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Things We Learned About Hawaii, From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 214, “Pu’olo”

January 17th, 2012 by

The promise of Shelburne’s revelation and the synopsis of Steve being “rocked to his core when Chin Ho tells him some shocking news about Joe White” got fans excited about last night’s episode, “Pu’olo”.  Did the episode deliver?  From what I’m reading on the internet, fans have mixed feelings about the episode.  Some are happy that we finally have resolution with Danny and Rachel’s story, but many were significantly underwhelmed by the identity of Shelburne.

A lot going for this episode

The witty dialog in this episode probably was among the best in the series so far.  From Danny’s “Are we doing a thing again?” to Sang Min’s “Ooo!  Sweet and Spicy!”, to his bickering with Kamekona like R2D2 and C3PO, to Kamekona singing the “Bad Boys” theme, and Danny’s instruction to Rachel to exhale through her vagina,  all of it had me in stitches.  That’s the kind of smart dialog I like that I don’t think we’ve seen for awhile in the show.

The return of Sang Min’s mullet and Sang Min himself living it up at Kamekona’s shrimp truck was great comic relief.  The evolution of this character from a sleazy human trafficker to a sleazy, heart broken family man to a sleazy snitch is interesting to watch, and the writers have so much potential with this character in advancing the storyline.  Sang Min is someone that I’m sure that fans want to see again, and Will Yun Lee is perfect in this role.

"I'm wearing an aqua shirt and some cargo pants. What are you wearing, Lori?"

Another thing I loved about this episode was that Kamekona finally got to throw his weight around, and remind the fans of how “street” he was before he went legit.  Actor Taylor Wily has played Kamekona as such a big teddy bear that is was a shock to see him man handle another street boss.  But how legit is he?  Peter Lenkov mentioned in the HIFF interview that he wanted some moral ambiguity with Kamekona, in that he might be playing both sides of the law, and this episode may finally reveal that he isn’t as clean as he claims to be.  Was he paying lip service to Nicky Chang (Dante Basco) when he said he was laundering money, or was that actual truth?  Keep in mind that Kamekona does keep a stash of illegal firearms in his back yard, so I see some room for giving Kamekona another, possibly more sinister dimension.

I’m also glad we have some serious closure to the Rachel/Danny/mystery baby storyline.  Danny seemed to be completely over the relationship with his wife, and man enough to step up with helping her with the child that’s not his.  The fact that little Charles William was not his was repeated at the team huddle and also outside the nursery, so I’m fairly certain that this storyline has come to an end.  A door has opened though, with the fact that Stan was delayed in Shanghai…what was he up to in Shanghai?  A visit with Wo Fat, perhaps?  I for one was one of those who wished that the baby was Danny’s, which would give the character another test of will between choosing his team mates or his family.

My initial impression of the flashback scene was that it served very little purpose other than establishing the fact that John feared for his family and his children.  The underlying message of the scene on closer review is that John was to put absolute confidence in Steve that Joe was someone that he could trust.  Throughout the season, Steve had his doubts on Joe, but his revelations on Hiro and Shelburne reiterate John’s confidence in his friend.  I’m wondering if we’ll see more young Steve flashbacks…?

A few missed steps

I don’t think I’m the only one who thought that the Subway product placement was the most awkward product placement in the show.  This was probably worse than the cell phone and Bing placements from the first season.  Now I know that the show benefits heavily from advertisers who pay to have their products featured, but it has got to be done a better way!

On the next episode of Hawaii Five-0: The Five-0 team flash mobs the Jumbaco song at the local Jack In The Box! Be there, aloha!

The bigger controversy over the water cooler today is the revelation that Shelburne was a fictitious person, created by John McGarrett and Joe white to thwart their enemies.  But Shelburne is real after all, because  in the next breath, Joe revealed that he, as Shelburne, killed Wo Fat’s father.  In a way it does make sense in that while Wo Fat is busy hunting Shelburne, Joe’s cover remains intact.  But I would venture a guess to say though that Joe is still being coy with a few tidbits of information.

