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Lucky fan catches live Hawaii Five-0 filming near airport

July 22nd, 2013 by

Undercover Special Agent Madjack caught the Hawaii Five-0 team in action near the airport the other week.  Check out the pics!

Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 available for pre-order!

July 17th, 2013 by
Temporary box art for Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets

Ready to pre-order your Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets? Amazon is! Follow the links below for ordering specifics.
(Image courtesy of Amazon and CBS/Paramount)

Ready to pre-order your Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets? Amazon is! The online retailer recently put up pre-order information for the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 DVD and BluRay sets, which are both currently listing at a discounted pre-order price of $58.49.

The Season 4 DVD and BluRay ordering details can be found at the Amazon.com website.

Remember, when placing your orders, use the 50Undercover Amazon gateway! (the link graphic can be found in the right-hand border of our pages).

Hawaii Five-0′s Season 4 Blessing to be live-streamed by Hawaii News Now

July 9th, 2013 by
HNN to cover Season 4 Blessing

Hawaii News Now (HNN) will once again provide exclusive coverage of Five-0′s season-launching Blessing ceremony.
(Image courtesy of Hawaii News Now)

Hawaii News Now (HNN) will live-stream their exclusive coverage of Hawaii Five-0′s Season 4 Blessing ceremony, which will be held Wednesday, July 10th at the show’s new Diamond Head Studio home.

HNN announced the Blessing coverage through the website article excerpted below.

“HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -
As the saying goes, lights camera action! It’s almost go time for Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 and Hawaii News Now continues to be your “go to” station for complete coverage.

Wednesday, July 10 marks the start of production for Hawaii Five-0, Season 4 featuring Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka, Michelle Borth, Taylor Wily, Christine Lahti, Mark Dacascos, Brian Yang and Teilor Grubbs, amongst many other talented actors.

We’re the only TV station in town invited on set for the blessing and start of filming. The blessing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. (Check back on Wednesday for the actual start time)

Click here to watch on a computer: http://hine.ws/live
Clicking this link will also take you to the mobile live stream: http://bit.ly/hnnlive2

Filming for every season of the show has started with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. Blessings mark the start of something new and are a show of respect for the host culture.

The series will be returning to its original Honolulu sound stage at Diamond Head, home of the original Hawaii Five-0. The series also features some of the original 5-0 cast, including Dennis Chun and Al Harrington who will take part in Wednesday blessing.

To watch the blessing, you can log on to HawaiiNewsNow.com or you can download the Hawaii News Now app for iOS or Android devices.”

The complete article can be read at the Hawaii News Now website.

Hawaii Five-0′s Peter Lenkov talks to C21Media

July 9th, 2013 by
Peter Lenkov chats with C21Media

Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov chats with C21Media “the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.”
(Image courtesy of C21Media)

Hawaii Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov sat down recently to talk with C21Media about “the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.”

The six-minute interview includes scenes from the show inter-cut with Lenkov’s comments, and the comments themselves cover considerable ground. For instance, while some fans have been apprehensive about the move to Friday nights, Lenkov looks forward to the new night and time. He feels the earlier timeslot will allow families to watch the show together, as he and his father did, while the new night will introduce Five-0 to a new audience.

Lenkov also teases with some hints about Season 4, which goes into production on Wednesday, July 10th. Look for the addition of new characters and the growth of existing relationships. Also expect questions from last season to be answered early on rather than strung out across the season, with new questions taking their place in the storyline.

C21Media’s website gives the following title and description for the interview.

Re-book it, Danno

“THE C21 INTERVIEW: Hawaii Five-O’s showrunner Peter Lenkov talks to C21 about the challenges of rebooting a classic title for modern audiences.

CBS relaunched the show in 2010, 30 years after its initial 12-year run had come to an end. Lenkov says the production meant striking a delicate balance between not disappointing the previous generation of fans and attracting new audiences.”

View the six-minute interview at the C21Media website.

