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Waikiki welcomes Hawaii Five-0 at Sunset on the Beach 4

September 27th, 2013 by

Waikiki Beach was once again jammed packed with fans as Hawaii Five-0 premiered the first episode Season 4 at Sunset on the Beach. This year, there was a mix of rabid Hawaii Five-0 and teenage Jonas Brothers fans as the Jonas Brothers performed a free concert following the airing of the premiere episode. Nick Jonas is slated for a role in a future episode.

Hawaii Five-0 stars walked to red carpet and greeted fans as they have in past years, though notably absent were Scott Caan and Grace Park. CBS Entertainment president, Nina Tassler, was blown away by the fan support she witnessed at Sunset on the Beach. Hopefully, that means that Hawaii Five-0 will be around for years to come.

From Hawaii News Now

All photos from Hawaii News Now

Alex O'Loughlin

Daniel Dae Kim

Tannya Joaquin (left) & Keahi Tucker (right) interview Daniel Dae Kim

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It was another year and another Sunset On the Beach for “Hawaii Five-O,” as the CBS drama kicked off its fourth season in grand style.

Thousands of fans packed Waikiki Beach to greet the stars. But there also were more teenage girls in the audience who came for a free concert by the Jonas Brothers.

The brothers were performing because Nick Jonas has a recurring role on the show.

“This role is really fun,” said Jonas. ”When they came to me I was more than happy to be a part of it. It’s going to be interesting for people to see me in this light.”

The fans were still as enthusiastic for stars Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim, who walked the red carpet, signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans.

The two said they enjoy Sunset on the Beach, and have grown to love the event as well as Hawaii itself.

“This makes it a communal experience, like we don’t have a chance to have,” said Kim. “We get to say thanks to the fans, we get to watch it on the big screen with the fans. It’s special.”

“I’m never not amazed at what I see when I come down here, and the commitment from fans, said O’Loughlin. ”Without fans and without the people who are willing to show up, we don’t have a show and i don’t have a job.”

He also said he feels Hawaii is home. “I was talking to my agent, and I was like, you know, I don’t ever want to give up my place here,” said O’Loughlin. “I don’t want to move my kids to L.A. I love it here. I love it here for the family. I love it.”

CBS executives also turned out for the event. “Hawaii Five-O is not only a beloved show for the network,” said Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment. “We can see how much the fans love it here. I’ve never seen support like this. It’s extraordinary.”

“We know the history and the legacy of the show, and obviously the impact that it’s had on the people of this island, and it’s been great to be a part of this new version of it,” said Nick Jonas.

The show is now syndicated and can be seen in 200 countries. “We come to find out at an event like this that it’s also loved around the world,” said Honolulu Film Commissioner Walena Constantinau. “People from all over the world have come here to celebrate with the people of Hawaii, this first episode.”

The episode was shown to the fans on a big screen, a day ahead of the television premiere. After the episode was shown, the Jonas Brothers took to the stage for a 20-minute set performed before screaming fans.

The show, which is moving to Friday nights this fall, premieres on television this Friday.

Your guide to Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Sunset on the Beach

September 25th, 2013 by
Alex O'Loughlin meets fans at SOTB3

Lucky fans meet Alex O’Loughlin at the roadside barricade during last year’s Sunset on the Beach.
(Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now)

We find it hard to believe we’re only a day away from Hawaii Five-0′s fourth Sunset on the Beach premiere! Thursday evening will find the cast and crew welcoming local residents and lucky visitors to the traditional Queen’s Beach venue for the much-anticipated red-carpet extravaganza and season premiere viewing.

Those of us unable to join the festivities on that short stretch of Waikiki waterfront can still share the experience vicariously through that wonder of the modern-day internet, live-streaming video. Hawaii News Now, the news arm of local CBS affiliate KGMB, will be providing live coverage of the Five-0 red carpet, complete with interviews with the exec producers and the cast.

Given that Sunset on the Beach is an outdoor event and is held on one of Oahu’s most famous beaches — not to mention, busiest thoroughfares — the evening’s schedule will probably  have some degree of fluidity.  According to the CBS press release, the red carpet will open at 4:30 pm to allow journalists and TV crews to find their spots and get set up, and the official Red Carpet doesn’t open until 6:00 pm.  The producers, cast, and honored guests will have an hour to talk to the press and to meet fans before the stage-based part of the program kicks off at 7:00 pm.  Once the premiere showing of “Aloha kekahi I kekahi” has ended, the Jonas Brothers will take the stage for their concert.


Converting Hawaiian time to your local time-zone

Bear in mind, the announced times are in HST — Hawaii Standard Time.  That means if you’re on the U.S.  West Coast, you’ll need to add three hours to the announced times; six hours if you’re out East.   To avoid the stress and headache of manually converting HST times into your time-zone equivalent, we’re pleased to offer this handy time-zone conversion and event time announcer. You just have to plug in your nearest location city on the “converted time” side of the table.


Who’s going to be there?

Executive  Producer Peter Lenkov is expected to attend, along with the cast — Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Michelle Borth, Masi Oka, and Taylor Wily, who will be joined by Mark Dacascos and Chi McBride, among others.  Teilor Grubbs, Dennis Chun, and Al Harrington have appeared at previous SOTB premieres and will most likely attend.  The Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, will also be present.

Officer 808 himself, from your favorite Hawaii Five-0 blog will be there on the Red Carpet to field questions as well!