Was the reveal satisfying?  Did Chin Ho’s information on Dettweiler rock Mcgarrett to the core?  Not so to both, say some fans.  Some fans expected a very elaborate story behind Shelburne, considering that Joe managed to fake Hiro’s death, that possibly Makoto, John or Doris McGarrett’s deaths may have been faked as well.  I’m not sure where the CBS promo department got the idea to drum up Chin Ho’s news as being earth shattering.  The synopsis and the Shelburne mystery may have inflated fan expectations a little too big…

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 214, “Pu’olo”

1)  Carl Hodge, the delivery driver mentioned his trip with his wife to the “9th island”.  We affectionately refer to Las Vegas as the “9th island” of the Hawaiian Island chain, since a lot of locals spend a lot of time vacationing there.  The downtown area, including the Freemont Hotel, Sam Boyd’s, and the Main Street Station cater exclusively to people from Hawaii.

2)  Steve offers Danny to buy him a Zip Pac at the end of the episode.  The Zip Pac is the name of a meal served at Zippy’s  restaurant.  It is served in a fashion similar to Japanese “bento box” meals, and consists of fried chicken, a slice of teriyaki beef, panko battered fried fish, and of course, a slice of spam.  It’s all served on a bed of rice with furikake (dried seaweed).  It’s definitely not health food, but is perfect after a day at the beach.

Did you notice…?

A Waialua plantation house is not what most locals would consider luxurious living.

“At least the baby boy wasn’t born holding a subway sandwich” tweeted my buddy @bakabreath.

The announcer brutally mispronounced John Cruz’s song at the end of the episode.  The title is “Hi’ilawe” [hee’ee lah-veh], but the announcer says “heelawee”, to which @bakabreath said, “that’s heelawee-ous”.

Songs from this episode were: Train’s “Drive By”, Ehukai’s “Molokai Slide”, and of course, John Cruz’s “Hi’ilawe”.

Thanksgiving dinner at the McGarrett house (winners of Name Danny’s Dog announced!)

November 21st, 2011 by

McGarrett residence
Thanksgiving Day

As usual, Danny had a hard time juggling everything.  In his left hand he held a plastic bag, the precious cargo precariously balanced in a cardboard box.  If that wasn’t enough, Gracie’s little hand wrapped around his pinkie finger, the only finger that he could free up from his grip on the bag.  In his right hand was a leash.  Attached to the leash was the newest member of the Williams family, a big dog that belonged to the Federal agent murdered in the line of duty a few weeks back.  They walked up the steps to the front door.

“Gracie, Hon, open that door up for Danno,” he said.

Without question she turned the knob and swung it open, and they walked in.  The rest of their friends were already there, and they looked up at the trio as they came in.

“Hey, guys!” they said almost in unison.  Chin Ho approached and Grace gave Uncle Chin a hug, but as always, she ran straight to Kono, presumably to talk about girly things, Danny guessed.  She squeezed between Kono and Mary Ann on the couch.

“Happy Thanksgiving, guys.  Danny, let me take that from you and put it in the kitchen.  What is it?”  Chin asked.

“It’s some pie that I had at a diner one night in Aiea.  Some kind of macadocious, nutty, creamy concoction,” he said as he handed the bag over to Chin.

Processing what Danny was trying to say, Chin stopped for a second.  “Brah, I think you mean macadamia.  Is this a macadamia nut cream pie?”

Danny’s finger came up in recognition.  “Yes, that’s it!  The most macadocious of all nuts is the macadamia.”

Chin laughed and turned to put the pie in the kitchen.  Just as he did so, Steve emerged, wiping his hands on a dish towel.

“My God, Danny.   After all this time, is it really that hard to knock?” he said and his eyebrows came together.

“Well, seeing how I’m no longer a house guest, but former resident of this abode, I see even less of a need,” he said and smiled wryly.

“Ah well, some things will never change,” Steve said as his face de-aneurysed.  “Happy Thanksgiving my friend…”  He stopped in mid-sentence and looked down at the other guest that Danny brought.

“What is he doing here?”  Aneurysm re-ensued.  “That dog is not allowed in this house, especially after what he did in my office.   Besides, ever since that mutt’s been around, he’s been riding shotgun in the car, and I’m back in steerage,” Steve said.

“C’mon, have a heart, Steve,” Danny responded.  “He’s cute, he’s cuddly and Grace absolutely loves him.  By the way you’ve been reacting over all of this, I take it that you, as a child, did not partake in the joy of owning a dog, fish, hamster or any other pet, I imagine.”

“You’re right, I never had a dog.  Between my dad’s work and me with my sports, we didn’t have the time to feed, train, and clean up after a dog.  But I’ve had pets,” Steve shot back.

