama Ka Aina”

August 16th, 2013 by

Hawaii Five-0 entered its second week as part of TNT’s Thursday night lineup with “Malama Ka Aina” airing at 9:00pm, followed by “Lanakila” at 10:00pm. “Malama Ka Aina” gave us the first of many Five-0 moments that would become characteristic of the show’s far-reaching appeal, starting with McGarrett’s introduction to young Grace (Teilor Grubbs), and continuing with the “You look like James Bond, and I look like a waiter” scene in the underground gambling den.

So! What moments in this episode would you pick as favorites? Which scenes stick with you as characteristic aspects of the show’s breakout bromance and overall vibe?



Steve and Danny -- James Bond and the waiter

Steve and Danny infiltrate a gambling operation to take down a mob boss who is trying to buy into the Hawaiian criminal underworld.
(Photo courtesy of CBS)


“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 3, Malama Ka Aina
October 5th, 2010 by

Culture Crash

I love the fact that the writers try really hard to show Hawaii’s unique cultural aspects…but this time they may have gone too far…  Case in point: the opening of the episode begins at a high school football game, where the tribal warrior mascot leads the team in a menacing chant.

This chant is called a “haka”, a war chant that was used by the Maori warriors of New Zealand before engaging the enemy in battle and was adopted by local high schools and the University of Hawaii.  The mascot of the Kukui Kings is actually the mascot of UH, Vili the Warrior.  Viliami Fekolo is actually a very nice Tongan gentleman when he doesn’t have his war face on.  So a Tongan is leading a Hawaii team in a Maori chant.  To me that’s like ordering sushi at a Chinese restaurant owned by Koreans.  You get me?

One thing I *know* locals cringed at was with McGarrett’s mispronunciation of “ow-ah”makua ['aumakua, a guardian spirit].  Again, I’m glad to see that the writers are striving hard to integrate Hawaiian culture into the series.

I stay at home and bolt the doors

With all the bullets flying around Honolulu, I’m afraid to leave my house.  I mean seriously, nowhere is safe…shopping in Waikiki, or even going to  a high school football game.  Hell, I can’t even feel safe in a illegal gambling den in a million dollar neighborhood without the fear of cops coming crashing through the door.  Is this the price of paradise?!?

“Ohana means family” -Lilo

The one thing we do learn is how tight family is in Hawaii.  The fact that Kono, Chin Ho and Sid were all related is no big surprise to locals, Hawaii is so small and some families are so big, it’s inevitable to run into your family members everywhere.  Chin Ho introduces himself as Uncle Chin to Danno’s daughter, Grace.  It’s a common practice to call older family friends Uncle and Aunty, rather than Ma’am, Sir, Mr, or Mrs.  This creates a sense of ohana [family] and helps to make Hawaii a tight community.

McGarrett mentions that when he was a kid, his door could be left unlocked and kids settled disagreements with fists, not guns. I don’t think our generation could really swear by that, but our parent’s generation could, and McGarrett is definitely right in saying that Hawaii is not the same as when we were kids.  And that is the tragedy of becoming a modern city.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ Episode 3, Malama Ka Aina:

1) When not the hub for international terrorism, Hawaii is a hub for interracial gang wars.  But they’re all kewl, until the Haole gangsters start moving in from the mainland.
2) If you’re looking for high stakes gambling look for any McMansion up at Hawaii Loa Ridge, but watch out because…
3) We have an out of control gun problem with shoot outs at high schools and in multimillion dollar neighborhoods everyday.
4) Better than Tivo, we have Sharks On Demand, but don’t worry, they’re totally safe.

Did you notice…

Undercover police officer Sid is played by Sid Liufau, a mixed martial artist, polynesian entertainer and current actor with a long list of television and movie appearances.

You can actually go on shark tours (tour 1, tour 2) on the north shore of Oahu where you can swim with sharks in a cage.  Voluntarily of course.