4:30 pm — Red Carpet opens.  Start looking for arriving guests of honor, cast-members, and the occasional executive producer.

6:00 pm — Red Carpet begins. Expect press photo ops, interviews, the occasional actor’s mad dash to the barricades to greet fans.

7:00 pm — Focus shifts to the stage as the guests of honor and the cast are introduced and speeches made. Next up, the Premiere!  At this point the live streams will end.  We ask that anyone who is lucky enough to attend, not to share any video or photos from the episode, thereby spoiling any surprises for the rest of the world.

Immediately following the 4.01 Premiere — The Jonas Brothers take to the stage for their first-ever concert in Hawaii!


SOTB2013 - HNN anchors with H50's Lenkov, O'Loughlin and Orci

HNN’s evening news anchors interview Five-0 lead Alex O’Loughlin and exec producers at Season 3′s Sunset on the Beach premiere.  (Left to Right: News anchor Keahi Tucker; exec producer Peter Lenkov; Alex O’Loughlin; exec producer Roberto Orci; news anchor Tannya Boyd Joachin)
Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now


Watching Sunset on the Beach through Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now’s live coverage will start at 5:00 pm and will run through 7:00 pm, covering the Red Carpet portion of the evening. The HNN evening news hours at 9:00 and 10:00 pm will most likely include coverage recaps and interview segments, along with coverage of the Jonas Brothers concert.  Local radio and television personality Billy V will serve as event Master of Ceremonies and will be joined by  ET’s Brooke Anderson.

Watching the Hawaii News Now coverage is a fairly simple process — you go to the HNN website and follow the LIVE STREAM link on the gray menu bar under either the HOME or NEWS tabs. However, you must have both ADOBE FLASH and MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT installed on your computer to be able to watch the live stream.  The HNN Live Stream page provides download links for both plug-ins. Should the video freeze, refreshing your browser will usually restore the  feed.  Don’t be alarmed when the video is replaced by a dark screen or static banner during commercial breaks; that’s normal HNN live stream procedure. The picture should return to SOTB coverage once the commercials are done. If not, simply refresh your browser.

HNN’s most recent update on their SOTB coverage gives details on the guest list, the program, and a handy list of social media resources. The HNN website also offers a page dedicated wholly to Hawaii Five-0 coverage in the form of an article and video archive.


Watching Sunset on the Beach through Ustream

Fan-generated live-streaming video can sometimes be found through the Ustream website, and user “Long Legs O’Loughlin” is already conducting tests for their event coverage.  As Ustream does require you to sign up for membership, it’s best to explore the site a day or so ahead of time. Your Facebook or Twitter accounts can be used for login purposes.  Ustream offers a basic search function which brings up a selection of Five-0 videos, including several from last year’s SOTB event. As with the HNN Live Stream, Ustream requires Adobe Flash. This and other requirements are detailed in Ustream’s basic how-to viewer’s guide.


If you’re on Twitter:

Hashtags to follow and use: #H50 #SOTBH504

Key #H50 twitter accounts to follow:



Our Great Leader Oficer 808 will try to tweet as well, if not juggling camera equipment and notepad:

Last-minute Mega Buzz tease for Five-0 premiere! (SPOILER!)

September 25th, 2013 by
Steve swabs blood off the cell bars

Steve the Science Guy in action. When Wo Fat plays his usual cryptic stalling game about his relationship with Doris McGarrett, Steve decides to get his own answers.
(Image courtesy of CBS)

Courtesy of TV Guide’s Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams, a bit of last-minute Five-0 premiere spoilerage!

Got any more teases about the Hawaii Five-0 premiere? — Lindsay
ADAM: Look for McGarrett to be very proactive in his efforts to find out exactly what Wo Fat’s connection is to his mother. Since he can’t get a straight answer from anyone in the know, he begins investigating his own hypothesis. Meanwhile, fans worried about Kono’s absence from the team will understand very quickly how she will remain integral to the story. (Hint: It involves serious danger.) And speaking of danger, the Five-0 team will lose something very dear to them.

Just my take on it, but if the “something very dear to them” isn’t Danny’s Camaro, I’ll eat my keyboard! (Well, okay, I may just gnaw on one corner of it. It’s the thought that counts).

Read the full Mega Buzz article at the TV Guide website.

Up Next on Hawaii Five-0: Season 4 Premiere!

September 25th, 2013 by

After a long summer without our favourite foursome, the Season 4 premiere of Hawaii Five-0 is just about upon us!

Episode 4.01, “Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi” ( We Need Each Other), starts where the finale left off, so let’s recap what happened to the Five-0 team.

Steve McGarrett – when last we saw him, Steve was confronting Wo Fat about why Doris McGarrett visited the evil-doer in prison. In the season ending cliffhanger, armed commandos shot their way into the prison in an attempt to kill Wo Fat, or so he said. McGarrett must decide whether to team up with his arch nemesis to get him out of the prison alive, or stand back while the commandos do what they came to do.

Danny Williams – after suffering heart break (seeing ex wife Rachael wanting to leave Hawaii with daughter Grace) after heart break (seeing girlfriend Gaby deciding to be in Morocco rather than with Danny in Hawaii), I really hope he can find some happiness this season. The season ending episode teased that happiness may be possible when Gaby reunites with Danny.

