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Hawaii Five-0 season finale thrill ride (SPOILERS)

April 24th, 2013 by

Every season, Peter Lenkov and the Hawaii Five-0 writing team look for ways to keep us on the edge of our seats and biting our nails throughout the summer hiatus, and the end of Season 3 looks to be no different. One of the main things season finales are designed to do is keep viewers engaged, keep viewers discussing the show, and most importantly, keep them hungry for answers when the show returns in the Fall.

From the looks of the “Aloha. Malama Pono” spoilers revealed by TV Guide, we’re going to have some exciting things to discuss as we wait for Season 4!

McGarrett and Danno interrogate a suspect

“Aloha. Malama Pono” — When an unlisted plane lands on Oahu with four bodies on board and a missing terrorist detainee, the CIA tasks Five-0 (pictured: Alex O’™Loughlin, center and Scott Caan, right) with finding him before he carries out an attack on US soil, on the third season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, May 20 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS)


Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)
Monday, May 20 at 10/9c

The team must find a terrorist who landed his hijacked transport plane in Oahu before he is able to carry out his attack. All the while, Kono is on the run for a murder she didn’t commit and McGarrett learns some shocking news from Wo Fat. Could it have something to do with what happened between Wo Fat and McGarrett’s mother Doris in the safe house? And can McGarrett trust either of them? “We find our team risking it all by putting their trust in people or things that maybe they shouldn’t,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “We’ll see if their faith pays off.” As for whether Doris will stick around, Lenkov says, “We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on Doris McGarrett. … Her story’s not quite done yet.” But someone will likely say goodbye. “The English translation of our finale title is ‘Farewell and take care,’ Lenkov says. “You can take want you want from that.”

Hawaii Five-0 wraps season 3

April 20th, 2013 by

With an extremely busy couple of months ahead of them — Hawaii Five-0′s local production crew will be working throughout the summer hiatus to pack up and move the show from their old home at 605 Kapiolani to their new digs at the Diamond Head Studio — cast an crew have been pulling out all the stops on the last handful of season three episodes. They have also, according to Mike Gordon of the Star Advertiser and Honolulu Pulse Outtakes Online, started work on the season four premiere.

Gordon chatted with show lead Alex O’Loughlin during the recent Kualoa Ranch shoot for the season’s 21st episode; the Outtakes Online article below is based on that interview.

Alex O’Loughlin. (Star-Advertiser photo by Craig T. Kojima)

Alex O’Loughlin. (Star-Advertiser photo by Craig T. Kojima)


Apr 20, 2013

Outtakes Online: ‘Five-0′ wraps third season

BY MIKE GORDON / mgordon@staradvertiser.com

“Hawaii Five-0” finished shooting its last episode of season three on Thursday, April 18, but that doesn’t mean everyone can go home. Work began right away on Friday, April 19, and will continue for a few days next week on season four. Just a few scenes, though.

It’s been a long season — 24 episodes that started last July. The daily production grind can start before sunrise and last for 12 to 14 hours.

The show’s leading man, Alex O’Loughlin, who stars as Steve McGarrett, called the pace exhausting a few weeks ago as he filmed an episode at Kualoa Ranch. The episodes were becoming a blur, he said.

“We’re on episode 21 now and personally, I think it’s way too much television,” he said between scenes. “Twenty-four episodes is overkill. I think that they got it right in cable, man. It’s like, 7 to 12 episodes and that’s it for the year. That’s perfect. But we’re doing it, man. It’s good.”

Cable does feature shorter seasons and some of the most acclaimed shows — “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “Southland” — air a baker’s dozen each year. Traditional television has long gone with 22 episodes but some shows, including “Five-0,” have shot 24.

On the upside, being tired means funny. If you watch the aptly dubbed “carguments” between O’Loughlin’s McGarrett and Scott Caan’s Danno, you know they can go at it like an old married couple.