“You heartless robot!” Danny said mockingly.  “A pet is not like one of your Navy recruits that you feed, train, and clean up after.  It’s another soul you love and nurture, apparently something you were deprived of in your youth.  And you had pets?  What kind of pets?  Sea monkeys, my friend, absolutely do not count as pets,” Danny said.

At that, Steve’s expression changed.  His face softened.

“Waitaminute,” Danny said.  “You actually had sea monkeys?”

“I thought the ads in the comic books were cool,” Steve said defensively.

Danny could barely contain his laughter.  “You had SEA MONKEYS!  Alright sea monkey boy, so tell me, what enduring life lesson did you learn from taking care of your pets?” Danny asked, making sure to put in air quotes as he said ‘pets’.

“I learned that you can’t go away to summer camp for a month and expect water to still be in the tank.  They all died,” Steve said flatly.

“Steve,” Danny said between laughing, “You learned all about evaporation?  That’s deep!”

“Danny, shut up and just get the dog in the backyard, will you?  Besides, did you find out his name?” Steve asked.

“Well, the federal agent who brought him in bypassed quarantine somehow, and we don’t have any records,” Danny said, wiping his eyes.

“I thought you’d name him “Jersey” or something like that,” Steve said as he walked back into the kitchen.

“Jersey is a beautiful and special place, my friend, and there is only one Jersey.  This dog is special too and deserves a unique name,” Danny said as he walked through the living room.  Passing the couch he looked at the TV.

“Jersey Shore,” said Kono as she rolled her eyes.  “Mary Ann is in control of the remote.  By the way, you guys named the dog yet?”

“I wanted to name him Miley, but Daddy didn’t like that,” Grace frowned.

“Miley is not a dog’s name.  Neither is Beaver,” Danny said.

“Beiber, Daddy.  Justin Beiber,” Grace said.

“Yes, him too,” Danny said.  “Kono, Grace has no idea who “Frank” or “Bon Jovi” is too, so we couldn’t see eye to eye on a musically inspired name.”

“You guys will figure it out,” Kono smiled.

“Tee-shirt time!” Mary Ann said to the TV.  “Hah!”

Danny put his hands over Grace’s ears and turned to Kono.  “The problem with this damned show is that we Jersey-ites are not like this.  Well, not all, at least.  I might have been a little, circa 1993.  And maybe the summer of 1994, but that’s beside the point.   If these kids aren’t punching each other, they’re humping each other!”

“Daddy, I can still hear you,” Grace said looking up.

“Sorry, Monkey, just some grown-up talk,” Danny said smiling down.  He turned to Mary Ann, and said “The Giants and Lions game starts soon, for your information.”

“GLT, hah!” said Mary Ann, oblivious to everything around her.

Danny shrugged and walked through the study and out into the backyard.  He took the dog off his leash and let him loose.  Letting his nose do the leading, the dog ran up to Kamekona, standing at the grill.  The dog sat on his rear quarters and with an expectant look on his face, he turned to Kamekona and licked his chops.

“Hey Chef La Gassy, what’s on the menu tonight?” Danny smiled and gave Kamekona a slap on the back.

“Ha, ha, very funny Haole, keep it up,” Kamekona said, unamused.

The dog’s ears perked up and gave a short howl.

“Chef Emeril ain’t got notting on me, brah.  I’m cooking up something special tonight, I know you’ll love: Spam stuffed turkey.  I call it Spurkey.  Going taste good, garans!” Kamekona smiled.

“Wait,” Danny said.  “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  I might have to pass on that.  Please tell me you got some hot dogs, hamburgers, good old American food!”

“Dis not one haole party, Haole,” said Kamekona.

The dog’s ears perked up again.  “Awooo!”

This time both Danny and Kamekona looked at the dog.

Kamekona turned back to the grill.  “Well, how about some local kine grilling action?  Hot off the burner, Spam and pineapple kabobs,” he said and extended the stick with alternating pink and yellow pieces.

Danny’s face dropped.   “Kamekona, have you ever seen me eat Spam?” he asked.

At that moment, Danny felt a small hand take his.  “Daddy, why’s the dog howling?  Does he have to go poop?”  Grace asked.

“I don’t think so, honey” Danny said.  “Uncle Kamekona was just telling me about spam…HEY!”

Kamekona absent mindedly dropped his arm with the tasty pink and yellow morsels, much to the delight of the dog, who started to nibble at the kabob.  Danny made a reach for the dog’s collar, but before he could sweep the Spam out of the dog’s mouth, the dog swallowed it all.