Kono Kalakaua – Kono decided to join boyfriend, Adam Noshimori, on the run from the Yakuza. Fans were left fearing that Kono’s character was being written out of the show. Fear not,  said show runner, Peter Lenokov. Kono will be back for Season 4, although in a story line that may be separate from the Five-0 team.

We have two big name guest stars in the premiere episode. Chi McBride’s character will reportedly butt heads with McGarrett as SWAT Captain Lou Glover. Henry Ian Cusak, of “Lost” fame, plays this episode’s bad guy du jour.


Now, here is what we know about the first episode of season 4. (WARNING!! Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!)

McGarrett and WoFat fight team up to escape the prison.

McGarrett gets a sample of WoFat’s blood to, presumably, do a DNA test on it.

The Five-0 headquarters is attacked by commandos. Chin is trapped inside.

McGarrett must rescue Catherine after she is kidnapped.

Danny’s Camaro meets an unfortunate fate.

McGarrett is shirtless!!!!


From CBS


Chi McBride Guest Stars as SWAT Captain Lou Grover, a Character That First Appeared in an Episode of the Original “Hawaii Five-0″ Series, and Henry Ian Cusick Guest Stars as a Member of a Terrorist Organization

“Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi*” – After McGarrett and Wo Fat narrowly escape from maximum security, gunmen storm Five-0 headquarters, compromising Kono and Adam’s secret location in Hong Kong and forcing McGarrett to break the law and turn on his own in order to find a kidnapped Catherine, on the fourth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0, on a new night, Friday, Sept. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Chi McBride guest stars as SWAT Captain Lou Grover, a character that first appeared in an episode of the original “Hawaii Five-0” series.  Henry Ian Cusick guest stars as a member of a terrorist organization.

(*Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi is Hawaiian for “We Need Each Other”)


Alex O’Loughlin     (Steve McGarrett)

Scott Caan     (Danny “Danno” Williams)

Daniel Dae Kim     (Chin Ho Kelly)

Grace Park     (Kono Kalakaua)

Masi Oka     (Dr. Max Bergman)

Michelle Borth     (Catherine Rollins)


Taylor Wily     (Kamekona)

Mark Dacascos     (Wo Fat)

Ian Anthony Dale     (Adam Noshimuri)

Dennis Chun     (Sgt. Duke Lukela)


Luis Carazo     (Ricardo Cosi)

Henry Ian Cusick     (Ernesto)

Luis R. Espinoza     (Juan)

Eddie Fernandez     (O’ahu Water and Power Worker #4)

Vancamp Popese     (Tomas)

Martha Higareda     (Flora)

Chi McBride     (Captain Lou Grover)

Charlie Compuesto     (Alejandro)

Shawn Thomsen     (HPD Recruit Pua Kai)

Nestor Serrano     (El Condor)

Brian Kasai     (Security Guard)

Commanding Officer     (Doug Thurston)

WRITTEN BY:     Peter M. Lenkov and Ken Solarz

DIRECTED BY:     Bryan Spicer

H50 Rewind – Undercover looks back at Season 1 ep. 14 He Kane Hewa’ole

September 20th, 2013 by

Not every Hawaii Five-0 episode needs a shirtless McGarrett to make the ladies swoon. In this episode, we first see McG dutifully washing dishes in his kitchen. I don’t know about you, but any man who does housework is extremely sexy. Men – take note.

Later, McGarrett shows off his paternal side when he fixes a toy for a small child. When he salutes the young boy at the end, women everywhere simultaneously ovulated.

Notable quotes

“Are you done?” – McGarrett

‘If you’ve learned something.” – Danno

“I’ll take a ‘yes’ there, if it will shut you up.”  – McGarrett

Below is Officer 808′s original take on “He Kane Hewa’ole”

He even does the dishes!


Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 14, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”, with sneak peek at next week’s episode “Kai E’e”

January 18th, 2011 by

Clever writing, simple story…

Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0

Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: CBS

The story is actually quite simple…a young, head strong woman is having an affair, putting her head together with her lover, they concoct a plan to kill her husband, fake her kidnapping, and collect a hefty headhunter’s fee from her father whom she apparently loathes.  Unfortunately, a poor illegal immigrant trying to make some money and get ahead in life gets caught in the middle of it all.  Although he has a head start on the HPD, his unlucky head-on crash triggers the series of events in the episode.  But the whole episode is predicated with a week of promos on TV that made a lot of people scratch their heads…”What’s in the box?” (if you haven’t read it, read yesterday’s post).  The suspense comes to a head when Kono peers inside the box and finds…human remains.

Aside from the main procedural,  this has to be the most balanced episode yet that shows all team members contributing significantly.  The case is not simply solved by McG and Danno running around and shooting stuff up while Chin Ho sits in the lab reconstructing data fragments from a cell phone that’s been underwater overnight.  The episode deepens Chin Ho and Kono’s characters significantly.  I almost believed Chin when he told Kono that he regretted becoming a cop, since his takeback seemed halfhearted.  Chin’s dialog with Malia adds another layer of complexity to Chin’s background, and I’m wanting to know more…  We already know that the HPD black listed him as being corrupt, but he took the fall for someone, and on top of that, we now see he has an unresolved personal relationship thrown into it.  Chin’s scene with Malia was perfectly awkward but perfectly heartfelt at the same time- Daniel Dae Kim and Reiko Aylesworth’s chemistry is perfect on screen.