Sunset on the Beach is a go for Hawaii Five-0

June 25th, 2013 by
Tucker, Lenkov, O'Loughlin, Orci, and Joachin at SOTB3

Hawaii News Now’s  Keahi Tucker and Tannya Boyd Joachin chat with Five-0′s Peter Lenkov, Alex O’Loughlin, and Bob Orci at last year’s Sunset on the Beach.
(Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now)

According to Hawaii News Now’s Ian Scheuring, CBS announced today that Hawaii Five-0 would indeed continue its tradition of premiering each new season with a Sunset on the Beach red carpet extravaganza.  SOTB4 will be held on Thursday, September 26th on Queen’s Beach, with the season 4 premiere airing nationally the following night in Five-0′s new 9:00pm Friday berth.


Hawaii Five-0 returns with “Sunset on the Beach” premiere in September
Posted: Jun 25, 2013 4:05 PM  EST 
By Ian Scheuring, Digital Content Producer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan and the rest of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 will again descend upon Waikiki in September for the Sunset on the Beach premiere of the show’s fourth season, CBS announced on Tuesday.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, September 26, 2013 at the Sunset on the Beach scene on Queen’s Beach.

Last September, thousands of fans gathered for an evening of entertainment that featured reggae band Natural Vibrations and red carpet appearances by the stars of the show.

“Sunset On The Beach is one of those awesome perks of this job that I never take for granted,” said executive producer Peter Lenkov. “For three seasons now we’ve been blessed with incredible support from not just local fans, but fans from all over the globe who come to Hawaii to attend the event.”

The show, which is moving to Friday nights this fall, premieres on television on September 27, 2013.

Copyright 2013 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

View Hawaii News Now’s article and gallery of photos at the HNN website.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 DVD and BluRay release dates announced

June 25th, 2013 by
H50 Season 3 DVD box art

Catch the Season 3 DVD wave on September 24th!
(DVD set cover art courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment)

CBS Home Entertainment has announced the release dates for DVD and BluRay versions of Hawaii Five-0′s Season 3 box sets.

As reported by David Lambert of tvshowsondvd.com, both DVD and BluRay sets will be released on September 24th.

“CBS Home Entertainment has today announced that Hawaii Five-0 – The 3rd Season is coming to DVD ($64.99 SRP) and high-def Blu-ray Disc ($72.99 SRP) on September 24th. Bonus material for these sets will consist of Audio Commentary Tracks on selected episodes (by the likes of Peter Weller, Glen Olson, Rod Baker, Joe Halpin, Peter Lenkov, Alex O’Loughlin, and Grace Park), Deleted Scenes, a Gag Reel, Alternate Endings for Kapu (Forbidden), and Featurettes called “Short Lines,” “Aloha Action!,” “Script to Screen” and “Hawaii Five-Over The Whole Wide World.” Additionally, the Blu-ray version will have some Easter Eggs hidden on it.”

Amazon.com is currently listing the DVD set at a pre-order price of $45.49, with the BluRay set available for pre-order at $65.69.

H50 Season 3 BluRay cover art

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 BluRay set surfs into your living room on September 24th.
(BluRay cover art courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment)

Peter Lenkov holds Master Class at Banff World Media Festival

June 25th, 2013 by
Peter Lenkov chats with Michael Schneider of TV Guide

Hawaii Five-0′s Peter Lenkov chats with TV Guide’s Michael Schneider during his Master Session at the Banff World Media Festival.
(Photo courtesy of CBS and the Banff World Media Festival)

Hawaii Five-0′s Peter Lenkov was a featured speaker at the recent Banff World Media Festival. His fifty-minute Master Class session is presented below in the form of a  Youtube video. Conducted by Michael Schneider of TV Guide, the interview-style session covers topics ranging from Lenkov’s formative years in Montreal, his early days in Hollywood, and his highly successful and popular reboot of CBS’s iconic Hawaii Five-0.

Lenkov largely attributes the show’s success to the cast and the job they’ve done with their characters, going on to say that viewers come back week after week because they like these characters.  It is also interesting to note that Lenkov views the relationship and dynamic between McGarrett and Danno as “the engine” that drives the show, and that Scott Caan’s eleventh-hour casting as Danny Williams proved to be “lightning in a bottle.” Schneider adds that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park bring “geek cred” to the show thanks to their roles on LOST and Battlestar Galactica.

The official Festival introductory text for Lenkov’s session has this to say:

“Ho’olu komo la kaua (please join us) in welcoming Hawaii Five-0′s showrunner Peter Lenkov as he discusses his successful reboot of this iconic series that acts as an anchor to CBS’ Monday night line-up.