“I think the more tired we get, the funnier it becomes,” O’Loughlin said.

He’s not really sure why, but who cares? It’s fun to watch. O’Loughlin called the ongoing chemistry between the two characters “a big part of the glue that holds the whole thing together.”

“I think the longer we go into a season, the more difficult it gets to get up at 4:30 in the morning and to do all the action stuff,” he said. “Perhaps you are seeing some fatigue and some stuff come through that kind of gives it a different flavor and maybe makes it more realistic.”
Mike Gordon covers film and television in Hawaii for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Email him at mgordon@staradvertiser.com and follow him on Twitter. Read his weekly “Outtakes” column Sundays in the Star-Advertiser.

Peter Lenkov spills some season-ender beans for Hawaii Five-0 (SPOILERS!)

April 17th, 2013 by
Steve has some bad news for mom Doris

Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti) gets some bad news from son Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) in “Ohuna.”
(Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS)

From the sound of some season-ender spoilers Peter Lenkov shared with TV Guide’s Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams, Mama Doris (Christine Lahti) is not making things easy on her son Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) and his raft of trust issues as the season comes to a close.

(Read the full Mega Buzz article excerpted below at the TV Guide website)

Can you give us any hints about where McGarrett and his mother stand in the season finale of Hawaii Five-0? — Heather

The pair will actually make quite a team in the season’s penultimate episode. But once the finale offers some new answers about what exactly transpired between Doris and Wo Fat in that safe house, you can expect the the mother-son relationship to be as fraught as ever. “”McGarrett is getting to a place that he has to trust the people in his life,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “[But] with Doris… it’s always one step forward, two steps back. The moment he starts to trust her, she does something to break that trust.” As such, don’t look for Mama McGarrett’s story to be completely wrapped up in the finale. “We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface,” Lenkov says.

Can’t beat the bromance on Hawaii Five-0

April 17th, 2013 by

Hawaii Five-0′s Steve and Danny claimed the prize for Fan Favorite Bromance at TV Guide! (Look for the late April edition, on newsstands now).


Steve and Danny win TV Guide's Fan Favorite Bromance poll

FAVORITE BROMANCE Caan (left) and O’Loughlin have become as close off screen as their characters are on screen
(Photo courtesy of TV Guide and CBS)


Hawaii Five-0′s Steve and Danny
Mondays,10/9c, CBS; cbs.com, iTunes; Twitter: @HawaiiFive0CBS

They routinely bicker like an old married couple, but there’s no denying that Hawaii Five-0′s island-bound agents Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan) care about each other like brothers. As with typical bros, the actors accept their Fan Favorite Bromance honor with tongue-in-cheek machismo.

“Three years, and we’ve still only gone to second base,” cracks O’Loughlin, to which Caan replies, “No comment.”

Fortunately, the man who writes much of their dialogue, executive producer Peter Lenkov, proved more talkative, describing the show’s all-important bromance as “our comic relief. It provides insight into our characters’ personal lives and gives them a human dimension.”

It is also, he says, Hawaii Five-0′s “secret sauce. If there weren’t genuine affection between between Alex and Scott, there would be no man-chemistry. There’s no way to fake it, which is the reason it’s so much fun for the actors and the audience.” — William Keck

Rocky ratings for Hawaii Five-0′s “Olelo Pa’a”

April 16th, 2013 by
Steve McGarrett keeps his promise

Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) keeps his promise to his fallen friend Freddie Hart (Alan Ritchson), telling his little girl that her daddy loved her very much.
(Screencap courtesy of CBS and H50 fan And-Ed)

Given the shocking and horrific nature of Monday’s bomb attacks on the Boston Marathon, it is no surprise that an NBC news special won the hour in ratings. Unfortunately it does seem to be the case that Hawaii Five-0 lost more viewers to the NBC special than did Castle. It may be the case that CBS viewers were unaware a new episode would be airing last night; it is certainly unfortunate that so many did not tune in, as they missed what was arguably one of the best episodes of the season.