I loved the fact that Kono was tasked with interviewing Spencer (the suspect), and you could see how naively easy she was on him.  Even better was the palpable cold treatment she gave to Malia at the hospital.  Rounding out Kono’s experience in the episode was her disappointment in herself for failing to see through Spencer’s lies.  Chin was there to mentor her, telling her that they all have to live with their mistakes and move on…ironic since Chin himself seems to have trouble coming to terms with the mistakes that he’s made in the past.  But Grace Park is playing Kono perfectly, tough and confident at times, yet vulnerable in her inexperience.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the investigation, McG and Danno track the car driver to a junkyard in Waipahu.  McG makes the connection and realizes that the driver is the junkyard owner’s son, and the father to the child with the super hero toy.  McG the idealist, vows to Mr. Chi that he will prove Han’s innocence.  Back on the road, McG and Danno get into a serious cargument about McG’s need to rectify all wrongs if a son ever loses his father (like “Ohana”).  The scene was beyond friendly banter and for the first time in awhile we see McG seething.  At the end of the episode, I think Alex may have played it a little too warmly, he should have brought more of the anger at Nicole, who dismissed Han as just “some guy Spencer hired”, but his parting words to her- “Danno, take her out of my sight” communicated his contempt all the same.

The running joke throughout the episode was the CHiPs, Ponch and Baker quips that lightened the mood when it needed.  Most of us who grew up in the 1970′s remember that show fondly, and Kono’s remark “I’ve never heard of it” made me feel *old*.  But the last scene where McG and Danno make their arguments for who actually is Poncho between the two of them is the cleverest writing I’ve heard on the show so far.  I think it’s absolutely refreshing to see that this show knows how to turn the humor on and off seamlessly, and that they know when not to take themselves so seriously… Danno quips that in his “TV cop fantasy”, he’s Eric Estrada. The beautiful irony is that Danno himself is a TV cop fantasy.

Finish that thought with, “In a world where I didn’t exist, you could be whatever you want,” (McG to Danno) and we have some of the best dialog so far in the show.

Super exclusive sneak preview of next week’s episode “Kai E’e”

Danno, Danny Williams, Hawaii Five-0

If all else fails, follow the Doctor’s orders.

Scene: In Doctor Oh’s office.

Dr. Oh: What the hell did I tell you?
Danno: Doc, the car was only going, like, 30 miles an hour when I tucked and rolled!  [chuckling]  Man, you should have seen it, it was pretty badas-
Dr. Oh: What the hell did I tell you?
Danno [sheepishly]: Go easy on the knees.
Dr. Oh: Exactly.  Did you listen to me? No.  Congratulations, here’s your new ride. [wheels out the walker with fitted tennis balls]
Danno: Wha?  Doc!  I can’t use this, there’s a tsunami coming next week!
Dr. Oh: You should have thought of that before you jumped out of the car.  When you run away from the wave, make sure you run away down hill, you’ll roll faster.  Now get outta here.

[No, this is not a sneak peek, I made this up :P ]

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 14, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”:

1)  There are small pockets of Chinese *everywhere*.  But if you’re going to Waipahu you’re going there for some good home cooked lumpia, adobo and halohalo.  Waipahu is predominantly a Filipino neighborhood.

Did you notice…?

About fifty people on twitter yelled “OH MY GOD THEY SHOWED IT!” when McG pulled the head out of the box.  “Really, Steve?” -Danno.

Ok, how many of you, like me were expecting to see another freaking head in a box when Mr. Chi gave McG his gift.

Ok, how many of you, like me were expecting McG to say “Book *her*, Danno”?

CGI flies (and CGI smoke for that matter) defy the laws of physics and gravity.

Let’s give props to Alex with the Chinese.  That takes talent.

I’m not gonna lie to you, Danno’s tuck and roll was truly badass.  Props to the stuntman.

He Kane Hewa’ Ole is Hawaiian for “innocent man”

H50 Rewind – Undercover looks back at Season 1 ep. 13 Ke Kinohi

September 20th, 2013 by

Some of my favourite episodes from Season 1 are about the Champ box and the clues to Mama McGarrett’s murder. I love the  mystery and speculation about what the items in the box mean!

Uber-villian, Hiro Noshimori makes his first appearance in this episode. I had the pleasure of meeting the actor who plays Hiro, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, at my very first tweet-up in Honolulu. I expected him to be gruff and tough but he is delightfully friendly and nothing like the brooding bad guy he plays in Hawaii Five-0. You can check out Officer 808′s interview with Cary here.

Notable quotes

“Is there any beer around here?” – Governor Jameson

“What?” – McGarrett

“I have never known a Navy man who couldn’t find a lady a beer.” – Governor Jameson

Below is Officer 808′s original take on “Ke Kinohi.”

What are these two up to?


(Below is Undercover’s original take on KE KINOHI)

“Things We Learned About Hawaii About From Hawaii Five-0″, Episode 13, “Ke Kinohi”

January 4th, 2011 by

Champ box review

Well guys, I’m glad I got everyone thinking about the Champ box.  We had a great discussion on the blog the past few days, and I thank all you blog followers who posted in other forums to bring your friends who joined in the discussion as well.   A special “ALOHA” to our fans in Oz, Germany, Russia, Korea, the UK, and France for connecting to my little grass shack out here in the Pacific.

So where are we now with our prognostications?