“I telling you dis is ono, brah,” Kamekona said to the dog.

The dog gave a short bark and smiled up at Kamekona.  He howled again.

“Haole, das one smart dog, but he makes plenny noise, howling a lot,” said Kamekona.

“What did you say?” Danny said curiously.  “Did you say he’s “haole a lot”?  Is it because he’s a blond?” said Danny with mock indignation.

“I said your dog makes plenny noise…” Kamekona continued.

“Howlie! He howls a lot!” said Grace excitedly.

“Oh boy,” said Danny.  “That’s gonna stick.”

Steve emerged from the sliding doors and walked onto the lanai.  “Dinner’s ready, Lori and Max finally arrived and we’re about to sit-“  Steve stopped in mid-sentence and looked down.  Following his lead, Danny, Grace, Kamekona, and even the dog looked down.  Steve had planted his heel in a nice, warm pile of Howlie’s freshest deposit.

Steve looked at Danny.  Danny looked at Steve.  Danny bolted back for the house.  “That wasn’t so smooth, was it, Smooth Dog?” Danny laughed as he ran into the house.

“DANNY GET BACK HERE AND GET ME A TOWEL!” Steve yelled as he limped after Danny, trying not to smear more poop on his foot.

Grace laughed, and popped another piece of Spam in Howlie’s mouth.


And the winner of the 50undercover.com blog “Name Danny’s Dog Contest” is Tawnee with “Howlie”.  As soon as I read that, I knew that would be amongst one of my top choices for the dog’s name based on how clever it was!

The winner randomly selected out of the over 150 entries on the blog post is Lynn with “Stevo”.  Not a bad name since Danny would be Stevo’s boss for a change.

Congratulations to the both of them who win a cool Hawaii Five-0 t-shirt!  I’ll be contacting the winners via email.

Thanks to all of you Undercover Special Agents who entered the contest.  I hope you had fun thinking of names and I hope you had as much fun as I did reading the clever ideas!  I give credit to those who thought of some neat Hawaiian names.



The Sea Monkey ad was popular in comic books in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Ono” is Hawaiian for “delicious”.

“Garans” is pidgin for “guaranteed”.

Again, please note this is a fan run contest, not endorsed or sponsored by CBS.







Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 21, “Ho’opa’i”

April 19th, 2011 by

Update:  The correct title is “Ho’opa’i”, which can be translated “to punish” or “revenge”, depending on context.  Read more on the Hawaiian meaning of the word at Wendie’s blog, the Five-0 Redux.  Thanks to the eagle eyed speakers of Hawaiian for pointing that out. :)

“Ho’opa’i” recap described through the collected works of Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy

Alex and Diddy, Photo: CBS

After he’s been around the world working undercover for the FBI, Officer Reggie Cole sneaks off to Oahu to visit his family for a short break.  His own son doesn’t recognize him at first, but all becomes well after a father and son talk.  With Barry White music playing in the background we later see Reggie and his wife in a heart to heart, where she pleads with him to leave his undercover work and rejoin the family after two years of being away.  He tells her “I love it when you call me Big Poppa,” but that he has to finish the job he started to bring mob boss Jimmy Cannon to justice.

Early in the morning, the family reunion is interrupted when two masked thugs break in, kill the FBI escorts and murder his gorgeous wife.  The Five-0 team responds to the call, Reggie reveals who he’s after and the chase for the murderers begin.  The trail eventually leads to mob kingpin Jimmy Cannon, who is having some spam, eggs and rice with his son, Richard.  But, seriously how many of us would continue to sit at breakfast after cops go crashing through your beautiful solid wood gates of your compound?

Meanwhile, Reggie proves that ain’t nobody can hold him down and busts out of the hospital to go looking for the murderers himself.  McG and Danny realize Reggie didn’t do it and they team up.  The trail eventually leads to the Silent Librarian (Nelson Lee played by Zero Kazama) who confesses that Richard was the one pulling the strings.

Back to the Cannon compound, and Reggie accuses Richard, telling Jimmy that in the end, it was all about the Benjamins that Richard was after.

For hugs and fist bumps, the crew say good bye to Reggie, while young  Kevin looks up into the clouds wondering to his mom, “Every move I make, every step I take, every single day, every night I pray, I’ll be missing you.”


Were you paying attention?  Find out tomorrow why!