The early overnight ratings listed below do not yet include time-shifted DVR viewings, which will bolster the ratings for “Olelo Pa’a.”

Ratings table courtesy of Sara Bibel’s April 16th article at ZAP2it’s Television by the Numbers.


Broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, April 15, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rtg/Shr Viewers (millions)
8:00 NBC The Voice (8-10PM) 5.1/14 14.29
CBS How I Met Your Mother 2.6/8 6.58
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10PM) 2.2/6 13.41
FOX Bones 1.9/5 6.41
CW Oh Sit! – Season Premiere 0.4/1 1.09
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.0/5 6.07
9:00 CBS 2 Broke Girls 2.3/6 7.48
FOX The Following 2.1/5 6.41
CW 90210 0.2/1 0.56
9:30 CBS Mike & Molly 2.2/5 7.65
10:00 NBC Terror In Boston 3.1/8 8.856
ABC Castle 2.1/5 10.41
  CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.8/5 7.65


Face time with Hawaii Five-0′s Michelle Borth (UPDATED)

April 14th, 2013 by

Although Michelle Borth’s character, U.S. Navy Lt. Catherine Rollins, didn’t become a full-time series regular until the current third season, Catherine’s been a part of Steve McGarrett’s life for years in a relationship that predates the founding of the Five-0 Task-force. There’s a lot of  story material to be mined there, and Borth’s addition to the series roster of regular characters opens up some intriguing possibilities.

The Star Advertiser’s Mike Gordon — @CrankyDad on Twitter — recently got to sit down with the lovely Michelle Borth and “talk story,” as they say in Hawaii.

The article can also be read at the Star Advertiser website.

15 Apr ’13 — Mike Gordon posted a much more in-depth version of his interview with Michelle Borth in his Outtakes Online blog at the Honolulu Pulse website — it is well worth the read!

More than a pretty face

After years of anonymous roles, Michelle Borth lands her “dream job” on “Five-0″

By Mike Gordon
POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Apr 14, 2013

Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) goes undercover for Five-0 in "Na Ki'i"

On the March 18 episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), left, went undercover at the local roller derby to track down a killer.
(Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS)


The smile on her face is so genuine, it wouldn’t require a second take to confirm that Michelle Borth is really (really) happy with her current job.

In the part of Catherine Rollins on “Hawaii Five-0,” the actress has found the success she’s craved since arriving in Hollywood a decade ago. She’s had the role of Steve McGarrett’s girlfriend since the rebooted series premiered in 2010, but this season, the show’s third, Borth has become more than just a pretty face.

She’s done several butt-kicking action scenes, climbed over a high-rise hotel railing to get to the floor below — yes, that was Borth — and given McGarrett someone prettier than Danno to argue with.”Five-0″ has been a welcome change for Borth, who relocated to Hawaii for the show.

The 34-year-old actress has worked consistently on everything from “bad, bad low-budget independent films,” she said, to the critically acclaimed but short-lived HBO series “Tell Me You Love Me.”Borth earned her success “the hard way,” she said, and she’s proud of it. There were a lot of cattle-call auditions, one-liners on shows and single-episode guest appearances.

“I’ve been able to support myself acting for over a decade now, but nobody knows my name because I have been on shows that nobody watches and they get canceled after one season,” Borth said recently while relaxing at The Modern Hotel in Waikiki. “I have been doing the grind for a while, and finally I was like, I want to be on a show that people know the name of. It has a cachet to it.”

That might sound like a trivial measure of success, but consider Borth’s background.

She grew up in New Jersey and New York as the daughter of a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. Borth helped raise her two younger brothers, who still call her “Mammina,” Borth said.As a youth, the only constant in her life was gymnastics, and she longed to be Nadia Coma­neci, the Olympic gold medalist from Romania. She said the discipline required to excel in gymnastics meant missing friends’ birthday parties and sacrificing some of her femininity in favor of a rock-hard physique, she said.”Gymnastics threw my whole body off,” Borth said. “I kind of looked like a 12-year-old boy until my early 20s. It was really awkward. I had muscles where you shouldn’t have muscles.”