Theory: John McGarrett probably has a background story of owing someone money, or crossing someone the wrong way.  His wife was murdered 18 years ago either because John was the intended target, or the murder was a warning to John to settle his debt.
Revealed: John got close to revealing the Yakuza boss in Hawaii, so the boss ordered his murder.  Unfortunately his wife happened to be driving the car that day.

Theory: After the murder of his wife, John may have gone undercover, hid underground or went into some type of witness protection program to protect his children. …John was not in Steve’s life at that point.  …Mary presumably was sent away to school on the mainland.
Revealed: At the airport, Mary Ann mentions that she was having a “deaj vu moment” of the last time they were at the airport and their father put them on separate planes for their safety.

Theory: There may be more than one snitch in the HPD.
Revealed: Koji (Hiro’s brother) was a crooked cop who planted the bomb.

Theory: I went out on a limb with this one- Mary Ann was up to something sinister.
Revealed: A lot of you reeled me back in and chalked up Mary Ann’s snooping as a  desire to play Nancy Drew.  Good call…I think Mary Ann doing anything sinister would have destroyed her character.

Theory: Cigarette butts, postcards and keys all play a role.
Revealed: Kudos to Mr. Mike’s followers for nailing the Sherlock Holmes dancing men reference.  And boy, did I over think the brass key.  But Peter Lenkov and writers skirted around a few things- McG’s yellow tablet showed figures *not* on the postcard.   (presumably taken from other postcards).  Hiro disposes the evidence, but Mary Ann saves the photos on her camera.  Interestingly this wipes the slate clean somewhat, and the writers have a lot off leeway in introducing new evidence, rather than being obligated to what was originally shown in the pilot.

Ke Kinohi, Hawaii Five-0

Ke Kinohi, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: Neal Jacobs

The all Alex show

Because the show finally moves the story arc along, Alex O’Loughlin was front and center in just about all of the scenes.  He delivered immensely.  So well, that one of the blog followers on Facebook is petioning for Alex’s nomination for an Emmy award. ;)   I mean this show had Alex doing everything- McG kicking Ninja butt, driving a motorycle through a club’s doors and up the stairs, and laying down his terms to the Gov and the bad guys!  I’m sure a lot of people noticed a wider range of emotion that Alex had to work with.  The strongest emotional scenes in the episode included McG pulling his sister out of the car, comforting her in the office, and sending her off at the gate.  There was even a glimmer in his eyes as he turned away from his sister at the airport…my wife was halfway through the box of kleenex by then.  I was crying because there was no battle royale at the golf course with Hiro, Wo Fat, Danno and McG.  Men, we were robbed of epic combat!

I admit with the first two episodes, Steve and Mary Ann’s relationship was barely believable.   The long hiatus of Mary Ann off camera was enough to convince some fans her presence was nearly useless…then came this episode.  For the first time, I was convinced that they were siblings who did things their own way, but ultimately big brother would be there to look after little sis.  With the lift of his hand under Mary’s chin, telling her he loved her, that spoke volumes of the relationship that had been missing for most of the season.  I wasn’t a big Mary Ann fan at first, but after this episode, Five-0 fans finally see what Taryn Manning can do and should be impressed.  I’m wanting to see more of Taryn Manning as Mary Ann helping McG close the case on their parents.  Some feedback on the Facebook page shared this sentiment as well.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″

1)  We have the World’s Noisiest Ninjas.  They failed Tiptoeing 101.  At least they’re high tech…they don’t need ninja stars, they’ll just tase your a$$.  McG didn’t even have a chance to yell “DON’T TASE ME BRO!”.  Poor guy.

2)  Getting anywhere is faster with a helicopter.  Everyone has one.

3)  When you live away from Hawaii long enough, you forget how to throw a shaka sign, because it looks like you’re doing a half shake of a juice can with three fingers.

Did you notice…? (now with SUPER OVER ANALYSIS!)

You gotta love Danno going all dental on the Yakuza.

Speaking of which, the Poorly Timed Commercial Placement Award goes to the Sensodyne Toothpaste company.  Early on, Danno and McG find the tooth on the floor of Mary Ann’s house.  In the commercial break after that, we see a Sensodyne commercial.  Do we really need a desensitizing toothpaste if our tooth is knocked out?  As far as I know, knocking a tooth out is the most permanent way to desensitize a tooth.

Chin Ho gets the pidgin down:
“Let’s see if the slippah fits, Cinderella.”  Correct! Slipper, not flip flop.
“Rajah dat!”  Pidgin for “roger that”, “understood”.

The Yakuza punks are not actually gangsters.  They’re Korean boy band rejects
Bi Bim Back Street Boys.

A lot of the guitar you hear in the background of the episode is Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCreadyUpdate: On rewatching, I think his contributions were at the gunfight on the beach, and McG motorcycle ride into Pipeline Cafe.

McG mentions Duke Kahanamoku.  He was a surfing legend credited with spreading surfing outside of Hawaii.  He was a 5  time Olympic medalist in swimming.  His statue stands not very far from where Mamo’s Surf Stand was set up.

I can’t believe McG spent all that time reading the book.  He should have just Googled “Sherlock Holmes dancing men” like I did.

Yes, I know Ka’a’awa (Mary Ann’s house) and Kaneohe/Maunawili (the golf course) is *not* Kaimuki, and yes I know that McG and Danno were better off driving on the H1 to get to the Pali, rather than jumping on a helicopter.  And I know that isn’t Hawaiian Airlines flight number to Los Angeles at the correct gate.  It’s called artistic license, relax locals! ;) ;) ;)

Share your Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach Experience!