I couldn’t find a reference to “Ailani’s Pizza”, but Danno got it wrong…pineapple and ham can definitely share the same airspace.

Hawaii Five-0 snags heartthrob Nick Jonas (SPOILERS!)

August 13th, 2013 by

As announced by TV|Line’s Rebecca Iannucci and confirmed by Hawaii Five-0′s exec. producer Peter Lenkov, pop star Nick Jonas will join the ranks of the Season 4 guest cast!


August 13, 2013 01:02 PM PDT
Hawaii Five-0 Books Nick Jonas for Season 4
by Rebecca Iannucci

Nick Jonas lands H50 guest role

Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers has landed a guest role on Hawaii Five-0
(Photo courtesy of TV|Line)

Life’s about to be a beach for Nick Jonas.The Jonas Brothers band member will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0, CBS announced Tuesday. Jonas will play a computer hacker with questionable motives involved in a case that the Five-0 team is investigating.

His appearance on the CBS drama won’t mark Jonas’ first visit to the small screen. He’s also had brief stints on Smash, Last Man Standing and the short-lived Matthew Perry sitcom, Mr. Sunshine.

Jonas will join a number of previously announced upcoming Five-0 guest stars, including Private Practice‘s Tim Daly and Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn, who will reprise his role as Joe White.

Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 premieres Friday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c.

H50 Rewind: “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 2, Ohana

August 13th, 2013 by
Chin Ho, Danno and Steve sneak up on the bad guys

Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim), Danno (Scott Caan), and Steve (Alex O’Loughlin), ready to take down the bad guys.
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 2, Ohana

(Originally posted September 28th, 2010 by )

McGarrett is one bad dude.  The same way Jack Bauer is a bad dude.  If Jack Bauer could do it his way, the show would be called 12, not 24.  If McGarrett could do it his way, Hawaii Five-0 would be a 30 minute show.  He’d probably have captured Bin Laden too.   Crime would be reduced in Hawaii, HPD would disband, and it would be nothing but sunshine and rainbows in the Aloha state.  Of course the court system would be backed up with police brutality cases.  Danno is turning out to be a big sissy pants wanting to do everything by the book which makes for good TV.  I’m expecting a slap fight to break out soon between the two.

Speaking of which, most people enjoy a good catfight, especially if Kono and a blond Russian are involved.  Their battle goes crashing from the kitchen, through the gate outside then to the pool outside.  But if they had fallen into, say a tub of jello, the scene may have played out a bit longer.  But alas, all good things must come to an end, and the bad guys show up, Russians this time.  Maybe it would have been better to skip work and go to the graduation after all.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 2, Ohana

1)  Hawaiians stay fit, trim an ready for the beach 365 days a year on a diet of shaved ice and malasadas.

2)  We mock Haoles who wear their Haole clothes.  Even with a tie, they just become professional looking Haoles.

3)  Since last week, Hawaii became an even worse hotbed of international terrorism, where shootouts can break out at any corner.

H50 Rewind: “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ Episode 1, Pilot

August 13th, 2013 by

With Hawaii Five-0 now airing in two-episode blocks every Thursday night on TNT (9:00 and 10:00pm ET), there’s no better time to reintroduce you to Officer 808′s “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ episode recaps! We’ll post the matching recaps as TNT airs the episodes. Bon apetit!

Remember, TNT’s Hawaii Five-0 homepage is the place for schedule information, episode synopses, interviews, publicity pictures, and more!



Hawaii Five-0 team all together for first time in S1

Five-0′s Fab Four meet for the first time in Season 1′s premiere episode, “Pilot” (L to R, Scott Caan as Danny Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, and Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua)
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ Episode 1, Pilot”

(Originally posted September 21st, 2010 by )

So after all the hype it was finally time for the Hawaii Five-0 premiere.  From the first few minutes to the opening sequence.  I was floored.  I mean wow.  This is TV?  Either my expectations were low or this was some high production quality TV.  The title sequence, though updated, echoed the sequence of the original series, with the new McGarrett on the Ilikai, the shot of the Lady Columbia statue at Punchbowl, and the camera fixed to the police motorcycle zipping through Honolulu at dusk.