That isn’t the case anymore. Borth’s look is striking: She’s Italian and Chilean, with dark eyes, long dark hair and a figure best described as petite.

“They show me so much love here that I have never received on anything else I have worked on.”–Michelle Borth: Speaking about the support she receives from fans, with whom she interacts through public appearances and Twitter

The family moved around so often that Borth struggled to fit in at new schools, she said. Borth was the awkward girl who ate lunch by herself while reading Anne Rice books, the loner who didn’t go out of her way to make friends.

“I think a lot of that led to me becoming an actress because when you move around a lot and go to different schools, you have to learn to become somebody else all the time to fit in,” Borth said. “So I learned how to be a chameleon really well. If not to fit in, to just hide.”Borth moved west after graduating from Pace University in Manhattan and took a variety of small parts before landing her breakthrough role in HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me.”

If there was any question whether she had left the loner behind, the 2007 show answered it. The series, which also starred Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”), Sonya Walger (“Lost”) and Jane Alexander as a therapist, followed three couples with intimacy problems, and the on-screen simulated sex was controversial.Still, it was easy explaining the role to her mother, a tough, free spirit with Sophia Loren beauty, Borth said. But the actress insisted her brothers not be allowed to watch the show.Her mother was fine with that. Then she organized a block party so the neighbors could watch the premiere episode, the most graphic of the series.

“She was so proud,” Borth said. “I just thought it was hysterical. I wasn’t there, but I can just imagine everyone with their mouths open and my mom going, ‘That’s my girl!’”Borth credits her confidence to her mother. The actress isn’t a stereotype.”I am not the girl next door,” Borth said. “I would say I am a lot more complicated than that. I have a huge, huge heart, and I do everything to the extreme. I think I love to the extreme. I think I can be sad to the extreme. And I think I can be angry to the extreme.”

Michelle Borth attends a local fan “Tweet-up” in Honolulu.
(Photo: Officer808/50undercover)

Borth could have played a larger role on “Five-0″ well before this season. Peter Lenkov, the show’s executive producer, had asked her several times, but Borth resisted because she was looking for her own series, she said.Borth wound up as one of the stars on ABC’s “Combat Hospital,” which told the story of doctors at a military hospital modeled after a real facility in Af­ghani­stan. It was canceled after a 13-episode run in the summer of 2011.”I just needed to go out there and give it a shot,” she said. “And I am glad I did because had I come on sooner, I think I would always be wondering what could have happened if I had tried.”

As McGarrett’s girlfriend, Borth is the envy of legions of female fans of the show. She gets to spend all day on set with Alex O’Loughlin, the hunky Australian star who plays the top “Five-0″ crime fighter.But the work schedule is random. Some episodes include her in numerous scenes, and others require Borth on set for only two days. That leaves her with the rest of the week off and more time to surf, walk her dog or spend an entire day watching Netflix.

“Honestly, it’s a dream job,” Borth said. “And I really adore Alex as a person and admire him so much. He has taught me a ton. He doesn’t really even know how grateful I am for him.”She admires O’Loughlin for his dedication to the show but also because he’s a family man, too.”As a woman, I don’t know if I can have it all, if I can have kids and be married and handle the work,” she said. “And I watch him every day and think if he can do it, I can do it.”

The fans have been a large part of Borth’s life this season. More than any other “Five-0″ cast member, she’s reached out with public appearances and a steady interaction on Twitter. It was a conscious decision because previous actresses with important roles — Taryn Manning, Larisa Oleynik and Lauren German — met with a negative reaction from fans that was inexplicable.