September 19th, 2013 by


Picture this…

The sun is rising. You are sipping on the most delicious latte you have ever had in your life. Or maybe it seems like the most delicious latte because you are sipping in Hawaii, near the ocean.

Suddenly, from behind, you hear a voice with a sexy Australian accent say…

“Excuse me, Miss…”

And that, dear readers, was how I came face to gorgeous face with Alex O’Loughlin!

Sounds like the perfect setting, right?

Truth be told, Alex and I were surrounded by Five-0 crew members scurrying around with various tools of their trade. And he was asking me to take a picture of himself with some friends, who had stopped by the set to visit. AND I am pretty sure I didn’t utter one single intelligent thing to him before he was whisked away to shoot a scene. I was rendered so tongue tied, that I didn’t even ask to get a picture with him! *face palm*


Lucky fans getting to meet Alex O’Loughlin at Sunset on the Beach
Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS


Now picture this…

A beautiful sunset at Waikiki beach (watch for the green flash when the sun hits the horizon!). At Sunset on the Beach (SOTB), it’s you and thousands of fans from around the world, waiting anxiously for the latest season premier of Hawaii Five-0. Some fans you may have chatted with online or some you may have only met while waiting on the beach. Regardless, all of you are now able to share in the excitement of meeting your favourite Hawaii Five-0 actor in real life! It was that shared excitement I missed out on when I met McGarrett himself. I was basically by myself as  the only spectator at this particular shooting location. No friends were there to snap a photo of the two of us together! *double face palm* If I had been at SOTB, having a friends to capture that moment would not have been a problem!

In all my trips to Hawaii, I have yet to attend Sunset on the Beach. *sigh* Colour me green with envy if you are going!

For those of you have been to Sunset on the Beach, what are your favourite memories of past SOTB events? Any advice for those who will be attending for the first time?

If it is your first time going to SOTB this year, what are you looking forward to the most?

Let us know if you’ll be attending! We’d love to hear from you.

TV Line scoops Hawaii Five-0 premiere (Spoiler Alert!)

September 13th, 2013 by
Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-0 S4 premiere

Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) gets to channel Die Hard’s John McClane in Five-0′s Season 4 premiere episode. Yippy-ki-yay!
(Photo courtesy of CBS)

With Hawaii Five-0′s Season 4 premiere just two weeks away, the teases and spoilers are coming thick and fast. TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich sprinkled some Five-0 breadcrumbs into his latest Matt’s Inside Line column, giving us the iconic Die Hard films as an idea of where “Aloha kekahi i kekahi” will take us.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks!

Excerpt from TV|Line / Matt’s Inside Line, 12 Sep 2013

Do you think we could get some information on Hawaii Five-0‘s Chin and Danny and what they’re doing this season? –Chris
I can speak for at least the season premiere, in which Chin makes like John McClane to Henry Ian Cusick’s Hans Gruber, while Danny chooses perhaps the most inopportune time to open up to McGarrett about his Gabby/”L-word” dilemma. The season opener also features one of the least expected outcomes to a hostage scenario, Chi McBride like you’ve never seen him before (fashion-wise) and a moment where Steve forms at least one (“obvious”?) theory about his mom’s connection to Wo Fat.

H50 Rewind – Undercover looks back at Season 1 ep. 12 Hana ‘a’a Makehewa

September 13th, 2013 by

In this episode, my (second favourite) bad guy, Victor Hesse, returns! You didn’t really think two bullets to the chest at the end of episode 1 would really be the end of him, did you?

I love the glee that Hesse takes in tormenting McGarrett and the 5-0 team in this episode. The shocked look on McGarrett’s face when he sees Hesse for the first time after shooting him, was played outstandingly by Alex O’Loughlin.

Oh, and Sang Min (my number one favourite bad guy) returns too! He is so delightfully sleezy.

Notable quotes

“Mele Kalikimaka” – Kamekona

“No, no, no, not here,  remember?’ – Danno

“Ah ya, ok. Your house, your King’s English” – Kamekona


“You put two of those into to Hesse and didn’t kill him?” – Chin

“Next time, shot him in the face.” – Danno


“By the way I’m not a cop. I’m a SEAL.” – McGarrett


McGarrett and Danno on their way to save the day

(Below is Undercover’s original take on HANA ‘A’A MAKEHEWA)

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 12, “HANA ‘A’A MAKEHEWA”

December 14th, 2010 by

Christmas In Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii is a unique experience.  We have no snow, and we have no chimneys (since we live in grass huts) but Santa still manages to make it down here.   I loved the shots of the Shaka Santa that sits at the fountain of Honolulu Hale (City Hall) and the huge Mele Kalikimaka [Merry Christmas] blocks down the street from the Santa.  Every Christmas, the city puts a huge lighted tree outside the city hall, with Christmas trees displayed inside.

shaka santa

Shaka Santa Photo: Officer808

We bring in tons of Christmas trees each year, and some years there’s even a shortage.  I have no idea why Danno insists on getting his tree “online” or even know where he’d get it from.  Charlie Brown would have taken one look at that tree and said “Dude. I thought my tree sucked.”

I was happy to hear local singers Na Leo Pilimehana and Manawa Pono and their featured songs.  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s music was the first to hit the country mainstream, and now the country gets to see our twist on traditional Christmas songs.