Did Diddy do it or didn’t do it for you?

Last night’s episode “Ho’opa’i” was penned by Shane Salerno and Peter Lenkov and featured guest star Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.  A lot of Five-0 fans were lukewarm to the news of Diddy becoming a guest star on the show, hesitant that a hip-hop star can be one of the few who can successfully cross over from their respective platform to the screen.  CBS promoted the episode heavily and featured his new song “Coming Home”.

I myself enjoyed the episode, it was well written and directed.  I liked Diddy’s portrayal of the character, and he had a great scene with McG in the interrogation room.  Generally speaking he was great throughout the whole episode but he did seem a little awkward in the interrogation of Nelson (Zero Kazama) and his “heaven and hell” lines.  I noticed how the Five-0 team took a step back to allow Officer Reggie (Diddy) navigate the episode.  Chin was barely visible, Danny bantered with Kono and McG for a bit, but not much.  McG had some great lines …”I WORK FOR GOD AND THE GOVERNOR” ranks up there with “YOU WANT THE TRUTH?” (Jack Nicholson, “Few Good Men”) and “I AM THE LAW!” (Sylvester Stallone, “Judge Dredd” just had to throw that in).

Though toned down in this episode, the banter between McGarrett and Danny is funny.  But the banter between Kono and Danny is cute.  Sometimes I wish I could banter with Kono.  I’ll do it all day long…but I digress.  Am I the only one to notice that there definitely is chemistry with Kono’s playfulness with Danny’s snarkiness?  We first saw it with the surfboard lesson in the tidal wave episode, and in front of the strip club with the fake texts in the superhero episode, and we saw them making out (acting) at the gambling house…  Typically I’m not a big fan of cast inbreeding, where characters hook up within a group as the series develops.  I mean really, is Rachel with Ross or with Joey?!?  Likewise I think Danny and Kono getting romantically linked in the future may make for an interesting story, but would be a huge distraction from the team dynamic, and would detract from the Danny/Rachel story.

Speaking of Grace Park, the last two episodes allowed for her to do a lot more with her acting ability.  Her character had notification duty to the survivors of the victim in last week’s episode, and this week she had to console Kevin after showing him the photo lineup.  Small scenes like this are critical for the development of Kono, and I’m happy that Peter and the writing crew are building a lot of this into the stories…I still would love to see a another Kono centric story.

Rounding out the story arc

Peter Lenkov mentioned that when he sketched out the season very early on in the inception of Hawaii Five-0, he had an idea of several story arcs that he wanted to see through, and fulfill important character development.  In this episode we finally see one of the unsung secondary characters shine (literally because of the glaze), and that character is…Spam.  Like Mary Ann McGarrett in the first half of the series, Spam has been largely missing from our favorite show.

For those of you who found my blog only recently, let me reacquaint you with Hawaii Five-0’s relationship with the Hawaii’s fine delicacy:

A reporter asked Alex O’Loughlin about Spam, with his reaction.

My delicate sensitivities are offended.

Further investigation reveals Grace Park’s and Masi Oka’s attitude towards Spam.

And my open letter of reconciliation for  crew of Hawaii Five-0 for their snubbing of Spam.

Kamekona didn’t surprise me when he fixed some ono [delicious] Spam fried rice with eggs for McGarrett, but what surprised me was how quick McG disowned our “Hawaiian steak”.  What kind of local boy is he?!?! I mean braddah dodged Kamekona’s fork the same way Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in the Matrix.  I think Alex was speaking for himself and McG when he said that he didn’t eat the stuff.  But like I said in an earlier post, the people of Hawaii don’t want to be responsible for Alex developing any Spam handles, so carry on.

So what happens to Spam next?  Will McG put it on a plane back for Los Angeles?  Will it meat (get it?) an untimely end in the season finale?  Stay tuned!

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 21, “Ho’opa’i”

1)       You can mix Spam with anything and it’ll taste good, eggs, fried rice, salad, ramen noodles.  It truly is the “nectar of the islands.”

2)      Hate to say it, but New York City officers got an edge over HPD, Reggie hog tied three of them!

…did you notice?

One of my Undercover Special Agents got a lot of BTS photos of the Cannon compound.  Check out the Facebook page “Right Place Right Time – Fan Photos 2011 album.  Also check out the youtube page for BTS on the gate crash.