In this interview, he will take an in-depth look at what it takes to create a show with global appeal and to maintain its success in a very competitive television landscape.

He will also discuss how marketing a show and bringing the storytelling to the second screen is an important element in building awareness and engaging audiences. His vast producing career also includes executive producing another hugely popularly CBS global franchise series CSI: NY.”

Hawaii Five-0: Master Class with Peter Lenkov at BANFF 2013
(Duration: 50:51 minutes)
Published on Jun 15, 2013

Peter Lenkov teases Five-0 Season 4 at Banff World Media Festival

June 11th, 2013 by

As we mentioned back in March, Hawaii Five-0 executive producer Peter Lenkov is a featured speaker at this year’s four-day  Banff World Media Festival. In addition to delivering “master classes” at the Festival, Peter teased several Season 4 storylines in an interview carried by both the Calgary Herald and the Vancouver Sun.

The Calgary Herald article was posted by Eric Volmers on June 10th 2013.



Chin Ho introduces Danny and Steve to his cousin Kono

Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) introduces Danny Williams (Scott Caan) and Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to his cousin Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) in the series pilot.
(Photo courtesy of Mario Perez/CBS)

Banff World Media Festival: Hawaii Five-O creator Peter Lenkov says Season 4 will offer new villain and lots of answers
June 10, 2013. 3:39 pm — Posted by Eric Volmers

Peter Lenkov is fairly blunt when asked what fans of CBS hit police procedural, Hawaii Five-O, can expect when the show returns next fall for a fourth season.

Answers … and lots of them.

The Montreal native, who developed the reimagined drama based on the long-running series from the 1970s, reassures us that the dangling plot points left at the Season 3 finale will be tied up sooner rather than later.

“We left last season with a lot of big questions,” says Lenkov, giving interviews Monday afternoon after overseeing a master class at the Banff World Media Festival.

“People think that most shows string out the answers. I don’t think we’re going to do that.”

The biggest puzzle left for viewers after Season 3 was the mysterious relationship between long-serving villain Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) and Doris (Christine Lahti), the mother of hero Steve McGarrett. Doris, long thought to be dead, was eventually revealed to have a murky relationship with the criminal Wo Fat.

“What’s their connection?” says Lenkov, who oversees the writing room and producers for the show. “We’re going to have an answer to that question.”

For three seasons, Hawaii Five-O has followed the adventures of an elite task force in paradise. Headed by tough guys played by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, it was set up to battle ugly crimes amid the gorgeous backdrop of Hawaii. Over three seasons, the show has offered more than one memorable villain, with scenery-chewing turns from an against-type Ed Asner (who originated the role of art smuggler August March in the original series) and James Marsters, who played the killer of McGarrett’s father, among others.

Without giving too many details, Lenkov says there will be a new baddie to contend with in Season 4.

“It’s a little early, but we’re hoping to have a character, very much like Wo Fat, who will arc out over the season,” Lenkov says. “And maybe come to us a little unconventionally. It will hopefully surprise us and be a twist in the storytelling. That’s one of the additions.”

Four years ago, Hawaii Five-O became a surprise hit, with more than one critic suggesting the new version improved on the old.

Lenkov says his connection to the old show was personal. As a boy, he would watch the original Jack Lord series with his father in Montreal.

So while the new Hawaii Five-O may be modernized, Lenkov admits there’s a retro feel to the series that was intentional, a throwback to shows he would watch with his parents, whether it be the original Five-O or Magnum P.I.

“He really loved (the original Hawaii Five-O), and it was on for 12 years,” Lenkov says. “You really get to gauge somebody’s interest in something when they watch it regularly for 12 years. And I think the fact that he was so passionate about it, in a way, was a barometer. I knew there were other people who like it. For me, when I was a kid, I sat and watched it with him and it was like family television. There’s not a lot of shows like that, that you can sit down with your family and watch and still can entertain your dad and your son. There’s something for everybody.”

Lenkov left Montreal more than 25 years ago for a career in Hollywood. He became a screenwriter, penning films such as Sylvester Stallone sci-fi hit Demolition Man before landing a job as writer and executive producer of the hit show 24.