Right off the bat, the characters are engaging.  Alex O’Loughlin, as the new McGarrett with his military background goes for expediency, while Scott Caan’s Danny Williams tries to keep McGarrett within the lines of acceptable law enforcement.  The biggest difference between The New Series (TNS) and The Original Series (TOS) is the fact that both McGarrett and Danny are both Alpha males, each trying to assert themselves over the other…this is going to make for great TV.  This is a far call from James McCarthur’s Danno, who was definitely the subordinate.  Daniel Dae Kim, off of the sixth season of Lost plays Chin Ho Kelly, who shares a past history with the McGarrett family, but carries with him the reputation of being a crooked cop.  Grace Park returns to TV to play yet again, a former male character Kono Kalakaua (played by Zulu) reinvented as a female, like her role as Boomer in Battlestar Galactica.  She is a former pro surfer turned cop and is cousins with Chin Ho, learning the ropes and earning her keep.

The screenplay, chases and fighting sequences definitely play out like a movie, with very high production quality.  The episode ends leaving the overall season’s story arc a wide space to play out…what else is in the red toolbox?  Did Victor survive being shot and falling into Pearl Harbor…?  We’ll see!

This list evolved out of the smart (a$$) comments that came about from discussions with other locals…so some of this might fly over the heads of you Haoles, so just bear with us. :)    It goes without saying that Hawaii Five-0 is a TV show.  It’s not meant to be real.  Some of the portrayals of Hawaii, locals and Hawaiian life will definitely irk and offend some, but come on… if you wanted reality, watch Jersey Shore.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ Episode 1, Pilot

1)  Shave ice is a delectable desert for the most discriminating of palates.
2)  We talk the “bird” [pidgin English].  CA-CAW!  3)  Hawaii is a hotbed and hub for international terrorism and human trafficking.
4)  We don’t like Haoles.  I mean, we *really* don’t like Haoles.

Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Reveals New Agent

August 12th, 2013 by

Aloha Five-0 Undercover readers – it’s Mrs. Little here! I am very excited to be joining the Undercover agent team this season.

My journey to becoming a Hawaii Five-0 fan was quite by accident…

It all started in 2010 on a family vacation to Hawaii.

When I heard there was a cop show filmed in Hawaii debuting that fall, I thought “Even if the show is a bust, I am going to watch it for the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.” I was hoping the tropical scenes would make the cold Canadian winter much more bearable. To my surprise, I was hooked on Hawaii Five-0 with the awesomeness that was the pilot episode!

I have returned to Hawaii 5 times since then. During each visit I had the opportunity to watch filming of the series (I was even asked to be in the back ground on two occasions!).

See that blue blur to the left? That’s me!


I have met Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Hiro Noshimori) and the big man himself, Alex O’Loughlin!
Thanks to Hawaii Five-0, I have made many friends throughout the world who also enjoy the show.
I look forward to catching the wave and enjoying the ride with you!


Kono “not gone,” says Five-0′s Alex Kurtzman

August 9th, 2013 by
Adam and Kono in Season 3 finale

Adam and Kono get ready to face the music in Season 3′s finale episode
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Fans concerned about Kono’s future — and Grace Park’s apparent absence from season 4 filming thus far — got some reassuring news yesterday courtesy of TV|Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich and Hawaii Five-0 executive producer Alex Kurtzman.

Can we please have some Hawaii Five-0 scoop on Kono? Haven’t heard anything much about her this coming season. –clarlee901
Last week at TCA I was sure to ask exec producer Alex Kurtzman about the plan for Kono, who bid the team adieu at the end of last season, and he said, ‘I can’t reveal that yet, but she is not gone.’ And as for the timetable for her return, he deferred, ‘We’re actually in the middle of that conversation now.’”