Directing and Acting

Director Chris Fisher and editors caught the action shots perfectly, from the hectic scramble of uniformed officers in front of the Five-0 headquarters, to the fight scene at the end.

While there was definitely a lot of physical action, the strongest emotional moments came from McG, Danno, and Kono grouped around the bomb strapped Chin.  Little acting nuances crept out… Alex O’Loughlin emotes well with expressions, capitalized with the brave statement “You’re not wearing one [blast suit], neither are we.”  Daniel Dae Kim did well also, he had me convinced he was ready to die.  Scott Caan is very expressive through his hands and his delivery.  But standing out after weeks of writer’s neglect is Grace Park.  She had a string of lines that caught the acting chops we all know she’s capable of…she caught the concern, fear and desperation in her voice perfectly when she rushed to her cousin.  I hope the writers spend a lot more time developing Kono and allowing Grace Park to shine more.

What aloha means…

Kono kneels beside her cousin, her faced turned with worry.  She needs to run off with her boss to deliver Hesse’s money.

“We’re gonna both walk away from this,” she tells her cousin.
“Kono…aloha,” Chin tells her.
“Aloha…” Kono calls back.

My wife looked at me and said “No one says that!”.  And in that context, she’s right.  Aloha is something we say as a friendly greeting and literally means “love”.  We also wish “aloha” on someone when we part, the nearest English translation would be “good-bye”.  “Aloha” is also another way to communicate love as in “I love you”.  So while the context will probably have local people rolling up their eyes, what the writers were trying to communicate was a lot deeper.  Chin was ready to die and Daniel Dae Kim showed that perfectly… his aloha was that of a farewell, since he thought he wasn’t going to live through this.  Promising him that they were both going to walk away from this, Kono expressed her aloha as an expression of love and concern.  I’d like to think that my interpretation was the writer’s intent.

Here’s my resume

I’m an aspiring writer, and I’d love to write for the show.  I thought I’d just pitch these scene re-writes for a climactic end:

Han Solo

Photo: Lord Vader

Scene: Outside the Five-0 Headquarters
Kono:  We’re gonna both walk away from this.  Aloha.
Chin:  [self assured] I know.
Then the HPD bomb squad rushes in and sprays Chin from head to toe with liquid nitrogen to freeze the bomb for disassembly.

or this…


Photo: Richard the Lion Hearted

Scene: Outside the Five-0 Headquarters
Kono:  We’re gonna both walk away from this.  Aloha.
Chin disappears in a fiery explosion.

Just throwing this out there, Mr. Lenkov, Misters Orci and Mr. Schaub.  I’m available at any time for an interview, just let me know.  Mr. Schaub would you like some coffee this morning?

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 12, “”Hana ‘A’a Makehewa”

1)  We don’t have $10 million to give terrrorists.  Chin would have to wait for the next Furlough Friday for state workers which would be in a week or so.  Money saved from the furlough can then be diverted to his release.  But the Finance office would be closed anyway, so funds would be available on the next business day, Monday.  Hang tight, brah.

2)  We have a slew of hostess bars.  This is like any bar except it’s full of female “hostesses” who work there.  They’ll sit there, laugh at your jokes, listen like they care, maybe even put their hand on your leg (that’s what my friend told me).  There’s absolutely no promise of anything other than a conversation, and their sole job is to sit with you and make you feel like the king of the world (so I’ve heard).  They stick around for as long as you keep on buying watered down, over priced drinks.  The girls are *never* as good looking as the ones in shown in the bar in that episode (allegedly).  Stay away from the hostess bars in Pearl City, they’re grungy, they’re not as nice as the ones in downtown (again, so I’ve heard).

Honey, I’m going to be home late tonight…I have um…well, work I have to stay behind in the office for.  Don’t wait up for me.

Did you notice…?

Chin Ho compares Hesse to a cockroach… “They come back from the dead, you gotta step on them and don’t take your foot off.”  That’s the truth!  I hate cockroaches with a passion.  We call the big brown ones B-52′s because of their size.  There was one on my patio one night, I stepped on it, took my foot off to see the mess, but it just turned to look at me and said “HAH!” and crawled away.

Whenever McG drives, Danno gets “rationally concerned”.  I’m seeing a trend here where Danno will never be sitting behind the wheel of his own car.

Chicken fights happen, usually out in the remote countryside.  Some advocates are trying to legalize it.

McG and Danno use seatbelts for the first time!  Chin still cruises around without a helmet…but Hawaii does not have any helmet laws.

Fellow blogger Ryan Ozawa ties this episode back to Lost… the “Searcher” was Penelope Widmore’s boat that she used to search for Desmond.  Ali’iolani Hale (the State Supreme Court building) exterior and interior hallway shots were also used in a Desmond-centric episode as a stand in for a London university.

H50 Rewind – Undercover looks back at Season 1 ep. 11 Palekaiko

September 13th, 2013 by

We are 11 episodes in to the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 and something dawned on me…

A number of the crimes that the 5-0 team investigate happen at Waikiki hotels. The hotel names are not made up. You, too, could stay in the same room where there was a murder (scene was filmed).

I wonder…. if the appeal of those hotel to tourists, by filming in and using the real names, increases or decreases.

Would you stay in a hotel that was the scene of a crime as portrayed on Hawaii Five-0? Or would you be more likely to avoid it?