Actor Zero Kazama (Nelson Lee, the second assassin) is the host of MTV’s Silent Library.  Set in a “library”, contestants win money by doing stunts without making too much noise.  If they exceed a certain decibel level, they lose.  If you enjoy pranks, then watch this show.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, one of the major themes of the season is the father-son relationship.

“Ho’opa’i” means close to heart.

Today is Monday: What did Santa get you? photo contest still on, and coming later this week

December 27th, 2010 by

…and there’s no Hawaii Five-0 news to talk about!

Was Santa good to you?

I hope Santa was good to all you boys and girls out there.  Did Santa or your family leave you a cool Hawaii Five-0 gift…shirt, posters, or anything neat?  Send a photo of you with your Hawaii Five-0 gear to me at officer808@yahoo.com, I’ll put it up on the facebook wall to share with everyone.

Check out what these folks got for Christmas!

Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest

It’s still on…so email me your photos!

Rerun again!

Tonight’s episode is “Nalowale” a great episode about our Five-0 team rescuing a diplomat’s daughter.  New episode next week, January 3rd!

Coming up later this week

Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, “Nalowale”

What’s in the Champ box?

Tueday's news: Hawaii Five-0 fashions, "Ke Kinohi" preview, Alex O'Loughlin gets Double Stuffed, later today "Things We Learned About Hawaii…" "Lanakila" rerun edition

December 21st, 2010 by

Hawaii Five-0 fashions

Midweek writer Rasa Fournier got a chance to sit down with Hawaii Five-0 wardrobe director Kathryn Morrison Pahoa to get the skinny on the Hawaii Five-0 style.  Basically what we learn is that a LOT of thought and work goes into the process of dressing Alex O’Loughlin up before he has to take it all off (by contractual obligation).

“I try to get as much local stuff as I can…I really embrace local artists.”

“We have a lot of fun trying to find the perfect aloha shirts for [Chin Ho] that have a vintage feel for them for someone one who has been here a long time.”

“Kono may be the most fun.  I love when she goes undercover because I know I’m going to get to do something really fun.  What comes to mind is episode two, when she’s in the reed kimono.  I had to find the perfect fabric and the right color, and design a little kimono for that.”

“McGarrett is going to have a classic look because a military man has a very specific look.  But it’s going to be quite the day when Danny really lets the tie go, if he ever does.”

This is a great article on the background of the wardrobe selection, shopping, and fitting process.  Unfortunately, Midweek doesn’t go online with the current issue until later in the week, so thanks to @LisaLisa98 for snapping a photo that you can read!

What’s funny is that MORE interest is generated in seeing the actors WITHOUT clothes!  Holy smoke…walk into any chat room or forum, and it’s BRISTLING with excitement about the next time a shirtless McGarrett scene is on.  Or others speculate when Scott Caan goes topless (Peter Lenkov promises in February, by the way).  I’m sure a big “WOOOOOHOOOOOO” will erupt from my wife at the next momentous denuding of the chest and baring of the pecs.  And you know what?  I’m not going to tell her when the next time will be.  HAH!

Hawaii Five-0 fashion

Hawaii Five-0 fashion article, Rasa Fournier, Photo: @LisaLisa98

“Ke Kinohi” preview

Although last night was a rerun, we got a glimpse of what’s coming up on January 3rd!  Mary Ann kidnapped, and a warning from the governor… (clip courtesy of Long Legs O’Loughlin network).

No Spam yet, but Alex is introduced to…

@danieldaekim yesterday on Twitter wrote: “Today on set in the POURING rain, Alex O’Loughlin was introduced to the joys of the Double Stuff. OREOS, that is…”

Now why would he eat Oreo Double Stuff cookies when we have so much other fresh food to eat here?!?!?! 😉 😉 😉

Before there was Five-0 there was…

…”Hawaiian Eye” a cop drama starring Robert Conrad (who eventually stars in “Wild Wild West”).    The show ran from 1959-1963 and caught  the country at the peak of Hawaiian statehood excitement.  Read Lee Cataluna’s article in today’s Honolulu Star Advertiser!

I’m not gonna lie to you.  This was before my time.  I don’t think my Dad even remembers this.  But then again, we had no electricity back then, and the Professor set up a bicycle that Gilligan had to sit on and spin that powered an electrical generator.  Mr Howell and the Captain sure as hell weren’t going to sit and pedal.

and later today… “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0” Episode 4, Lanakila, updated rerun edition!