“At first I wanted to do it because in the past with previous female characters, they have had it really tough coming onto this show, especially with social media,” Borth said. “And I knew that coming into this, and I knew that it wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. So my idea was to kind of reach out first and sort of send an olive branch out.”But the relationship grew. The communication became a conversation.

“They show me so much love here that I have never received on anything else I have worked on,” Borth said. “It is really incredible the amount of support I have been given.”Her job doesn’t depend on this, and nothing the fans can say will dictate what happens on “Five-0.” It’s just nice for Borth to be part of something.”I want to embrace this fully, and I want to enjoy being a part of this show and I want the fans to enjoy that as well,” she said. “And why not embrace all the love that people have to give?”

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Apr 14, 2013




Kono’s on the run in Hawaii Five-0 season finale! (SPOILERS)

April 13th, 2013 by

Michael Ausiello of TV Line revealed some season finale tidbits to whet our appetites for Hawaii Five-0′s season finale, “Aloha. Malama Pono,” which will air on May 20th.

Said Ausiello in his April 12th TV Line column:

“When a plane lands on Oahu with four bodies on board and a missing terrorist detainee, the CIA tasks Five-0 with finding him before he carries out an attack on U.S. soil. Meanwhile, Kono is on the run from the police for a murder she did not commit, and McGarrett’s prison visit to Wo Fat ends with a shocking discovery. Christine Lahti, Ian Anthony Dale, Daniel Henney and Autumn Reeser guest star.”

Based on the guest cast list, we will once again have high-stakes issues facing our stalwart heroes — Christine Lahti’s ex-CIA operative Doris McGarrett tying son Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) up in knots, Autumn Reeser’s Dr. Gabrielle Asano making things interesting for Danno (Scott Caan), and the Noshimuri brothers (Ian Anthony Dale and Daniel Henney) putting Kono (Grace Park) in hot water with the HPD. It’s safe to assume that Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) will be embroiled in the mess ensnaring Kono, as he was when he found Steve practically standing over the body of murdered Governor Jameson.

Michael Noshimuri (Daniel Henney) up to no good

Fresh off the plane, and already Michael Noshimuri (Daniel Henney) is causing trouble for Kono (Grace Park) and boyfriend Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale)
(Screencap courtesy of CBS and mycoven.de)

We’ve been wondering when we would learn what jailbird brother Michael Noshimuri (Daniel Henney) did with Kono’s service handgun back in December 10th’s “Huaka’i kula (Field Trip),” and judging from Ausiello’s spoiler, the answer is extremely bad news for Officer Kalakaua. “Meanwhile, Kono is on the run from the police for a murder she did not commit,” says Ausiello — a scenario that harkens back to the Season 1 finale when McGarrett was on the run after being accused of murdering both Governor Pat Jameson (Jean Smart) and her aide,  Laura Hills (Kelly Hu).

Will love conquer all? Will Kono take the fall? Will Steve hit the wall? We’ll find out in a little over a month, but in the meantime, what do you think?

Sneak Peek of Monday’s Hawaii Five-0 (SPOILERS)

April 12th, 2013 by

Monday brings us “Olelo Pa’a (The Promise),” the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated “SEALSteve” episode of Hawaii Five-0 and we have the first two minutes of it on video! While it will surely be an action-packed adventure, the subject matter is anything but frivolous; Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), aided by fellow Navy officer Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), sets out to retrieve the remains of an old and dear friend lost in North Korea on one of McGarrett’s last missions before forming the Five-0 Task-force.

SEALs Freddie Hart and Steve McGarrett prepare for a high-stakes mission

SEALs Freddie Hart (Alan Ritchson) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) prepare for a high-stakes mission in the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III.
(Photo courtesy of CBS and the U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Jerome S. Tayborn)

Told in a series of flashbacks interspersed with Steve’s current mission, “Olelo Pa’a” introduces us to Freddie Hart (Smallville’s Alan Ritchson), Steve’s friend from BUD/S all the way through his career as a SEAL and into the fateful mission to capture Anton Hesse (Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus), and reintroduces us to some old friends — Lt. Commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) and retired Huey pilot and barkeep, Frank Bama (Jimmy Buffett).

Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV blog scored an exclusive look at the first two minutes of the episode.  In addition to the video, EW’s Sandra Gonzalez gave the following description of the “Olelo Pa’a” plot:

“In a series of flashbacks, fans will get to see what happened in the hours leading up to the show’s pilot — specifically learn how McGarrett was indirectly responsible for the death of a fellow SEAL who saved his life.”

(Youtube video courtesy of CBS and Entertainment Weekly)


Back in Season One’s “Ho’apono (Accept),” Steve tries to gain the confidence of a fellow SEAL suffering from PTSD by sharing details of his time in BUD/S; the event McGarrett recounted to Graham Wilson (Adam Beach) is revisited in some of the flashbacks to Steve’s training as a SEAL. We will get to see McGarrett and Hart undergoing cold-water endurance training under the watchful eye of Joe White, just as Steve told Graham aboard the USS Missouri.

A series of behind-the-scenes photos of the cold-water endurance training shoot were recently released on Navy Region Hawaii’s Flickr account. The scenes were shot on March 1st at Hale’iwa, with sailors assigned to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) filling the ranks of McGarrett and Hart’s BUD/S class.

McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Hart (Alan Ritchson) on the receiving end of some Joe White "tough love"

McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and buddy Freddie Hart (Alan Ritchson) on the receiving end of some Joe White (Terry O’Quinn) “tough love.”
(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nardel Gervacio)


Alex O'Loughlin

(Photo courtesy of the U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nardel Gervacio)

The official CBS press release gives the following details on “Olelo Pa’a.”



The Episode Serves as a Prequel to the Series’ Pilot

Jimmy Buffett  Returns as Frank Bama and Terry O’Quinn Returns as Joe White

“Olelo Pa’a” – When McGarrett and Catherine cross into North Korea to retrieve the remains of a fallen friend, he recounts his last deadly mission there, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Monday, April 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  The episode serves as a prequel to the series’ pilot.  Jimmy Buffett returns as Frank Bama and Terry O’Quinn returns as Joe White.

(*Olelo Pa’a is Hawaiian for “The Promise”)


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Michelle Borth     (Catherine Rollins)



Jimmy Buffett     (Frank Bama)

Terry O’Quinn      (Joe White)



Alan Ritchson     (Freddie Hart)

Harold Sue     (Happy)

Rick Yune     (Han Ji-Woon)

Steven Matsuno     (NK Colonel)

Kai Duvall     (Seal Student)

Erick Dallas     (Flight Operator)

Robert Picardo     (CIA Man)

Larry Wegger     (Vice Admiral)

Vince Shin     (Combatant)

Captain Sal Aguilera     (Preacher)

Captain Jeffrey James, USN     (Commander)

John Quincy Adams     (Freddie’s Father)

Jessica Jacobus     (Kelly)


WRITTEN BY:    Peter Lenkov and Ken Solarz

DIRECTED BY:     Joe Dante

GENRE:     Drama



Peter Lenkov stirs the Hawaii Five-0 pot (SPOILERS!!)

April 9th, 2013 by

Never let it be said that Hawaii Five-0 executive producer Peter Lenkov doesn’t know how to keep anticipation and discussion well stirred. Lenkov posted a photo yesterday which revealed an intriguing plot point for next week’s long-awaited “SEAL-Steve” episode, “Olelo Pa’a (The Promise).”

First, let’s have a look at the publicity photo; camo’d and kitted-out McGarrett scruffing up some bag-hooded ne’er-do-well. Ahh, but who’s that under the hood?