His star continues to rise. He recently co-produced a major Hollywood adaptation of his own comic book, R.I.P.D. Starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, it tells the tale of a group of undead police officers as is set for a blockbuster summer release next month.

In the age of the Internet and fan forums, Lenkov admits it’s easier than ever to get immediate feedback on his work on Hawaii Five-O.

“I wish my career had ended before the Internet,” Lenkov says with a laugh.

Still, he is happy to report that his own father, a big fan of the original, has given the new version his thumbs up.

Most of the time.

“He watches the show,” Lenkov says. “I think he really likes it. When I don’t hear from him, I think he probably didn’t like that episode.”

Overnight ratings for bonus Friday Hawaii Five-0

June 3rd, 2013 by
Vanessa Marcil's shady therapist plays with Steve's mind

Dr. Olivia Victor, Vanessa Marcil’s shady therapist, finds and presses every one of Steve’s (Alex O’Loughlin) buttons in “Wahine’inoloa.”
(Photo courtesy of Norman Shapiro/CBS)

Overnight ratings for the Friday, May 31st repeat of “Wahine’inoloa” were in line with the rest of the Friday night lineup, which consisted mostly of repeats across the board.

The CBS press release gave the following description of the episode:

“‘Wahine’inoloa*’ – McGarrett plays cat and mouse with a smart and seductive therapist he believes murdered her patient. Meanwhile, Catherine must hunt down one of Doris’s old targets who is now seeking revenge, Monday, Nov. 26 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Vanessa Marcil (‘General Hospital’) guest stars as a murder victim’s therapist and Carlos Bernard (’24′) returns as a disgraced WITSEC agent.

(*Wahine’inoloa is Hawaiian for ‘Evil Woman’)”

Five-0 took second place in its 9:00pm timeslot, coming in with a 0.8/3 rating in the 18-49 demo and 4.63 million viewers. A Blue Bloods repeat, airing at 10:00pm, brought in a 0.9/3 rating and 6.13 million viewers, with  the 8:00pm repeat of Undercover Boss earned a 1.0/4 rating with 4.20 million viewers.

Ratings table courtesy of ZAP2it.com’s TV By The Numbers



Overnight broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, May 31, 2013

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 NBC Dateline (8-10PM) 1.4/5 6.41
CBS Undercover Boss – R 1.0/4 4.20
ABC Shark Tank – R 1.0/4 4.05
FOX Bones – R 0.7/3 2.43
CW Nikita – R 0.2/1 0.94
9:00 ABC What Would You Do? – Season Premiere 1.3/4 3.92
CBS Hawaii Five -0 – R 0.8/3 4.63
FOX The Following – R 0.6/2 2.07
CW Supernatural – R 0.3/1 0.90
10:00 ABC 20/20 1.3/4 4.44
NBC Rock Center 1.2/4 5.28
CBS Blue Bloods – R 0.9/3 6.13

Preview: Sibling Rivalry ahead for McGarrett?

May 31st, 2013 by
INTHE NEWS column - TVGuide - 03 Jun 2013 issue

YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE WHAT YOU FIND – From the sound of things, Steve’s Season 1 noodle house conversation with Wo Fat will come back to haunt him.
(Image courtesy of TV Guide)

The latest (03 June 2013) issue of TV Guide includes a short piece from William Keck that is sure to shake the fandom beehive.

Viewers have been waiting for months for Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti) to come clean to son Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) about her connection to Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). While Doris’s confession was cut short, the season finale gave the impression that Steve would get the answers he’s looking for, even if the answers have to come from Wo Fat.

Keck’s comments — and exec. producer Peter Lenkov’s — are sure to stir up controversy and lively discussion. (Excerpt below is from the June 3rd issue’s IN THE NEWS column).

“HAWAII FIVE-0 — It seemed to be Kono’s swan song as McGarrett’s mom, Doris (Christine Lahti), offered to take Kono (Grace Park) and her fugitive lover into hiding. But executive producer Peter Lenkov says Kono isn’t leaving for good. ‘Her departure is all part of a big story arc we have planned.’ As for Doris, it appears fans’ prediction that she’s also Wo Fat’s mon is true, even though she was interrupted before confessing the truth to Steve (Alex O’Loughlin). But don’t jump to conclusions, Lenkov cautions: ‘Being obvious is boring.’ — William Keck