Monday's news: Local fan and insider is living the dream; one month of misery; living it up at the #H50penthouse; and get your Spamtastic Photos in for the contest!

December 20th, 2010 by

Living the dream

@LisaLisa98, Alex O'Loughlin, Amber Clayton

@LisaLisa98, Alex O'Loughlin, Amber Clayton, Photo: @LisaLisa98

@LisaLisa98 is a local fan and member of the internationally famous club “The Five-0’s“.  She got a chance to tour the filming studio courtesy of the generosity of screenwriter Kyle Harimoto.

After that she got to be a part of the Hawaii Five-0 holiday party at the new club The Villa at the Aloha Tower Marketplace, where she ran into the man himself, Alex O’Loughlin.

Giving a special shout out to Kyle Harimoto, @LisaLisa98 wrote:

Words cannot describe how AMAZING you’ve made my weekend!  You’re the Best!  If I could treat you to some Rainbow’s boneless chicken while you’re back on the mainland, you know I would!!! J  MAHALO!

BIG MAHALO to the entire Cast & Crew for making “Hawaii Five-O” such a success!  You guys really deserved that party!  And to those that couldn’t make it, there’s always the New Year! 😉

A month of misery and anticipation

Looking at the month ahead of us in Hawaii Five-0 scheduling, this is that we have…

12/20/10 – Lanakila (rerun)
12/27/10 – Nalowale (rerun)
1/3/11      – Ke Kinohi (new episode)
1/10/11   – Mana’o (rerun)

One new episode in 4 weeks?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Big gala Hawaii Five-0 Penthouse party tonight

The soiree at the Hawaii Five-0 Penthouse happens tonight!  Get dressed up and look sharp for this gala event.  This requires minimal preparation, and lots of imagination 😉

Get the info from @MauveSunset ‘s inviation.


The Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest is still on!

Get your entries in… Check the rules, then check the facebook group for the photos in the “Spamtastic Photo Contest”.

The Official Rules For the Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest

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I’ve moved the rules to this post to free the other posts of clutter.  These are the current, official rules.  Any additions or changes are made here.  Bold comments are changes from the original rules.


Do you think you’re creative?  Do you love Spam?  Do you love Hawaii Five-0?  If yes to all the above, check out my Hawaii Five-0 Spam Photo Contest!

YOU CAN WIN:  A can of Spam!

If that’s not good enough for you,

YOU CAN ALSO WIN:  A high end set of ceramic knives to cut your Spam!  Courtesy of Shenzhen Ceramic Knives($70 value).

Shenzhen Knives 3pc knife set v2

Some basic guidelines:

Be creative…you don’t have to take a vidcap or CBS photo and doctor it up.  Take an original, creative photo that somehow incorporates Hawaii Five-0 and Spam.

These photos are done in parody, satire and all in good fun.  Be tasteful and respectful.

Official rules

1)  Take an original photograph of a a scene, situation or item that relates to Spam *and* Hawaii Five-0.
2) I will accept CBS vidcaps and photos, but TRY NOT TO USE CBS photography (since I don’t know what you wacky people might think of).  It’s okay to use fan photos, with the photographer’s permission.  It’s ok to doctor them up with photoshop.  Keep in mind that these photos are done in fun and parody, but please be respectful and tasteful.
3)  Email them to me at officer808 @ yahoo(dot)com (modify the address before you sendthe email) to be screened for content.  Add a caption, if you don’t I’ll write one for you.  Multiple entries allowed!
4)  I will post them to the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Facebook group in the folder “Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest”.
5)  “Share” the page with your Facebook friends, send them over to “Like” the group and “Like” your photo.  No limits on voting, vote for how ever many you want.
6)  The photo with the highest amount of “Likes” wins the contest!  The winner will receive a 3 piece set of ceramic knives and a can of Spam.
7)  The winner will be announced officially on January 4th, 2011, the day after the first new episode of 2011 (1/3/11).  I will send an email to the winner to confirm contact info and must provide a valid U.S. mailing address.

Some fine print:
1) Facebook is not a sponsor or administrator of, or in any way associated with, the promotion.  Neither is CBS, anyone associated with CBS, the actors or their representatives, and Spam or Hormel.
2) Entrants must be at least 18.   International entries welcome, AND I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY as long as the United States Postal Service delivers Global Priority to your country.
3) You are not required to have a Facebook account to enter a photo. Voters who are not Facebook users may email me to submit a vote.
4)  This promotion complies with Facebook’s promotion guidelines.