McGarrett gets his man

Score one for the good guys. McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) gets his man in “Olelo Pa’a.”
(Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS)

“Anton Hesse bagged!!! ” Lenkov exclaimed, confirming that at least one aspect of the flashback does indeed focus on what Steve was doing immediately prior to the events of the series pilot — taking down one half of the Hesse Brothers.

So, what does this tell us about “Olelo Pa’a”? We can assume we’ll see Steve and his team going after Hesse and bringing him back to South Korea, but that’s just one part of the story; something has to happen present-day to set the stage for this, and earlier, looks at Steve’s life as a SEAL.

“When McGarrett and Catherine cross into North Korea to retrieve the remains of his fallen friend, he recounts his last deadly mission there,” says the CBS press release. So just who is this fallen friend, and where and when did he fall? How does the Hesse capture play into the story?  More to the point, what obstacles will Steve and Cath face as they strive to bring their fallen comrade home?

Today’s TV Guide “Mega Buzz” article gave some insight into these questions. The article, which is excerpted below, can be read in full on the TV Guide website.

Mega Buzz: A Glee Exit, Person of Interest’s Virus, and a Grey’s Return
Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams
Apr 9, 2013 09:18 PM ET

What can you tell me about the upcoming Hawaii Five-0 prequel episode?
ADAM: McGarrett travels to North Korea to collect the remains of a fellow SEAL who died in the mission we saw a snippet of in the first episode of the series. Why does McGarrett go to such great lengths three years later? Let’s just McGarrett is indirectly to blame for his partner’s death. Several of the flashbacks play on father-son dynamics, which makes watching the re-contextualized scene of McGarrett talking to his dad for the last time even more brutal.

Tune in this coming Monday, April 15th to see how all these elements fit together. In the meantime, how do you think the story will unfold?

Hawaii Five-0 rolls out the guest cast heavy hitters (SPOILERS!)

April 3rd, 2013 by
Craig T. Nelson, Henry Rollins, Don Swayze, and Mare Winningham

Craig T. Nelson, Henry Rollins, Don Swayze, and Mare Winningham guest in heavy-hitting May episodes of Hawaii Five-0.
(Photos courtesy of ZAP2it.com and Getty Images)

ZAP2it.com revealed today in a casting exclusive that Craig T. Nelson of Parenthood will be joining Hawaii Five-0 for a late-season guest appearance. According to Rick Porter of ZAP2it, Nelson will play a “power hungry” ex-CIA operative.

“Nelson’s character is suspected of some shady dealings while with the CIA, and he has information that could harm both current and former operatives with the agency,” says Porter. Odds are good that Nelson’s erstwhile agent has ill intentions towards Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti), who recently lost her long-hidden CIA bargaining chip in a suspiciously specific home invasion.

Porter also revealed that Oscar nominee Mare Winningham, along with Henry Rollins (Sons of Anarchy) and Don Swayze (True Blood, Carnivale), will appear in an episode which centers around a string of child abductions. Rollins will play the man responsible for the abductions, while Winningham plays his wife. Swayze will play an early suspect.

An interesting aside — Five-0 executive producer Peter Lenkov worked on Craig T. Nelson’s old CBS series The District, writing 6 episodes and serving as both supervising producer and co-executive producer. Jean Smart, Five-0′s murdered Governor Pat Jameson, also appeared in the show, which ran from 2000-2004.

Porter’s article, which is excerpted below, can be read at ZAP2it.com’s blog.

‘Hawaii Five-0′: ‘Parenthood’s’ Craig T. Nelson stirs up trouble on the island
By Rick Porter
April 3, 2013 3:18 PM ET

“Hawaii Five-0″ has lined up a bunch of guest stars for May sweeps — including one that could make some trouble for the McGarrett family.

Zap2it has learned exclusively that “Parenthood” star Craig T. Nelson will play a “power-hungry” former CIA agent in an episode of the CBS series set to air in May. Separately, Oscar nominee Mare Winningham, Henry Rollins and Don Swayze will appear in an episode centered on a string of child abductions.