Notable quotes

“Probable cause.  I thought we were just doing a thing.” – McGarrett (after kicking in a hotel door)

“I meant we get a key from the manager, you Neanderthal animal.” – Danno


“Songs this bad make stable people want to kill other people. You understand?” – Danno after hearing “Sexy Eyes” on the radio

“I think it’s kind of catchy.” – McGarrett


Shirtless McGarrett!!

(Below is Undercover’s original take on Palekaiko)

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 11, “Palekaiko”, mildly updated rerun edition

March 15th, 2011 by

Boardshorts, yes!

Boardshorts, yes! Photo: Neil Jacobs, CBS

Yes, it really is this beautiful
Hands down, this was the most beautifully shot episode.  The cinematographers, videographers, lighting experts, directors and everyone else who fills the screen visually should give themselves a huge pat on the back for making Hawaii as beautiful as it does on screen.  I loved the long shot of McGarrett and Chin Ho walking back to the pick up truck with Chinaman’s Hat island in the background (wait, what?  McGarrett shirtless?  I didn’t notice), and I also also liked the long shot of McG walking down the peninsula to give Erica the bad news about her husband.  Even when a serial killer goes over the edge of the green and lush Nu’uanu Pali, it’s a beautiful sight to behold.    Greens and blues do for Hawaii Five-0 as yellow does for CSI Miami.  The blues of the ocean were so rich in the underwater scenes with the turtles.  The colors are so vivid, a 64 Crayola Crayon box wouldn’t do the show justice (and there’s a *lot* of colors in that box). If this doesn’t make you want to come to Hawaii, go vacation in Jersey. ;)

The story advances

The overall story arc finally advances with McG telling Chin about the Champ box, the photos and the key.  On screen, McG explains that he’d come to a dead end on his own investigation, and finally seeks his help.  Chin gives McG the news of his mother’s suspicious death…  Conspicuously missing is Taryn Manning… As TV Guide reported earlier, many of her scenes were cut out in order to advance the back story of the McGarretts.  Chin in another scene mentions where he and “Malia” were supposed to go on their honeymoon…if you’ve been tracking the blog you know who this is!

Strong acting continues

Alex O’Loughlin shined in this episode, showing more emotional dynamic in McG.  McG steps up and gives Erica the bad news about her husband, and the ensuing dialog in the car about how they had to cope with that part of the job was a nice break from the banter.  Of course after sharing a deep moment, these manly men put their guards back up and resort to the radio…to listen to Dr. Hook, Sexy Eyes…?

I love my wife?

Scene: Kahala Hotel, at the shoreline.
McG looks over to Danno, tells him solemnly, “I’ll do it.”  He makes the long, slow walk down the peninsula to Erica who’s staring into the ocean, wondering where her husband is.  McG knows the fate of her husband, and without dialog that we can hear, he breaks the grim news to her.  Words aren’t needed for us…McG’s compassionate expressions and Erica’s recoil is enough to communicate to us the shock and disbelief that washes over her.  She sobs uncontrollably, and in despair she throws her arms up in a futile gesture of defense against the bad news.  She resists McG’s comforting embraces and pulls back even more.

“OH MY GOD HOLD HIM, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!!!”, my wife yelled at Erica through the TV.

I love my wife.  My wife loves, well, McGarrett.

And now, Things We Learn About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 11, “Palekaiko”

1)  Hunting and fishing are past times that many people here enjoy.  Lots of boar on Oahu.  Deer and goat on Maui, Molokai and the Big Island.  Tourists running around in the woods are a lot harder to find.

2)  We wear board shorts (see above photo).  There is a *huge* difference between board short and swim trunks.  Board shorts is what we men in Hawaii wear.  They sit low at the waist, and stop right above the knee.  We definitely do *not* wear swim trunks.  Swim trunks is what you wear to the Wet N Wild Water Park in Minnesota.  I’m talking about shorts with an elastic waist band, and the built in mesh underwear I call manties.  Manties are made probably from the remnants left over from the Frederick’s of Hollywood fishnet stocking factory in India.  They’re uncomfortable, they chafe, and it just plain isn’t right.   So guys on the mainland, check your swim shorts.  In Hawaii, we have an expression “hang loose”, and with board shorts, we definitely do.

Swim trunks, no!

Swim trunks, no!

Did you notice…?

Palekaiko translates to “paradise”, ironic since Hawaii was anything but paradise for the hapless honeymooners.

All aboard the SS Kahala Hotel!  The interior shots of the cruise ship were shot at the Kahala Hotel.  If you notice in the main “lobby” of the ship, the far background is a painted mural of  the ship’s top deck and a smoke stack.  The “people” in the background don’t move an inch!

The final standoff happens at the Pali Lookout, at the end of Nu’uanu Valley overlooking Kane’ohe.  Matinsky wasn’t the only one to go over the edge:  King Kamehameha’s army pushed King Kalanikupule’s army off the 1000 foot cliff, sending hundreds to their deaths in an epic battle in 1795.  It really is that windy up there.  Don’t stand near the edge.

I’ve just realized that the Camaro must have a magical ability to signal all stoplights ahead of them green, because they’re almost never stopped at an intersection, unless some hot girls are scoping them out.

Ben Linus spends many episodes looking for Jacob’s cabin (“Lost”).  McG, Danno and HPD find it in about 10 minutes.  Go figure.