Friday's news: Daniel Dae Kim sells his stake in his burger joint, Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest update

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DDK sells his stake in “The Counter”

Daniel Dae Kim caused a partial myocardial infarction in some when he announced on twitter:

@danieldaekim: Goodbye to The Counter. Thanks to everyone who came in and supported us.

The Counter is his gourmet burger restaurant in which he was a part owner.  Apparently, he’s only selling his stake in the business, and the joint is not shutting down as some had thought.

Located in Kahala Mall in east Honolulu (near Rachel Williams’ house) they make some good burgers!  Check it out if you’re in the area.

Updated rules: have been place in its own post.

Spamgate – Reconciliation with Alex O'Loughlin and a Spamtastic announcement!

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I’m sorry, Alex

Well it’s been 9 days since I first broke the Spamgate scandal.  I’ve revealed some of the casts’ attitude towards our beloved delicacy, including Masi Oka, Grace Park, and especially from the main man himself, Alex O’Loughlin.

I’ve abandoned hope trying to communicate my unhappiness to the cast and crew, so I extend to Alex a gesture of aloha and goodwill in this open letter.

Dear Mr. O’Loughlin

I’m sorry that I overreacted to your comments about Spam.  I was speaking in the heat of the moment, but now have come to realize your palate is no doubt highly refined, and that you must keep your body in excellent shape for the contractual shirtless scenes.  We, the people of Hawaii do not want to be personally responsible for any Spam handles that you may develop.  You said in an interview you haven’t worked out since you’ve been filming, and a Spam infused diet will certainly not help.  I totally respect that.

I do ask though, that you do not disparage our “haute cuisine”.  I also ask that maybe if you try a little bit, just a bite a day, you may come to appreciate what we in Hawaii already know – that Spam is awesome.  Perhaps if you ate it in a comfortable surrounding,  somewhere that reminds you of home, like Outback Steakhouse, it may please your palate.  They can even bring you some Vegemite to spread on if that helps.

Also, I would like to respectfully suggest to you, Mr. Lenkov, Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman, in a gesture of goodwill, allow the fine line of Spam products to be tactfully and surreptitiously placed into the show.  I know blowing up a brand new Chevy vehicle every week can be costly, so an advertising contract with Spam would be mutually beneficial.

Here are some suggestions for Spam product placement, that is very tasteful and inconspicuous:

Spam, official meal of the US Navy Seals

Spam, official meal of the US Navy Seals.

Spam toast

Dude, nothing ends a high speed chase better than a ice cold can of Spam.


Alex O'Loughlin wet and shirtless

Each container of Spam is packed with meat!

Warmest regards and Aloha,


The rules have been moved!

Something You Didn’t Know About Spam

If you’re wondering why Spam is such a big deal in Hawaii, and why something like Spam is even offered at McDonald’s, allow me to explain.  During World War II, beef was a high priced commodity saved for the military.  Fishing vessels were not allowed to leave very far off shore (for fear of spying/subversion).  The only meat item that could be reliably transported across the Pacific was something canned and with a long shelf life, and you guessed it – Something Passing as Meat, also known as Hawaiian Steak, also known as Spam.  Since then, Hawaii never gave it up.  And now you know!! 😉

…and if you’re still reading…

The Spamgate scandal is done in satire and parody!  Alex can eat whatever he wants!  I hope you’re enjoying the Spamtabulous fun I’m having! 😉 😉 😉

Hawaii Five-0's Alex O'Loughlin and spam

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Update: I’ve been thinking about this overnight (I reported yesterday about Alex O’Loughlin’s attitude towards Spam). I am really offended. I live in Hawaii, and I eat Spam. There. I said it. Ok, I admit I have a can a day habit. I mean that’s not so bad is it? I was up to a two can a day habit, but I’m really, really, trying to cut back. I’m down to a can a day. What made it easier was this slice of spam that I taped to my arm. This Spam Patch takes the constant craving away and works pretty well. I can quit whenever I want to, I really can.  I’m just tired, and saddened about people dehumanizing us about our addiction.  WE CAN’T HELP IT!  The Spam corporation has led a deceptive marketing campaign, telling us how much of a tasty treat it is.  We can’t eat Spam in the restaurant, in the airport, in public places.  What next, you gonna tell me I can’t eat Spam at home?!?!

Allright, time to decompress.  I’m going for a Spam break. 😉